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I have felt that there is something odd in this world when since I was a teenager. And some 11 years or so ago I was really befuddled by the open portrayal of evil rituals in Hollywood when I first saw them as they truly are. From that moment i began my journey in seeking the truth.

I was born a catholic and my persona in this world will expire as a catholic, but there is more in this world than religion. I know it I just cannot put it into words. in my journey a few researchers and personalities had helped me out with their work like David Icke, Michael Tellinger, Simon Parks etc. but their works are incomplete and hanging.

Upon learning about the TDSG in a forum by Wes Penre I began my true spiritual realization and after reading the books I feel that I have gone full circle and realized that the answer is always there written in the bible, my eyes were just not configured to see it. The books sort of healed my eyes and now I can see. All the things that I feel but cannot put into words was there giving me goosebumps and epiphanies almost every page. My brain must be sparking like chinese fireworks most of the duration reading the books.

I want to thank John V. Panella for sharing TDSG to the world. Praise and glory to our Father and mother and the salvation Christ.

Leonardo-cayetano.(miron_lang) Mandaluyong, Philippines

Growing up I was always seeking and aware there had to be somthing more to life then what I was being told via religion, history and science. I was raised catholic with a limited awareness or real connection to who God was through the way it was presented to me by others. I never could accept that the true God displayed traits of wrath, jealousy and damnation to an eternal hell for one lifetime of sins.

I remember questioning the idea that the Bible was the true and only word of God and was told if others don't believe in this then they are dammed. None of it felt right to me so I decided to reject the religion I grew up in and began delving into other religions and concepts which eventually led me to the new age concepts of aliens, channelings, galatic federations etc.

This is as far as I got yet I still was seeking. These new age concepts made sense and explained much about the external world I was experincing but I was still left with a thirst that was not satisfied.

I later learned that my soul/spirit came from before the foundations of this world and that nothing in this world is of the Father or Christ but an illusion covering the spirit of truth with a deadly mixture of good and evil.

Then I was introduced to John's Divine Secret Garden books and my life has never been the same. I realized everything I had been learning up to this point was but a shadow of the real thing. It was also preparing me to learn a much deeper truth, a truth that was always within me but not awakened, a truth that actually quenched my thirst and made a difference in the life I was experiencing.

What I learned was nothing new in fact the answer was always closer and more simple than I ever could imagine. This answer was in faith and knowing from experince who I am where I came from and why am I here.

John's books did not take away from my current view of faith but enhanced this faith in a way I can hardly describe. They also enhanced my trust and relationship to my Father and Mother via Christ.

What I learned is that the problem with this world is that truth is often placed side by side with error, good with evil, god and devil. When one realizes there is contradiction and error in some holy books like the Bible we tend to throw the baby out with the dirty bath water, which was my first mistake.

John's books helped me to realize why this is so and more importantly how to separate the error from the truth so that I may hold on to what is good and be aware of where the error lies.

And to my amazement the tools and mysteries revealed in John's books were the same mysteries that Christ also revealed before this message was watered down over time. Christ came to bring the good news about who we are, where we come from and why we are here.

Christ also provided a way and path for all of his brothers and sisters to follow if we have the spirtual eyes to see and ears to hear this simple message of faith and connection to our divine Father and Mother through him.

If anyone reading this still is seeking the answers to life's proverbial questions there is a reason you were lead here. It is not the books in themselves that give us the answer but what they awaken within us which can only be revealed by our Father and Mother through Christ.

These books were inspired by the Father via Christ to privide to his children, brothers and sisters with an awkening to this connection to our Father, which has always been within us this whole time but covered up by the world of the flesh. No longer will I need a middle man to connect to the spirit which is our divine right.

John Panella's books simply explain and provide the tools to access this ourselves by discerning the mixture of good and evil in this world and helping us reconnect to our true reality within. The most important thing anyone can do is establish and maintain this connection of spirit.

