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The Conversion Process
The Belief in the Father is much more
than lip service, it is a way of life!

Christian James Casselli
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
Christian James Casselli

Here's a powerful chapter from Colossians 2 KJV. I was inspired by the Spirit to share it here after I finished reading. I recommend reading this chapter first before reading the rest of my post.

Colossians 2

This chapter reminds me of the fullness of the Father received via Christ within. What can be more full and glorious than the Father? No knowledge or exterior seeking in this world can compare to truly grasping the key within ourselves. When this is understood, we become spiritually content, and no longer seek what other human gurus have to offer. Because we've found the ultimate living power of truth within ourselves.

And this key is within us! When people are still searching for new information about how to live after reading John's books, it is because they have not gone within to access this key. Either the key isn't there, or they're avoiding the key due to a rebellious spirit.

They may sugar coat however they wish, but the Father and Christ cannot be made to be fools. Rebellious people in essence make the Father out to be a liar, and they are simply lying to themselves. You cannot serve two masters. Either you serve the Father via Christ, or you serve the world which is based on a lie.

Rooted in faith, we flip from the script from victim to that of thanksgiving as we know we'll always receive what is needed. Most people go to the Father and ask for things when praying, and although that is fine in some cases to express our wants. Sometimes it may reveal a lack of faith.

Thy will be done! Not my will be done. We should realize that the Father already knows everything, and will work things out to give us exactly what is needed. Those who do not truly believe this do not actually believe that the Father is omniscient and omnipotent. Thus, they do not really believe in the Father.

That's why I begin my prayers with genuine thanksgiving for the gifts I already have. And often, these intimate dialogues lead to profound insights that make me give even more thanks to the Father.

We no longer need to search for worldly knowledge, for we walk around with the living storehouse of truth within ourselves. So that new insights and knowledge may be added to the foundation that already exists. That foundation is the Father via the living Christ within us. Do you see the difference?

Additionally, when we realize what it means to truly surrender, we find refuge in the living Christ to gain proper discernment as our minds become renewed.

"8 Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ."

As so many have fled to new age beliefs, they are surrendering their connection to the Father in order to follow self-will, which connects back to an impersonal alien god. Self-empowering is a root that links back to pride. And this is projected from the matrix. Self-willed pride is what caused Sophia to fall from Heaven and become Lucifer.

"18 Let no man beguile you of your reward in a voluntary humility and worshipping of angels, intruding into those things which he hath not seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind"

A reprobate mind turns to the cravings and lusts of the flesh, and does not honor the principalities of the Spirit. Since the spiritual Law was given to us through Christ Jesus, we know proper conduct to avoid sinful lifestyles. We may discern with clear eyes. We are not making up this law on the fly, it was handed to us through Christ Jesus.

But there is a profound beauty to the merciful spiritual Law. And that is forgiveness upon repentance. It is a gift that is glorious beyond words.

When one repents sin, the sin is washed clean as if it never happened. Physical sins blossoms from the mind, it begins with fallen fruits like pride, lust, and jealousy. And then can manifest into sinful lifestyles. It is a death sentence if not purged. We all sin being in the body, and this cannot be avoided. This illusory decaying world of matter is evil and is a sin.

But our mind awareness is capable of avoiding the choice of sin. And since we are still in the world, physical law must also be upheld. We are not above physical law because we are still in the world. Our soul's spirit should be against everything that contravenes the law.

The body is subject to the physical law, in that we become physically sick and suffer more when we defile ourselves. This is because we are living in a world that decays, it is physical death being in the body. But the spirit is under Christ's law. If we ignore the physical law, we cannot be prepared for the spiritual law.
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As John revealed in the past, we only have two re courses in this world, the body and spirit. But since the body is under physical law it cannot be ignored. We cannot separate the two until we are redeemed from the world.

Nor can we ignore what events are happening in the world. We should be desiring the truth for all true seeds, not just ourselves. This isn't about us being saved, but also helping others to be saved. It is about service in feeding Christ's sheep. Thus, we should be aware of iniquity building in the world, because it will trip up other true seeds who will suffer even more if they take the bait.

If more true seeds accept iniquity, they will die harder. And that's why we should denounce anything that contravenes the law, because it will lead more true seeds to the slaughterhouse. In the end, all sin is destroyed in the program.

That's why we must stay hopeful, but at the same time, cannot hide from what's happening in the world, at least not yet. Repentance is so important, because if one aspect of the law is broken, the whole law is broken. Sin is not allowed in the Kingdom, no matter if it's small or great. All sin contravenes the law. And in this world, sin equals death.

You can lead a horse to water but can't make him drink. We can hand out these lessons, but in the end, it's up to the individual to drink the cup of Christ.

We cannot hand out faith or make people repent, that is found by each individual in their own time when the soul has suffered enough into realizing the necessity to surrender. Only when we truly let go, can we understand the realness and beauty of trusting the Father entirely.

He protects us from all the death around us, and we know it to be true. Christ said my yoke is light. And indeed this is exactly true. If we become like a child again, to trust in the invisible hand of the Spirit to direct, guide, and protect, we may be filled with all the glorious fruits of the spirit.

We may feel joy and peace on a level that no one in this world comprehends. And we can remove the mask of lies. It is more painful to keep the mask on, than to remove it for Christ's sake. The avatar body is programmed for ego, fear, and survival, but it is only a game of illusory masks.

If we understand that the world is an illusion, we need not be afraid or allow anything to steal our faith. We can remove the mask and allow the beauty of Christ to shine through because we are living righteously and serving the Father's will. Others need the masks, because if it is removed, their inner ugliness will be revealed. They will be exposed as being selfish.

This path was never about building knowledge or intellectualism, it's much simpler than that. It is a living flow of the mind to provide selfless service. It is a childlike belief in the invisible power hidden from the world. It is about genuine faith to fulfill the Father's will. And this can only be understood when it happens on a personal level. Memory of knowledge is flawed, it is rigid and dead.

But the spirit is invisible and formless, it is alive and can take any shape. If we too allow the Spirit to work through us by believing, we walk in faith to trust the Spirit to guide from within, with our eyes still being closed. We too become formless in a sense, so that our minds receive exactly what is needed in the given moment.

Just like in a school classroom. We learn history, math, science, and language arts all at different times of the day. If we rely on intellectual knowledge, we become like rigid formulas unable to adapt. But there's too many variables that may arise in any given moment.

That's why we should be relying on the Father via the Living Christ to work through us. It is a special flow that revitalizes the mind. It allows us to become a variable capable of changing shape to solve each problem with the perfect solution to best serve our brothers and sisters.

As an analogy, we may adapt from the subject of history to math in an instant, to fulfill whatever solution is called for in the moment. Only the Spirit is limitless enough to work on this complex level. The false spirit of the matrix cannot do so. It will always hit stumbling blocks because it is dead fixed on upholding worldly perspectives like ego and selfish survival, whereas the Spirit is alive and can change shape to give freely.

Lastly, the unwavering rock of faith creates the highest level of service for brothers and sisters learning to walk the narrow path. Because when one has genuine faith, they become a service of light that helps guide others how to also be filled with the spirit of Christ. Those filled with faith transform into leaders and teachers to be a testament to the Father's divine power.

If we are filled with faith and we truly surrender our fate to the Father, we become a fortress that cannot be shaken, and we become a lighthouse to shine for others to follow in our steps. They will look up to us as leaders while absorbing our words like a sponge, because we are living what we preach as Christ is truly within us. If we constantly waver in faith, what good will we be as leaders?

BY: Christian James Casselli

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