October 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 002 - Article 009

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The True spirit of Christ is likened unto a fully blossomed Tree, it is all one Tree and it gets its energy from the same source. That energy cannot be found separately or divided.

Christian James Casselli
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
Christian James Casselli

What can I say to help us truly grasp the Spirit of the Father, Mother, and Christ? John could write a million pages for us, but nothing he reveals will be of any use unless you're truly seeking the Way.

I could also speak till I'm blue in the face on a myriad of subjects, but these lessons will only serve the worthy. If read slowly with the right set of eyes, these supplemental articles may help initiate an inner change. But only if you look within yourself to apply the keys to connect to the Spirit we're describing.

Otherwise the lessons will go right over your head, and you'll be caught up in the symbols of language. Remember, the Spirit is formless and doesn't need words. It is not physical. We are here trying to describe the indescribable so that you may also believe in the invisible inner key to know the Father via Christ.

If you think you know a better way or feel we're misguided in some areas, that's okay, then our team of soldiers of Christ has nothing to teach you. If you wish to cherry pick the information, then likewise, we are of no use to you.

The truth cannot be understood by clinging to false spiritual fruits such as pride and secret deceitfulness. We can deceive ourselves in infinite ways, but Christ can never help a proud spirit.

Pride is rooted in a lie, and the Father's Spirit is one of Truth and Humility. And ironically, a proud spirit rarely recognizes itself as being proud. Thus, it creates a stubborn, unbreakable feedback loop until the soul realizes it's built on a poor foundation of lies.

My story of conversion is not unique. Growing up, I was so proud of myself. I thought I knew so much, and I basked in my knowledge that I worked so hard to achieve. I was a straight A student, and a charismatic speaker, but also stubborn and rebellious in some ways. Basically, I thought I was the man.

Till the world kept slowly knocking me down harder and harder until my ego was all but broken. I wasn't so special anymore, and the world made me see that. And still, I was clinging to my broken ego, trying to protect whatever I knew because it was all I had left. I was at rock bottom.

And then came John with The Divine Secret Garden. Before this, I didn't know a single person who actually understood the whole kit and caboodle. Then John turned everything upside down for me.

After all the knowledge I gained in this lifetime, I realized one major thing after finishing his books and joining with him in his endeavors. Do you know what I realized? That I knew NOTHING.

I thought I understood how to live properly, but I was dead wrong. My whole foundation was built on error. More specifically, my approach to thinking was wrong. This was a scary realization at first, because I realized that I didn't know as much as I thought I did.

For the first time ever, I found a man who truly knew the answers to life's biggest questions. Who are we? Where are we? Why are we here? How did we get here? Who made this world? And what's the point of it all?

I had to throw out the whole playbook and start from scratch. Like I said, I needed a new foundation...

This meant I had to release everything I thought I knew to be true in order to learn the correct way. In essence, I had to become a student again. John created a Forum to help people refine the lessons taught in his books, and I knew I had to join if I wanted to grow spiritually.

However, I understood early on that I couldn't cherry pick the lessons from John. And this was key. I couldn't deceive myself into doing things my way, because I was very aware that John's way was right. I understood that he knew much more than me. He had a genuine connection to the Father via Christ, and he lived what he preached.

Talk about an ego death! Here I was, a proud, smart young man who understood many spiritual concepts, only to find out I knew nothing compared to John. I found a true genius, who made all the laws of physics obsolete.

It was like a doctor going to school for many years learning how to practice medicine and heal patients. Only to find Christ walk up and heal a cripple man in an instant like magic.

My whole perspective was flipped in one glorious moment. And you know what? I absolutely loved it.

Sure I had to release all my pride to admit someone else got it right, but that was a very small price to pay for what I'd gain through John. Deep down my soul was craving the spiritual meat that John fed us.

I wanted to be a sponge towards everything he shared because I knew he was operating on a whole other level. He was like magic, able to answer any spiritual question and discern with pinpoint accuracy.

But the best part is that John was turning around and saying that he wasn't special or unique. In fact, the keys were also within us to operate with the Spirit of Christ.

