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Saturday March 28th 2020
This is a private forum, it is not in the public domain, which means state actor owned, it is privately owned. Therefore the free use act cannot be used to remove material from this protected domain/forum.
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The TDSG is a privately owned forum, it is a human outpost to discuss the writings of the Divine Secret Garden. Rules are based on the administration of this forum as they see fit. If your spirit/attitude is not right you will be removed at will. Sorry but this is not in the public domain. Anyone using this platform to sell their stuff, is forbidden. No one is permitted to use the website link inside the forum back office area for private or personal promotion. If used removal will be fast and furious.

We now have a new rule you must post enough to be granted full promotion to member plus. Every one starts out as a member. Otherwise you wont have full access.

Thank-you John V Panella

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