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Sunday March 29th 2020
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#1 2020-03-21 04:19:35

John V Panella
Registered: 2019-09-26
Posts: 1,617

The Judgement unto Life and Death

What is the kingdom of the Father, also known as the Kingdom of Heaven? There are two kingdoms side by side, or in reality one above, the heavens, and one below, the earth. They are the Kingdoms of Death/Earth or lower dimensions and the Kingdom of Life eternal/Heavens or the higher dimensions. The Kingdom of Death exists in parallel for 1000 years as does the Kingdom of Christ continuously until all is fulfilled. Not one jot or tittle will pass from the law, the law of the lower dimensions, until all is fulfilled.

And then there is the judgment period, or the great white-throne judgment. It is a period that lasts for about 100-120 years, it occurs at the very end of the one-thousand year time-loop of death as a decision or judgement for all those who have overcome and will sit with Christ as rulers in his Kingdom.

The thousand-years is a time loop and unless one breaks away it becomes like an eternal loop of shame and everlasting contempt. At the end of the thousand years is what is called the Day of Judgement. It is when Satan is loosed again as is the nature of the Loop, upon the earth, having full power to deceive all nations. This is continued time and time again until the plan is fulfilled.

This is when all true souls are tested like nothing ever before. Will they walk the narrow path to Life, or the wide path to death?

If one fails the tests, they are then resurrected back to the eternal time loop of death, called the resurrection of shame and ever lasting contempt. Those who overcome Satan and this lower world and qualify are called the firstfruits. They become Kings and Priests who will serve together with Christ as equals for one-thousand-years. This period of time only lasts until the lower earth plan is completed.

At the end of every time loop during the judgment, many are brought into life, called the Great Multitude, they gave up their lives as one final attempt to be with Christ since they failed to overcome in life they had to overcome in death. These become the citizens of the Glorious Kingdom and they will serve Christ, the firstfruits and the Father & Mother for ever and ever.

Towards the end of the Judgment, Christ returns to remove those that overcame and were sealed in their heads of the Father. These are the firstfruits of the Harvest, they qualified to become Kings and Priests. It stated, every one in their own order, Christ with the firstfruits, which have become the new leaders in the Kingdom. And then afterwards those that are Christ's by sacrifice.

These become the citizens of the Kingdom. They did not qualify for a seat of royalty in the kingdom, for they did not live their lives honorably, but they did finally sacrifice their lives for Christ, thus they were accepted as the citizens. This is a continual process until the plan is fulfilled.

When all of the true children finally come back home, as leaders or citizens then everything reverts back to life eternal, there will be no more lower heavens and earth, no more death, no more Satan, all becomes the Kingdom of the Father & Mother. And the New Heavens and a New earth, which Christ had begun through the judgement period or loop, then becomes the everlasting Kingdom of the Father.

The Father and Mother will then join with the original perfected humanity upon the new Earth as the headquarters of all heavens.


Be Wise as a Serpent Harmless as a Dove


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