This is the good news, the GOSPEL that Christ also revealed and is again being revealed now for us as we see more and more that this world and all its explanations offer us very little spritual insight and peace of mind.

I realized our Father will never leave us or forsake us, I have a place within I can go and turn to and I no longer have to do anything of myself, I can truly do nothing but through my Father all is made possible.

I'm so grateful to our Father for John and his books for they have truly been inspired by our Father and Mother. It is important that I read these books continually for eveytime I do I learn something new and my faith continues to grow stronger.

If you are reading this then you too were called by the Father to take this journey which Christ laid out the path for us to follow. I pray that the Father continues to guide, protect and reveal to all of his children especially in these current times. Thank you John for your selfless service in the spirit of our Father and Mother via christ to bring the good news to their children. I am eternally grateful.

John Martinez, New Mexico USA

My dear brothers and my dear sisters, I cannot stress enough that the opportunity being presented to you, via The Divine Secret Garden and Time loop Chronicles books, is like none other. And if you are ready, you will recognize its significance; if you are not ready, you will recognize its significance at a later date, in another it is an inevitability.

However, My prayers and hopes for you is that both the inevitable date and the inevitable time is now! You have been drawn to this work for a reason. You are searching. Isn't this why you are here and why you are reading these testimonials? And just so you know, If you are searching, you only do so because you are being sought.

Within you is a gift, a gift that was bestowed upon you a very, very long time ago. A gift that you rejected and are now being reminded of and being called to reclaim. Under divine inspiration, the books written by our brother, John V Panella, will not only remind and explain to you exactly what that gift is but most importantly, exactly WHO the bestowers of the gift are.

And I am not using hyperbole when I tell you, my brothers and sisters, that both the information and the message in the Divine Secret Garden and Time loop Chronicles books cannot be found anywhere else in this world. NOT ANYWHERE! And this goes for the newsletter as well.

Since reading the Divine Secret Garden and internalizing the message within, I can't even begin to put into words how my life has been changed. As a little boy, I knew and felt something was wrong with this world. And when I say 'felt', I mean that literally. From out of nowhere I used to feel so down, a feeling of dread would just come over me. Of course, as a kid, I had no idea why.

And it wasn't until after reading The Divine Secret Garden, 40 plus years later, I finally understood why. As a kid, my soul mind was more aware of its true consciousness, the higher dimensions, what this world is, and what I would have to go through and endure again. In addition, as a much older man now, past family relationships that I once thought irrevocably damaged have been repaired.

The seeking, the uncertainty, the fear, the confusion, by the grace of our Divine Parents via Christ, has all subsided. I can honestly say, For the very first time in my life, I am at peace both within and without. And without my Divine Parents and Christ this wouldn't be possible.

My brothers and sisters, the impact The Divine Secret Garden books has had and continues to have on my life is inexpressible. I guarantee that after you have read the books, your lives will be forever changed, too. Time is short. Please, do not delay and respond to the call. You will be glad you did.

Domico May California, USA

I remember when I first came across the Divine Secret Garden Series of books. Boy did these books ever change my life like nothing else. Prior to these books coming into my life, I was visiting with my mother-in-law, we talked about the world and how evil it had become.

My little girl was sleeping in the next room and I was terrified. I brought this little girl into the world not realizing how evil it was and not knowing if it would ever get better. My mother-in-law asked me a very important question, she said, "So, how do you think we get out of here?" Neither of us had the answer no matter how hard we thought about it, it seemed hopeless.

Some months later, she came across a link to John V. Panella's books and she called me after she had read a little bit and said, "I am going to send you these books, they are the answer", and explained a little bit about what she had read so far. When she sent them, I will be honest, it took me a little while to read them, but when I did, the terror that had previously took over me washed away completely, I was at peace!

A feeling that I never thought I would feel in this dark world, constantly afraid for my family and my little girl that would have to grow up in this world. I was given the most absolute precious gift that I have ever received. I have tears running down my face as I write this because I feel so incredibly grateful to have been handed this truth that has resonated so deep within me that words cannot explain.

