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The Horrible result in doing what the Father and Christ are forbidding you to do from within, but their spirit is being ignored

Most important story to date with Project Veritas

Advice for upcoming fast:

I recommend no food or water for 24-hours, now read closely, I 'recommend' because it is more spiritually efficient in ways that is not easy to understand unless you have experienced it. If the water is a health issue then you must decide I cannot do that for you. A fast is to bring a time of suffering not to kill.

Secondarily, I also recommend it not be a work day. If you can do the fast a day or two before or after when it is not a work day that would be better.

Being around the world and working and fasting is sort of counter effective. I realize this was short notice so try to fit it in where it is best for your needs. A fast needs to be personal time between you and the Father and Mother via Christ. If this is not possible then do the best you can. Remember this fast is for a specific purpose, as we draw near to the Father, we seek his mercy, forgiveness and spirit to overcome the darkness through Christ.

Remember, I set the time from sunset to sunset, which means, it will be different for everyone on the earth. So even though it is a group fast, it is not necessarily the same exact time, it is actually different for each person depending where on the planet you reside. Obviously, unless we are following a specific time on the planet it will be different for everyone. However the spirit will be the same unto the Father.

Let this fast be a spiritual earthquake to counter the offensive of Satan. The Father is the power of the universe, Satan is like a mosquito, a nasty bother but not a real threat. Thus Satan uses fear, however, faith is the cure for fear.

Why this Fast is so Important:

Greetings everyone. We are coming near to the fast, some have already started some will start a bit later, I just wanted to encourage everyone to use this time to let go and draw closer to Christ and the Father. A fast is one of the most selfless acts there is. It truly is a sign of letting go.

All our brothers and sisters around the earth right now are all going through a process of difficulty in their lives, some more than others. However, remember, we are all in this together as one body, one mind and one spirit. No one is alone.

Envision yourself hiking with a group of people across a dangerous mountainside at great heights, and we are linked together only by a rope with Christ leading us all. That rope is the true undefiled spirit.

A fast is not done to get our way, it is done to release our will unto the Father. There is no greater hands to be in. We cannot allow this journey and walk of faith to be dismissed by our own will.

And yes our will can manifest in all different ways, even forcing our own desires or feelings into the trek. You must release it all, and understand you are powerless, and that the only power is from Christ within you.

We cannot force our whims on Christ, let him lead us where he desires, He knows where He is taking us, we do not. This is why the fast is a self sacrifice. It is not fun, it is not intended to be fun. It is having to give up something you so absolutely need for a short period of time giving a witness to the Father that (you are all in) when it comes to His divine will.

My brothers and sisters across the planet in all the various cultures and races, we are all invading these bodies because we fell from the Father's Kingdom, none of us are better than one another, we are all souls within these bodies being pulled in every direction possible to keep us forever lost.

We have all been imprisoned, so none of us are alone. Pray for one another, pray for understanding, and wisdom, and knowledge. Pray for direction not only for one another, but for your family and your yourself for proper direction. And always pray for guidance and wisdom. And pray to release your own will, confidence and trust unto the Father.

When you go through this fast and feel the pain of suffering as the stomach is hollow the head is hurting, the physical need is demanding, call out to the Father and remember Christ's sacrifice for all of us. And use this time when feeling of lack and pain and emptiness to realize, we now belong to Christ, and our prayer should always be, not my will be done, but thy Father's will be done.

No one said this journey was going to be easy, but it is impossible until we give our lives to Christ, we can't fake it by saying we are all in while we are doing things that prove the opposite. The world we are living in has gone completely insane, we do not have to follow the world nor should we desire to.

We only need to follow Christ. Fasting is preparation, it is also a means to realize we have nothing to fear, we are in the best hands possible. And the greatest fear is of death of leaving the illusion behind. Ask yourself why this would be fearful. Even the fear is an illusion.

This fast is to awaken everyone deep within to follow in faith, not by words alone. You can't walk with Christ half-heartedly. You must release it all, and give it to him. He cares more about you than you could possibly care about yourself and your family and loved ones. People have been drugged into a belief, if we don't get it done, who will.

Many have been seduced into the belief we do all the work and Christ grades us. This is false. It is always Christ and the Father doing the work, as we let go. What may appear to be our own work, is our willingness to release our own blueprint and let Christ take over. The works that I do, are the Father's works in me. So it is truly never your doing anything unless you fail to let go, then it is all on you.

We can't fail in Christ no matter where he leads us, if we follow. We only fail by double crossing him and taking back our own will and desires. So my friends, remember these words during the fast, and seek to be led by the spirit of truth and not fear. If fear is leading you, then you shall surely fail. And this needs not to be the case.

Our journey is not to be spared from death, but to be prepared to enter life. Are you ready.


Psalms 23 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.


DIVOC in Hebrew means: Possession of an malevolent spirit.

They always tell the truth in Mirrored symbols

Our Trust in the Father is paramount! Satan as the god of this world uses his offspring to do everything he can to entrap the true children in all different vices, which are detrimental to the soul!

Come back to the Father

Listen to the Angels cheer when one sinner repents and comes back to the Father,and watch the Father enter back to fight for and protect the soul as it was in the beginning, FREE.
Medical Tyranny - The Demons push to enslave and depopulate humanity.

Warning Language: Satan's demons are in full active mode: Farmers across America are being told to destroy their crops and the Government is paying for it.

The following was written in Book five of the Forbidden legacy of the Gods. I made a prediction that I hoped was not going to come true about Donald Trump being chosen to restore America. I revealed how men like this could be turned and become part of the Antichrist system.

I had hoped this did not come true because many would suffer all around the world. Now it appears it has been set in stone. The following came out of book five the Forbidden legacy of the Gods when I first reported how Trump was chosen and what could happen if he allows based on the biblical evidence.


Christ was not backing the power of Elijah, he was breaking it. All throughout our existence in this world there has always been false Gods and false Christs and they always come on the scene as a good force that is only denouncing the evil force.

The antichrists always come right before the revelation of the true Christ, to deceive the people into believing they are the real deal. Obviously, it could not be other way around.

I have warned many in my writings that the true Christ is interlinked within your soul, the Fathers kingdom is within you. it is not some exterior kingdom, nor is it something of this world.

But the false Christs and false Gods always try to present their kingdom as established upon this world. And that is why I have warned, even though these false Christs look good, and often say the right things, and they do seem to fulfill scripture in a positive light, it is all to deceive the people to follow something that is antichrist.

Meaning these are entities who are of this world and love this world and are not of the Father. Their entire religion is one of seductiveness, and it lures the soul into deception, because it really does seem right, proper and true.

Therefore, I say again, Truly Elijah the prophet will come again to restore Israel, the true Nation, and turn the hearts of the children back to the Father and the Fathers back to the hearts of the children.

So how can this be bad?

This is to happen right before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord, which is the return of Nibiru and the beginning of the time-loop, when non-awakened souls must be replanted to go through this whole deal all over again, because they were tricked.

My friends Lucifer has always known how to play the good god role, and he always comes on the scene to plant one of his own, who will reveal the wiles of Satan, making the prophet seem real and true all the while they are being deceived in the good and evil game- God and Devil.

Mal 4,5 Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:

Now the question you must ask is, why is he coming again, and what is the real purpose?

Remember, this man will come to save, to change hearts, to restore, everything that is seemingly good and proper and wise, but what is the real intention here?

He will come and be in type as Christ the Savior right before the end of the world. My friends the antichrist never comes as an evil one, like the Man of Sin or son of perdition, or one who destroys. He comes to save, and help, and restore, or else why would anyone follow, except the morbidly deceived and destitute of all things true.

It says the MAN of SIN will sit in the temple of God showing himself that he is god, he will make things happen that no other man could. But Elijah is the restrainer, playing the good role, as you read in Book three of the Divine Secret Garden Series.

Remember the disciples wanted to build temples for Moses, Elijah and Christ. The Temple of God is the chief seat in Israel, and it is in Israel, which I have proven is the United States of America, as the last nation of Israel, that this man will come and restore all things right before the coming of Nibiru.

And what is so desperately ironic is, the restoration is a very good thing, because it is being removed from the power of Satan for a little time, however, it is being returned to the

I did not expect this in the prophecy of Joshua when he was removed from Satan to take down Satan's children. Remember, prophecy can fail as I have taught. Although I saw the signs of his ego and pride, I hoped he would fulfill this amazing chance to restore America.

But he thought he was more powerful than Satan and at the same time he rejected Christ, the Father and even God. Thus Satan ate him up like cherries off jubilee. He was completely turned to Satan because of his pride. And now the Reprieve must come from another way. A better way. He has now forfeited his chance and so much more.

And you wonder why the people all in voice said, Crucify him. Why is it people can become so wicked in their thoughts? Because they were taken over by demonic intrusion to placate their ignorance and when real truth is revealed they reject it because of their own lack of faith and holding on to fear. So instead they attack the innocent along with the demons that have taken over their minds & thoughts.

II Timothy 3/1-3 " This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, "unholy", "Without natural affection", trucebreakers, "false accusers", incontinent, fierce, "despisers of those that are good","

As I have stated from the beginning this is not a game. Satan wants to destroy you more than he wants to kill you. Death is too easy for him and it does not create soul destabilization success for his desire. If we can't stand in faith when it is in much easier times to avoid the temptations to come, there is no way to do it when the floor gives way below our feet.

Americans and even people around the world have all had it too easy. The Western influence has perverted everyone as the the Great Whore of Revelation was revealed. This mind-set is all about gaining wealth, security and prestige at the expense of all others, just so people can feel they are above everyone else.

My friends Satan's idea of success means humans must be destroyed for you to have that success, I know this personally. You just do not gain riches and wealth because you may be a good person.

This is not the Father's world. The deal is much different here. Too many think wealth is a sign of a good Christian following god and being blessed with physical riches. They are on the wrong path and are destined for destruction. Think of the rich man in parable!

If we can't make the right decision now when it is only about losing a job, or traveling, or going to sporting events etc. and not being able to lower our expectation on owning things, because people fail to have faith in the Father, wait till it comes to losing your life?

People should be happy that schools, restaurants, churches, sporting events etc, are being wedged against them, do as we say or else. We are to come out of the world and now Satan is actually making it easier on us to do just that, but most want to fight it and demand to stay in the world at our life's expense. So diabolically bizarre.

If you hesitate now, you will probably not make the right choice later, unless a complete repentance beak-down occurs and you finally realize that this wasn't a game, then you will feel the peace that is so needed at this time.

I cannot stress enough we are in the last days. And all we have are those who immorally have destroyed the dignity of this realm while serving Satan, while standing next to those who think everything is going to be great and it is all going to change, while at the same time they believe they serve God. Well indeed they may be serving God, but who is their god.

They believe everyone will have money and things as some just reward, as if that ever mattered. These are the two mindsets around today. The perverse versus the hopium addicts. Those who think wealth and substance is their god.

As I have written, I do believe there is going to be a major change before the Tribulation hits, I call it the reprieve, the time when Israel is given that final chance to recognize their sins and then repent. And it must come soon. This is at the same time the true children that have faithfully followed their Father in Christ will be sealed and protected.

However, it will be short-lived and it will only exist to examine the hearts of the people. Will they repent and change or will they sell out to more sin and immorality? We already know the answer and what the majority will do, because the script was written for the future, so we must remind ourselves we are at the cusp of all things. We are closing near to the Harvest.

Are you truly awake and prepared, or are you just aware and very sleepy?

The Great Reveal of the demonic activity in the world

Truth on Covid Vaccines

AMEN our priorities are all wrong as a nation

The worst crime ever is being committed in every nation on earth, It is the most vile and evil sin. Pedophilia is the crime Israel is always enticed to be involved in before the nation is destroyed. America is deeply involved. But sadly there is more concern about wearing a mask that does not work over saving little children's lives. Absolutely sickening and absurd.

The Incredible human potential

Can you imagine what the incredible human potential would have been if the the Deep Satanic state was never allowed. It is the same question I asked why was the Serpent allowed in the Garden?

It would not matter what race, color, creed, or culture, everyone would be amazingly successful. The deep satanic state under the power of Satan, created enmity to destroy potential.

The NWO that will never be!

I have been revealing for 30 years how there would not ever be a New World Order even before most of humanity had even heard of this term. The New World Order simply means the global order brought in by the New World, which is America.

It is because you must understand who The United States of America really is to realize why it can not be part of or head the NWO. The demon's are the one's pushing for the NWO, but it will never be allowed, because those demon's in drag wearing human constumes will be remove and another system will begin.

The NWO will be destroyed before it is ever set up no matter how much they are trying to set it up or push it. It cannot be and I have explained in detail why this is so. If you truly do not know who America is in prophecy, you will be lost. All the answers are there f you understand who they are and why Satan hates America so much,

The Two Seeds!

I have tried tirelessly to reveal a truth most churches will never reveal because they have been following false doctrines on who controls this world. It is time everyone awaken to understand, the demons have been unleashed, and many occupy human bodies.

Christ warned us in the parable of the two seeds that both demons and the true Children of the Father via Christ would exist together until the end days in human bodies. He revealed not until the end will it be revealed who the two really are.

If you do not understand these truths you will be left out in the dark with great fear. I have tried to warn you not to bring on fear but bring on peace through knowledge and spirit. The demons are angry and now cannot control themselves and are being revealed. You better have eyes to see and ears to hear, this aint a game.

