October 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 002 - Article 013

Sharpening Stone
The tool for salvation, are you using it?

Christian James Casselli

The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
Christian James Casselli

It was my suffering that always provided the greatest catalyst for growth. Even over the past year, I've grown so much from my experiences. After reading The Divine Secret Garden series, I thought I understood what it meant to connect to the Father via Christ within. Then something bad would happen to trip me up. But instead of crumbling, do you know what I did? I rose to the occasion and grew from the experience. And you can too.

Our suffering creates spiritual transformations that stick with us forever. I never went looking for trouble or drama, but when it found me, it always made me a wiser soul for having walked through the fire of experience.

The negative situations helped build my character and strengthen my faith in the Father. I would make a mistake, or something bad would happen to me that was out of my control, and I'd say, "Oh now I understand!" It was preparing me to further relinquish this illusory mind-body to reintegrate with the Spirit, that which we truly are.

We learn wisdom through our struggles. It's not that we try to make mistakes or seek out death, but it is suffering that provides the friction for growth. We earn our stripes in an organic manner. It is a process that happens in and of itself when we surrender our fate to the Father and walk in faith.

If we are on the narrow path, we understand that growth and building character is the name of the game. If we suck it up, and not play the role of the victim, we can spiritually mature from the uncomfortable trials. It's about turning lemons into lemonade. This is very real and is the process of how the Father allows us to grow from experiencing evil.

As we walk in faith, we will make mistakes. But then the mistakes will help transform us to create everlasting spiritual lessons. Some people crumble under the pressure, others grow from it. Are we looking to constantly improve? Or are we playing the blame game.

If you've realized that this life is a test, then you'll understand the process of learning from situations that go wrong. You'll be able to extract the spiritual truth from the bad times to make you stronger and wiser. This is an aspect of faith which I will explain further.

A modest person never sees themselves as being great, because there's beauty in genuine humility. Think of a princess... would she be prettier if she was modest or proud of her status? Hands down, the modest princess is far more beautiful.

Evenso, we should also be modest, yet the Father sees us very differently. He knows what we're capable of, and what our destination is. We will be growing into our eternal selves as the Kingdom continues to be revealed within us.

We have much more ah-ha moments ahead of us that will allow us to gather eternal spiritual realizations to transform us. At this point, we are remaining connected to the Father via Christ as we walk the narrow path. But that is just the beginning.

Remember, it is our struggles along this path that help develop our character. We try to be modest, but we cannot see ourselves. Although we are in a good position at the moment, we have room to grow in which we have not yet seen.

This requires Faith. Faith is the crux for accepting what lies ahead. There will be more stumbling blocks, but will we grow from it? If we have surrendered our fate to the Father, we have given up control of trying to direct the script in this world. But most don't realize just how much control needs to be relinquished.

We will go through exactly what is needed to build our character without breaking us completely. IF we have faith. Only via faith can we walk this narrow path, and to have faith, we must surrender and let go. This includes both for ourselves and others. It may be easy to surrender control for ourselves, but are we also willing to surrender control over the choices that other's make?

We know this isn't our world or the Father's, and still, we want to wake others up to the Father and Christ so that we may all exit this nightmare. We care deeply for others. Our genuine care is what distinguishes us from the false seeds.

Yet the important lesson remains, we cannot interfere in the Father's Will. It reveals a lack of faith and wisdom. There is an all-encompassing, divine plan being carried out for all the true seeds to be redeemed in their own time. But interference is a form of doubt where we impose our personal will into the world's script instead of trusting the Father's Plan.

Although we wish to wake up our family and friends to the truth about this world, they may not be ready. When someone doesn't know the Father and Christ, and does not have faith or desire repentance, the Truth becomes a burden on them, not a service. And this is key.

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We are to be strong and wise as serpents, but harmless as doves. Yes, we are on our way home to the treasure of the Kingdom. But we cannot bring others who do not wish to go yet. Remember, just how evil this world is...

If we impose ourselves onto it, we will get burned trying to force truth onto others. They do not have the proper foundation of Christ, therefore they still serve the wolf and not the good shepherd. Christ is earned on an individual level when the soul is ready for the next level.

Are we strong enough to let go, even our loved ones? Remember, just what is going to happen to this world in the near future. Billions will die. Do not avoid this thought, but come to terms with it. Otherwise you'll subconsciously act out of fear instead of trusting in the Father's Plan for the true seeds. There is no such thing as death in terms of lights out forever. There is only a wheel of bondage which is suffering, and our removal from it. So fear not the notion of death. Our suffering in bondage to sin is the real death.

This world is not long for anyone. Even if you prolong someone's life for a little while, they are still existing in the world of death. Unless they are drawn to the Father all the way, they will not be saved this go around. So what good are we really doing for them? It is much wiser to allow our loved ones to make their own decisions without our forced interference. And that is not only okay, it is necessary.

It is not easy to let go of others, but the hard truth is that we are nearing the end. We will find more death looming around the corner, but from the perspective of the Spirit, there is mercy in some of our loved ones being removed before the Tribulation.

The Father's Will be done. He knows what's best for both us and our loved ones in the grand scheme of things. But oftentimes we view situations from a worldly perspective of a single time-loop.

We want to see good triumph in this world, but that can never happen. There will always be both good and evil in this realm. It is the evil that acts as a sharpening stone to refine the spiritual diamond of the soul being transformed back unto spirit. Without evil existing in this world, the soul would never desire to leave it. Conversely, without good existing in this world, the soul would wake up to the fact that this world is artificial and illusory.

Thus creates the perpetual soul trap... the evil provides a catalyst for spiritual growth to re enter the Kingdom. And the good provides authenticity to the illusion to keep the soul-mind hypnotized into staying here. Together, the combination of good and evil creates an absolutely evil gridlock.

John has already revealed these mysteries in great detail, and now we must begin applying them in real time. We are internalizing these lessons via experience on the run, learning as we go. This world will not slow down for anyone.

Some may peak at these lessons as a reassurance for themselves to know what we're up to, but will not go all the way in applying the spiritual keys. And they are only hurting themselves.

Time is too short to dilly dally. If we are not set on fire with zeal for growing spiritually, we are setting ourselves up for failure in the future when hardships arise. This is not meant to scare anyone, only to spiritually prepare us for what lies ahead.

Are you growing in faith and surrendering to the Father's Will? Are you going all the way? Or are you a lookie-loo fair weather fan trying to sit between both this world and the Kingdom? I will tell you plainly, you will get stung trying to serve both matter and spirit. We will stagnate, and stagnation means death when one is likened to a plant.

We may produce all sorts of excuses as to why we're not consciously surrendering to the Father. But in the end, we must realize that the Father does not make the change for us. He works through us, but not for us. We must put in the effort ourselves to be faithful and serve the Father's Will. And He will take care of the rest in protecting and directing us.

My friends, be hopeful and of good cheer, if you have the Spirit of Christ working within you, this message will lift you up and provide encouragement. It is the spiritual meat that is needed to be heard for the sake of growth. So smile and remain joyful for the good news, for Christ's yoke is light and the Father's Plan is perfect. We may have peace of mind and joy in knowing that our present suffering is nothing compared to the Father's glory that is being revealed within us. This suffering and experience of death is merely a tool used as a spiritual sharpening stone.

If you do not currently have the Spirit of Christ working within you, then this message is like a thorn in your side, because you do not want to hear this sobering lesson. We may blame others or the world, but anytime we assume the role of the victim, push away the Father, or avoid repentance we will continue to get burned without building character.

BY: Christian James Casselli

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