I had never known what faith really was, not even the slightest clue, I was confused about god and who Christ really was, but these books put all of the puzzle pieces together for me. The confusion left, and the truth came through. It all makes sense now.

This newsletter that has been created by John Panella as well, is yet another amazing gift that he has brought to us through the Spirit of the Father and he has given it freely to anyone who wishes to read. Everything here is free and complete truth. He has so selflessly dedicated his life to all true seeds that will listen to these truths.

The articles in this newsletter are all unique and beautiful and you won't find anything like this anywhere else. The Spirit of the Father has touched each writer and His Spirit flows within each article, connecting you closer to the Father and bringing you deeper in faith.

All of these works are true Spiritual Gold, and if you are like I was, wondering if it will all get better, it can. Read these books and articles, do the spiritual work, and you will be greatly rewarded.

Kimberly Oulton, Canada

The Divine Secret Garden series of books and the Time Loop Chronicles have impacted me in ways I could never have dreamed and they continue to. I am changed forever by these books in the most important and deepest of ways.

For my entire life I have been a spiritual seeker and challenger of the status quo. As a young child I used to say within my own mind, "how can I be me?" but I never understood fully what I was even asking or how I could even answer the question that came into my mind. I could not talk with anyone about this for the most part throughout my life and I just went on but always felt through all my experiences that there was deeper truth in everything that we experience here living in this world.

Simply living or experiencing in a surface way never felt like enough to me. I was always of the mind that there was and is a deeper meaning in all of the experiences we have here and I wanted to understand like many people do, why we are here and what is the purpose.

Through my advanced degree studies I learned of quantum physics, past life regression, near death experiences and outside of my conventional education I was always looking into anything involving life beyond this planet including UFO's and most things considered taboo for most to delve into.

Being of this orientation is how I came across knowledge of the existence of these wonderful books while watching a video on youtube that had mentioned them. Finding them was a turning point in my life although looking back now, I realize that the spiritual transformation within me began long before I found them. I call the DSG series and the Time Loop Chronicles the "greatest spiritual gifts" I could ever receive and I know I am not alone in my experience of them in this profound way.

In my view there is nothing more important than learning the information and internalizing the profound revelations found in these books. That is a fact.

Honestly, words can't really describe adequately what these works have done for me spiritually, but I will try. To me the spiritual connection with the Divine Father is the most important aspect for us to nurture and grow in this life and that is exactly what these books will help you do in a way that, in my opinion, nothing else you will come across, can.

As I read and listened to the audio version of the books something wonderful began to happen. Something I could have never anticipated or dreamed of but always hoped for somewhere inside myself because I always sought a deeper truth about the nature of our being here in this world.

As I listened to the incredible spiritual revelations of these books a deep internal recognition of the spiritual truth in the words began to happen for me. Sometimes I'd be sitting at my desk and tears would be streaming down my face because I literally was feeling so deeply the spiritual and literal truth of it I could not hold my emotions back.

This is a personal manifestation of the gnosis that happens for many who read the books and now I realize speaking with others who have read them that this experience and unfolding, this reconnection to the Divine Father is different for each person.

I grew up Catholic and went to church and CCD. I never felt connected to the Divine Father participating in any of it. I desired to feel connected but I never did. The only thing I can remember about that experience that made me feel an inkling of spiritual connection were the ladies at the front of the church who used to sing the hymns and songs and the stories we would read about Jesus in class.

I always felt connected to who Jesus was and the fruits of the spirit he practiced and taught. The stories in the bible of a loving god and a wrathful vengeful god I could never reconcile and I believe that is what in part, turned me off to continuing with religion and the bible. Over the years there were religious organizations that tried to entice me into joining but I honestly never felt comfortable joining any organized religion.

