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Will You Pass the Test?
What's happening in this world?
Why do I have to suffer? PART 1

Christian James Casselli
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
Christian James Casselli

So many people feel that they don't deserve to suffer. And they become bitter and miserable towards everyone and everything. They feel that the world has treated them unkindly, and therefore, that's an excuse to be angry and selfish. Since everyone is selfish, why shouldn't I be?

But I ask you... What if Christ Jesus acted this way?

Christ entered this world and was treated worse than any of us have been treated in this lifetime. He expressed truth by revealing the deeper mysteries because he had the Father in him. But that didn't matter to those that disagreed with him. Many were actually offended by what Christ Jesus revealed, and slandered him to scorn.

Although these people were absolutely wrong, how did Christ react? Did he shoot fire bolts out of his finger tips and force them to comply? Or did he walk around depressed and miserable because of his suffering? No! He was merciful and optimistic.

He didn't physically fight those who disagreed. In fact, he made the ultimate sacrifice by allowing himself to be killed by the evil ones when he was in fact right the whole time!

Christ's approach for teaching was much more patient and merciful than forced tactics. And this reveals how the Father also acts. Christ never destroyed anyone's faith, even when he knew they were heading down the wrong track.

Often times when we try reveal the Father, Mother, and Christ to friends and family, it gets the wheels spinning in their heads. But they are still afraid because we are challenging their faith. We are challenging the very foundation of everything they believe to be true.

Simply plant the seed, and let it be. If we force truth or repentance onto someone before they are ready, it will actually cause more harm. They may end up rejecting faith entirely, and that is not the goal.

We should be subtly planting seeds to reveal the mysteries to outsiders. We can't throw the whole truth at them, because this is overwhelming so it lacks wisdom and patience.

However, today's lesson is not for outsiders. This may be hard to swallow for some who aren't ready. But I am revealing this now because we are approaching the end of the game and must step into a deeper faith for what's to come.

We are past the milk stage, and now we will be receiving the meat. Only those who can handle the spiritual meat will benefit from this article. Some may be offended.

But there is really no need to be offended, we should be grateful to receive the meat if we are indeed seeking Christ to squash the ego. These are the lessons, that when internalized, create lifelong transformations unto eternal glory.

First, I want to discuss what it means to properly maintain the Christ frequency when planting seeds in the sleeping true seeds who don't know the Father, Mother, and Christ.

Those who are asleep will not agree with what we say. This is because they are filled with false spirits. Falsity cannot recognize truth. So Christ's Word is alien to them.

But how will we react to these encounters?

Even when we live righteously just to get laughed and scorned by murmurers in the shadows, us responding with tantrums won't help.

"How dare they disagree with me when I am right! Those fools, I'll make them pay by giving them a dose of their own medicine! Feel my fury!"

It's like a spoiled child whining because they didn't get the right toy on Christmas. Amazingly, we appear to be aging in these bodies, but we're all just a bunch of proud, selfish kids.

Do you see how this is a problem? You cannot defeat a false spirit by being false. No, it takes truth to defeat a lie.

And in this world, the evil spiritual fruits are the lie. That is the why Father wants us to be good, and in maintaining good fruits, will protect us from the evil one till we are removed.

It is not our job to battle those controlled by the worldly spirits, because we would be fighting fire with fire. We would be lowering ourselves to Satan's frequency, and it will be futile because they still won't understand the spirit of Christ. They have not yet been drawn to the Father, and they have not put in the work to become awakened unto Christ.

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This is not to be confused with corrective love also known as tough love. As sometimes, a hard dose of correction is what an individual needs to realize they are acting erroneously.

What I am referring to is maintaining the higher frequency of Christ at all times. If we respond to a false, childish spirit by being childish ourselves. What are we but proud, faithless children.

We should be shaking the dust off our feet whenever encountering lower spirits who push our buttons. We may offer subtle correction, but if it is rejected, it should not bring us down.

Also, we are lacking wisdom when we don't suck it up to keep the spiritual treasures hidden within us. We must hold it within, and hand out small pieces of gold sparingly. So that the individual receives exactly what is needed in their stage of the journey.

Then we let them go, and allow the Father to take care of the rest. It's too easy to throw everything at them at once, but this lacks wisdom and self-control.

Some of you may be asking. Well didn't Christ Jesus become angry with people at times? Isn't that childish of him? Wasn't he fighting fire with fire?

Christ Jesus did indeed became angry at times. But it was not childish. It was a righteous anger, to help others realize their erroneous spirit. This was done out of love, because if he didn't correct them, they would certainly be doomed at harvest time.

And he didn't sulk or bask in the anger afterwards, it was done with a heavy heart in order to teach, then released. We do not want to rebuke, but sometimes it is necessary for growth.

Christ didn't have a short fuse or get angry for no reason. He was extremely patient and understanding, so much so that he had a longer fuse than any of us.

If his anger was towards a true seed, it was always done to help them repent a false attitude. And if the individual was humble enough, they would receive the correction and grow from it. If they rejected the correction, they were still too proud, and must suffer more till they are ready to receive the Father via Christ. And even this is beneficial toward them in the long run.

When he got angry at false seeds, it wasn't for the sake of getting false seeds to repent, because they are not looking to repent anyway. No, it was done for the true seeds watching, to learn the lesson of the false seed's iniquity.

There is a time and place to express anger in this world, and it always come with a heavy heart as a last resort when there is no alternative.

Often times, Christ revealed the mysteries in coded parables, but to act as a back door for awakening the soul. The lessons were expressed in an unforced manner so that the individual can change on their own. And this requires patience and trust to allow time to change.

The corrective lessons were often coded to be subtle, elusive, and general, so that if the people were honest with themselves, they will recognize the truth in his words and make the corrections privately.

But to the inner circle of disciples that followed Christ who were to become teachers and leaders, they had a more rigorous training program. He still used the backdoor of subtly, however, he was also more comfortable with calling them out directly for their errors if they persisted. Because they were humble enough to receive the correction without running off like an insulted child.

Yet even when he did rebuke someone, it was not done maliciously or out of the blue. It was a last resort, as the correction was understood as a form of love, and the disciples receiving the correction were mature enough to receive it as such. Because in the end a good child will make changes to please their parents.

But to those who were outside the refinements of Christ being formed within, Christ Jesus often spoke through the veil of coded parables, because they were not being trained to be teachers and leaders. He would still rebuke outsiders when necessary, but it was always productive and perfectly executed to create a lasting lesson for everyone to grow from it.

This is not a memorized formula to be applied as a generality. The Spirit is alive and knows what each individual needs to hear to hasten their awakening. So we may offer individualized words for others once we can discern spirits.

The Spirit reveals what is needed to be said and provides us with the perfect message. It's usually the generalized backdoor approach of revelation to allow the individual to make the changes on their own.

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BY: Christian James Casselli

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