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Lacking Faith
The verification of doubt - the seed of Satan.

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

From a Private lesson in my class.

I saw something today that was frightening. I went to some other channels in a social media construct reading what people were thinking. It was atrocious. The mind of people have become so perverse and radicalized by Satan there is often little difference between a Christian and a Satanic worshiper.

I am proud of many of my students here how you made sure faith was the keystone in your life. I was reading on the other boards of so many that completely gave up, surrendered to Satan, letting him have total control. And their language was attrocious.

I have written about this before, foul launguage being used often is a sign a door is open to the abyss of darkness. It reveals so much about the person showing lack of intelligence, lack of knowledge, and most of all lack of proper spiritual etiquette and demeanor.

When people are using foul language as if it is their only language base, they are receiving this signal from Satan. This is how demons talk all the time. This is a bad sign. And when you throw together how faithless many people are where they cannot gather up hope or true belief with the spirit or oil in their lamp, it shows just how disconnected to the Holy spirit people really are.

My friends we all falter and lose hope at times but the true chldren can go within to access the oil as the spirit of the Father. When I spoke of faith, no matter what, I was not saying a positive turn around could not happen in this recent event of the American election, I was teaching how faith opens doors to visualize things in greater depth of understanding how twists and turns can be there in the road. And to those that have faith will be able to recognize these derivations.

As of recent, witnessing the stolen election and nothing was done to stop this wickedness. Many gave up, threw in the towel, because they have a zero spiritual foundation. It is not about who you believe in, it is about accessing the spirit of faith, which brings on wisdom. Wisdom would reveal something amazing is happening way beyond our earthly comprehension.

Recently I revealed how there can be twists and turns, yet we are to have faith and trust no matter what; and when we do we shall see great things happen even better than we had hoped for, even if it happens a tad differently than expected.

And I am very happy for the many of you that have witness this truth here within these interactive classes that have stayed their ground in faith, whereas in so many other groups there is nothing but dread, fear and doubt. And then they turn to lasciviousness, and become rude and crude and everything disrepectful and dishonorable to the holy spirit. This is what giving into failure is all about and there is no one to blame but yourself.

And those same people are revealing just how connected they are with Satan and his demonic mindset. They are in tune to his spirit. Even those who still believe there can be a turn around of the negative impact of what has happened recently. Are still really in doubt.

They still lack faith, and courage to trust deeply within themselves. They still need other's support to verify their beliefs because they cannot go within to discover the true golden principle. I have revealed who the house of Israel is, I have revealed what is planned. Most people have no understanding of this. They live in darkness their whole life not realzing there is a script being played out and acted out on this fallen world.

I was horrified reading people's dialogue and discussions from both sides. It is nothing but demonism to the core. So many have been turned over to Satan beause they do not even have the minimal of faith to believe beyond their own eyes. They cannot live by faith, they live only by sight and they of all people are most miserable.

Many do not understand why faith is so important, and worse yet many do not grasp that losing faith ties them into Satan's lair. Disbelief, doubt, worry, apprehension, uncontrolled emotions brings one to the depth of the mind of Satan. They become his voice of reason, and they imitate the devil and never realize how low they have sunk.

In this fallen mindset is when sin is prevalant, because people let down their guard and give up. The fastest way to turn to the devil is letting down your guard and stop believing. To the contrary the most amazing attribute of faith, is watching how the mind in any condition can be delivered by the Holy Spirit and we do not remain fallen into the abyss of doubt.

And when we can reason truth against error, to unveil the masking of wickedness in doubt, which is all around us like a plague and to be able to recognize the seed of truth without any help from anyone, is a miracle... This is a great and wondrous power of Christ, and until you experience it, you will never understand.

I am not saying help is wrong, because it is needed, we all need a guiding hand at times, and lifting up of spirit. I am saying, until you can go within to find that incredible miracle of deep inner seeded faith, encouragment, and lasting hope and undeniable Trust in the Father, you will never understand the miracle of faith. Reading some of these other boards it has become obvious that the blind are leading the blind.

They do not have the Father's spirit, so they depend on everything around them to verify their doubt one way or the other. Yes you read that right, people need to verify their doubt! I know it sounds ludicrous. But why else would you turn to people who have foul language, and no faith at all that send their darkness around like spreading candy one to another.

I do not spend my time in these damnable workshops of doubt, and that is what it is, a workshop, because that is what they are, doubters and unbelievers. I sometimes become aware of them, but I would never spend my time in those places. The rot and stink of death alone is enough to turn your stomach raw, and your spirit into dormancy.

My friends, there is no greater understanding or depth of clarity until you can stand back up on your own two feet without being taken on a long trip of doubt into a dismal reprehensible emptiness. It is very lonely and dark there. It is the home of Satan, it is where he dwells. That alone should inspire one or at worst scare one into realizing that in doubt they are in a sense, worshiping darkness and not light.

My job is to hand you tools to use, I can't build your house for you, I can only give you tools to help you build it on your own. And without faith, in the Father, Mother and Christ, you are 'dead man walking.'

I know many of you that have been in training by what I have taught, not only understand what I am teaching you are living examples of it in your life as you are using these tools. Sure we all get down, we all stumble, and we all fall. But to those with the tools having their lamps filled with oil, they are able to rebound in perfect faith.

By: John V Panella
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