I had no spiritual connection for most of my life even through my esoteric educational studies, but still I felt like I wasn't making the connection. It's almost like I was drifting in a sea while every thing floating by that looked like it could be something to lead me home turned out to be an apparition, without substance, nothing that could anchor me (or feel right), nothing that could connect me in a way that I could actually feel deep inside myself.

Then I went through the darkest period in my adult life where I hit rock bottom multiple times. During this time I had a few painful moments where I experienced the realization that I was not alone, that there was something helping me along trying to speak to me and get me on the right track.

It was affirming (in a way that I could not, at the time name as) the Divine Father in my life, but I know now looking back that is exactly who it was signaling to me that I wasn't alone and there was help and that I should listen. It was one of my darkest hours where I was on the verge of giving up and it provided a light, a hope for me to keep going. Around this same time period, a wonderful person in my life, truly "walking the talk" of Jesus Christ, encouraged me to read the bible.

I finally capitulated and opened it up. I started from the beginning and read Genesis but soon I had to stop reading it because it made me so angry. What I was reading felt wrong to me but I could not explain why. Years later, After reading the DSG series I started to understand why.Since reading all the DSG more than 10 times (and I continue to re-read because everytime I do I internalize more) I have found the faith I have always been seeking; a relationship with the Divine Father which I did not have or feel before. Now my main focus is to work on nurturing that relationship and connection. The content in these books brings about a personal spiritual connection and a sense of internal peace that cannot be described. You have to experience it yourself as you read and take it all in.

The newsletter articles help to build upon the information learned in the books and also help me in maintaining the connection with the Divine Father.

I hope you will take the time to read all of the books and that you receive as I have the incredible gift, in fact, the miracle that keeps on giving. These books are the true treasure found in this world and you will understand this for yourself when you read them and internalize the true word that Jesus Christ was trying to teach us. Your life will truly be changed forever!

Janna, Connecticut, USA

I had been on a search for the truth for most of my life as I had many unanswered questions as well as a strong feeling that things here were not quite right. I carried that feeling from my childhood into adult life. No matter what it was that I studied or read, I was still left with many unanswered questions and unsatisfied.

I did learn and grow spiritually during this process and there were many stepping stones along the way, but still there was an unquenchable thirst to know. There was an inner drive to seek for the answers.

Than one day, I was reading an article on the Internet and I saw that someone had embedded a link to a website right smack in the middle of the article. This website was an entirely different subject matter than what I was reading. It was titled The Divine Secret Garden and I thought wow, I love the name of that garden, so I clicked on it and let me tell you, it was the best decision that I have ever made in my life.

The website belonged to John V Panella, who was offering 8 books for free. I knew that I stumbled upon a rare treasure and all I had to do was open them and journey inside. I was overcome with much excitement at the very thought of reading them and I couldn't wait to get started.

I knew that in book 1, I was hooked. The things that were revealed provided answers I so longed to know. I knew that what John was revealing was the truth, I could feel it resonate deep within me, his words were speaking directly to my soul. I was overcome with much joy, excitement, love and filled with such an inner Peace that is still with me now during these very crazy times.

John revealed our true heritage and our loving family, Our Father, Mother and Elder Brother Christ and that we didn't have to look far for them, that they are much closer than what we think.

I know that this Gift that John has given, has made me one of the Richest People in the world. His books filled in all the missing pieces of the puzzle. I have such clarity and understanding to what is really going on. Since the discovery of John's books, my search for the truth has ended. I now have the Truth, and Christ said The Truth Shall Set You Free!

I also know that my life has forever changed since John reintroduced me to Father, Mother and Christ, who are on this daily journey with me. I know it was their Divine Guidance stirring me, so they could lead me to the Truth in this world, which is packed full of lies. I have a much deeper understanding to my journey and why I always felt like I never belonged. I know that Father and Mother through Christ have called me. I know that as long as I surrender in complete Faith and Trust they will bring me home. I desire nothing more than my real home.