If at any time someone is trying to coerce or force you do do anything even with a bribe or a threat,
then know you are being conned. Something legitimate never needs enforcement or bribes!

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Word of mouth reveals a greater truth than
the Satanic airwaves which deceive the masses.

Watching a little of the local news in my home state it is a constant and continuous barrage of how more and more people are getting Covid and they stress it is only those that have not been vaccinated are the ones getting the virua. However those that got vaccinated are not getting the virus.

It is as if they can't reconstruct their own lies because it is obvious the desperation to get people vaccinated is beyond scope, however, if the vaccinated truly are protected from covid, then there is nothing for them to worry about. Therefore, they are pushing vaccinations because something is not going their way. But what would that be? Why are they pushing a dangerous remedy that is obviously not working, in fact it is having the opposite effect?

What is so ironic is, even if what they were saying had even the smallest truth then why are they pushing this vaccine? If those who don't want the vaccine for whatever reasons, then let them choose to decide and suffer the consequences if so be, as it is their American right, since those who get the vaccine do so based on what they are being told, in that they will not get the virus, because if they do get the virus anyway, then the vaccine is fake so why the need to take it?

Everyone should be happy with their choices, unless their choice was based in a lie. But we know it is all a lie. A pandemic is not real if the people are being told they are sick. If people need to be tested for a virally fast spreading deadly sickness, no one would have to tell them. And the death rate would not be .04% but upwards to 75% if it was a real Pandemic.

And Healthy people would not be quarantined, only the sick would be. And masks would not be worn only Hazmat uniforms inside the quarantine.

Because the vaccine wasn't created to cure Covid, Covid was created to bring in the Vaccine, which has been for many years designed for the people. Now it is time people wake up and ask why?

They are pushing it because it is failing the litmus test of truth, and we out here beyond the fake news media realize the truth due to on going personal reports from one another, friends, family, co-workers etc... In fact these are the typical reports we keep hearing, and one as an example.

"A racing friend of mine just called me and told me that yesterday one of the guys he works with tested positive for covid, he had been vaccinated. So the whole shop had to be tested and nine people tested positive for covid and four tested negative for covid. The nine who tested positive had been vaccinated and the four that had not been vaccinated tested negative. My friend was not vaccinated and tested negative."

The real question is why is the media pushing a dangerous LIE and then lying about the results, yet while all along we the people are receiving different information all over the world from personal contacts telling us the opposite of what the media is pushing? Personal contacts do not have an agenda the Media always does.

Christ warned against the Scribes and Pharisees during his time for pushing lies and hipocrisy. Today the Scribes are tantamount to being the Media, and the Pharisees were those linked to the Government deceiving the people.

And we are being told our personal information that we receive from many who have no agenda but to provide their own evidence, is wrong, linking it to a conspiracy as they so often do when they want to hide the truth... and the desperate media who is known to fabricate pretty much everything, we are told, what they say is believable, trust them, but do not trust your personal acquaintances. Something is very wrong with this picture.

That something is obvious, Demons in drag are in control and calling the shots. Satan is a liar and the Father of all lies, and hates the truth while attacking those who dare speak what they know to be the truth, because Satan loves Death. Awaken before it is too late or you will become one of his next victims!

Demons playbook is activated to blame others for the evils they commit. It then removes attention away from them.

Demons in drag: the most powerful revelation ever given to mere humans.

My second book was titled the way it was for a reason, “The Virtual World of Gods and Humans.” Many may have not totally understood this message, but our world of humanity is made up of two different species. And yes Christ not only told us but warned us about it.

However this was another mystery, and few mysteries ever came out in text form from the time Christ was here. We had to use the spirit and to do research and mental leg work to figure out what these hidden mysteries were.

Those who have been awakened and come to the knowledge of this truth are fully aware of what is happening all around them while many are in a deep sleep having no idea what has transpired. These two species are Aliens and Humans.

However, this article is not about revealing the paradigm of the aliens and UFO’s per se’, there are many different ‘masks’ they wear. The key is figuring out who is behind them and why and where they are from.

When people think about demons they think of either these invisible spirits playing nasty games in the dark like in ghost houses or tormenting people with odd nuances. Or entities where their heads rotate 360 degrees and the possessed human speaks in a horrible deep dark tongue while spitting up green pea soup as they float above their settings, as Hollywood would want us to believe.

The fact is, we were not warned to find something different from the human avatar, we were warned long ago that these entities, these demons would be masked in the same avatar covering as humanoids. These demons will look and appear just like humans as they desperately need the use of bodies to infiltrate our world.

And throughout time most would not be the wiser. They will appear the same, talk the same, laugh and cry the same, and even bleed the same. But they are not the same. They are not soul-filled humans. They are demons wearing the same human avatar fig-leaf mask.

Many today are under the illusion that demons are somewhere else, but they are not here. Some even believe they will come through a gate or opening, but not until then. What the majority do not understand is the gates have been opened, and while some look to Star-gates, others look to CERN and what not, few if any ever understood the real gate entrance.

And these demons have entered unawares and are now controlling this earth for a little time more until they are gathered and burned. But where was the GATE that they entered? Sadly, many have never been aware that the gate is another mystery. Demons do not need CERN, they do not need STAR GATES. Demons are spirits who derive their power from Satan their father.

These spirits come through frequencies that are matched to their own. They live in a frequency of death. They respond to that which is wicked and evil. They are liars, hypocrites, deceivers, and will do whatever they desire in the fight for darkness against light.

Therefore the same signal frequency becomes aligned to a human who begins to allow these same attributes in their lives. If they are not purged within the person the human inadvertently will open the door to dark spirits.

These wicked entities can then enter and take over the Avatar body. At that point if there was a soul within it would be released back into the realm of death in the after-life awaiting their return to another life. In effect their lifestyle was a suicide. Yes there is another type human, a soulless human that is simply a programmed machine operating on the flesh and mind only. I will not address that here.

However, the body that soul left behind will become the temple of the Demon. This is how the demon entered. These spirits are the offspring of Satan. He created them via the blue print of his own design and image, they are tiny spirits of darkness all having differing aspects of the mindless one at differing levels.

What we have here is a blend of avatars that are either soulless, or comprise the spirit of a demon child of Satan. The rest would be the seeded soul filled humans of the Father that pre-existed before the foundations of the universe, but have ‘fallen’ into a sleep and have forgotten, but are here to be trained to awaken via suffering. Some are beginning to awake as Christ enters them, and some are still tragically asleep awaiting for their purpose and calling.

These demons follow after the characteristic of their frequency of death. They seek for controlling positions. The wealthy, the famous, the political, and especially the media, whomever they feel will help aid to give them power to control groups of humans. Yes, Satan and his demons plan and desire, and that plan is the complete spiritual destruction of souls who had fallen from the Father.

Their problem they can never figure out is that the soul and the avatar are not the same. These are simply suits we wear. If the soul within the avatar becomes compromised, then the soul is removed from these suits to try again at another time. Souls are not these bodies, their just suits souls wear.

The demons also have cast and order, and usually the higher positions of rank and power within humanity is what these higher ranking demons seek for to obtain as they did many times before, as the ancient ones, the lords and gods. That is correct, these alien demons were part of the Lords and Gods on earth, along with the Watcher Lords and God that reign from above. This is for another article.

And they take over bodies and make them their own. In times past there was much less ability for these demons to take certain bodies due to the lack of number of gates opened and often they would have to take anything they could find, which often limited their powers.

Even though they are a demon, their abilities are subject now to the flesh. They do not have supernatural abilities as they appeared to have when they were just hidden spirits in darkness. And while interacting within the avatar, it limits their resources and power.

However, it also allows them into the human kingdom as hands on. Before all they had was just tricks and gimmicks and they had less influence, unlike their father Satan who can project his mind through the air. And then his children in the avatars can manifest the evil in the flesh.

Therefore, they seek for those who already have human power or fame. And they seek for those who live sin-filled lifestyles, often they are the ones promoting it, which when the sins accumulate it allows the door to open and the demon takes over that avatar, and hardly anyone knows the difference. Not even most family and friends can recognize this change,, unless the demon is a low ranking silly demon that plays pranks like a little child. These are easier to spot...

Although some will notice a subtle change they will ignore believing the human is changing, and it will never occur to them that their friends, mate, loved one, or whoever was just completely removed. Now the difference in possession and complete removal is. The higher lords of the Demons don’t just want to play inside the human while it actively belongs to another.

Only the lower demons possesses other for the game or sport, however, this is not a hard fast rule. At times very powerful demons have just possessed and were removed by the power of Christ. But the higher demons want the body and they want nothing remaining left of the soul or other occupant.

They want total control. So a possessed human may act entirely strange and obviously possessed because the lower demons are more like an adolescent who has no control of his desires or motives. But the higher ranking demons know and seek for control as in organization.

It is like a gang of thugs. A higher demon may want the gang leader’s body because they have immediate control over the rest of the gang and can influence grater numbers. However, only a young newly formed demon would go for the other gang member who just follow orders. They would be good in creating havoc, and doing all sorts of evils, like rioting, killing, thieving, but they won’t have control as in organization, it is mostly chaos.

Therefore the Higher demons seeks for famous people, media, politicians, and the wealthy. They want immediate power over many instantly. And while most have been sleeping these demons have taken over a large portion of our entertainment, media, politicians and the wealthy. Even courts, and judges and lawyers have been removed and replaced by demons. And so they have great control.

These are those establishing the Global DEMONIC Government. These are the ones who relish in darkness, evil, perversions, and whatever it takes to streamline their ‘essence’ into everyone. What many see with our eyes, is not what is really happening on the surface but what is happening beneath. And only those truly awake are able to see these demons through their masks.

Yet those awakened are unable to tell anyone else because the people have bargained for the lie. Due to their sleep and inability to become alerted they are deluded to this truth. They will refuse and reject this truth because they do not want to believe it. But, it matters not what they want, those in delusion are already captive.

Christ warned us of this, when he said, those not of the Father are the children of the Devil. He also revealed in the parable, that there are two groups seeded into this world one of the Father and Christ and the other of Satan.

Usually the fallen angels of Lucifer do not seed within the humans unless to keep the balance as the ruling gods from above, they stay as controlling gods within our heavens and often wear their masks, But that is another story.

Yet as Christ stated, do not try to remove them, in so doing you may remove a true seed who is simply deceived. He said, wait until the Harvest, then you shall see clearly the difference of the Father’s children and Satan’s children. And let me tell you the dfference is as clear as a bell, and it will be a very frightening awakening moment when the true seeds realize what has been truly happening in this realm, right under their noses.

Although they appear as human they are anything but human. If you ever engaged in a conversation with them you would realize very quickly something is askew. They do not have compassion, passion, nor empathy. Everything about them loves sin and a dissociation of righteous principles.

They love error, they love the way of sin that leads to destruction and death. They establish darkness using the idea of concern and love but their fruits are wholly evil. I am not exaggerating one bit. They love disharmony, disorder, and lawlessness. They support the wicked and lawless while the demons of power will imprison those who dare to establish truth and righteousness.

Everything about them is dark and destructive and they are insane and mad. And yet as hypocrites they will always project their sins and evils on to others to displace their evil so they can continue unfettered.

Jesus called the demons within the human avatar as liars and hypocrites. This is how you know them. But you must be able to see through their masks, or they will misdirect you away from them, onto those who seek goodness. The silly demons have taken over the minds of the lowly and they even hate who they are and their bodies and life here. They despise all good. And the higher demons rule among the power lords and they rule using their silly children to create chaos and disorder.

The mask is the avatar body we call human. It covers the real stain of the demon inside. They appear as everyone else but they are not like any true human. Their darkness has no bounds, but Jesus told us as we get near the Harvest they will be outed.

Their true nature must come forward to establish their global tyranny of death. Otherwise they would never accomplish their ultimate goal which is to establish nothing but evil in this realm. Read past article.

The demons cannot and will not succeed, but they will have done so much damage, many are going to die because they believed the demons. They will bring so much death because the rest are asleep and unable to realize what is taking place.

Begin to open your eyes, and you will see them everywhere. But they are not the majority, however because of the power forces of the media and politics that they control, it will appear as if they are in everything. But again it is another of their lies being promoted by the use of projection via fear.

One demon can place hundreds of humans in a trance based on their power-play. One politician, one media asset, one medical person can cause absolute conformity to evil under the guise of good, leading many to their death.


Frequency Turbulence, body and earth changes!

This world operates as frequencies. The strange operation called the Tree of Knowledge is a polarity. It functions like a battery connection from a negative ground and a positive interaction. I call it strange because in this lower world of hell a negative ground is necessary for the functioning aspect of this world.

Satan (Black Terminal or Negative) is the ground-earth, Lucifer (Red Terminal or positive) is the power-Heaven. Thus we have God and Devil or good and evil. Yet everything aligns via frequencies. Frequencies are like pulsating energies, that go back and forth, and it creates a stable or unstable environment, depending.

Notice I said stable, not a righteous environment, or not a paradise type environment, or a virtuous environment, but a stable one. Just like when you plug an appliance into the wall to access the energy, as electricity, the amount of energy flow must be precise to allow for the machine to function accordingly.

The appliance needs a certain amount of flowing watts regulated via an alternative current and/or direct current to allow the machine to operate properly. Too much of this energy or not enough the machine will not operate properly or probably not at all.

