January 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 005 - Article 003

Spiritual Protection
Are we here to save our human lives or divest ourselves
from this fallen state to regain our spiritual life.

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

Why is it that we must trust explicitly in the Father? Look around yourself and recognize what you really are experiencing in this world. Notice how insignificant everyone including yourself really is. The difference between life and death is miniscule.

Operating as a human inside this planetary construct places humans in the category as insignificant. You are truly lacking in any real power. Those who do not see this are ignorant, they are of themselves most insane.

Now I am not writing this to belittle you or anyone else. I am trying to convey a message of how truly useless and worthless we are of our own power. We see movies all the time with the popular mindest the heroic good guys always win. It don't matter what happens, somehow they win.

They can get shot up multiple times but somehow they live while everyone they shoot seems to die with the first bullet. Movies give us an ego boost making us believe we are so much more greater than the reality of the sitation tell us.

Just like the famous James Dean, oh he was that 50's hardened rebellious, counter acting, megalithic star who could do anything. But in real life he is wasted in a car accident. And this is the reality. Movies are fiction, they are made to create a thrill about life, giving one ideas that maybe we are all more powerful than what meets the eye. Sorry, no we are not!

The sad fact is, we are but flesh and blood and bones all of which can be destroyed by the simplest action. Your skin can be pricked with a pointed object and blood poors out as if you struck a vein. Your bones are so brittle that they can snap in two with the most modest counter motion.

The true reality is, we of ourselves are nothing, and until this mindset sinks in, then you are simply dceiving yourselves. Take professional wrestling, so called. We see super humans beating other humans, pounding them with metal chairs, and tables. And flipping them up and down like rag dolls, until one comes out to be the victor.

Yes these are very strong individuals, they are built rock solid. They trained their entire life to have these strengths and abilities. You must now remove yourself from the fiction, these bouts are fake, they are choreograghed, to create the illusion that which we witness.

The reality is, they are only human, and in a moments notice could be eliminated from the human life cycle in a simple car wreck, or an attempted robbery gone bad. So many possibilities and their entire life's work of making themslves into super heroes is wiped out in a single instance. Very pathetic!

When we experience the human game, the greatest deception of all is the belief we are greater than reality reveals. Jesus Christ of all men said, of myself I can do nothing, it is the Father in him that does the good works. And then went on to allow them to crucify him. He had zero power as a human.

Nothing aggravates me more as to when humans believe they have powers, that they can heal, they can use their minds to effect reality, when it truth all they are doing is interacting with the matrix of control. It is not real power it is an illusion. In truth all they are doing is infecting the illusion.

And they get a thrill out of manupulating the illusion, yet they still do not understand, they have no power, it is a magic trick that the devil offered in the Garden of Eden. Remember the two trees, the good and evil are both on the same tree. God and Devil, but none of it was the Father and Christ.

People see the Father as disempowering, as somehow revealing that we may be weak. I have to laugh when people make these insane comments. Disempowering? Really? You really think you have power? Look in the mirror recognize how insignificant you really are.

Let's say you were flying in space in a space shuttle. Let's see how much power you have if you decide to open the craft door and step out in space. You will quickly learn how lacking you really are unless you have counter measures, as a space suit, which means you have zero power.

The insanity that comes over people to actually believe that Christ and the Father taking control of your life is somehow disempowering, reveals just how out of touch these people really are. It is a form of insanity.

People talk all the time about owning weapons, I am not against owning weapons, I do not own them but I am not against those who do, as I understand the two trees, and if you are following the two trees then yes, indeed get your weapons. I myself follow the tree of life, something completely different.

But the true Children of the Father do not place their trust in manmade weapons, they place their life and their trust in the Father. But most will never accept this because they are obedient to the wrong tree and wrong god. So many depend on a weapons for defense.

Now let's peer deeper trough this using spiritual logic. Why does one need a weapon? Well they will say, if someone comes to you with a weapon, then you must be equally armed to remove the threat. Now ask yourself the one million dollar question. Why if you are so powerful would you need a weapon. Let them shoot and the bullets will just bounce off, right?

Of course no one is idiotic enough to believe this, why? Because you know that you are not a match for a bullet, WHY? Because you really have no power. So we just cracked the first gate of limitation in our own thinking. You had to admit you need help against an attack that is greater or more powerful than you.

Now lets examine this picture. Why do some people hire bodyguards? Sure the easy answer is to protect you against a threat. Why do you need a bodyguard to protect you? Because you are unable to match a threat. The bodyguard becomes your cloak and dagger.

I think we can agree for the most part now, that we are helpless without some sort of human defense. Isn't that logical? Yes, of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, it is logical. However, the tree of life says it is a false damning logic, it is not really life it is a constant stte of the fear of death. Why? Becaus you know you are powerless.

But isn't it also logical for the deniers to accept that we are disempowering ourselves by needing another form of protection to counter the attack? Isn't that what disempowering really means? That you need to trust in something beyond your own power?

Understand, people will turn to all sorts of protections and never once say, this is disempowering, in fact, they actually believe it gives them power. Now I believe the Father is my power. He is my gun, my shield and my defense.

However, many will say this is stupid, that you need a gun, you need the protection, and why do they say this? Is it because they really do not believe the Father/Christ and their holy angels cannot protect them or is the truth really, they do not believe in them?

Be honest, if you have a body guard, why do you believe they can protect you? Because you can see them, you can feel them, and you know they are armed to counter any threat. Yet the most powerful being in all universes as the omnipotent and omniscient, is somehow disempowering? No, it is because you do not believe in them like you believe in a human bodyguard.

