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The Telegram link is not valid due to disharmonious spirits which abused the opportunity to join a very special place. Thus you will have to contact me via email below where it says testimonials, reviews and contact, to access the new link. It is only for those that read the books. And desire to be together with those of like minds.
Celtic Women - You will never Walk Alone

NEW - Cyclic Blog Message - October 10th 2021

Message from John V. Panella -
The Secret Church - Audio

Wonderful Music by:
Kevin Macleod -

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Oath of Allegiance To Christ and the Father/Mother

Our affirmation and dedication are to that which has been sealed within our glory to yet be revealed within us. That we offer our commitment without duress or control in anyway, to uphold that which is pure and true.

We give our pledge to another kingdom, another world that we belong to; by faith. And we surrender our will to our Divine Parentage as proof of our dedication and solemn Oath that we shall forever be the true children of the primordial Creators, as brothers and sisters to the cause of righteousness and goodness.

We do not offer this dedication to muster resistance to the world we share in at present, but to acknowledge that we know and understand that we belong to another, and that we are only sharing an experience beyond the realm of light, so that we can continue to govern our faculties and promote our inner existence as to our true divine association.

It is therefore our responsibility to never cease our obligation to our true spirit, that we never falter or deceive ourselves in anyway that we are somehow obligated to another force beyond the true power of all life and living. And as we as humble warriors of the true faith via dedication to the true principles reveal that we shall never waver or lose hope in that which was conceived within us before time itself.

Therefore, we give honor and praise to the true King of our Glory along with his twin spirit, our Queen, so that we may adopt the pedigree as the divine Princess, to ever become the true spirit of life eternal itself, as the very Bride of the Celestial magistrate, the SON

The Missing Link, the Secret of the Universe. It is called the Final Key.
Without this truth nothing will ever make sense
The Final Key - Audio

Text version The Final Key

The Legacy of the Gods

Time Loop Chronicles 1

Time Loop Chronicles 2

Time Loop Chronicles 3


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