January 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 005 - Article 002

Did Q and Trump fail the people
or are they still set right on schedule?

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

I wanted to say one thing in Q's defense since the crazies who have no general faith are living in doubt. Q never said everything he posted was correct. He actually said, 20-40% was correct the other was for disinformation to confuse the enemy.

Secondly Q never set anything in stone, Q said we will not know the end until after it happens, and then we shall be able to verify his true posts by future events in the NEWS.

It is not Q's fault that some believed all the wrong people who beleived they understood what Q meant, even I had the foresight back in November to write in my December Newsletter an article saying Q was telling us Trump was going to be removed by these demons before the plan would be fulfilled.


Q even talked about the enemy walking back through the front door. What else could that have meant? It was the front door of power. They were going to steal the election!

The fact some bought into the lie that when Biden was inaugurated that proved Q, Trump and followers were all wrong, actually proves their own ignorance at the highest levels. They were the ones listening to false information without proving it. They are the ones who fell for the lie, not Q or those who understood the basics of the operation.

If people would have taken the time to actually go on the Q boards, the real boards where Q posted, then one would have been revealed that the 'anons' understood the operation.

Just like religion and everything else, the people who fall prey to deception never do their own work, they sit there and let everyone else tell them what to think, but not how to think, and they are like a double minded man having no anchor in the water and they are cast about by every wave that comes along.

The truth is Q never really said anything emphatically, it was always the interpreters who revealed what they thought Q meant, and if I remember correctly, they were wrong every single time, Including even myself. Whenever I tried to understand what Q was saying as in a specific date, I was also wrong. No one was to figure this out until it is done.

But that is because like I have said, Q gave us the CODE but Q never have us the KEY to decipher the code. He told us the only way we shall know is after it happens, and the news will verify it as future will then prove the past.

It was not possible otherwise. Let's be honest, if we out here could figure out the plan before it happened, is anyone that naive to believe the Deep Satanic State with all of their quantum technology and computer aperatus would not be able to figure it out also. Wake up and get real.

By: John V Panella
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