October 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 002 - Article 005

To Be or Not to Be
But What is the Real Question?

Stephen Winder
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
Stephen Winder

Shakespeare famously penned the line to be or not to be that is the question.For some the question is not so much one of existence but one of faith.For such types the question might be: to believe or not to believe that is the question.

Even amongst some that had professed faith there can eventually be doubt and disbelief. This is especially if one follows the traditional christian doctrine and then later begins to question aspects of their belief that donít make sense or are contradictory.

Doubts of faith could be about unanswered prayers. How come I pray to god but my prayers are unanswered?

Or maybe doubts could be about how could god allow bad things to happen to good people?

Of course we who have read John Panellaís Divine Secret Garden books make a distinction between god and the Father. God is the architect of this world of good and evil and needs evil to occur as much as good. The two need to balance to keep us in this lower frequency. Too much good and we may realise the Father.

Too much bad and we may realise something is dreadfully wrong and again turn to the Father of the true creation for help. Thus we are continually caught in the cycle of good and evil of fortune and misfortune. Asleep to our true nature. The god of this world has created this duality that can keep us forever trapped in this realm.

The Father is not involved in this world, except to connect to the hearts of his children who are having an experience here. The Fatherís way is the way of perfection only. The world we presently live in is not the Fatherís realm. The Father does not allow for evil in his realm.

But getting back to unanswered prayers. If we pray to the Father we will most likely not hear a distinct voice in our heads. It is the good thoughts and options we become aware of, the sense of clarity and serene inner strength that we receive that is the answer within our thoughts, as, 'I am one withn the Father.'

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When tuned into the mind of the Father it may seem like we are listening to our own thoughts, for indeed the Father is the higher aspect of our being and thinking. A prayer may not be answered straight away but may take time for an outcome to be revealed, unless it is urgent.

If it is a prayer that is not beneficial to our spiritual growth, essential well being or connection to the Father; it is likely to be an insincere prayer, one that is connected to worldly desires, and thus likely to be unanswered by the Father or modified to fit the Father's desire. The Father through Christ seeks to lead us home to the Father realm, not to keep us entrapped in this material world of the flesh.

Making prayers to the Father is important. Yet in the end it is having faith that is most essential. If we look within we can know that the Father has a plan for all of us. And then we can believe in our part in that plan. Even if we only know a small part of the plan, through faith, the Father will reveal more of what he intends for us over time.

It is also important to have faith that when we need something to happen our need will be met. For example, when I was apartment hunting a few years back because I needed somewhere to live, I had no idea about what the outcome would be but I had faith that it would be a positive one. I visualised a successful outcome before it happened and indeed I was offered several apartments quite quickly in my search.

In New Zealand we have had a severe housing shortage across the country for a number of years so there is no guarantee of finding a place to live. What I should have also done was consciously involve the Father and waited for modifications on the Fatherís part. In this case Iím sure I would have received an improved modified outcome.

The Father does not cause bad things to happen to people. Evil and bad things are a result of the rule of the god of the tree of good and evil. It is partly the result of the fallen nature of this world that bad things happen to people. But it is also our own faulty choices, when we tap into the frequency of the flesh, that allows for unfortunate things to happen in our lives.

Through tapping into the spiritual frequency of the Father, we can find protection and inner strength from the evil of the world.

Misfortune can happen to anyone of us in this world of the flesh. But through faith in the Father our spiritual self can be renewed and eventually conquer this world of death.

BY: Stephen Winder

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