The machine may even catch on fire, as the energies are not proportional with the components of the operation. Everything is a frequency. If the frequency is not vibrating at the correct level matched with the sending and receiving, turmoil ensues.

Recently, I revealed how sin is a frequency. If the frequency is out of balance the bodies main frame of Emotional, mental, physical leading to the spiritual also becomes out of balance. Once this takes place the body stops functioning correctly.

It is important now that I reveal why laws are given. Why did the gods of old create statutes, laws, covenants etc. These were frequencies based on this working machine. If these frequencies were in tune to the functioning balance of the world then everything remained in working order. But remember, the laws were only given to a certain people. They became the balance of light against darkness which reveals both exists here as the negative and positive terminals.

Obviously if one group maintains the laws and the other group does not, it creates a balance. But if the one group failed alongside the other group then everything becomes out of balance. Thus we see how this world functions. It does not function on perfection, but balance. The very fact that one people are told the laws while the other are never revealed these laws reveals how this existence operates.

However, when the laws were breached it sends out a false frequency which is not in tune with the earth machine's balance. If the false frequencies continued or even expanded, great failures would begin to occur. As the body mainframe begins to deteriorate so does the functioning of the world.

As I have revealed, hell is not evil alone, it is the balance between good and evil. You can't have just evil nor can you have just good, or else the entire system implodes. Perfection is not allowed in Hell. Thus it can never access the true heaven and Earth, which operates as perfection in paradise.

This is also why Satan can never have complete control, as he would desire, it is not allowed. If he attempts to bring forth just evil, good automatically intervenes to balance the system. Nor can God/Lucifer have complete control of good, as soon as it begins to get out of balance, DEVIL/evil will be added to the Good/GOD.

Thus God and Devil work together in an alliance of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, simply read the Old Testament, which was the true story of the Garden of Eden as to why the Devil was even allowed in there if it was perfect paradise.

Because this Garden Earth must be a balance of good and evil. Remember, we left Paradise, as the Tree of Life, that tree was never accessed in this realm, it was forbidden. The flaming swords kept us blocked from the Tree of Life in Paradise. That can only be accessed now by allowing Christ to redeem us back to the Father. And then we must leave hell/Earth and enter Heaven/Paradise.

As the body is aligned to certain frequencies and when these pulses begin to vibrate at a foreign level the body begin to break down. And so does the earth balance. The earth is a machine. And if the frequencies are oscillating back and forth properly then Earth functions as an operational machine. However, what happens when the frequencies change, what happens when disorder occurs because the energy laws are contravened in a greater proportion than the balance provides?

This is so very important. We see what happens to the body of an individual when the frequency is misaligned. But what happens to earth? Do you realize when we sin, when we add a false frequency creating an imbalance, as sin, perversion, immorality. Do you believe this only effects our bodies?

Of course not, our bodies are aligned to the same energy as the entire earth and universe. When we err the frequency changes and just like a machine needs a certain amount of watts to function if there is an overload or an inappropriate amount of watts being used then there is a breakdown.

When sin, which is an overload of disharmony or balance, it effects the earth just like it effects the body. And what happens? Like the body, when sin is committed, there begins a failure of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. The same thing happens to the earth. And what happens to the earth upon these circumstances. We will get to that...

One may ask, does this mean we live with sin all the time because of the needed balance? Yes, sin is always with us as long as our soul is in an avatar body and part of this realm, it is living in sin, it is corruption.

The Body itself is corruption, so laws were given to balance out that corruption to help it not gravitate to its base nature. Dietary laws, cleanliness laws, and spiritual laws were given to balance the human out. This might be the first time you have ever read this amazing news.

Just like the body, malfunctions, it becomes ill, and some of the side effects are, disease, revealing an out of balance. We as humans become sick. The blood flow is harmed and often tainted. The organs begin to malfunction. The heart is poisoned, and the brain fails.

All of these things are caused when the electrical current of the body is negatively influenced by too many false energy frequencies that take the body out of balance. The same thing begins to occur on the earth.

The difference is, each soul's avatar is modified based on their personal energy input. If you live a proper life, you will reap the rewards for a good sustained health and longevity in balance. But eventually you still die because this world is not perfection it is simply balance with a deadline date. If there are failures as sin frequencies, then the operation of the mainframe is cut short by diseases and all sorts of maladies.

The earth is the same, the difference is, we all contribute to the earth because we are of and like the earth. Whereas what we do to ourselves is mostly internal for the body, our influence upon the earth is also internal to the earth, we are its invaders both good and evil.

Earth calamities like tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, too hot, too cold, floods etc. are a direct results of frequencies out of balance. And they are not caused by what we physically put into the climate, but by energy frequencies.

And unlike what authorities try to tell you that giving them trillions of dollars could alleviate the earth breakdowns, in truth, nothing can alleviate an energy frequency issue other than our proper alliance to the laws of Good and evil in balance. How we interact with these laws is what creates either balance or disturbances upon ourselves and those around us as well the entire planet.

If you are living a lifestyle of sin, meaning contravening the laws, then nature will rebel. Earth will denounce your lifestyle by its reaction to your sins. This is why great famines occur, this is why earth balance begins to fail in its operation. It is due to our sins, nothing else. If we are immoral, if we are perverse, and we are living a faulty lifestyle, it will begin to effect the earth energies.

The more that operate like this out of balance, and the more that gravitate in a faulty lifestyle the earth will suffer greater. We will see more deadly horrific storms, more floods, more drought, all of which are out of sync frequencies do to sins. There is nothing GREEN you can do to apply the fix, it must be a change of personal lifestyle.

When we defile the mode of operation the machine will fight back. Earth will not let our sins remain. It has built within it a cleanser if you will; not to different than the human body. And when something is not in balance. Earth can cleanse itself of the problem.

Just like the human body has internal fighters, that will attack ruthless invaders, so does earth and this universe. Everything is like unto like. Often these cleaners come in the form of volcanoes, earthquakes, and floods as the earth body is fighting off its false energy intruders.

The intruder is not the human per say, it is the sin frequency that is causing the earth to malfunction being caused by the humans. And often the humans must be sacrificed to remove the sin since the human is creating that frequency.

And often some good humans are removed as the cleaner agents do not take in the fact of who is guilty or not, It is only reacting to the false frequency itself that has taken over and it is now purging the problem.

Sin is like a bad bacterium, and when the body sees it it sends out good bacteria to fight against the intruder. However in the battle often the bad bacteria is too strong and often too many and therefore good bacteria are killed in the process and finally cancer becomes the cleaner to eradicate the entire human.

Remember everything is polarity in this fallen world and everything reacts to everything else. If one thing is out of balance another thing comes into to restore the balance even if that means ridding everything to start again.

Have you ever seen the destruction by a volcanoes. It annihilates everything in its explosive path. But years later it all comes back fresh and clean as if it is starting all over again.

These calamities are earth cleansers. And it removes everything within its vicinity. Nothing remains. Until the earth program is complete in each time loop, it will continue to heal itself of the sins or malfunctions caused by faulty frequencies, until it must be removed in fire.

Mount Saint Helens 35 years after its volcanic desolation.

The Day I was taken before Satan and Offered the ultimate damnation.

I was doing some thinking upon waking this morning and a memory was brought back to me of the time I was taken before Satan as written in my books. I remembered being shown how they were controlling the people. Ultimately it was for their destruction physically and spiritually, but there was more to it.

I just remembered today what that piece of information was I had misplaced in memory. It is true Satan will make deals with you and if you comply you will be rewarded in worldly terms. You will be given more worldly goods, fame, wealth, and much more if you comply, like perverted wants and desires.

Ultimately I remembered one of the things I was shown was the myriad of pharmaceuticals that were in place for the people to take. I was revealed ultimately it was for humanities destruction.

However, there was something more to it. These things, not just in Pharmaceuticals but certain harmful foods and others things were ultimately given to destroy us, but the destruction was the ultimate, there was something that led to it.

These things had chemicals in them that were perfected to cause mind-control, this is what I had forgotten. This is the part I had misplaced in memory.

They were taking over control of the people's minds. Meaning guiding them to their destruction. And if you accepted the offer as I was given, you had to comply in the mind-control of everyone else, watching them being led to their ultimate destruction.

All of a sudden the idea of this Vaccine really hit home. The Vaccine is not the Mind-Control. It is to ultimately destroy the people. But it is the mindless, and braindead acceptance of taking this Vaccine without any thought to the contrary, which was garnered through mind-control.

Ironically it was the other vaccines and pharmaceuticals and certain foods that eventually and ultimately took over the minds of the people. And this is what we are witnessing. They are willingly taking something that is going to destroy them and they are not even being phased because they are being controlled in their own minds by an external force.

This took hard core mind-control. This didn't happen over night. This is what I was being shown all those many years ago when I was offered the deal.

I had to be in support of humanities obvious destruction via mind-control for my own benefit. And I was not allowed any variance. If I chose to follow I had to follow through with the plan, which was in the works for a very long time...

Now we can understand why so many who were given the toys of this world are willing to turn their backs, they are willing to ignore and even lie about what these vaccines are doing. They have sold out their fellow man for their own little trinkets.

Think about the amount of money offered to these people to be part of destroying others. Think about the deals being made to send people into places to bring on their deaths. This was all agreed to long ago by their acceptance of the deal.

And this is why we are dumbfounded as to why the people are not seeing it, because they have been fully mind-controlled, brain washed.

For this cause GOD will send strong delusion that they believe the lie. I revealed when it said God would send the strong delusion that it was Satan, not the Father. Based on the other scripture that said, Satan is the GOD of this world, and has deceived the entire world, he had brought the delusion upon the minds of humanity. He did it chemically.

Without the Father via Christ's healing, humanity cannot grasp what is happening and they have been taken over. They have been thoroughly brainwashed. And ultimately it will lead to the taking the Mark of the Beast, the ultimate destruction during the Harvest time.

This was the ultimate plan. To take over the minds and then lead the people unto their spiritual destruction. It didn't begin with the vaccine, it happened long ago and now the vaccine is their destructive component.

Now you can understand why the push and why so many are following it and accepting it. Either they are brain washed or they made the deal.

And the people are willingly walking right into their own demise, in the way the movie portrayed Soylent Green, in that they lined up willingly, having no consideration of the reality they were being led to the butchers to be ground up into food for everyone else to eat.

Now we are witnessing how deep this really goes. It is mind-control in ways we never even were prepared for. We are witnessing our fellow man walk into the butchers and there is nothing we can do about it, they have already been taken over. Nothing we say now can change it.

Even when destruction occurs, the same people will have no ability to think through this terror, because they were compromised long ago, even to watch loved ones dying, it wont phase them, and to our utter shock they will act as if nothing happened.

Therefore because they were led into this based on accepting the lie leading to their own mind control, they have brought damnation upon themselves in the form of strong delusion which is the other name for mind-control.

This is a litmus test for your church or belief system.

We were told not to conform to this world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds. It is important to take a test to understand, is your church or belief failing you?

Romans 12/2 "And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of the Father."

As a church are you growing, are you continually learning new truths, or do you stagnate on that which you once understood while thinking you are a rock of faith against anything changing. My friends if you are not growing nor renewing your mind, you are failing. No one understands everything therefore we are given time to grow and learn. We must grow and learn continually.

If your church or your beliefs are making changes, ask yourself, have these changes drawn you closer to the world or made it easier to live in the world? If you say, yes, it has become easier, then the church and your beliefs are failing you. Those who grow in faith are not drawn closer to the world but further and further away.

The closer you become to Christ and the Father the further away you become from this world and its beliefs. In fact it is like a rocket speeding away from earth, as it gets further and further away, Earth gets smaller until eventually it vanishes.

No doctrinal change or beliefs should make it easier to be part of this world, it should be painful, It should be in direct contrast to everything the world stands for, because the Father nor Christ has anything to do with this world. And if we are being conformed to this world, then we are failing.

It is important to understand, this world, and it gods, angels and rulers, are in opposition to the Father's Kingdom. If you have not understood that, then you are not renewing your mind, and are becoming part of the problem not the solution.

If fear of retribution of this world's standards has caused your church or beliefs to change, to make it easier, then you truly do not understand the purpose of faith or your calling, and you are being led astray into complete darkness.

Whatever you believe, if it is making life easier in the world, then you have been taken for a ride into deception and delusion. Or did you forget this world Killed Christ? The same mindset that had Christ killed long ago is still here today.

Nothing has changed. It is the same devil and his children ruling this planet as they did when they tried to bribe Christ by offering him all the lands of the world, if he would just bow down and serve Satan.

Now who is it that can freely give this world to anyone? it is the owners, the taskmasters. Christ does not own this world, he even said, if this world was his world he could send a legion of Angels to take it back. But it is not his world, it belongs to God and the Devil. It belongs to the tree of the Knowledge of good and evil, or the tree of death, not the Tree of Life.

Maybe it is time you awaken to the real truth, and stop following seducers who just want to make your life easier to be conformed to the devil.

John 18-36 "Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence."

Matthew 26/53 "Thinkest thou that I cannot now pray to my Father, and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels?"

Does the human body have a operational manual. YES INDEED!

What is sin? Sin is simply a breach of restraints. Humans were designed and created yet were given free will. Free will does not mean doing what you want, it means you must decide to play by the rules or not. Humans were given rules of conduct, and laws of restraint.

