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Sunday March 29th 2020
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#1 2020-02-19 06:54:08

John V Panella
Registered: 2019-09-26
Posts: 1,617

The Law of Reciprocity

What you give is what you shall receive. I call it the energy feedback loop. As a manager of a business, I learned something invaluable, the ones who complained the most were the ones who offered the least. I seldom ever have witnessed an individual who worked and struggled hard and yet all they could do was complain.

In fact, what I did notice were the very ones who tried the hardest always looked for a way to improve. The ones who worked the least always demanded others improved for them. We all have a horse in this race, but I at times ask myself; are we all in the race or are we just hoping to bet on winners or losers?

I have had some complaints about the forum and then some say they did not want to contribute because they felt they were not going to be heard. Or they felt they had contributed and were shunned. My friends the path to freedom is long and hard, it takes courage, hard work, honesty, and integrity. There is no such thing as waiting for everyone else around one to comply with their needs before they become part of the battle.

In war, the last thing you want to hear is another infantry complaining about how heavy their backpack is. Or why the trek is so lengthy? Or someone said something they didn't agree with so they do not have their fellow soldier's back. Whatever it is, those who complain the most always offer the least.

So it behooves us all to ask the all-important question, what are we giving so the necessary energy could be fed back to us? Obviously, if we are complaining then we shall receive the reward of our complaints. Those that see only problems everywhere are the same ones that never offer solutions. When someone hands them a lemon, they complain about how sour or tart it is, or they simply do not like lemons. But what do they do to help change the lemons into lemonade? They do nothing; because they do not have time after so much complaining about the lemons.

Some have stated they didn't like the way I or others handled the forum. So they climbed into a hole and didn't add anything to help solve the problem. Then when I or others made the necessary changes they come back out of the hole and say, now that is something I can live with, finally, this makes sense, and now I can speak my mind.

People who think like this will never be happy, because nothing will ever be good enough. They want, but they don't give. They have needs but they don't share. This is the law of reciprocity! And what I have learned every single time, are those who feel and act this way, seldom ever help to improve that which is around them because they have not noticed the problem is not with others but with themselves. They are looking into a mirror and the feedback loop energy they are receiving is what they are sending out.

Until they repair that damage internally, nothing is ever going to change for them. It reminds me of the parable of the talents and pounds. Those that had the most talent used their talent to create greater accomplishments and added more to the core value of the whole and created greater efficiency. Thus their reward was to receive even greater payment, thus, reciprocity!

Now some others that were given their talents were fearful, they always had a negative mindset or bent about things. So they said to themselves, I am afraid to use my talent because the Lord is angry, he is difficult and hard to understand. It is best I hide my talents and say or do nothing because the Lord is strict and he only reaps where he doesn't sow and sows where he doesn't reap. So they hide their talent out of fear instead of finding ways to improve the situation.

The lord then comes back to them and says, what have you done with what I have given unto you, where is my recompense, my labor so that I may pay you? The frightening worker says I did nothing Lord because I was afraid of you. The Lord then says, come and take all that this fearful worker has and give it all unto the one who has expanded his talents the most and had given unto me the greatest value, and send this failure away from me, for there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

My friends when we are on a voyage across the sea together, and if all you have is a hammer. I want to see you at minimum hammering the planks of the deck in place. Even a minimal job has a greater reward than someone who hides their ability and talents because they are fearful they will be excoriated and not receive their return payment. But how can you be paid if you have not done the job?

And sadly these types, they never receive anything in return and they wonder why; because they never gave anything that would benefit the whole, for they were only interested in benefiting themselves and what they could get out of it? They like the idea that was offered, but they had no ideas to return the favor.

So their energy they felt in return were complaints of what others did or didn't do and never about how to add more to the whole. So all their negatives, all their returns were empty because they only received what they sent out. They only saw the payment of their just due. That which they created, and oftentimes, it was nothing!

My friends before you run and hide ask yourself have you done everything you could do to improve the situation of the whole or are you only seeking after your own needs and desires?

Be Wise as a Serpent Harmless as a Dove


#2 2020-02-26 11:56:15

chris thompson

Re: The Law of Reciprocity

Thank you for making these postings available to guests. I have missed going to The Divine Secret website as I traverse the paths of my daily life pilgrimage. I have limited my time in this technological format for there is little that tugs at the heartstrings. Your writings reach into the very depths of who I am and could soothe...remind...push...sometimes hurl me as I would come to realize...the timing of what I read was meant for that moment. I am so thankful. I make copies of your postings, because my time is so limited in this format. Anyway, what you share requires quiet, alone time not hooked up to some artificial machine. John Panella, if you could at this moment while I share these thoughts, feel what is within my heart' you would know how much I appreciate your commitment to bringing forth the message of the Father/ Mother through the Panem Vitae.

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