October 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 002 - Article 008

How Would you Judge Yourself?
This is about dedication and sincerity.

Stephen Winder
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
Stephen Winder

I am writing as a sinner who seeks to be redeemed in Christ. These words are addressed to the lower part of our nature that seeks to operate in the darkness and avoid the way of the light.

What if you are attached to the things of the flesh? It might be your house, your car, your possessions, your appetite for food, your sexual cravings, your love of drugs or alcohol. It could be your love of the natural world, games, sports or worldly entertainment.

Also your love of being clever, of being holy, of being better than others or your attachment to being inferior, of being no good of not caring about anything.

What if it wasnít the Father or Christ but you who judged your readiness for the kingdom when the time comes? And what if when you judged yourself there would be no pretense about who you are and the fruits you have reaped, whether of the flesh or the spirit? What if you judged yourself exactly as you are and how you have sown and reaped over your lifetime?

How would you judge your readiness if today was your judgment day?

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Would you be prepared to leave behind the things of the flesh? Or would you still be attached to the world and all the pleasures, temptations and sorrows it provides?

And if you were required to give up your worldly self what would be left? Would you even be eligible for a pass to the Fatherís realm? Do you have any thing to offer that is not of the flesh? What characteristics have you developed over your lifetimes that would make you a worthy citizen of the eternal universe?

Are you ready for the kingdom now? Are you dedicated? Are you serving the will of the Father via Christ constantly?

Or you just a part timer of the Father when it suits? The rest of the time coasting along in your fallen state. Bad news for you. The Father cannot accept part timers into his realm. You cannot be partly in the kingdom. Youíre either all in or you're not.

I hope the above doesnít come across as too harsh. There is always hope. But we have to learn to conform to the Fatherís will via Christ. We must listen to the inner knowing that tells us when we are in synchronization with the Father.

And when we stray, and we all do at times, acknowledge that we are straying. You will know you are straying off the narrow path when you are doing so. Seek the Fatherís correction and help to keep you off the wide path. Ask the Christ within to cast down the little ego that seeks to inflate itself monstrously to consume you.

We must not be puffed up in our selves. Rather, ask Christ to help you to follow the way of true righteousness and peace. So we may think of others as ourself and be in tune with the heavenly mind.

BY: Stephen Winder

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