If the human fails these rules and there conduct is improper, it will effect how they live and operate. Just like a machine. A machine must have codes, these codes allow the machine to function properly. If the machine begins to err against those codes it will begin to fail and soon be inoperaable.

Humans have four main control bodies. Their emotions, their mental, their physical and last and the most important is the spiritual. The first three bodies interact with the machine, the last one interacts with the machine and the soul.

If anyone of these bodies fail the entire machine fails. Now the codes or rules of behaviour are deeply connected with all four bodies. If one fails to operate properly it begins to destroy the four bodies. Sin (OR THE BREAKING OF CODE) destroys the emotional, mental, physcial and spiritual body. The machine begins to fail.

These codes were given for our well being. We do not tell the creator of these bodies along with the codes how we want to function. Nor would any mechanical machine tell its creator how to operate. The entire machine is affected by a blue print. Everything within is based on codes and mathematical principles.

If you ignore a code, you are damaging the machine. If the codes are continued to be ignored the machine will fail and stop working. Sin becomes a failure of the operational codes we were given. It is not proper for us to decide whether we apply these codes or not, it is only up to us to choose between good and evil or right and wrong. You have the right to choose to ignore the codes, but with that right comes with it great responsibility.

If you either ignorantly or purposefully ignore or reject the codes, you shall surely die. This is not a threat but a warning of a malfunction, just like a mechanical machine warning as to how it operates. Those who ignore the codes continuously will be seen operating in failure mode. They will become mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually impaired until they finally perish.

The idea that our freedom of free will allows us to reject our internal coding is faulty reasoning at best and yet the choice is there to make. It is a complete breakdown. We cannot change our own coding and expect the machine will continue to operate properly.

If you go against the blueprint of your creation, you shall pay the bounty of death. Yes that is your choice if you desire to make it, to choose between life or death. But do not complain when the operational constructs of the internal workings begins to fail. You did it to yourself no one else is to blame.

It is important that you begin to understand, no one is cursing you. No one is torturing you. There is no god taking his wrath out on you when you defy and ignore the codes. These codes are internal, if you break the law, it breaks you. It is automatic for everyone. It cannot be any other way.

And just like we have mechanical codes of operation, we are also biological not just mechanical so we can consume energy in the form of food and drink. And that is why there are also dietary laws. The ancients called them, clean and unclean meats. There are foods that these bodies were not designed for. Just like a car. If a car uses oil and gas, you cannot put something else into the car or else it will negatively effect the operation.

We must be careful what we put into our bodies, because they operate under a strict protocol, and any defiance of that protocol will cause damage to the inner workings of this machine. And the more we defy those codes, the greater the curse becomes with faulty health and internal corruption.

Just like a machine can not argue with its maker, saying they don't like following these rules, or codes of programming that they want to do it another way. If the machine was even allowed to activate such a thought of purpose and then go about doing it, that machine would fail and become ready for the junk heap, why because it was not designed that way. Try to understand the purpose of this message. Our bodies were not designed to operate another way.

It is important to comprehend, sin simply means breaking the rules, defying the codes, attempting to change the programming. Some say I am not into religion so this is all hooey to me, but this is purely science. Religion only comes about when dealing with mind and attitude and choice. However, the operation is purely scientific.

Just like science lives by dogma so does religion. The only difference is, science goes by a seemingly structured pattern that can be seen. Whereas many in religion follow an unseen path. Either way you go, one thing is vital and true, the human avatar machine will fail if you defy its internal laws. It doesn't matter what vehicle of belief you follow whether science, religion or something else. It is all the same for everyone.

It is true science doesn't claim malfunction as a sin, the term sin has that nasty religious value to it that many want to reject off hand. However science does reveal a breach of protocol and rules which harms the outcome.

Today we are living in a world where people defy science regularly by deciding to breach the rules of conduct, or defying the protocol of the machine. And we are witnessing an massive uptick in mental abrogation like never before.

People are doing away with the protocols of their internal codes and there machine is failing. This is due to sin. This is due to immorality. This is due to perversion. And now the machines are going crazy. The machine doesn't even recognize itself anymore, it is completely becoming inoperable. The machine is breaking down, and it is malfunctioning.

What did you expect? You cannot change the codes and rules. You can only operate by adhering to them. If you attempt to change them, the machine will begin to fail. No one is causing this, or there is no one external to blame. You decided on your own to choose the wrong way now you must pay the piper.

The Real Preparation, do you have what it takes

There is always people looking, but not necessarily to find. Many people are curious, they want to see what others are thinking and doing. There is what is called rubberneckers, these are the people that slow down traffic and clog the byways because they have to witness the accident and see the wreckage and carnage.

We must never confuse those who truly desire to understand so they can change their life for those who just want to look. This is one lesson I have learned since I began this project having no idea where it was leading me. And that is, most people never wanted to change their life, they just wanted to look.

I look back at my life and realize there is a massive difference in what happened with me and most others. Anyone who has experienced a deeper knowing of the hell we are in would never reject the circumstances to change. For they would not seeking just to know, they would truly want to change and prepare.

Sadly what I discovered is most people whether their lives were both good or bad, are basically lodged deeply into their own creation. And yea sometimes things are bad, but over all, things seem to be working, so why rock the boat, is their summary. And this is the undeniable key.

We are creature of habit not by will but by creation. We want things to be smooth, we want things we understand. As I have written about many who have been imprisoned for any great length of time that the prison has become home. They understand it, they know all the secrets and tricks to get by.

It is a world they know and understand, but being free, being able to begin again in so called freedom, it is something they truly have no desire to experience, because it means change.

How many locks have we structured in our lives and have thrown the key away? I know why I loved the truth when I found it and was willing to walk away from this perceived world. It is because I finally was so sick of what I saw, nothing was going to stop me from changing things in my life.

The day I picked up and left everything behind, even getting stuck living in the mountains for some time it was the most cathartic event in both my life and my wife's life. We discovered our own lock and keys, and opened them up to become free. It was then I was revealed amazing truths that few in this world ever have. and you must ask yourself why that is? Because real truth can never be understood when you are still locked up and imprisoned mentally in error.

I had to learn it is not only learning about Christ and the Father it was about letting go of your creation, your life, letting go of your life and allowing the Father to take over. And this is what I am realizing is the problem with most people.

They never came to that point, and they will never really let go, even if they they have interest in what is going on, it will never be real to them, something will always get in the way. The fruits prove they are still stuck in prison, willing to go along with the prison guards to control their life.

I now realize, the truth is not for cowards, it is for those who have become strong enough to let go of that which they know and understand, to learn as little children as if starting all over again, and this takes tremendous courage.

And this is what most will never do until it is too late, when scratching the sides of the Ark begging to be let on. The Ark is not a ship we get on, it is a place we have already found and have been working and living within waiting for the storm.

Do you understand, Noah and his family of 8 were so dedicated, they built the Ark, and lived there for years and years until it was finished, they were already contracted for the Ark. But when they went about trying to offer free tickets, no cost, free of charge, just to add others to the list, no one else could really do it, oh they came aboard to see what was happening.

They would be interested in the events taking place, but to actually become part of the project, no they had others things that were more important in their lives, families, jobs, things to do, places to go.

The threat was not ever real to them, because they were not dedicated nor contracted to the fulfilment of said project. They were still living their life in a prison that made sense, and as long as everything seemed somewhat good at the time, there wasn't really any other need to distract them.

It is has taken me some time to understand why people take these truths with a ho hum attitude and wrongful spirits, and that is because it not real to them. They are not contracted to the Father via Christ. Their lives are more important in prison than concerning themselves with truth and having to escape prison into a strange world they know nothing about that barely one in a million even care or know about.

I am not going to impress on the people of the need anymore, because I now realize, it is an internal thing, and their life's circumstances should have been all the impression they needed. People either awaken to the hell they are living in and desire to wholeheartedly change as the Father directs them personally. Or when the storm does finally come, that will be the only time it ever really becomes real to them. And then it will be too late, because they were not contracted for the Ark- SAFETY.

And why is it people are not aware, and cannot see the hell they are in, because they have accepted it as home, as their reality. And they follow all the rules of prison like good inmates. And they can only see that life is where you play by the rules of the prison yard, and if you do, you will be successful enough.

And why is this? Because it never dawned on them strongly enough that they are not where they should be to make them want to change their circumstances. They have not truly witnessed hell, and as long as they see the hope of heaven, they continue to walk the same dark blinded path.

The saddest day of my life and I already see it, is when people beg to return saying they it was never real to them, but now it is real, and I won't be able to do a thing for them, not because I wouldn't want to, but because I was never the one offering, I am only a ticket agent and when there are no more tickets I cannot create new ones.

Not all the repentance in the world will change their circumstance, except one, only the ultimate will. Since they would not make the choice to give up their idea of life when it was easy, and access the safety barge of the Father, it will be forced upon them to give up their human life when the storm hits, because survival at this point in time is no where to be found.

And that is when it is too late, because without preparation and contract they wont be able to enter because the doors will be shut to the Ark and then the prison yard will be destroyed anyway.

So you have been accused of being a cult, then take it as a compliment.

Today I am going to speak about the lunacy of the attack on what some term as cults. I know I have been accusesd many times of being a cult leader because I stand up for the truth. That is not allowed in a world of lies.

Cults are and have been deemed to be anything that espouses, order, truth and unity. All of which Jesus Christ taught us to be. But Satan and his children hate order, truth and unity. He loves chaos, division, and lawlessness.

Some have stated I am a cult leader, in truth I have no idea what that means, because anyone who stands their ground is called a cult. Anyone who gives in to other radical ideas and beliefs is considered normal.

My frends being normal in this world means we our abnormal of the Kingdom of the Father. The Father nor Christ has anything to do with this world. If all you want to do is be accepted and loved by the world then that means you are not of the Father or Christ. He that loves the world does not have the love of the Father in them.

1 John 2/15 "Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him."

I am not going to defend these accusations one way or the other, because I know from whence they come from, it is from people that love the world. When I stand up for truth against error, I am called a cult. When I stand up for right verus wrong, I am called a cult. When I do not allow enemies of the true spirit to invade our family. I am called a cult.

The idea is basically thus, if you are truly faithful and stand your ground against all enemies, foreign and domestic, then you are a cult. Well if that is the definition then so be it. Just like the enemy tries to tell everyone that when truth is spoken it is a conspiracy. A conspiracy is often anything and everything that is against Satan and his ways.

MY friends, people are led into lies because they believed the liar. Just because noted people like Jim Jones, David Koresh, Charles Manson, Shree Rajneesh, have led people in dark ways, or at least this is how it has been reported, this is then used to counter anyone someone does not like.

My friends the true cult is Satan, and it says he has deceived the "whole world". So what do you think Satan and his followers would say, if someone is not supporting his lies, they would call you a conspirator and a cult. If you cannot understand this then you are the one following a cult of brainwashing.

So I will not stand here to defend my beliefs, nor will I stand here to defend against those who support and love Satan's world. I will only stand here in support the Father and Christ, and they are who I follow. If this offends you, then maybe you should ask who is really the one following a cult.

People who call others a cult and say that you must think for yourself, are really saying do not think for yourself. They want you in tune with the way they think. They believe when others who agree with someone else that it means they are not thinking for themselves.

This is is utter nonsense and usually proves false in time. Most people find others who think like them. That is why they are there. Now they may not think exactly like another, but what causes the gravitation towards that line of thought was because they already thought similar ideas.

To castigate them and those they follow as a cult is demeaning. I will not tell others who to follow or what to believe, they can do that on their own. But people that scream someone else is a cult are doing exactly that. I just say, keep the peace, if you do not believe what I teach, nor do you like it, then move on. I have no desire or need to convert anyone to my way of thinking, because I am so positive that they will believe what I teach if it is already within them, and if not move on.

In time if they change their minds and do not like or believe how or what I am teaching there is no strings attached, move on and go to where you are comfortable. This is what I have always taught. But what is odd and ironic is they call me a cult because I don't want them around neither should they want to be around me, if they don't agree. How is that a cult? Usually it is often because they want to push their ideas and force it upon other, and I say good, go for it, but not in our house.

No on will ever win calling me a cult because as soon as they do they prove they are the one in their prescribed term of a cult mind. They are demanded that you accept the norm whatever that is and you believe what they believe. The difference is, I don't want people to believe what I believe just because I believe it, I desire to find others of like minds that are already being called of Christ and the Father.

And how would I know if they are being called of Christ and the Father, because they will not only think like them but will be like everyone else around them, who also follow Christ and the Father. Is this too hard to fathom, well Jesus himself said, that the Father sent him, and what he teaches came from the Father and if you do not understand then you are not of the Father, why?

Because the Father is not sending a hundred different signals to everyone, it is the same message. If you are of the Father then you will recognize the same message. If not, then so be it. Go on your way.

If I was a cult, based on this terminology, I would desire the numbers and try to get more and more people. I dont want numbers of people, I want the children of the Father ONLY. Major difference. I am not selling anything that forces me to desire massive amounts of people.

I am offering freely the message of the Kingdom of the Father to awaken those children who were asleep. and Jesus already told us it would be a very small in number who will eventually be able to walk the narrow path; because it is the masses, the world, that follows the wide path to destruction. And I am not seeking them. And I don't even want them! People that are trying to score big number followers are revealing their true inner desire, they are wanting to serve themselves.

Learn the real meaning of Love & Pray for your enemy. It is crucial for your true spiritual development.