If you really think about it, there is profound beauty to finding someone who truly knows the Way. It makes us lose our pride for our past knowledge if we also wish to learn the Way. And since it's not forced, it's up to us how much we are willing to relinquish our egos to grow into something far greater.

Christ doesn't want pride, he wants humility. Do you know what that means? The humble ones are the ones who excel here, because they are the ones who also realized these truths after reading The Divine Secret Garden Series of books. They knew they had to start over, and learn everything from scratch under someone who had the Spirit working within them.

It takes humility to access the Spirit. This is why it is listed as one of the fruits of the Spirit. All the spiritual fruits are vital for the Way. It sounds simple. However, if you express all the fruits but lack humility, you will not pass the test.

If you are proud of what you know or cling to human logic, no one can help you connect to the Father via Christ. Pride will prevent access to the internal invisible key because the individual becomes stubbornly unteachable.

The person will either reject the correction due to rebelliousness, or they lack the childlike faith to believe in the power of the invisible Spirit. In other words, they are carnal and cannot surrender. Or they have the key to surrender to the Father, but refuse to do so because of rebellious pride. Either way, they cannot be served.

This is how we serve as soldiers of Christ. We help guide others to connect to Christ within themselves. It is a service of teaching spiritual truth to those who are worthy. The worthiness is not about being smart, but being humble like a child to learn the Way.

Imagine it in your minds... Would you want your path to becoming eternal to be filled with self-righteous stubbornness? Or would you want your path to be filled with modest teachability?

We are like little stray dogs. If you approach a dog to pick it up, but the dog begins barking and snapping and biting at you. What will you do? I for one wouldn't want to hold a mean dog. I would only want to pick up a gentle, obedient dog. It is the proud, stubborn stray dogs that cannot be lifted up, so they remain where they are till they learn the proper spirit.

Make no mistake, to access the internal key we must become humble students who diligently seek to tap into the fruits of the Father's humble spirit. Unless we lower ourselves in this manner, we cannot grow unto Christ. Although we can show the Way, it's up to the individual to walk the path.

The Spirit accessed from within is a flow of the mind. It is the way in which we approach the moment. Read that again.

This intangible flow reflects the spirit of Christ and the Father. It is the spiritual character that we live by. When we operate from this flow, we are operating from the Living WORD to become harvestable fruit. Only the Spirit, which is the WORD, contains life in it. It can only come from the Father and Mother by way of Christ. And you can rest assured the WORD always operates from the fruits of the Spirit.

But we didn't know this key until it was revealed to us in this life by John. How then can we continue to fool ourselves into believing that John is deceived in certain areas? Can we afford to cherry pick the lessons?

We've lost some good friends because of private cherry picking and scheming. They thought the problem was with John and us for not understanding their viewpoint, but in truth, the problem was with them.

I will tell you the plain truth, if you are cherry picking these lessons, you are still proud and will be left disasified while you run in circles. You will secretly lack faith and waver through phases of bipolar moodiness throughout the day.

Do you really believe that the Father has allowed John to be wrong about so much? If this is the case, and you feel like John has missed the mark, then you also believe that the Spirit is not really in John. "Sure he wrote the books revealing the mysteries, but other than that, John and the rest of the team are deceived about what's really happening in this world. Therefore, I will cherry pick what he says because I know better."

If you secretly feel this way, then you still haven't realized how the Tree of Life grows. It is ONE connected tree. The Father would not abandon John after doing so much work through him, only to begin a new tree with someone else. It doesn't work that way.

The connection is through Christ, and there is only one tree. John is connected to Christ, and through the fruits of his labors, we may also be connected to Christ in this single tree which includes John. We are simply fruits on the Tree as it grows and accumulates more fruit.

The Father would not abandon this Tree to go start a new tree with someone else. Think about this deeply. If you are not seeing the Spirit fully working within John, then the problem is not with John or us, it is with you. If you cherry pick John's lessons, it is the same as cherry picking lessons from Christ.

You will be deceived. And when the time comes to be harvested, you will not have grown or truly repented. You will ask Christ on the final day, "What have I done wrong? I loved and served your spirit!"

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And Christ will tell you plainly, "Then why did you willfully reject John's spiritual guidance? Didn't you know that my spirit blossomed within John and his brothers and sisters whom he selflessly served."

