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The true Church is a Spiritual House of the true seed/children from all over the world: from every race, creed and color as the Father & Christ has placed them. Listen now as John V. Panella presents the amazing lost truth being prepared only for the true seed of Christ.

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December Articles - New Spiritual Renaissance
(2)Surrendering Paradox
(3)Are You In Control?
(4)Defining oneself
(5)Who has your Six?
(6)Covenants & the Sacrfice
(7)Use Your Humanity
(9)Our Internal Reckoning
(10)The Undulation
(12)Who Are We?
(13)Spiritual Eye
(14)What are Miracles?
(15)A Child's Imagination
(16)Pumping the Ego
Contributors - John V Panella - Christian James Casselli - John Martinez - Kimberly Oulton -
Stephen Winder - Misty Oulton - Domico May - Stephanie Marts - Michael Ciconte

World News in Prophecy - Spiritual Perspective
Live News - Prophecy - & Insight
News Section Update
President Trump Reveals the Coded Plan
The Satanic Con - Busted!
Kennedy Warned Us!

Spiritual Notices

This is for those that believe they are spiritually minded and even those who have a religious faith. Those who say they do not believe in conspiracies, are telling you they do not believe in the machinations of the devil or the devil himself, nor do they believe in the warnings of Christ. They are completely lost in the world of delusion. And they themselves are the most deceived. These will fail the final test unless they repent of their ignorance.

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Monthly Breaking Stories

Children's Corner
By: Kimberly Oulton
Matthew 18:4
Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

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