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Will You Pass the Test?
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Why do I have to suffer? PART 2

Christian James Casselli
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Christian James Casselli

This would be like-unto giving a speech to a crowd, and allowing each person to absorb what they want to receive. We cannot force it, so we sit back and patiently allow the changes to occur on the personal, private level.

Heavy rebuking is the last resort to save a brother or sister who has wandered too far off the narrow path, and must be told outright. But if the advice is rejected, we must let them be. It cannot be forced.

Like I said, this is not a memorized formula. What I am referring to is the subtle art of the Spirit for becoming a teacher of teachers. And this artful touch can only be accessed when someone is allowing the Father via Christ to work through them, it cannot be faked. It is felt.

It is a trusting flow where the mind works through faith via feeling. And we can all grow into acquiring this ability. But it must come on an individual level through realization, because this level of faith cannot be handed out. It's realized and felt from within.

If we are operating in the Father's Christ frequency, we will be connected to the Spirit which is the eternal living storehouse of power that already knows what should and shouldn't be said to benefit others. We will be tapping into the whole Spirit that reveals truth when discerning and making decisions.

This is because the messages come from the Father via Christ who is alive and working within us. Even if mistakes are made when speaking with faith from the spirit, the errors will be transformed into glorious lessons. So we can never lose, we will simply grow.

Having said that, Christ would much rather work with a faithful repentant sinner who makes mistakes, than a faithless self-righteous individual who always believes they are right. One is humble and teachable, while the other is proud and unteachable.

It should be clear to see which one has a better chance of leading the true seeds via Christ in this cycle. The good child is submissive, and will do what it takes to please the good parents. And if we are to become good parents, then we first learn to become good children.

Good parents always lead their children by example. They are not hypocrites, who preach one thing but do the opposite. And a truly wise parent understands patience, so that even if the child becomes a rebellious teen, the parents remain patient and hopeful till the child repents and learns the lesson.

All parents want the best for their kids, but the ones who force their children to act a certain way always has negative repercussions once they reach a certain age. The rebellious teen ends up resenting their parents for being so forcefully controlling, and does the opposite of what they're told. I know because I went through this phase of being rebellious...

Then when I attended college, I was able to watch which students had forceful parents. Because those were the students who threw caution to the wind the moment they had freedom.

They would get dangerously drunk, and sleep with anyone that was willing. And eat as much food as their stomachs could take. All because they were inexperienced with responsibility, and the parents were too scared to let them breathe or make mistakes.

I had to learn the lessons by myself, through experience, how to live with proper conduct.

In the same way of being a wise parent, we cannot force anything onto anyone. We can only live by example, and hope that the rebellious child learns the lesson in time, to make the right choices.

Why can't we just beat someone over the head till they get the point? Yes, we can voice our concerns. However, we cannot control others. This form of control actually reveals a lack of patience and faith.

If we have faith in the Father, and we know that we'll be protected and guided. Wouldn't it also apply to others? Shouldn't the Father be powerful enough to help more than one person? Indeed and much more.

Yes, it may hurt to watch the ones we love going down the wrong path. But when you really think about it, would you rather it be forced? Force is Satan's ruse, not the Father's. The Father allows freedom of choice which is a beautiful gift when contemplating the grand plan.

And if you believe in the perfection of the Father's divine plan, you would also believe that each true seed will repent in their own time when it's right for them to do so.

If we forced people to repent, there would be no lasting lesson learned. It wouldn't be internalized and rooted via personal experience. And we would probably fall again, ending up in a soul prison just like this one because the repentance was forced and not chosen through personal realization.

Now then, why must we watch others fail when it causes tremendous suffering on us to watch the ones we love stay ignorant, asleep, and sinful.

Why am I suffering because of others mistakes?

Because my friends, we are being tested to the extreme for a greater purpose. This whole operation is only allowed to play out because it is building character in the true seeds by walking through the fires of suffering. It is done to build Christ within each of us.

Since faith is used to accomplish the Father's will through us, it would only make sense that we must suffer as Christ suffered by walking the narrow path via faith.

If we are to be the first fruits of Christ being trained to become exemplary leaders for the true seeds, then we must pass the tests. To do so requires genuine faith and enduring the trials of suffering.

Kings and priests must be worthy of their position, otherwise they're not true kings and priests.

Make no mistake, it is not the Father that makes us suffer. We cannot become victims to the suffering. If we complain about our hardships without realizing the spiritual character that it built within us, then we are still playing the victim and must suffer more lessons relating to this concept, till we finally find strength in the hardships endured.

None of our lives have been cakewalks, we've all had terrible things happen to us. But to say I suffered more than you would be childish on my part. It reveals a lack of understanding in what this is really all about. And to be offended by this lesson reveals an inner ego as the pride has not yet been purged.

