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Be wise as a Serpent & Harmless as a Dove

Terms to live by:

Every new member must first introduce themselves. Even if you do not engage much, you must show respect to all of us. If there is no response you will be removed.

This is for protection for all users, why anyone would join and not at least introduce themselves is not acceptable.

Some people live to start fires, others live to put them out. On this forum all fires will be extinguished immediately. We are about building up not tearing down. We are about learning and growing and not being counter-productive. Great things can occur when people strive to be of one mind, and in this case, the mind of the Father Mother via Christ.

All I ask is to compliment, aid, and build.

TDSG forum is now open for all who are interested. However, Rules are simple, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be polite, share, interact and comment. No negativity, spirit of doubt or anything that can harm other readers. Stay positive.

This is for everyone's benefit to help and share with others. Anything that is argumentative & attacking and or downright rude or abusive will not be tolerated. Time is too short to play these worldly games. Think always about being on your best behavior.

The TDSG Connect is a forum, it is a human outpost building towards a spiritual paradigm, where like minds can come together and share with one another. However, this forum is dedicated to the Father/Mother via Christ. Anyone that tries to come in to push another philosophy; which rejects the Father and Christ will be answered directly. You cannot destroy the foundation and still believe you are standing on solid ground. This is a no tolerance level area.

It is not a place that rejects sinners, for we are all sinners. Also, we are all on different levels of growth, what may seem off to one is a growth pattern for another, and our job is to help and aid, not cast out unless there is a spirit of diversity and division.

If you can remain in a spirit of truth and a willingness to discuss then you are welcome. Any attack blaming or accusing anyone here of anything including racism and or hatred will not be tolerated.

We do not allow racism or hatred in this forum. Everything must be in respect and honor to the Father and Christ at all times. This is the absolute prerequisite.

If these rules or any interpretation of these rules based on the Administration are contravened in any way, removal could be instant and could be without warning.

Secondary Rules are as follows:

Rules are based on the administration of this forum as they see fit, and they have been well trained to scope out troublemakers. If your spirit/attitude is not right you will be removed. Sorry but this is not in the public domain.

Anyone using this platform to sell their stuff, is forbidden.

No one is permitted to use the website link inside the forum back office area for private or personal promotion. If used removal will be fast and furious.

We now have a new rule you must post enough to be granted full promotions to higher levels. Every one starts out as a Guest/member. Otherwise you wont have full access.

All we ask is that you treat others as you would have them treat you. Be nice, kind and considerate.

Remember, this is a special forum that belongs to Author John V. Panella. Treat the forum and him with respect as this is his house you are visiting, and there will never be any problems.

However, coming here to try to change others or to refocus everything upon oneself, and trying to sell or promote anything beyond the nature of this forum's topics and disrespecting this house and the author, will not be tolerated...

But that is only common sense!

This is a private forum, it is not in the public domain, which means state actor owned, it is privately owned. Therefore, the free use act cannot be used to remove material from this protected domain/forum.

Copyright(C)2020 All Rights Reserved - www.johnvpanella.com & www.thedivinesecretgarden.com

Thank-you Forum Executive Admin John V. Panella

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Humbled Servant, John V. Panella
Be Wise as a Serpent Harmless as a Dove

Dedicated to our Father/Mother via Christ


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