I was thinking today about what Christ meant about loving your enemy. He was not talking about loving the wicked, the demon, the destroyer, he was talking about loving people who act as enemies, and persecute you. Often these things are done out of weakness and not intentional.

When I was thinking back in time about how I had dear close friends who were betraying me, speaking bad about me, these people were acting as my enemy, but I still loved them. But they were not wicked. Often it was because of a weakness they had. And as often as we seek to be forgiven for our own weaknesses, we are told not to judge, but to love and pray for our enemies, even in their time of weakness.

I realize how the Bible says things some of which have been twisted and changed, but many times it says things to them that can hear with ears and can see with eyes, meaning discernment. It is important we understand the intent not so much the literal words. Jesus said this in John 10/10 " The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly."

This contrasts this scripture unless you understand. Matthew 10/34 "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword."

All actions of the spirit and being led by Christ and the Father automatically bring war not peace because all good is a contrast to this world. The world hates the truth so any form of truth shall be an act of war, not peace.

Our lives were not going to be easy when we take up the proverbial cross and follow Christ. It was going to be hell for the true believers. But because of false indoctrination, many believe bringing Christ in their lives means worldly goods and success. Actually it is the opposite.

These words have been taken to mean we are to be abundant. We are to be wealthy and rich. Many think this is saying Christ came so that we would be more affluent in this world. But this is not the meaning. This is where people take words literally and not spiritually or metaphorically.

Christ uses types and antitypes to illustrate a thought. He did this often. Just like he said, I am the bread of Life, he that eats my flesh and drinks my blood shall have eternal life. Now are we to suppose he meant this literally? The people of his day did, and Christ reproved and rebuked them, telling them they were wrong. When he said, I am the bread of life he that eats this bread shall live forever.

The people that wanted that bread asked Jesus, give us this bread so we may eat, they thought it meant a physical food type. When he then said the bread was his flesh, it turned them off, because all they saw was the literal typification. He had to tell them again in no uncertain terms, he meant eating the spiritual bread, especially the bread of discernment as the "WORD" of Christ, because the spirtiual Word was and is Christ. We are to spiritually consume Christ as the Word.

We are to eat and drink the spiritual word of truth and discernment. So when he said I have come to give life that you will have it more abundantly, he was talking about eternal life. Yet I can't tell you the amount of people I have run into that believe this means if you are of Christ you will be affluent in this world.

It has nothing to do with that. But without discernment, the words are often taken literally instead of discerning the correct meaning. And this is why all Christian religions have failed. They took everything literally.

In fact they were compromised by thinking the WORD is the Bible. But the Word is Christ, and always has been. Yet they fail to understand this simple truth, because they never understood the illustration of thought using metaphors and types.

Until we learn to discern and recognize the difference between a literal definition and a type or like as a metaphor we shall be lost in deception. The Bible never meant to love the wicked and evil doers, which are the children of Satan that roam this world, as we were warned about this other SEED of the Word.

The other Seed or the two seeds planted in the same Garden/Earth were not only WORDS but they represented those who were were planted together, some by the Father and some by Satan himself. We are not to give our love or support to the children of Satan, they are darkness, and we are not to love darkness.

And as it stated, we would have to wait until the last days before we could separate the wheat from the tares or the children of the Father versus the Children of Satan. The reason is they all blend together, they all look the same, both are wearing Human Avatar coverings. But what is in them is not the same. One is of the true spirit one is of death.

Just like many Christians say we are to forgive, love your neighbor, and even love your enemy. They are lost in their own deceptive world of types and anti-types. Even forgiveness is not carte blanch. A person must repent and show fruits of repentence before they can be forgiven. It is not automatic. and because of this many have been seduced and deceived. Many have even turned to accept the sin, because they believed forgiveness was automatic.

Forigveness only comes when repentence has taken place not before. This is a vehicle that which will reveal who is who. A demonic will never repent, they are evil to the core in their depth of their being they are total darkness of death. You do not forgive a demon. However, those who have sinned and seek change via repentence must be forgiven even if it is 70X7 times that they repent, they must be forgiven.

Any act of sin is an enemy of the Father but any act of repentence is a friend to the Father. Those that can repent and do repent were enemies to be forgiven and loved. Those that cannot ever repent are enemies that we can never forgive or love because they can never repent. A big difference, and many must begin to learn this truth or else they will not only be compromised by sin, but in time they will learn and believe that accepting the sin is part of forgiving their enemy, and this is so wrong.

As I have written often, a sin of lifestyle or acceptance has no forgiveness in this life or beyond. Only repentence of the sin garners forgiveness. And there is one other difference. A true seed that does evil is often due to ignorance, deception and weakness. When Satan and his own sin it is done wilfully knowing what they are doing. This is an unpardonable sin, which cannot be forgiven thus we must not love them but rebuke them.

Before Jesus was about to be crucified he prayed to the Father, read closely.

John 17/1-26 Notice closely in verse 9, Christ only prayed for those that were given to him from the Father, he did not pray for the world. You must begin to understand what this means, unless you are one of the true seeds from before the foundations of this world then you are not of the Father nor can you be, we are not to pray for or love the false seeds, only the true seeds even when they are deceived and have become your enemy.


There will never be an awakening until the people finally realize that most humans are not human, but Satan's very children. Spawned from evil itself. When I say not human, I am saying they do not have souls. They are nothing but machines.

Too many have been fed with false information and they are not going to be protected when the times comes. They are still buying into the fluff. Therefore evil will manifest all around and still people will be trapped into their own ignomeny.

Christ warned of this but because the teachers have sold their soul for money and not truth, most have never understood the parable of the Seeds.

An error in accepted Christianity teaches only Christ can create. This is a fallacy. Only Christ can create eternally, something that has no limitation. Man or gods can create anything the matrix wills, within the 3rd & 4th dimension.

Example would be, The Father and Christ can create the spirit and the soul, but man nor the gods can create perfection. They are limited to the programming core. Our human bodies were not created by the Father or Christ, they would never create something so limited, but the chosen seed's soul which is projected from our spirit, was created by Christ.

They only can create perfected eternity. Everything they create lives forever. It cannot happen any other way. But man and or the gods can only create finite, limited things of the 3rd and 4th dimensional universe, including humanity. But they cannot create the soul that those seeds of the Father were placed within. This is the difference. If you do not believe me continue to watch.

Below you shall see the ability of man creating a being that is even greater than humans, but it has no soul.

I get so tired of Christians teaching only God or Christ can create, they don't understand and because of it they are going to have a great fall.

So I added this segment to the Newsletter online, to break the myth of creation can easily happen by man or gods in this realm, but they do not have power to create perfection and eternity. They can only create what the matrix allows, but they can definitely create.

Because of this lie they believe Christ or the Father created humans, when humans have no life within them, they are a biological computer, period. They need electrical senses to fabricate life or else humans would be nothing or have nothing.

The WORD can never be defiled, but the word can... Learn the mystery.

So many deceived Christians say that God would never allow the Scriptures to be tampered with, for it is the word of god. The problem is Christ is the WORD, and the Father allowed him to be crucified. If you think a written document is more important than the Divine Son, then you have failed to ascertain the mystery.

So unless Christians understand the mystery of the parable of the seeds they have no spiritual understanding about what is really taking place, and they shall be deceived.

Wasn't Trump supposed to be ELijah?

Who was Elijah

In Isaiah 45/1 many came to believe Trump was a version of the latter day Cyrus. In fact the very chapter Cyrus is located in was #45 as was President Trump's Presidential number. In my books I revealed who Cyrus really was. Which may reveal who Trump really is.

I also revealed how the God of the Old Testament declared Cyrus to be his anointed, as in type, 'the Christ' to reestablish the Jews of Israel to their homeland after Nebuchadnezzar had taken them into captivity and destroyed them and their Temple. Yet Cyrus was of the Beast Powered kingdom also, and he was the second Head in a combined take over with Darius the Mede when they Conquered Nebuchadnezzar's Babylon.

Understand Nebuchadnezzar was the Head of all the beast Kingdoms, and yes it is still operating today. However, the God of the O.T. also declared Nebuchadnezzar as his servant. And he literally turned the great King into an animal, or beast for 7 years. However, this was to represent how Nebuchadnezzar's kingdom would go on all the way to the end of days as a beastly kingdom. And do you know why these Kingdoms were created? To punish Israel. Books 3&5 of the TDSG reveal the mystery.

Why was God helping Nebuchadnezzar and Cyrus, and did you know that Nebuchadnezzar was also known as the King of Kings. Who else has this name sake? It is Christ, but his kingdom is of Heaven not this Earth! It was God who gave Nebcuhadnezzar his kingdom along with all the Satanic kingdoms to come. it was God who gave Cyrus his Kingdom calling him in type, a Christ, in fact it says it was God who sets up kingdoms of this world and brings them down. Why would god get involved with evil on this planet?

What is wrong with this picture? It is time you understand, that God is not who the religious world has believed. In fact he/she was something altogether different. Nebuchadnezzar was the King over the world, representing all Kingdoms. In fact if you would truly understand the mystery, Satan tried to give Christ the power over all KIngdoms of this earth. But Christ refused. Do you know why? because this is not Christ's world.

Nebuchadnezzar actually wrote chapter four of Daniel, a beastly king wrote a chapter in the Bible to declare God had called him as his/her servant, and he would go on to become the head of all demonic Kingdoms on earth. Now learn the mystery and code that which your Priest, Rabbi, Bishop or Minister dared never tell you. Not everything is as it seems.

Elijah was an Old Testament Prophet to Israel, and one strange oddity about him, is he never tasted death, he didn’t die in his first incarnation. I say first, because he will return two more times after this period.

He was removed from this earth by all descriptions by a space craft, or what we may call an alien UFO by some of the Watchers. And he was taken up into the heavens and never seen again. Of course, the transition had to create a form of death as a human cannot exist in the heavens for too long.

Elijah served the same god of Abraham as well as he was a prophet to Israel.

I King 18/36, “And it came to pass at the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice, that Elijah the prophet came near, and said, LORD God of Abraham, Isaac, and of Israel, let it be known this day that thou art God in Israel, and that I am thy servant, and that I have done all these things at thy word.”

Elijah was taken from the earth by a flying chariot.

II Kings 2/12, “And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked, that, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven.

And Elisha saw it, and he cried, My father, my father, the chariot of Israel, and the horsemen thereof. And he saw him no more:”It was interesting that Elisha called this heavenly vehicle the Chariot of Israel, or ISH RA EL, did this become Jacob’s chariot? As we continue, Jesus also claims during his lifetime, that John the Baptist was in fact Elijah. The Bible also claims this same Elijah will return, right before the Great and Dreadful day of the Lord.

Elijah’s final job will be the restrainer and restorer, he will come to the end-time Israel, as the warning shofar as well as to redeem the land.

Mal. 4/5-6 “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord: And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.”

Yet I ask, who really was this Elijah. Even in the famed transfiguration when Jesus took a few of his disciples upon a high mountain, they all saw, Moses, Elijah and Jesus transformed into what could best be described as beings of light.

Now think about this, who do these men represent in one form or the other. Well, Elijah was a great prophet of Israel. And he was taken in front of Elisha into the heavens.

Who does that remind you of? Doesn’t this sound like the Christ story, when he was taken up into the heavens before his disciples, as they watched him go up into the clouds?

A note here: in the end-time two other people like Elijah and Elisha will appear in Israel, I won’t address too much here until the last chapter, but it is the two witnesses, and one of them I believe is the reincarnated Elijah and the other is Elisha. And these men stand before the God of this Earth. I believe this is when they are in confrontation with Satan, while they are working for Lucifer.

And guess what? When they are killed as Israel always kills the prophets, they are left in the streets and not buried, and after a set amount of time, their bodies are restored three and one half days later, and both stand up and, rise into the heavens. Same story, different day.

And who was Moses? Wasn’t he the deliverer of all of Israel and the law giver coming directly from the god Aten, YHVH. Again, another form or type of Christ.

As stated earlier, I am not so sure Moses’ god was Abraham’s god. Remember Moses didn’t speak to God he spoke to an angel. As well as, both Lucifer and Satan seemed to play these games back and forth.

The real reason for this transfiguration was never revealed to us from our known religious academia. I say this with clear intention to prove it, because I believe I know its revelation.

I want to add something very important here because certain keys need to be understood to put this entire puzzle together as well as remedy the deception.

First, Elijah was a high prophet to Israel and he spoke of the God of Israel, which was YHVH or Michael the arch angel.

In a sense, Elijah was like the one who was leading others to the good-god, i.e. Lucifer, of the good and evil game. And after Elijah did his duty he was transported into the heavens to go back to be with God/Lucifer.

If this doesn’t sound like Christ, then what does. How many of these stories do we need to reveal there was some heavy-duty copying and editing occurring.

We now come to the place where Jesus took James, John and Peter up into a high mountain and it was there where these three disciples were chosen to witness something that must have blown their minds.

As Jesus was walking up the mountain he began to change, his body was turning into a white glow, a light so bright, that it would not be possible to imitate here in this earthly world. And then suddenly, Moses and Elijah appeared with him.

Many people have read this passage and have believed that Moses and Elijah were special, and they were important to the plan, and they were already part of God’s Kingdom on Earth.

However, based on what I am reading and how the spirit is teaching me, is that these men were counterfeit Christs, and Jesus was wanting to reveal to these three disciples, who were specifically chosen to learn this mystery, beyond even the rest of the disciples.