My faith is in the Father, my faith has always been in the Father. I have seen him do for me, what no bullets or swords could ever accomplish for anyone. And that is because, I place my trust and faith in his will. Some have asked me, what happens if you are killed or your family is killed, because you did nothing?

Do you understand the false logic of that statement? It is really a lack of faith and belief and without faith it is impossible to please the Father. My faith is that this will not be allowed to occur and it never has been to this very moment, I was always protected. I have angels surrounding me and my family that no army on this earth can defeat. If I am killed then it was meant to be for the will of the Father to glorify Christ.

Some would say, that is nonsense, so it glorifies Christ if you get killed? To the unbeliever, it means you were stupid enough not to protect yourself. Let's take a ride on this concept! A man or woman goes into the military and they are taken to a front line battle. Sadly though they are killed. And what does everyone say, they were heroes, for they died for their country.

Isn't that sad, we cannot be heroes and die for Christ, but we can be heroes and die for the country?

Now some will say that is stupid and reckless, what if the Father decides not to protect you? Ah, that is the real key isn't it. What if... what if the grandest, most powerful entity of all dimensions, decides, I am not going to protect you?

This is the next greatest event horizon that few can master and that is, of ourselves we can do nothing, the Father within does all things. Now let's add the one secret to this equation, the simple truth that most do not like to hear. It is the Father's will be done, not our will. We are all going to die, one way or the other, we are not going to remain human forever, and thank the Father for that.

Wait a second, that is crazy talk, you mean you would stand there and let someone kill you or your loved ones and do nothing? You see, this is the separation between the true and the false. Those who serve the Father and those who serve the lie...

AM I against those or do I judge them who are secured by weapons and not the Father? No, I judge them not, they are in the process of judging and condemning themselves. Yet I still believe the Father's grace will one day deliver them also from this madness, but it may take some time, as time goes.

Matt. 16/25
"For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it."

When we place our life in Christ's hands, we are glorifying him. And when the Kingdom comes we shall be given eternal life. However, if we do not trust or have faith, and we try to save ourselves especially by killing another, then we shall lose eternal life, but shall be granted many more humans lives, unless repented of. It is the trade-off that you must be willing to deal.

Do you know why? Defense as in killing another, is from the old law, eye for an eye, when one honors or even disobeys the old law they are continually broght back into human form via a karmic debt, because the old law could not bring eternal life only human life, even if obeyed perfectly. Christ taught this, when speaking to the young man who was rich and who oebyed the law all his days. Yet he still could not garner Eternal life. He lacked something much greater, spiritual awareness. He was still too locked into the world and its toys.

And that is fine if that is what you want. It is not what I want. This life and suffering cannot be compared to the glory which shall be revealed in US. You see as I was speaking to a brother the other night, saying, we all suffer, but what we are suffering for is the key. Do we suffer for Christ, or do we suffer for Satan? Both ways demands that we suffer. Take your pick.

However, when one honors the spiritual law that Christ brought with him, whereas he said, turn the other cheek, it is no longer an eye for an eye, then we gain eternal life. It is because we are now willing to sacrifice this fake world for the real world. These are spiritual precepts that are now to be honored.

The true divine children once awakened, know this is not their world so they do not try to save themselves, for they are ready to enter the Kingdom...

My friends, our lives are always in the Fathers hands anyway. Whether we live or die is in the Father's utlimate decision. This is the most difficult part to let go of. And many cannot get past this point, and they end up dying in the line of doubt and lack faith, so there is no reward. It is like going AWOL in the Military. We run away when he lack faith.

My friends, let me ask the one million dollar question. Who is more powerful, a bodyguard or the Father? I think we can all agree it is the Father. He is more powerful than all armies combined on this earth, in fact he could sneeze and erase them all in a split second.

Now let me ask you another question, is it possible to have a bodyguard and be confronted by an enemy and stll get killed? Of course it is. There is no guarantee that having a bodyguard or using any weapon will protect you? Correct? Then it really comes down to fate whether you survive or not, yes your odds may be better, but there is no guarantee. You and your family could still be blotted out...

So it is a chance you take, but I ask you, what is the greater chance of survival, is it with the Father, or being armed? Do you know what the answer is for most? They do not really trust the Father. One can trust in a stranger to protect them, or a piece of metal shaped like a gun, but they cannot trust in the very one that created them in spirit, that gave them awareness in the first place.

And you know why, because they believe what Satan has taught. The enemy, the demon god, the evil one. They believe in the liar, the provacatuer, the deceiver. But they cannot believe in the Father. Some will even turn to aliens, to false spirits, to 4th dimensional entities that tell them the Father and Christ are disempowering. And never once sinks into their braindead, head that this is why they fell into this hell in the first place, by listening to someone say, you cannot trust the Father, or Christ, but you can trust ME.

My friends if you cannot trust the Father to be your bodyguard, your delierer, your provider, then you are worse off than the mentally ill. Let that sink in. At least they do not have to subject themselves to that sort of insanity.

You have the greatest power of all universes, and you subject yourself to demons of lies as your friends and protectors that actually hate you and want you dead. It is insanity. And you have the nerve to call faith, the Father and or Christ disempowering while you trust in magic tricks, and manmade weapons. And you think this is empowering?

There is no greater power to protect, provide and to be concerned about you other than your own Father/Mother and Elder Brother and the Angels. If you think otherwise, you are not ready for salvation, you are ready for many more trips to hell. So be prepared for more thousand-year journeys.

Until you are willing to use the spirit that the Father freely hands out to his beloved children, you shall forever be locked into destructiveness type of thinking.

By: John V Panella
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