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The Plan
Israel's Plan if the prophet warns.

John V Panella
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John V Panella


The Reckoning
UPDATE: 01/18/2021

5 years ago in September of 2015 I stated Donald Trump was Chosen by a heavenly power known as the Watchers and overseers and guardians of the Planet.I revealed this because of a 30-year plus prophecy that was revealed and I knew who to look for. Those who have read my books understand the details of this last days Marker.

Trump was chosen to restore the Republic from Satan and his demons which completely annihiliated this country. In so many ways the country was already too far gone, but those who understand who this country is and was, and why it had to be removed from the Globalist agenda, realize what is taking place.

This is not about Trump as a person per say, it is about who he really is and was. And why he was the perfect man to be chosen for this end-time scenerio. Did you really believe at his age, this man would spend all this time to restore the country and in the 11th hour he would walk away because an election was stolen by numbers that are incomprehensible. It is not who this man ever was and is.

This was all part of the plan, the United States of America had been turned over to Satan for 100+ years and now we are at the point Satan and his children are going to be removed but only because of the final judgment. As it said in the Wheat and Tares Parable in the last days all the tares will be 'gathered together' and then burned. if you didn't understand that this was the plan from day one, then you were not paying attention and mostly you have been asleep.

Listen to this video very carefully and hear the plan before Trump ever got elected. He told everyone what he was going to do. Why didn't you listen? Listen this time, listen very closely as he did not come to just be a President, he came to restore the ENTIRE government and return it back to the people. Trump was placed into this seat of office to restore the Republic to offer the people one final chance to repent, and neither him or the watcher Angels are just going to walk away, as this is all part of a very long plan.

Now listen to the plan well articulated as close as this past November

From the President

These are the days of Elijah

Peace of Mind via the Spirit of the Father! There is nothing like it!

This is not so much an update but a reminder. Every day my spiritual familiy who stuck through thick and thin to understand the level of information I was handing them on a silver platter; was knowledge directly implanted by the Father via Christ and then decoded within the indivudual.

Those who have remained faithful and true today, are reaping the benefits of having a true relationship with the Father and not following after aliens, Angels, Galatic Federations, 4th dimensions spirits etc. Which all try to infuse the idea, that we have the power unto ourselves... LIES! No, I am sorry you do not have any power, you are tapped into the demonic 9th realm matrix having the illusion of power.

I revealed from the Father, we of ourselves have no power, all the power, all the things that are good that we perform, it is the Father in us that does the good works. We removed pride and ego to allow for humility so the Father could indeed work his holy spirit in us.

And the fruits are revealed. Those who remained, those who took it to heart daily, thank me for bringing them out of the false illusory corrupt world and into the true divine spirit.

Every day now I hear, thank you so much for what you have done and what you have continued to teach us and revealed to us daily, for if we did not have this foundation of the Father, we would be in fear and total doubt at this time. But we are in peace and harmony and afraid of nothing.

While everyone else out there is being carried away with the waves of confusion inside the storm of doubt, we are steady at port anchored to the Father and nothing can move us. And this is the true meaning of the truth shall set you free. No more confusion, no more deception and lies.

My friends if you really knew the Father, nothing that is happening right now should frighten you, you would understand the foundation, you would understand the depth of prophecy and what it means.

And what will or will not be allowed to occur until all things are finished, even if we do not know the exact timeline or details, WE KNOW how it all ends. There is no greater peace than knowing one is instilled with the Father and is gathered together with his faithful children.

UPDATE: 01/15/2021

We are witnessing the complete collapse of the Corrupt Temple and the restoration of the original founding Fathers. Everything must come down in the corruption even the Presidency, to enable full restoration for the time of Judgment.

Learn the Mystery:

His hand shall lay the foundation of this House, his hand shall also finish it...

UPDATE: 01/14/2021

Source from Gateway Pundit

When you therefore shall see Jerusalem surrounded by armies know that the Desolation thereof is near. I have revealed for decades that Remember Washington DC is Jerusalem and America is Israel. This is an obvious Marker!

Countdown begins. We are on the clock now! _ The centuries turned into decades and now just a few years: as we enter the time of Decison and judgment upon Israel!

Congress Impeached a President without having the information, done only out of vindictiveness and spite to hide the fact they stole the election, this is Sedition & Treason.

USAPATRIOT@USAPATRIOT01645hBREAKING: FBI has just cleared President Donald Trump of ANY CONNECTION to the January 6th riots. The @fbi have just released their findings. This was PRE PL ANNED and had nothing to do with President Trump.

By: John V Panella
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