It is true, if you cherry pick what John reveals about the Spirit it is the same as cherry picking advice from the Father. This is because there is only one unified spiritual tree.

The Spirit is one body and mind operating on a linked, shared frequency of selfless love. But since some could not see that, they failed to understand that the Father's spiritual Tree of Life is always connected. Those that respect and admire John are the ones that truly respect and admire Christ and the Father.

"I and my Father are one. If you have seen me, you have seen the Father." This statement by Christ is more real than you can possibly imagine. But those who are swept away from carnal theories or follow physical human logic have not yet made the connection to the unified Spirit. They really don't understand what the term, spirit really means.

The Father can never ever be fooled. Yet some still believe He can be. If you are secretly trying to sway others to think your way instead of getting aligned with our team blessed with the Spirit working through us, you are only kidding yourself.

Do you know how the power of spiritual discernment works? It's very revealing. It is a gift from the Father to let us know one's spiritual motives so that we can protect ourselves from false spirits.

This journey is not about being right regarding the worldly theories devised by other men, but the spirit in which we are operating from. Morality is the driving force, not knowledge. Even if we are wrong about some theory in how the world works, it is arbitrary because it is the spirit in which we act that is most important.

Yet some people may place worldly theories and physical human logic above the belief in the Spirit, so they get tripped up by the program. Remember, the program is sin. And it will be destroyed along with the arbitrary details of the program.

The matrix is void of Life, and anything that doesn't contain Life will die. If we do not have Christ formed within us at the Harvest, we will be destroyed along with the program for a repeat in the time-loop. Only Christ can overcome death to reconnect us back to the living Spirit, because Christ is connected to the Tree of Life.

Once you begin living with Christ to serve the Father's Will, and operate from the fruits of the Spirit via faith, you too can recognize when someone is not aligned with the one unified Spirit. We are wise as serpents but innocent as doves thanks to the Father's spirit of Truth. We see through the schemes orchestrated by false spirits, because the Spirit makes these things known so we do not stumble.

It is a real power working through us. But we are not manipulative or forceful. We shed light on the mysteries, and step back to allow the individual room to repent on their own.

You cannot fool someone who's connected to Christ by pulling them down to a lower level using a false spirit of scheming, because the Father, Mother, and Christ are on our side when we serve them. You are only fooling yourself, not the true God of the whole cosmos who is aiding us.

Only when you repent to become like a sponge who consciously applies these teachings will you also grow unto Christ. Learn like a humble student in a classroom and apply it. Then your mind will rise and align with the Spirit in the one unified Tree that feeds us life through the vine of Christ.

We've all been broken down and beaten by this world. No one is special in that sense, we've all suffered greatly as the world knocked us off our proud high horses. And this suffering doesn't make us special, but allows us the opportunity to be revitalized through the free gift of Christ.

Our past struggles merely presented the chance to become Christened, it's not a guarantee. Some may be knocked down with much hardship, but miss the simple lesson of taking off these proud masks to reveal Christ within.

However, those that feel this article is somewhat misguided or not important are the ones who do not truly know the Father or Christ. These proud souls may toss aside this article as arbitrary, because they are the rebellious ones who refuse to get in line with the Spirit. A servant is not greater than his master. It is good enough for the servant to be like his master.

In the same way, we are servants. Are we better than the Father and Christ? Of course not. Are we better than John? NO and this is key.

John revealed the mysteries only because the Father by way of Christ was working within him. If you choose to be with us but fail to see Christ's spirit of sonship working within John, then you are like a servant who believes they are greater than the master.

It was John who taught us everything, and the Father is very pleased with him. If you are not pleased with John, then you are not aligned with the Father. John doesn't lord himself over us for his accomplishments or think highly of himself, but modestly wishes us to also grow unto Christ.

He dedicated his life to reveal the mysteries for free. He put in countless hours to do so. Could you have done that? I know I couldn't.

John's whole life went into this work to serve the Father's will. And if you can't see the beauty in that then you are still deceived. Because you are taking a man's work who walked the narrow path via faith to reveal truth, and throwing it aside as somewhat misguided.

