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Sunday March 29th 2020
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#1 2020-02-19 07:02:54

John V Panella
Registered: 2019-09-26
Posts: 1,617

Heavens Rolled back like a Scroll

All the stars in the sky will be dissolved and the heavens rolled up like a scroll; all the starry host will fall like withered leaves from the vine, like shriveled figs from the fig tree.

The Bible reveals the time we are in because it is a cyclical program. Everything exposed to our consciousness in these lower realms reveal everything is in cycles. Nothing is linear, nothing is new. Everything that happens has happened before.

The verse above reveals the unfolding of the matrix, it is when the program that operates virtual world is shut down. If you could witness this event happening the above verse explains it in a way to help one better understand what is occurring.

When the program shuts down the stars will appear to dissolve into nothingness, just wisp away in a vanishing moment. The heavens above which we think is reality, will unfold and roll back as if a computer program is closing down for the day. The starry host will shrivel, and that is exactly what it would appear like shriveled figs from the fig tree will begin to lose its consistency and just poof away.

Once you truly understand how this world functions these things should not bewilder you. Yes it is shocking, it is mysterious, but that is because it is beyond our accepted scope of knowledge and understanding of things unless we awaken and remove the dark tinted glasses. However, we should be prepared, be ready to witness events some may not ever think possible.

Just like what happened to the book cover, if your remember, the cover picture I set was changed on all of those copies all over the planet, it was not the same book cover. Yes it is shocking because it reveals the non-reality of our world right in our face. And maybe this is why it happened to one of my book covers, to keep us all alerted to the non-reality of this world. But other than that it is truly nothing when you understand the basics of what is happening and will happen.

However, as I have said, even though the surrounding world is fake, the experiences we have are not fake, they are very real, and they are our test to see how we cope and advance.  As I relayed all through my books, we live in a simulation to learn how to get it right. The experience is real, the simulation is not.

When you think about the message that the heavens are rolled back like a scroll, our heavens are the epitome of our lower reality, it is what gives us a sense of all totality. And yet to even think the heavens could be rolled up as if someone was taking the constructs or blueprints of our realm and just folding it up and putting it away in some container is quite disconcerting.

Most people can't handle the truth even from minor projections. This world is the omnipresence of all things to them and their limited awareness. It is what gives them the focus of reality. When trying to awaken people even in the most simplest mundane things, they fear they will shrivel up like a fig and just fade away, because their perception of their world is the construct of their entire reality.

The events that are soon going to play out will destroy any vestige of belief that our world is real. And because of this many will fade away into darkness because they never really had the true light to hold on to, which is the reality beyond the illusory veil.

Their light is fraudulent, most have never seen the true light while maneuvering through the land of OZ. Most minds will not be able to handle the transition from error to truth. They have never conceived in their limited aspect of mind, that there is so much more than they could ever dream of, which is beyond what they understand about the conception of reality.

We must all remove the last aspects of the dirt, which is the programmed error, to be lifted in the air, which replaces the dirt, which is indeed our original spirit. We must be able to see beyond this realm even in our limited condition or else the realm will swallow us up when it shrivels away.

Those that are not of the spirit will not be able to take this journey, they will come to their own personal block in the road where the illusion crashes headlong into reality. It will be a like a super nova creating a perceived black hole, everything that is not of reality will be sucked in and whisked away. Only that which will survive are those who have removed the blinders, which has given them a false reality.

Everyone must release their conceived ideology to move into a new mind of a new heavens and new earths. As the old ones perish away, dissolve like melted ice which then flow down like a stream from top of a mountain, while a new landscape will arrive, and the old will vanish for the new.

To get to this place our minds must be ready and prepared. For if anything takes us off our path via our preparation, we shall fall into the enigma of time's dissolution.

Be Wise as a Serpent Harmless as a Dove


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