Therefore, James the brother of Jesus, along with Peter the oldest disciple and John the youngest disciple, all came together on this mountain to witness this amazing transfiguration of Jesus, but then low and behold, here comes Moses and Elijah.Their entire lives they had been taught that the ancient scriptures revealed how important Moses and Elijah were. In fact, as I said, they were in type Christs, and many would listen to them as if these men were of the true Father also.

Throwing out a thought here, one disciple named John, that seemed to better understand the change or the truth that was being revealed by Christ here, better than all of them, and he was the youngest.

John the Beloved, spoke of these people and their customs who they were surrounded by all their lives, which would include, Moses and Elijah as their true heroes. And he spoke of their creeds and culture, as Jewish customs, and Jewish laws, he didn’t refer to them as the Father’s laws and customs. I believe he learned this while on this mountain with Christ, as he and the other two were about to be blown away.

In returning to the passage where it described this amazing event, I began to realize that different versions of the Bible were translated somewhat unique and therefore, we never really understood why this transfiguration occurred.

It needed to be described in a more fluent way, to help us understand what was really transpiring and why. And even after this event, the three chosen disciples were told not to speak to anyone about this, not even to tell the other disciples, until after Christ was crucified.

I began to put these verses together using the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, that revealed the definition of the terms being used a little more clearly, and suddenly it all came together to prove what I had been shown was valid.

Moses and Elijah were not of the Father, they are of Lucifer/YHVH. They were his top prophets in Old Testament history. And what Christ was trying to show them was that these men were in type; false prophets, false Christs.

As shocking as that may seem to the average every day Christian, Jew or Moslem, the modus operandi of Christ was all about revealing mysteries. Now let’s notice what happened step by step…

Mark 9,1 “Jesus went on to say, “I tell you the truth, some standing here right now will not die before they see the Kingdom of God arrive in great power!”

Jesus is telling them that some of the disciples listening to his discourse, will not die until they see the Power of the Kingdom arrive. He was not speaking of some end-time return of Christ, because that is not going to happen. He was talking about that some will see the Kingdom’s power, before they die.

Now many speculate what this could mean, based on the timing of all of this, it was revealing that some of the disciples that were among the twelve, were going to witness something out of this world. What is it that they were going to witness?

Mark 9,2-3, “Six days later Jesus took Peter, James, and John, and led them up a high mountain to be alone. As the men watched, Jesus’ appearance was transformed, and his body became dazzling white, far whiter than any earthly bleach could ever make them.”

Here it is, these three chosen ones began to witness a power that was astounding, a power of a metamorphosis occurring right before their eyes. Jesus was turning into a being of light. This was the power of the Kingdom, and these three witnessed it before they died. Now watch what happens next.

Mark 9,4 “Then Elijah and Moses appeared and began talking with Jesus.”

Here we are right after Jesus changes before their eyes, two more men appear to be with him. They were none other than Moses, and Elijah, the two ancient prophets.

Most everyone that has ever read this passage have believed that Moses and Elijah were side by side with Christ and this proved they were part of the Kingdom of the Father.

Didn’t Jesus tell them that they would be privileged to see this amazing power? So, isn’t it obvious that these three disciples witnessed three important people that were all connected to the Kingdom of the Father?

Answer, NO!

Jesus did not take these three up into a mountain to do a carnival trick. There was a purpose, there was an exposé occurring. This is what was happening, Jesus was about to teach these three disciples something that would have been tantamount to absolute blasphemy in their day.

He was about to teach these three disciples, that these other two men who these disciples had been reading and following, all their lives from the books of the law, as being important in their process of learning and growing, were not who they thought they were. However, Peter being the oldest and realizing just how important these other two men were, decided to speak on behalf of the other two disciples.

Mark 9,5 “Peter exclaimed, “Rabbi, it’s wonderful for us to be here! Let’s make three temples as memorials—one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah. He said this because he didn’t really know what else to say, for they were all terrified.”

Did you just read that last part? Let me set this up for you, Peter witnessing this most amazing event, as well as the other two disciples were scared out of their minds, they didn’t even know what to say. And Peter just started blabbering.

Here two of the most important prophets to Israel have appeared right before their eyes along with the transformation of Jesus. In Peter’s mind, these three were all gods. And what did the people do for Gods, they made temples and dedicated them unto the Gods.

These two men, Moses and Elijah were the foundation of their religion. To these three disciples, these two prophets were angels and gods in their minds.

That is how important they were. Can you imagine believing all your life that someone of this ilk was the most important people on this planet, and then out of nowhere they show up appearing as Gods. I bet they were scared out of their minds. I bet they were wondering what it was they were witnessing.

Many have taken this passage and concluded, they were witnessing the Kingdom of God, because that is what Christ told them. However, Christ was from the Kingdom of the Father not the other two.

I am sorry to break it to you, Christ didn’t bring these three just to show them the power of the Kingdom, there was a message. A message no one has ever revealed before.

Christ was showing the power of the Kingdom but he was also showing the power of the Antichrist, or the false power of Lucifer, and shockingly, just like the two seeds, they looked identical.

Now that the disciples are witnessing this event, the Father decided to teach them why it was they just met two of the greatest prophets of old. The Father begins to speak, that is right, you read this correctly, the Father began to speak to the three disciples, and this is what he had to say to them.

Mark 9,6 “Then a cloud overshadowed them, and a voice from the cloud said, “This is my dearly loved Son. ‘Listen to him!”

As the disciples were watching these three men of light, standing before them, as Gods, the voice directly from the Father tells them, THIS IS MY DEARLY BELOVED SON, LISTEN TO HIM…” He used the term “akouō.” He told them that they must listen to Jesus. What was the Father trying to say? What was the point being made? Well the next verse reveals the reason.

Mark 9,7 “Suddenly, when they looked around, Moses and Elijah were gone, and they saw only Jesus with them.”

WOW! Moses and Elijah disappeared and all that was left was Christ. What happened to Elijah and Moses? They were removed, they were displaced, to reveal the true Christ. It is almost like the T.V. show called, ‘To Tell the Truth.’

Three people were chosen to appear on stage and all three people would claim they were the same individual, and it was the panel’s job to ask questions to determine which one of them was the real individual.

So, Moses comes out and says, “I am Christ, I led the people of Israel out of Egypt, I am the deliverer.”

Then Elijah said, “I am Christ, I was the one taken into the heavens, to be with God. This proves I am the true Christ.”

The Father then decided to spill the beans, that only Christ Jesus, is the one you are to listen too, none of the others. All their life they were taught, that Moses and Elijah were magnificent men and they belonged to God. They were prophets of Israel.

Now they were being told, Only Christ is the one they should be listening to, not to these other men. Therefore, the two prophets vanished, for they were removed not only out of the picture, but out of the Kingdom of the Father. Think about that.

For the first time in their lives they were told their religion was false, their leaders of this religion were false God’s and false Christ’s and false prophets. The entire religion was built on straw, and the leaders of this religion were straw-men.

The problem is, how were they being deceived if they were aligned with the true Christ. This is where John the Baptist comes into play.

Only these three men were chosen to witness this event, because none of the others could handle it, not yet, until they witnessed Christ rising from the dead to prove who he was, then and only then could they accept this.

Mark 9,10 “As they went back down the mountain, Christ told them not to tell anyone what they had seen until the Son of Man had risen from the dead. So, they kept it to themselves, but they often asked each other what he meant by “rising from the dead.”

Many people believe that Christ came as an adherent of the Judeo religion and its laws, and this is not even close to the truth. He simply used their religion as way to reveal the true mysteries, because he already knew Lucifer had copied all the true wisdom from the Father and he attempted to duplicate it, using signs and symbols to make people believe it was always of the Father.

Nevertheless, only Christ came from the Father to awaken the true seeds, not these ancient prophets, kings, lords or gods.

At this point in time these three disciples were perplexed, their entire religion was destroyed, everything they had believed in was being torn part. Their world was coming unglued and now for the first time they were realizing that many things they believed in, were simply not accurate.

The oddity of what Christ was revealing to them, was these two men, Moses and Elijah had long been gone, and yet they returned, and the key to this puzzle was Elijah had returned as a human, as you will learn in a few chapters.

Elijah will also return a third time as a human. None of these events are of Christ, they are manufactured events by Lucifer to deceive humanity. However, they do represent the good, in the good and evil game.

The three disciples began to wonder, what about the verses in the old law that spoke about various things, are any of these things correct now, or was it all a lie? Christ had to tell them the truth.

Mark 9,11 “Then they asked him, “Why do the teachers of religious law insist that Elijah must return before the Messiah comes?”

Suddenly, their entire world has come unglued, now they can’t even form an argument that makes sense to them anymore.

They didn’t reply as to say, ‘hey, the scriptures say, Elijah is to come before the Messiah,’ instead they said, ‘why do the teachers of the law insist that Elijah must first come?’

They had just been revealed that Elijah was a false prophet, and served another god, and they were not to listen or even place great importance on his words anymore, they were only to listen to Christ. They then formed their question as, “Then why do the teachers of the law say these things?”

It would be tantamount to one of us saying, then why does our Ministers, Rabbi’s, Pastors, Priests, Bishops and Teachers, in our churches tell us these things if they are not true? Jesus then responded, that what they are saying about Elijah coming before the son of man, is true. Notice what he says.

Mark 9,12 “Jesus responded, “Elijah is indeed coming first to get everything ready. And the Scriptures say that the Son of Man must suffer greatly and be treated with utter contempt?”

Did you read this, it says the Son of Man must suffer greatly and be treated with utter contempt, not someone else. So, what did he mean that Elijah had to get everything ready? If Elijah is a false prophet, then what is he getting ready. Well this was also answered.

Mark 9,13 “But I tell you, Elijah has already come, and they chose to abuse him, just as the Scriptures predicted.”

It almost sounds like, Christ is saying that this Elijah was a part of the Son of Man suffering. Wait a minute, didn’t the scriptures predict that Christ was the one that was going to be abused. But this is saying Elijah came and he was abused as was predicted by the scriptures.

But Christ said, it was he, the son of man that was to go through this. What we are witnessing here is how Jesus is trying to teach the disciples that what they were being taught was a set-up, a deception that could lead them astray.

That a false messiah was going to come and seemingly go through the same things the true Messiah was going to have to go through. but the first one is false, it is a set up…The disciples finally returned, but the message was revealed to all those who had and eye to see and an ear to hear.

Elijah in the form of John the Baptist had come prior to Jesus, and it was John the Baptist that was gaining a following based on the Old law and scriptures, and it was John the Baptist who was abused and put to death, before Jesus was. John was beheaded.

What Jesus was trying to tell his disciples is that a forerunner, a copycat, a false prophet would incarnate of who had been the ancient Elijah, and he would be closely related to the Christ and his family lineage somewhat like Jacob and Esau?

And he would become the one the people listen to and look to as the redeemer. And the funny thing was, none of them even knew John the Baptist was Elijah, until later.

Remember many of the disciples were called unto Christ after they were already followers of John the Baptist, and the Father drew them away from him to follow the real Christ. Christ told them to Follow ME!

If John was already like Christ, then why remove them from him. But the Father made it plain, these other men are false prophets, and they were to listen to Jesus Christ, and none other.

What was really happening? Well a false Christ was being set up to remove the people away from the true Christ, and obviously, the false Christ always comes first to prepare the way, the set-up, the con.

Christ was not backing the power of Elijah, he was breaking it. All throughout our existence in this world there has always been false Gods and false Christs and they always come on the scene as a good force that is only denouncing the evil force.

The antichrist’s always come right before the revelation of the true Christ, to deceive the people into believing they are the real deal. Obviously, it could not be other way around.

I have warned many in my writings that the true Christ is interlinked within your soul, the Father’s kingdom is within you. it is not some exterior kingdom, nor is it something of this world.

But the false Christs and false Gods always try to present their kingdom as established upon this world. And that is why I have warned, even though these false Christs look good, and often say the right things, and they do seem to fulfill scripture in a positive light, it is all to deceive the people to follow something that is antichrist.

Meaning these are entities who are of this world and love this world and are not of the Father. Their entire religion is one of seductiveness, and it lures the soul into deception, because it really does seem right, proper and true.

Therefore, I say again, Truly Elijah the prophet will come again to restore Israel, the true Nation, and turn the hearts of the children back to the Father and the Fathers back to the hearts of the children.

So how can this be bad?

This is to happen right before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord, which is the return of Nibiru and the beginning of the time-loop, when non-awakened souls must be replanted to go through this whole deal all over again, because they were tricked.

My friends Lucifer has always known how to play the good god role, and he always comes on the scene to plant one of his own, who will reveal the wiles of Satan, making the prophet seem real and true all the while they are being deceived in the good and evil game- God and Devil.

Mal 4,5 “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:”

Now the question you must ask is, why is he coming again, and what is the real purpose?

Remember, this man will come to save, to change hearts, to restore, everything that is seemingly good and proper and wise, but what is the real intention here?

He will come and be in type as Christ the Savior right before the end of the world. My friends the antichrist never comes as an evil one, like the Man of Sin or son of perdition, or one who destroys. He comes to save, and help, and restore, or else why would anyone follow, except the morbidly deceived and destitute of all things true.

It says the MAN of SIN will sit in the temple of God showing himself that he is god, he will make things happen that no other man could. But Elijah is the restrainer, playing the good role, as you read in Book three of the Divine Secret Garden Series.