And folks let me tell you, when you learn to connect with Father and Mother through Christ, you will feel a depth of Love never felt before and it is the most beautiful feeling ever that words cannot describe. If you are here reading this newsletter than know that your Divine Family is calling you. It's up to you to answer. I would strongly suggest taking the journey of the 8 books and joining us, so you to can Drink from the Living Waters from the Tree of Life.

I have read these books several times and with each reading more and more is revealed. I have never come across these truths in anything else I ever read. I'm still filling up at the oasis.

Love to you Father, Mother, Christ and John for these Precious Golden Books and everything that you All do, and to you my brothers and sisters on the forum for all of your love and support!

Misty Oulton, Ontario Canada

To my Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This testimony is my experience, there are many like it but this one is mine. Like a fingerprint yours will be similar but it will be yours.

I hope my story will resonate with you on a deeper spiritual level.

My Grandfather on my Dads side was a Baptist Minister in a very small church in West Virgina that we only visited in summers and from the time I was a little boy, My Dad and Mom raised us Lutheran. My Gradfather on my Mom's side I only met once, he came to visit for a couple weeks when I was 14 yrs. old, he was very religious Catholic, but I will never forget what he told me one afternoon like it was yesterday, he said "Hell is on Earth".

44 years later I finally understood.

I left the church more than 20 years ago because it didn't add up for me, I could not truly understand the bible, the language is confusing and difficult to follow, especially the Old Testament, however for what Jesus taught about I was drawn to and could understand.

At 40 I had a session from a spiritual healer, I was in a bad spot at that time and referred to by a friend, she was very nice, it was pleasantly uplifting, but the one thing I will always remember is what she told me, she said "you are not from this world" I said what did you say, again she said "You are not from this world" "Your Soul is not from here". It stuck in my mind, and 20 years later I finally understood, now I look back at these seeds planted long ago, and there was a divine purpose.

I have always believed since then, that the church is not a place or a person (other that Christ) but is within, written in our Soul? Ever since I have been on a spiritual journey from within, searching for the TRUTH in and of this world.

From then on I always remembered what Jesus said, in “John 14:6 Jesus said to him, I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”.

I talked to Jesus all the time, about 10 Years ago I realized Jesus was my brother, after all we had the same Father, so when I spoke to him I would say "Jesus my Brother" when talking to him and He was always with me.

I can't explain how I found TDSG on May 19th, 2019 and I have tried, but once I was here and before I went any further I prayed and asked my brother Jesus about reading the books, what I received back in my thoughts was immediately "Yes and you need to start now"!

I dropped everything and for the following 10 days, morning, noon and night, I would listen to the recordings and follow along with the books so I could not only hear but see too. At night when I went to sleep I would play the recordings so I could allow the words to sit in my soul. Now I know I was sent here, and I understand.

The words John has written/spoken to us are Divinely Inspired thru Christ and the Father. The Divine Secret Garden books produced rivers of tears in Joy because the truth has set me free, and I know it is the truth from deep within.

This has truly been an experience of Divine origins and it has changed my life FOREVER and for this I am eternally grateful to Jesus, John and our Father, It is the inception of the promise fulfilled in John 14:6 for all the trueseeds of our Divine Family.

Your Loving Brother,

Kenneth Cole, Nevada

Hi John! I wrote this testimony tonight in response to your article "Become a Child again." That article really had a deep effect on me!


The lesson in this article hit me like a freight train last year in 2020 when a negative situation arose in my life that I didn't see coming. At the time, I thought I understood what it meant to fully surrender to the Father on all levels, but I truly didn't understand yet. It took a rattling experience to get me to understand what genuine faith truly was.

Out of nowhere, my mom despairingly told me she had breast cancer. After her mammogram the doctors said it looked very bad and they categorized it as the worst type of breast cancer. They immediately scheduled her for a double mastectomy followed by chemotherapy because they wanted to act aggressively. They believe it also spread to her lymph nodes which is practically a death sentence.

