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The true Church is a Spiritual House of the true seed/children from all over the world: from every race, creed and color as the Father & Christ has placed them. Listen now as John V. Panella presents the amazing lost truth being prepared only for the true seed of Christ.

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Jan&Feb Articles - New Spiritual Renaissance
(1)The Voice Within
(2)Q the Psy-op?
(3)Spiritual Protection
Contributors - John V Panella - Christian James Casselli - John Martinez - Kimberly Oulton -
Stephen Winder - Misty Oulton - Domico May - Stephanie Marts - Michael Ciconte - Kenneth Cole

World News in Prophecy - Spiritual Perspective

Wake Up America for you are the true Israel!

Deeper insight into Prophecy

Due to health issues The Newsletter has been SUSPENDED. Health issues have dictated that the Newsletter must be placed on hold until further notice.

Excellent Reminder

Why do you think Trump kept telling us the Democrats were going to steal this election months in advance, he was trying to tell us all it was part of the plan. Or did you think he was just lying to everyone?

Trump was chosen, but by whom? He was receiving his orders from the Watchers, The Real Q beyond the human counterparts is (Michael the Archangel that stands and protects Israel, and Israel today is America)

Trump is the ladder day Moses bringing the people out of Egypt, sin, from under the power of Pharaohs, demons, he is the Elijah forecasted to come. He has now taken the people to the Red Sea and now we wait to see the fulfillment of the plan. There is nothing new under the sun!

Stop being Dathan's who claimed Moses led the people into a trap and setting them up to be killed by the Pharoahs Army. Grow up, Remember Dathan probably inspired the Golden Calf also. Be careful who you follow.

The utter sadness to those who walk in darkness and need to verify their doubt.


Excellent Video Information

A reminder of the post I added around Nov 28th, and it became top article of "America in Prophecy II" in the December Newsletter. Reread, learn the Trump Plan, and understand what is occurring at this point in time.

News Section Update
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Another reason Satan's children were given back power, because it assures them now they can worship Satan openly and no on can do a thing about it. If they can openly steal an election in broad daylight, and get away with it. They think nothing can stop them! It had to be this way.

They were just granted everything by their open thievery, Satan told them he could do it for them, thus it was allowed, and now they can be ultimately removed.

They are revealing who they are. The Mystery of Iniquity doth already abound, only HE 'TRUMP' restrained them. Until 'HE' was removed and then that WICKED will be revealed.

And sure enough it is happening, they are being revealed now. And the tares, all the children of Satan will be gathered and burned by the angels!

As I have revealed about the Beastly Kingdoms and how Great Britain was the 6th Head and America was the 7th head of the Roman Empire. We are now in the Phase where America is being pulled out of the dragon throne and the dragon will head East. And the 8th head or IMAGE will become the global power.

Events will speed up, time is short, but we must enter the Judgment upon the House of Israel for the people to choose, good versus evil... My books reveal the outcome of it all. I am here to reveal what is occurring not here to join this or that group. I am aware many things happening, however being aware doesn't mean I side with this or that group.

I have taught for years only the Father via Christ can save you from this hell. If you chose any other way, no matter which way, you will be recycled again. There us no other path, but soon the deceptions will be magnified, and your choices more difficult.

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