Remember the disciples wanted to build temples for Moses, Elijah and Christ. The Temple of God is the chief seat in Israel, and it is in Israel, which I have proven is the United States of America, as the last nation of Israel, that this man will come and restore all things right before the coming of Nibiru.

And what is so desperately ironic is, the restoration is a very good thing, because it is being removed from the power of Satan for a little time, however, it is being returned to the power of Lucifer, and not Christ.

Therefore, we cannot give our power of emotion, mental, spiritual and physical minds unto this man, we must always listen to Christ and the Father only.

No wonder Christ said that in these end days, that if it were possible that even the Children, or the elect could be deceived, because the deception is so great, because it looks and appears to be so right.

It would be something that even the children of the Father would say, this is good and this is right, and ironically, they would be correct, but it would be leading them in the wrong direction, if they are too emotionally attached.

The Appointed Serpent in the Garden

Getting back to the previous conjecture one needs to seriously ask the question as to why God placed the man and woman in a situation where something of this magnitude was set as a temptation?

And why did God allow the Serpent to be in the Garden in the first place?

These are important questions that need serious answers too. The ancient Hebrew language described Satan as an adversary. The Bible also suggests that God created the Serpent in Genesis.

Genesis 3/1 "Now the Serpent was more subtle that any beast of the field which the Lord God’s’ had made.” So, the ELOHIM were responsible for MAKING the serpent.

I want to center your attention on the term MADE. It does not mean created. The term for created is BARA, the term being used in this case is, ASA.

Notice it does not say CREATED. The term 'made' is broken down to mean, appointed. To appoint, ordain, or to institute. This spills the beans on what is going on here.

The Gods did not create the snake, they appointed one of their own to become the adversary as part of their God and Devil scheme i.e. The Devil’s advocate.

The name Serpent comes from the Hebrew word 'na·khash,' with an accent over both 'a's sounding like NAH - KHASH. We have been told it represents a Snake.

The Hebrew word does in fact seem to reveal that it is a snake, but...

Throughout the many ages, we have come to believe that Eve was conversing with a leg-born snake with the possibility of having legs; because under the curse it began to slither on its belly, not being allowed to walk anymore.

Did Eve really converse with a snake?

Come on people, what is this, Alice and Wonderland? Well maybe so.

In the minds of many it is easy to get people to accept that Eve was deceived by a snake, for who in their right mind would allow a 'scaly reptile,’ which most are afraid of anyway, to speak against the great creator and then accepts its accusations?

She had to be insane, right?

One of the absolutes I will prove in this summary explanation is often words are changed and meanings become of none effect, simply by creating a slight error, (the Mask) to throw off the intended subject meaning so that we won't be able to understand the truth.

However, there is another representation here that has been missed using the term nakhash, it comes from the original name of the same EXACT spelling, however it is nakhash, the accent is only over the first 'a' both spelled the same and even pronounced alike. Interesting, an easy and diabolical tiny little change that could be used to confuse.

Now of course it may seem like I am splitting at hairs here. However, once you begin to comprehend the difference between these small markers, you can better understand whom Eve was speaking to and it was no stinking snake!

It was easy for the devious and nefarious charlatans to add one of the accents over the second a to make it nakhash to literally and completely change the meaning of this predator.

It was believed since it implied that god created the serpent from all the beasts of the field that it only made sense that this was referring to a snake, you know like amphibians, mammals etc., just throw it in the mix somewhere. But god did not create this Serpent, he appointed the Serpent, i.e. ASA.

This was just another programmed deception to change our DNA comprehension and be reprogrammed.

Being Italian there is a phrase often used especially in the Mafia that when someone is appointed to a higher office it is noted that they were ‘MADE.’

The truth is, the Serpent was not a snake he was one of the Elohim Nephilim.

Based on the true original word, nä•khash; the serpent’s identity was a snake charmer. The serpent was a magician, a spell caster, a divine enchanter, MAGI, an extremely powerful EL of the ELOHIM or Lord of the GODS.

This serpent was a powerful being most likely being one of the gods, sons of the YHVH. And he was appointed to become the Divine Enchanter to lure Adam and Eve into the trap.

Now the question is WHY?

This magician cast the woman under a spell; a whisperer of magic seduced her. There was little chance without protection that she was not going to disobey the initial orders.

Now keep in mind on the term I used called, Seduced. It is very important to understand what is occurring.

The simple elimination of the accent over one of the ä’s changes the meaning of the word serpent entirely.

One of the definitions of Serpent in Old English means a treacherous person. We need to ask the question, where was the protection from God over his human creation?

Adam being forewarned of this magician could not resist the temptation either after Eve was seduced. And he also partook of this knowledge.

Obviously, the gods were playing some sort of cat and mouse game where one would say one thing and the other would say another, i.e. good cop, bad cop.

They were both lured and tempted to do what was stated was forbidden, therefore, they both took part of this mysterious ‘tree’.

They took of the tree of God and Devil, or what is called the artificial simulation experience, so they could be set between a polarity, and for the rest of their lives and many ages to come, be captured in a lower density to be deceived and remain slaves, unknowingly stuck between two trees or separated from their internal Tree of Life, by adhering to the tree of death.

Why would the great god of justice and reason allow such chicanery and dishonesty? Why would god so severely punish this man and woman and all generations born unto them for an act of indulgence that chances are no one would have been able to withstand? And what really was the indulgence in this grievous act in the first place, what did they really eat?

If indeed the woman was placed under a spell, then how could it have been ordained as a sin? She had no ability to withstand this type of beguiling.

And realizing that this sin originated right in the middle of the Garden of God, shouldn't God have taken responsibility as a wise parent would, to have protected his children against this deception, since it was in his very domain where it took place?

If you left your children at home but knew that a murderer, rapist and kidnapper had snuck into your house, but you left your children unoccupied anyway, are you not responsible?

And even worse than that, what mindset must one be in to allow the thief to enter knowing full well that your children will be harmed?

The problem is, this tree belonged to the GODS, and it represented what these gods truly were, and where they came from. It was the very knowledge they lived by called the polarity duality of God and Devil, it was the science of simulation or antichrist.

It seems to me that the reason the humans were shunned due to their sin, is that they were part of a trap set by the gods themselves. And it becomes somewhat obvious that their Tree of Knowledge had something to do with the simulation program of this false world.

The two trees the world's greatest deception

Long ago humanity was given a choice. They could either accept the Tree of Life or they could accept the tree of death, but the choice was rigged because we had already made it. Now the tree of death was not called death because it was a con. It was known as the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil.

Obviously if there was the tree of Life then there must be its opposite the tree of death unless we are in limbo between both realms.

One of the first things Adam and Eve learned when they chose the Tree of good and evil, they were told this was the tree of the Gods. Yes you read that correct.

Genesis 3/22 "And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:"

We have all been exiled and forbidden to take of the Tree of Life.

Have you ever truly read this verse before. In the beginning, humanity was offered the Tree of Life or the Tree of Death. And after Adam and Eve took of the Tree of Death, they were told, Now HUMANS have become like us, to know good and evil.

It is time you understand what took place so very long ago, and we all made the wrong choice. Now what do you think happened after the wrong tree was accepted? Do you think after this decison was made we all were able to have access to the Tree of Life again. Absolutely not, we were banned from the tree of life.

When humanity took of the wrong tree, they were then exiled out of the realm where the Tree of Life existed, and from that time on, humanity has been under the Tree of Death forever. Now let us examine what the tree of death is. It is the tree of both GOOD AND EVIL or the combined GOD and DEVIL.

Before you can move forward in thought, you must recognize the con. Because the tree of death was both good and evil, many came to believe this was the initial choice. Many have translated this into, the Tree of Life is Good and the Tree of Death is evil. So when you hear about the two trees, it is an automatic reponse that the tree of life was the tree of good and and the tree of death was the tree of evil, and they must have been the two trees in the Garden originally. FALSE!

When you see the word good you automatically believe it is righteousness. But it is not, it is a con. I am not saying good is a con, but this tree is not just good, it is a mixture of both good and evil.

Now understand the mystery, when Adam and Eve partook of the wrong tree, they were told it was the tree of the Gods. Understand, it is gods plural not GOD. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is a mixture of both God and Satan.

Now try to wrap your mind around this simple truth. Neither God or Satan in this context are the Father or Christ, for they only belong to the Tree of Life, which we rejected so we could partake in the good and evil game. And this game is operated by both God and Satan.

Are you grasping this? Because if not you will never undersand this simple mystery. The two trees in the Garden were the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of Good and evil. Or what is called the tree of death, because when you mix good and evil together it brings on death. When you add arsenic into water it will kill you.

What I am trying to tell you is we were removed from the realm of the Father and Christ to become part of the realm of God and the Devil. Did you center your attention on the word removed? We were 'removed' from eternal life unto eternal death.

Now how can you have eternal death. This is a very good question and also very easy to explain, but first you need to understand the two trees. If you were offered the choice between the tree of life or the tree of death, and you chose death, and then life was removed from you, or better stated you were removed from life as Adam and Eve were removed from the Garden.

So if you no longer have access to life, then what do you have left? You have death! And what has been occurring ever since we were rejected out of the Garden? Everyone is dying, because this is the world of death.

But what complicates the matter is we are also living in the world of birth or new beginnings, and thus it confuses reality with deception or illusion. Well we might die, but there is still birth. Or good and evil. Birth is good and death is evil. But it is still the same tree. You are only born to die.

I know this sounds simple and even a tad over simplistic as I keep repeating the same thing. However there is a reason I am repeating this, because most have never figured it out. And it is so simple, but the world has been deceived and so has it religions.

Today in churches people teach Christ is good and satan is evil. They actually believe Christ is part of the tree of death. They were conned. It is that simple. Christ never had anything to do with the tree of good and evil other than we had to partake of it since the access port to the tree of life was removed. And unless you want to remain in limbo, you must move into the direction of the false tree. WHY? That is for another discussion.

Humanity was taken down the false road, and that road is a mixture of good and evil, but false nonetheless. And once you understand that the fallen tree, the tree that Satan tempted Eve with is the very tree we are now all following, then you will now begin to unravel a simple truth. That neither God or Devil is our friend. WHAT, what are you saying?

We have been locked into the false tree since this period of time. We have been following false gods by the category of God and Devil, or good and evil. There is no righteousness, no true goodness, it was a con. Satan conned us all.

Now how do we know we don't have access to the Tree of life. Easy answer, you, me and everyone on this earth is going to die and has died many times over, and continues to die for generations upon generations for ever and ever. It never ceases. Only Christ can change this dilemma. Only Christ can remove us from the tree of death to enter back into the Tree of life.

However, it must sink into your mind, as long as we are under the tree of death this entire world is being operated by false gods of that same tree. Therefore God is not the Father but a fallen angel. And Satan is the creation of this fallen angel.

This is why both God and Satan were in the same garden. Because Satan was the Son of God. We were removed from the Father and his Son unto a fallen Angel and Her son. And this universe has been operating under this con ever since.

Many will argue against this until they are blue in the face, this is because they rejected the truth about the two trees. Instead they believe the two trees are Good and Evil or God versus Devil. And it is all the same tree.

And therefore the mystery reveals, we didn't fall in the garden of Eden on Earth, when we came to earth we had already fallen from Paradise. But in paradise there was no law. Law only reveals sin, and there was no sin in paradise. So we fell from perfection and eternal life unto imperfection and eternal death.

But it had to be realized that we were never going to be able to take the tree of life again until Christ restored us. This is why the choice was compromised. If Satan was not allowed in the Garden, humans would be existing in limbo between life and death, a state of perpetual darkness. However, being offered life but then being tempted unto death, made sure the humans made the only decision they could make.

We chose good and evil or god and devil. We chose the duality world that always leads to death. Nothing we do here can ever lead to life. Nothing!

We are bound and gagged for all eternity until or unless we accept Christ to return us back home. Otherwise, we are trapped. No matter what good you do here, or how many wonderful things you offer to this world, you are never leaving death. You will remain side by side with the devil for all of your days. And there is nothing you can do about it, unless you accept Christ and then follow and obey him and do the will of the Father.

Otherwise you will remain in a circle pattern looping over and over again for ever, until you can see and follow the road that exits from the circle. The circle/Cycles of death are called Hell, a perpetual motion of constant rebirth and death. Now do you understand what Hell really is? There is Heaven and Hell, or heaven and earth.

And there are different levels to hell that go from good all the way to the darkest of evil. Are you beginning to understand. Until Christ came, nothing on this earth was of the Father. Nothing other than a 'shadow' of memory. And nothing on this earth is still of the Father except Christ and those who unite with him. Otherwise you are still fallen.

The tale of the two covenant Laws

There are many that believe that Jesus Christ death removed the Old Law and it was sacrifced under his blood, yet Jesus said I came not to destroy the law but to fulfill it. He also said, "For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled."

Now how does one reconcile this? Didn't Christ remove the law? And now it saying as long as heaven and earth exist, nothing shall be removed from the law. Unless you understand the mystery, this is a conundrum, and it has confused many in the Christian world for ages, because they failed to understand the mystery.

Remember, I showed you that Christ came to fulfill the law. Yet notice these words above, it says until all be fulilled. What exactly is the 'ALL'? Again I repeat, Jesus didn't remove the law, his death removed the penalty of the law to those who come into his death and believe, follow and obey the Father's will.

