October 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 002 - Article 017

The Sleeping Soul
The Forgotten Past - The Enigma of Contemplation.

Stephen Winder
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
Stephen Winder

I was meditating on rebirth and identity. If I am reborn is it I that is reborn? On the surface that may seem to be a strange and indeed nonsensical question. But when you think about what constitutes what makes up me or you, it will not seem so strange at all.

After all, what am I really as I experience this life? Well lets see; I am a body, physical experiences, some feelings and thoughts. I am a part of this world as it is now. My identity is shaped by my family, friends, acquaintances and external elements.

If I am reborn with no memory of another life none of what I was then will exist. I will be in a new body, in a different environment, a different time, different family, perhaps a different culture, different experiences and thoughts. And so on.

So on death the everyday worldly 'I' that I identify with really does die. The I that the world sees cannot continue once my body gives up the ghost. The atheists are 100% right, if this is part of their argument.

So this begs the deeper question what am I really? Is it just the aforementioned aspects or is there something more? And of course the obvious answer is, I am a soul that is inhabiting a body.

Yet all the worldly experiences and the everyday sense of who I am is part of the soul experience and all that is gone on in death of my many experiences. The worldly self that I am now cannot carry over either in rebirth in the matrix nor can it exist in the realm of the Father & Mother.

So is there anything more to this soul that inhabits my body than my worldly self? And the answer is that this soul is in fact experiencing two states. My soul is experiencing the transitory worldly state that doesn’t last, or worldly personality, and my soul is also experiencing a higher spiritual state that is timeless and everlasting.

Whether I am reborn or return to the realm of spirit, the person that I am now will not and cannot carry over. It is my spirit that is having the experience through the spark known as the soul. The spirit gathers all the spiritual fruits gathered by the soul over its many lifetimes and discards the worldly errors.

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If reborn the person has access to another aspect of the spark of the soul's spirit, but the soul is having a different personality experience. From the contempary soul experience it is the persons only experience here. Yet the soul has an access to lifetimes of experiences. And only if the person accesses their spirit through the Christ within could they possibly remember.

But just like those who die and are reborn in the world of the flesh die to the person they identify with now; so those who are born again in the spirit must die to their worldly self. But the spiritual self, the Christ that is being developed within, endures and carries over from this matrix world to the world of life.

And it will be apparent what road one is on. Whether in rebirth in this fallen world or an awakening to the life of the spirit. If one is living for the ways of the world then their reward in this life and the next will be in and of the world.

If one is is developing the mind of Christ and has surrendered to the will of the Father and Mother within then their reward is of the spirit and a place in the everlasting, incorruptible kingdom awaits.

BY: Stephen Winder

Editorial Comment: This idea is worth meditating on how rebirth in this world although it is your spirit soul connection's experience, unless memory leaks through, we are a completely different 'person' in the world, but are we really different?

Our frequency signature never really changes, it is just given unique alter experiences to learn from. And often it is with no memory of our past.

We truly are in all of our soul's experiences, the spirit of our orginal creation, but in learning mode. We do not really become someone else, we just advance to the highest potential.

In fact, the past personage is truly dead. What we were is 'seemingly gone', and devoid of reality other than a memory by those we left behind. And Ironically we could have already returned and have no recollection that we left.

As Christ said, the dead know not anything. On the surface that seems rhetorical, like duh! Yet you may be here again from another one of your many past lives but you truly are not aware of them.

Who you REALLY are at the spirit projected level was formed from your many past experiences, but in soul sleep mode; meaning the soul is unaware. And who you are at the flesh and blood level is being formed all over again, brand new.

However, the continuous interaction with the sleeping soul along with each human experience is what eventually developes the Awakening & Memory.

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