The hard truth is that if you do things your own way, you will not grasp the inner spiritual key. But if you surrender your foundation for a new way that was first revealed through John in these end days, you will be lifted up by the Spirit, because John has toiled hard to light the path for accessing Christ within ourselves.

Remember, John doesn't want us to follow him. He reveals truth so that we may learn to apply these spiritual lessons by looking within to establish our relationship with the Father via Christ. Once the key is understood, we're operating with such inexpressible peace and faith that the only thing left to do is provide selfless spiritual service to others.

John is holding the door open for us to also learn the Way. At first he fed us fish to keep us spiritually fed. But the goal was always to teach us how to fish to feed ourselves via the Spirit of Christ.

Do you see the process? We are learning how to fish for ourselves metaphorically speaking. Then we may begin feeding fish to others, and in turn, teach others how to fish for themselves. And so it goes... As Christ told Peter, I will make you fishers of men...

The process is waking others up to flow from the Spirit. And to do so, we must first humble ourselves to learn this process. If you do not know how to fish, an individual who already knows must first teach you. Then you may teach others. But if you proudly believe you can spiritually fish on your own before learning how to do so, then you are simply deceiving yourself.

This does not mean that others outside the Temple are incapable of accessing Christ. But it does mean that if they truly know the Father via Christ, then they will be on board with John and us. Because the Spirit is unified as one.

I ask you, are you at peace? If you claim to be at peace without us, then fine, go in peace your own way. But if you're honest with yourself, and you're not truly at peace, and wish to learn how to be, then look to those like us. For there are many of us now who have peace thanks to our connection to Christ, and you may learn how to also have peace via Faith.

When I recognized John's unwavering faith and peace, I knew I lacked it. I was honest with myself, and genuinely sought to extinguish the doubts and fears that subtly drove me. So I began the process of absorbing everything he offered so that I too can know the Father and Mother via Christ.

It is a gift freely given. If you have been with us a while and are still not at peace, then I ask you. Take a deep look within, and recognize your pride that keeps you from grasping these spiritual fruits. If you are fighting the lessons to cherry pick what suits you, then you will be blocked off from the Spirit of Christ.

Become the observant sponge to rebuild the proper foundation of Christ, so that your pride will dissolve into humility leading to complete Faith and Trust in the Father for everything. This key cannot be handed out through words alone, it is only realized within when an individual goes all the way in seeking connection to the Spirit at all times. And these lessons are tools to help refine and strengthen the process for making the connection.

Once we have the proper foundation being Christ, our past knowledge will resurface into being usable tools once again. We will now have the proper eyes for understanding the spiritual lessons gained from all our life experiences.

Our past knowledge and experiences weren't worthless, they were simply viewed incorrectly because we trusted our ego mind above the WORD of Christ. Remember, the WORD isn't found in a book. It may be described in books and articles, but it's only a symbolic tool to help you operate from the invisible living Spirit that is felt and known within via Faith so that It may work through us.

But if you're still proud of your accomplishments and knowledge accumulated over your lifetime, you have missed the mark, because we are talking about a specific spirit in which you conduct yourself.

The Father's Spirit encompasses all the glorious spiritual fruits, so it's easy to see when one is not aligned with His spirit. It's not rocket science. It's so simple that most children can recognize a dirty spirit when they see it. That's the beauty of it.

The different spirits are discerned and recognized through the fruits of our actions. Are you proud and stubborn? Or are you humble enough to be molded by Christ so that our minds may be revitalized into approaching the moment with the correct spirit. We are a team here headed by Christ and revealed by John, but if you are not a team player or merely put on a mask to act like one, you are not ready for Christ.

If you've ever watched The Chosen Video Series, you'll remember how Matthew the tax collector began to understand the deeper mysteries of Christ when he saw himself as nothing. Matthew thought he knew everything, but soon realized he was lost after seeing Christ's miracles. And then Christ called to him because he knew Matthew was ready. He was finally humble enough to begin learning the Way.

Then the other disciples said, why him? Don't you know who he is?

How beautiful this moment was... Because Matthew saw his unworthiness and so did Christ which made him a perfect candidate. Christ saw his desire when he learned of Christ, and Matthew was ready to begin following him.

BY: Christian James Casselli

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