Let's learn and observe another principle. Laws are ordinances, statutes, commands and other various attributes to establish order and civilized communal activities. The law removed chaos and confusion. That is why we read, Thou shalt Not... But the law is empty if it does not have a penalty. If there is no penalty, the law has no legs. It is impudent one might say.

Christ did not remove the law, he expanded on the law in righteousness. He magnified the law in spirit. He turned the shadow into the true. However, this is for another time to expound on the deeper meaning.

Yet we must ask the obvious question, why did Christ say he came to fulfill the law, yet the law is to remain forever as long as the heavens and the earth are in existance? Is this double speak? Understand the Mystery, learn the code, the law of the Old Testement, the original law unto humankind, was an everlasting law for ever and ever, as long as there are fleshly material third dimensional entities.

There was only one problem, not so much with the ordinances per say, it was the penalty. There are types of penalities in laws, some severe some not so severe. The original law had ONE penalty, that was DEATH. If you break the law the penalty was death. Period!

Let's further examine this mystery. Each and everyone of us have sinned against this law. Now some may say, wait, we are not all sentenced to death, so not everything you are saying is correct? Ah not so fast, we are all sentenced to death, in fact the moment you are born you are dying. You were removed from eternal ife and now are subject to limitation. You were sentenced to death! If you are here, then you are under the penalty.

The time span on your death may very, from a short period to a very long period but eventually as the old saying goes, it catches up to you. And your sentence is fulfilled. There is no commuting your sentence. You are going to die again and again.

So you may ask, wait if I was born into this world how could I have committed sins which must come under the penalty? That will be for another time, but remember the man who was born blind and the disciples knew to ask Christ, who sinned that the man was born blind the parents or the man...

This was also a mystery, because under the old law, physcial sins, like health defects were passed down from the parents to the children unto the third and fourth generation. However when the law was going to be magnified, it revealed that the sins of the parents cannot be passed unto the children, it is the sins of the individual that must be paid for.

Now that we have this straight, let us understand that mystery of the law. Christ did not come to remove the law, he came to change the penalty but only for those who come under Christ via Faith. If you are not under Christ then the old law still exists, and you shall die in your sins.

Christ's death as you will read in the next presentation, revealed that we can now repent of our sins and in faith be forgiven by the Father in the name of Christ. The old law never allowed for this. Yet what happens if you do not do the will of the Father and follow Christ and repent and change? Then the old law will remain, and it will continue to remain until...

Now this is the mystery of, until "ALL" be fulfilled the law and its penalty shall remain. Remember, the law without a penalty is no law. So Christ didn't remove the law or penalty except for those who come under Christ in Faith. Otherwise, everyone is still under the law. Tbis is why it states, the law cannot justify anyone, becaus it is a death sentence without reprieve, only through faith is one justified.

Now those who come under Christ, the penalty of the law is removed not the law, the law was magnified into spirit, we are forgiven in faith hen we repent, and then we can go on to eternal life in the Father's Kingdom where the law has no power anymore, we shall live forever, eternally. Thus the death sentence was commuted for Eternal life.

However, what about all those fallen children, the true seeds that did not come under Christ properly or they fell under the spell of delusion and under false pretenses? Then the Old Law is still in effect and will remain in effect until heaven and earth pass away, and they must be senteneced to death again and again, until they fianlly come under Christ.

So what is the mystery of the 'ALL'. It represents all of the true seeds of the Father and Christ that fell long ago, until each and everyone of them are given eternal life, then this process must continue until all repent and come to the Father via Christ, and then the heaven and earth shall pass away with the laws.

The Blood of Christ

My friends Jesus Christ "blood" does not forgive sins, his blood represented by bis death, removed the penalty of the law, where it stated all sins must lead unto to death. Christ took those sins upon him unto his death thereby fufilling the requirement of the law, and then the penalty of death was removed from within the law via Christ's death.

Now this leads to the next step. Under the law, one could not be redeemed, there was nothing in the law that allowed for redemption. Christ death then granted redemption beyond the confines or restrictions of the law. Therefore, what we could not do under the law we can now do through faith. And what does this mean?

It means, when we sin, we can now ask for forgiveness, repent, as in change, to walk away from that sin, and it can now be forgiven in faith not by blood. This is very simple stuff my friends, but the religious world has deceived you.

Therefore understand the process, faith leads to repentence of sins that can now be forgiven in faith via Christ unto the Father. This is so simple an 8 year old could understand. But it doesn't mean you can sin and Christ Blood covers it like some instantaneous miracle. You must repent and change. And if you sin again, you must repent and change.

Those being told Christ blood is automatic and it covers your sins, have lied to you, and what this does is, brings you back under the law of death for eternity until you come back to Christ and repent. We must walk in faith to repent to cover our sins, there is no other way. Christ did this for us, but we must use the gift that he gave us.

Learn the Mystery - It has been happening for decades!

Have you ever wondered what that hole in your heart is, that longing for something you have never been able to locate in this world. No matter what you have nothing can fill that hole. That hole is spiritual longing. And nothing of this material world will ever fill that deep abyss. Nothing.

Sorry not a blood sacrifice

The spilling of Blood represents death not a blood sacrifce. Christ sacrifice was his death the analogy of blood is an analogy only.

People seek the blood of Christ but do not understand it. Christ died to fulfil the law of the old covenant so that we were no longer eternally judged by the law of condemnation wherewith we continue to return to this world of death. He came to free us from the law and this prison world. But everyone went blind when he explains how he freed us.

The old law condemned without mercy, it was not that the law was wrong, it was the penalty of the law that needed to be changed or else we would be stranded here for all eternity.

If Christ did not spill his blood and die as the ultimate fulfilment of the law, which stated, all sins must be condemned to death. So he fulfilled that law and the penalty of that law was buried with him at his death, represented as in type only like blood spilled to cover the penalty of our sins.

Everyone would say, yes I understand that, we are free from the penalty of sin and then they go blind, deaf and mute. Our sins are only removed upon repentance and fruits, as we seek the Father's forgiveness in the name of Christ to forgive our sins.

It is not set on auto pilot. Meaning, you can't keep sinning without repentance and think, well Jesus blood covers you. Nope, don't work that way.

Jesus fulfilled the law by dying for our sins because the law said we must die, so he died for us, but do you really think that is it, that is all there is to it?

That now We do not have to do anything? My friends, what Jesus did, was allowed for us to 'repent' where the old law did not have that installed. His death removed the penalty so that when we do repent we can then be removed from the penalty.

But if we do not repent, we do not get access to that wonderful caveat and the penalty is still law. It takes two to tango. We repent and change from our fallen ways, and Christ let's his proverbial blood cover the sin, meaning his fulfillment of the law of death, allows us to live.

But we don't get that benefit 'if we don't use it'. When people say all you got to do is believe in Jesus, this is a bold face lie. We are to believe what Jesus told us, obey him and follow him as well as do the will of the Father. One cannot live a lawless life and expect the Father to forgive.

Forgiveness only comes by repentance so the law cannot penalize you.

Difference between carnal law and Spiritual law

The difference between the old law and new, if you contravene the old law you were punished, no mercy. Eye for an EYE. Under the new law, if we contravene the law we can repent in the name of Christ and be forgiven.

This is how we come under Christ. We seek to change and then the law no longer has power over us, as before.

This is a very simple reminder. However, the power of Christ cannot remove the penalty of the law unless we repent in Christ's name. Otherwise, we go back to the Old Law where once again there is no mercy.

Most want the easy road not the right road

This is why so many fail to see the truth they want the lovely stuff being said, like this verse below, but not the truth,

Romans 8:38-39 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord

The problem is yes there is something that causes us to be separated. Their love never changes, but if we fail to do their will we cannot move forward due to the separation, meaning being cut off. When we read parables like the ten virgins, do we really consider the fact the five foolish were rejected?

But people use verses like above and say, we can do anything, and it is all cool. But then you read the first verses of this same chapter.

Romans 8-1 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

Did we all read part two of that verse, no condemnation "IF" we walk in the spirit and not after the flesh.

2 For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.3 For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh:

Again the lie is Jesus did it all for us, so if you happen to be living in the error of the flesh, no biggie. Yes there is a biggie, you will be rejected unless you obey Jesus and the Father.

So yes the great benefit is, if we are doing what we are told to do to the best of our ability with constant repentance, then nothing can separate us.

But most Christians are on a drug trip, they were never taught, we must do our best to follow the spirit and not the flesh. Or else, all bets are off. This is why they do not have the truth. They are being given a feel good potion of error.

The Vaccine Pandemic

Whether the Vaccine is the Mark of the Beast or not, or whether it is leading to the Mark, the key should not be whether it is the Mark, but whether you are intelligent enough to know not to commit suicide.

If someone lacks this simple intelligence, then taking the Mark of the Beast should not be your biggest concern at this point, considering some of the ingredients below which are in the vaccine. And remember this does not reveal the hidden DNA enhancers and reprogramming nanos as well as a RADIOACTIVE ISOTOPE� which is also in the vaccine, which lasts for 120 YEARS. Have you ever heard of population control?


Formaldehyde, Tween 80, Mercury, Aluminum, Phenoxyethanol


The True Children in America/Israel as well as the children around the world must turn back to the Father, in prayer and Fasting. There is no other way. Men and women betray one another for their own lusts and desires. You cannot trust anyone other than the Father via Christ. America has been betrayed again.

The benefit of what I am doing

The following moved me so much I can honestly say that I have now accomplished the Father's will. If I do nothing more in this work I shall have succeeded.
There are some things I am happy about with the work the Father has given me. However, my feeling is not just doing the job but getting it right. I can't always say that I feel I did the best job I could have.

There are times I lack and it can often do more harm than if I did nothing at all. But that is not what this is about. The Father knows our weakness and he still uses those who serve his will the best they possibly can.

However, what I am about to address I can honestly say this is the most glorious part of my work being used by my Father, Mother and elder Brother. In fact, if I did nothing else, then I would know I had accomplished the greatest work I possibly could perform.

When Jesus said, bring me your little children, this was a statement of revelation about how our Father's temple is a place of protection. His Kingdom is a nurturing realm, which is in total polarity to this demonic world. And as Jesus said, unless we become like that little child in no way shall we enter the Kingdom.

There is so much in this statement that go unnoticed and are often ignored. But the central key here is, we must be that little child again. And when he said bring me the little children, this was not a call just for little kids, it was a call to all of us. For we must all become those little children.

Sadly though in this world of deception, we become adults and we think we are so much more. But the truth is, we are still those little children, yet often many have fallen into total ignorance. To become that little child, it must be exemplified in our actions and thoughts. Recently, because of this work and the positive teachings of one young mother, a little child has been brought to the Father, Mother and Christ.

The dedication of the mother and the teachings and principles I have revealed from the Father, Mother and Christ has led a little child unto Jesus. If there was nothing more that I could ever have accomplished, I would know I fulfilled my destiny, and I could walk away right now knowing I did my job and the Father was pleased.

The story you are about to read is very true, and it reveals how the Kingdom of the Father is not outside somewhere, it is not in outer-space somewhere. It is within you. But to harness its glory, you must therefore become like that little child again, or else we can never enter this amazing realm.

This young child has just turned 5 years old, and yet she has the spirit that so many of us, ADULTS, lack, because we thought we got too old for our own britches, to humble ourselves and become that child. And we reject, and neglect the keys to the Kingdom, because as the saying goes, "we think we are all that."

This little child proved more in a single action than most adults do their entire life. And I am very proud to be part of this amazing growth and revelation. This has brought me to tears, this has revealed unto me the simplicity of Christ and his teachings.

Every parent should have taught these principles and as it stated, train up a child in the way they should go, and when they are older they shall never depart from it. But many will never experience this glory personally; so we must now learn through others.

What this means is, they shall never stop being that little child. For a child can teach us things we would never consider normally. And these teachings are the principles of the Kingdom of Heaven. Now take the time to read this story, and then afterwards scroll down and listen to the Final Key audio.

And then afterwards listen to the invite below on this page for the true spiritual Temple. If these do not move you, then your heart is made of stone, and your spirit has been perverted by false indoctrination.

You shall never truly understand the power of the Kingdom within, until you become that little child again.

By: Kimberly Oulton

A Child's Lesson in Repentance.

The other day my little girl had a little toddler tantrum, it didn't last long but these are not fun to deal with and really tests patience. We were out for a bike ride so we turned around and came home to calm down and went out a little later.

However, what happened when we got home was so beautiful, she went to her room and started crying (I did not ask her to go to her room, she did this on her own), she is right off the living room so I can hear her in her room easily.

As she cried she had a long talk with the Mother and Father, really confiding in them and telling them why she acted the way she did, she was scared because earlier in the week she had fallen off her bike, she must have talked to them for at least 10-15 minutes, gosh was that ever beautiful to listen to.

She ended her talk with them by singing them a little song, it was so beautiful to hear and feel her heart. When she came out she gave me a hug and apologized and asked if we could try her bike again.

I felt her emotion towards them so deeply, we all get a little scared sometimes, we fall, we get hurt, but when we give it all to the Father, we get back up and we try again, we come back stronger. We can learn so much from children, becoming ourselves like that little child in complete surrender and faith in our Divine Parents.

Coming soon! The Wheat are the true children of the Father and the tares are the children of Satan who now occupy top government positions all over the planet. These are the true Blood Children of Satan.

Matthew 13/24
Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.

The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels.