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The true Church is a Spiritual House of the true seed/children from all over the world: from every race, creed and color as the Father & Christ has placed them. Listen now as John V. Panella presents the amazing lost truth being prepared only for the true seed of Christ.

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Does Fear ever Vanish?

As faith becomes more real the attacks are less grevious. Like a boxer, they train to punch and take punches. The punches never stop until the fight is over, but the one handles the hits better due to training.

You may always have the fear kick in because we are battling the programmed body with the soul mind. This is the war of the two minds spoken in the New Testament

The greater our training we are better able to take the hits. And that is the name of the game. We can never avoid adversity in this world we just become more adept to handle it as we train in Faith. .

Can we have Utopia?

The one issue that I discuss with the Father often, is the grandiose hope that everything is changing for the better. I can see an attempt to give humans a chance to repent, nevertheless, the key is to repent. The problem in America and the world as a whole is the bastardization of morality.

As long as people are immoral nothing can ever truly change. We cannot enter a higher frequency when the world is at the depth of the abyss. This is so perplexing to me why people would want to live in a world of perversion. We are at greater levels of immortality today than even Sodom and Gomorrah.

And nothing is being done to even alert the people; because everyone is afraid to offend the sinner. And in so doing they are an offense to the Father. What a delimma.

The Divine Secret Garden - the Pillar of Fire as the last Hope in the World of Death.

For the last seven years, the most amazing set of books have been offered freely here at this website. These book have a dynamic power to activate the divine spirit within the true children of the Father, via Christ, since before the foundation of this world. They are not mere words, it is an eternal power that resonates deeply within. One could read these books fifty times and still be reading something new in each effort, because it is a living journal.

The TDSG series and related subsequent books are a dyanamic living truth, the spiritual 'WORD' truly is the bread of life. As the spirit comforts, the soul begins to take on a new awakening, not one of the flesh, but of the spirit. And since these books have been shared even greater understanding and clarity have come forth to reveal even more powerful truth. Thus the books are a stepping stone to even greater awareness preparing the true children to return home...

Parable of the Sower and the Seed! By Stephen Winder

There is a parable in the Bible of a seed sower.When the seed was sown along the path, in rocky places, or amongst thorns it did not thrive but when it was sown on good soil it multiplied considerably.

Our hearts are like the soil. If we are prepared and ready we can receive the seed or word within and we will grow. If we are not prepared the seed or word within will have little meaning and wither away.So how can we get the seed in our lives?

We can receive the seed through listening to the word of Christ and producing fruits of the spirit.

What is the soil?The soil is our inner most being. Our soul.

How do we prepare the soil?We prepare the soil by welcoming the Father and Christ in our hearts. When we are caring and kind we are being prepared with the Spirit of the Father.

Who is the sower?The sower is the Father via the Christ.

How do we know Christ and the Father?Listen to the good things in your heart. The quiet voice that talks of peace and love.

Christ and the Father are like an imaginary friend you cannot see but you can feel their presence within your heart when you are happy, at peace or are urged to do good things.

How can we to be a co-sower in Christ?By producing fruits of the spirit. Examples: Being kind instead of mean. Sharing instead of being selfish.


1) How many types of soil are there in the parable? What are they?

2) What are two fruits of the spirit?

3) What are some kind things you did today?

4) What are some kind things you could do for others tomorrow?

Straining at a Gnat

Is the term Amen at the end of a prayer some nefarious inclusion of a false God.

This is one of those issues that many have claimed to be ill at eased or looking for a problem that is not really there. They claim it is referring to a god named, Amen. This is tantamount to the Pharisees straining at a gnat, always trying to find problems with meaningless issues but they ignore the greater aspects of the law.

Nothing in a word is valid without intent. The Father looks to the heart, not the spoken word. Anyone can say good things but the Father looks into the depth of the heart. The same with saying Amen, if you were not intending this to be some worship of a false deity then it is not.

It is no more or less, translated as, SO BE IT, or Let it be. This issue came up once before, and I said, well if saying Amen is a problem then why not end your prayers with, "Thy will be done"... But either way, the meaning, unless there was nefarious intent, should never be an issue if your heart is right.

The Pharisees always struggled with minor details of everything. They began to worship the details and they removed, Faith, mercy and love. They ridiculed and punished people for the most smallest details perceived, thus why it is called, straining at a gnat.

There is nothing wrong with the term Amen, unless one makes it an error in the heart. And if it is a problem simply say, Thy Will be Done.

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