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Parable of the Ten Virgins
Spirtual oil is the most needed commodity in life. And it can be lost easily but how can it be found!

John V. Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

Why is the narrow path so difficult? First of all, one must keep their lamps trimmed. This means using the spiritual oil. I have said often, you cannot fake this journey, one will be unable to stand tall if their oil is low. Satan will use every trick in the book in the attempt to drain & steal your oil.

Our job is we must trim our lamps often, we must counter negative thoughts, negative energy and a negative mindset. Life is difficult and it alone will create traps to fall into. Thus we must always examine our thoughts. We must always make sure we are not heading down the wrong path. It is so easy to stumble and fall, but we must get back up and clean the dirt off.

This is why it is important to have like minds coming together to help keep the oil levels abundant. Like minds are so important in these last days, because so few are or have the true spirit. And they become a drag on a true soul. Thus we must cherish every moment we have with others who think basically the way we do, which allows the Father to build the body.

Some get angry with me because I protect those of like minds with all my effort because I must keep the wolves out of the pen. Some believe they should be able to say or do what ever they desire, because they only think about their own needs and wants, they could care less about others, and thus they have no clue why I protect this others the way I do.

They fail to recognize how powerful Satan really is, and it is more like a game to them. But those truly in the know realize this is not a game. Our spiritual lives depend on the decisions we make daily while on this journey...

As it states, in the Parable of the ten virgins as we near the midnight hour, this represents the very last days of this world. It speak of ten virgins. Now who do you supposed these virgins are. The term virgin spiritually denotes the true seeds who have kept themselves clean from the world, but not necessarily connected to the Father. It goes on to say, five of the virgins were wise, and five were foolish...

What does this mean? The five wise virgins made sure that their lamps were burning brightly and carried extra oil. They trimmed their lamps with the extra oil to make sure they could continually burn bright until the midnight hour when the call is made.

But the foolish virgins although they have lamps also, meaning truth and awareness, it goes on to say, their lamps were starting to go out and they didn't prepare to have their oil replenished. In layman's terms, something was getting in the way of spirit, and they were beginning to lose what they had. Maybe they were offended or got angry, whatever it was, something was getting in their way.

They realized their lamps were going out and they didn't have the oil. Their lamps were going dark. And this explains why so many become dark in their nature, they lack the needed oil. Instead of preparing their own lamps, they sought out the five wise virgins which did have their oil, and they asked of them, please give us of your oil for we do not have extra and our lamps are burning out...

The meaning here is when you trim your lamps it is like having extra oil so you can use when needed. But when one does not trim their lamps, once they go out and become dark, that is it. There is no more available or extra oil. So they asked of the five wise; please give us some of your extra oil for our lamps have become dark.

Yes indeed a very terrible situation, it represents when people were not using the spirit correctly and they allowed their minds to go dark. So the wise virgins had to tell them, we are sorry, for we do not have enough oil for us and you also, you must go to those who buy and sell and get it from them.

This is dramatic because there are so many embedded meanings in these words and most have never understood them. First of all, those who buy and sell do not have the true oil to give, so it is a waste of time. This oil does not come as an exchange, barter or supply.

Those that sell are those of the world who do not even understand the true spirit. It is revealing people who became offended and disgruntled and went back out in the world to seek for the truth from those who cannot give it to them, It cannot be found there. The truth/Oil/WORD only comes from Christ and the Father.

Thus it states, while they went to buy and sell, and the midnight hour came and the doors were slammed shut, and the five foolish virgins were locked out.

And thus weeping and gnashing of teeth. This term buy and sell is also part of the Mark of the Beast, for that also revealed, one won't be able to buy or sell without the mark. Thus giving the understanding and connotation, that one would have to take the Mark to even buy or sell and if they do, they are damned.

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What happened to these people? They were not wise, they became foolish, they had the truth and did not wisely protect it, and when events occurred they either forgot what to do or the truth was removed from them and they were like cockroaches scurrying around in the dark when the light came on having no clue how to respond, and they run back into darkness, like returning back to the world.

I have warned people time and time again not to be offended, not to allow yourself to be angered or jealous or whatever the problem may be that begins to drain the oil. And thus this leads to the next point. Why couldn't the wise Just give of their oil, if they have the love of Christ you would think they would want too?

It said, if they did give them their oil they would not have enough for themselves. OH how true this is. People get offended and angered and allow false spirits to take over their heart and mind, they lack oil, and they become a drain on the other virgins oil. It is not that the wise didn't want to help, it was they couldn't. Understand, there is something called supply and demand.

Spiritual oil is a must for each soul to walk down the narrow path to return home. However, we do not supply the oil, we cannot even create it. You cannot go into the world to buy this oil. This oil can only come from the Father via Christ. If it becomes drained it must be replenished by the source/Father. This reveals, only he can refill our lamps.

Are you beginning to understand? Those who allowed their lamps to run dry for whatever reason stopped getting their lamps filled from the Father. That is the only supply. When we deal with disharmony, and negative spirits from others, it is draining our lamps. You can't get the refill from anyone or anything other than the Father. If anyone loses that connection, they lose the supply to fill the demand.

The five foolish virgins stopped going directly to the Father for refills until their lamps went out. This means whatever truth they did have they lost. Now all of a sudden nothing makes any sense to them. They are bitter and angry, and everything is confusing to them.

Their minds have been turned over to Satan, and now they struggle to even understand the simple things. Thus they scream out to those wise virgins who knew to stay close to the Father and they end up demanding of them, their oil, instead of the true supplier, the Father. This is tantamount when people blame you or me because they will not accept their own error. They have been disconnected.

Well obviously this cannot work. If you try to give them oil you simply lose yours. This is obvious when having to deal with people who are not connected to the Father, and all they are; are like vampires who suck your energy/blood. This is why they are called foolish virgins. They had direct access to the source and they cut off that access and thus they turn to others to gain it from them.

In a sense they burned their own bridges and now they are lost in darkness. The pathway is gone, and they are back on the wide road to destruction. I have witnessed this so many times when people obviously have lost the true connection to the Father. Their attitude is poor, their decision making is terrible, and they become unwise, and yet they cannot see it until the doors finally close on them. And that day is going to be the worst day of their life.

Here they were, they had it, and lost it. And did not try to regain it because they became foolish virgins when they denied the true Source of the Oil. And my friends, this is the secret. I cannot give anyone oil, nor can you, it all comes from the Father. When we have the oil we can become helpers to one another of the wise virgins because of the law of reciprocity.

We end up helping one another which keeps the lamps trimmed and the oil filled, because we are not draining each other's oil; we are maintaining it. But we do not supply the oil, only the Father can do that.

This is done by the use of the WORD, the true WORD, Christ is the WORD. We can share that with one another, but we cannot keep someone else's lamps lit. Each soul is responsible for their own oil, and the true oil can only come from the Father via his spirit.

So to all those for whatever issue they have, it comes down to one true attribute, to succeed on this journey you must have a real viable association and connection to the Father, Our Father, or else you will be cut off of the supply of oil needed to keep your awareness on high alert. No one else is at fault, or to blame. There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, because these souls were handed the key code and they tossed it away for nefarious, illegitimate reasons.

BY: John V Panella

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