We might not remember, but long ago we chose to be here when we aligned ourselves with fallen spirits. We might not remember this choice, but just because we can't remember, doesn't mean it's forgotten.

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Now we must grow up, and learn from our error. It's time to put away childish spiritual attitudes, and become Christened souls worthy of the Father's glory.

When the child learns how to be like the parents, then the child matures to have children of their own. And this is how the single Tree of Life grows and produces fruit. It is always expanding to become more glorious. But the Tree of Life is one of love and selfless service.

We are learning how to serve others to be like the Father. Remember, a father doesn't need a son, but a son needs his father. And we need our Father at this time.

We're truly blessed, because our heavenly Father is selfless beyond compare. The Father's Spirit is one of giving. He needs nothing, and is so filled, that he wants to share everything He has with His children.

He wants to share the unlimited creative powers He possesses. He wants to give us everything that He has, because that is what a loving father does.

If we are not in the mindset of selfless service to others, then we still do not know Christ. If we are trying to protect our ego, instead of providing selfless spiritual service to our brothers and sisters, then what spirit are we filled with?

The Father's knows the full truth of what we're going through, and he knows what we do for others in secret, even when we receive no outward gratitude for what we did.

Nothing is hidden from Him, but most people want to see a reward for their work. Again, this reveals a lack of faith in the Father's power, and a selfish heart within the individual.

And on top of this, we are still going to suffer the attacks from Satan. Anyone connected to the Father via Christ will surely be attacked. But there is no need to fear the attacks.

The Father does not protect us from being attacked, he simply protects us from the level at which we are attacked. He won't allow us to be murdered if it's not our time to relinquish this body. And he won't allow us to be physically harmed if it's unwarranted.

However, it is the seemingly unjust attacks that strengthen the character of the true seeds, so it is allowed.

Satan can attack us through a variety of methods. He can attack us mentally, through fear and doubt. He can attack our bodies and our health. And he can also use others to attack us.

Yet remember, we are being trained through these attacks. Christ said to be of good cheer when we endure persecution, and this is because the reward we are to receive in the end will be far greater than our wildest dreams. Eternal life and the power to create is only the beginning.

We are being trained to serve in the Kingdom. This is a major key. Most don't realize what this entails.

It is like applying for a job. Many apply for the same job listing, but only the worthy applicant will be hired for the role. It is based on credentials, experience, and character.

We are not suffering needlessly, there is a purpose to all of this. But if we constantly fail the tests that arise in training, we will not be qualified for job, and it will go to someone else. We cannot blame the Father for our suffering or failing the tests.

When you look around and see our brothers and sisters, do you see others? Or do you see yourself? If you see someone else that you need to compete with, you have missed the mark. We should be looking at our brothers and sisters as being ourselves.

This is why we are able to provide perfect advice and service. Because we are giving others exactly what we would want to be given if we were in their shoes. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Love your neighbor as yourself.

These aren't empty words, but are actualized in the one body of the unified Spirit. We are unique, but at the same time, truly one in the same.

Selfless service cannot be faked. Like I said, the selfless Spirit is one body. Therefore, we should also see ourselves as one united body, and one family in the unified Spirit.

When I see someone doing well and understanding the lessons, it makes me genuinely happy. When they succeed, I feel like I succeed. When faith is shown and miracles happen to others, I feel like the miracles happened to me personally.

I am not jealous of others, or threatened by the success of others. On the contrary, I want to see others succeed and be better than me. It brings me joy.

I ask you all at this point in the article to read this passage from Corinthians, and understand what it truly means to be One Body in Christ...

Bible Link

Have you understood? Has it clicked in your mind to realize that the glory of the Kingdom is shared?

It is about genuine selflessness to all the brothers and sisters who are to be reunited in the One True Spirit. The joy and glory is to be shared. When one does good, we all do good.

The Spirit is not jealous, it rejoices in the accomplishments of its members and wants everyone in the family to attend the celebration. Because that's what a good family is all about.

Finally, I remind you again why we suffer and what this world is all about...

We are building character to serve as the eternal first fruits of Christ for the true seeds whom we will be serving as teachers and leaders in the days ahead.

Our training program is different because many of us will not be citizens in the Kingdom, we are to become kings and priests. And to do so requires us to walk in faith, and suffer as Christ suffered. This message is not for the average Christian, because our role is teaching the teachers in this training ground as the forerunners laying the groundwork.

Anyone rejecting this message is not hurting me, or the team, or the Spirit. They will simply remain at their current level of understanding, and will not grow past that till they repent and begin using the spiritual key within them.

I am at peace and surrendered my life so the Father may use me as an instrument to fulfill His will. I accept my fate being in the hands of the Father.

And although I would love nothing more than for others to also internalize this key, faith in the Father via Christ is a gift that is only realized within when the soul is ready.

As Morpheus told Neo in the Matrix, "I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it."

BY: Christian James Casselli

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