The problem is that my mom is still carnal, she doesn't understand how the mainstream medical industry is completely mediocre. I already knew that the mamogram tests alone could give you cancer because of the radiation involved in testing. And chemotherapy can kill you quicker than the cancer if you simply left it alone.

However, I could never get through to my mom to understand these things. She never even read The Divine Secret Garden series, and she had no interest. Her soul was not ready for the spiritual truth and I already knew that. It was easy for me to surrender my fate to the Father because I want to be led to the Kingdom. Yet it was far more difficult to surrender the fate of my loved ones who do not know the Father and Christ. It's like I was watching them walk into a spiritual slaughterhouse and I couldn't help them.

I was placed in a locked box and my hands were tied as I had to bite my tongue and watch my mom make horrible decisions. I never felt so powerless in my life. At this moment I was mentally and emotionally preparing for my mom to die. It seemed like it was game over as I had to watch this nightmare unfold. I had good friends praying for my mom in hopes that her death could be avoided.

I remember I wrote to John and explained my mom had cancer. I said, "John how can I best explain to her that cancer treatment is deadly?! Can you send me any information you have so I can share it with her?" And I'll never forget the short message John gave me back because I was not expecting to hear this. He said in paraphrase, Christian do not force anything. Let it go to the Father... What will be will be.

Wow! I took this answer to heart because I knew deep down he was 100% right. Here I was, a so called man of faith, who was terrified to lose my mother to cancer because I deeply care for her. I wanted to fight to protect her life in this world. But what was I really doing? In essence I was trying to capture the wind in my fist. I wanted to control a situation that was uncontrollable. Although I knew our lives in this world aren't worth holding onto, I still wanted to see my mom live longer because of a deep seated fear of separation within me.

After a few days and nights of deep contemplation with the Father I had became completely broken. I had finally surrendered and accepted my mom's coming death. And I mean I really accepted the fact that she would be dying, and I wouldn't be seeing her again for a while. Even more, I didn't just accept my mom's death, but I surrendered my own fate and the fate of all my loved ones. The lesson finally hit that we cannot control anything in this world of death. The only thing we can do is learn to let go in this hellish world.

And what happened next? I was finally at peace with the whole situation. Don't get me wrong I was sad to say goodbye to my mom. But my heart was elevated to a level of faith I had never known before. It's like the chains of my fears were cut off. Here I was facing one of my deepest unspoken fears, and I had finally overcome it through a deep understanding of faith. I knew there was nothing to be afraid of, even if my mom dies, we are never forsaken or forgotten by the Father. All the true seeds will be redeemed from this world eventually.

My mom had the double mastectomy scheduled a few days away, but first she needed to get one more test so the doctors could pinpoint how far the cancer had spread throughout her body. Well my mom came home that day glowing and in tears. She said a miracle had occurred, the cancer was completely gone! As if it was never in her body to begin with.

Even the doctors were completely stunned and declared it a miracle in their eyes. They said it was impossible for the cancer to disappear without a trace.

My whole family was crying ecstatically at the news. They believed it to be a miracle from God. And I went alone into my room and had a long private moment with the Father because I needed to thank him properly. I had a good cry because I was able to witness a miracle most never get to see. I felt an aspect of the miracle was because the Father had rewarded my faith for learning to let go. Although my family doesn't know about the Father, I do! And I knew it was his hand that performed this miracle for my mom while also allowing me to internalize genuine faith once and for all.

This was a lesson I'll never forget. I overcame a deep fear of watching loved ones die. But the true miracle occurred BEFORE my mom was healed. I had found peace and learned to let go before I found out my mom was healed. Even if my whole family died tomorrow, I will be better prepared to handle the adversity.

And now I will carry that deep faith in the Father with me for eternity. It's like a light went on in my head to not control or force outcomes out of fear. Because the hard truth is that our control over this world is illusory. We have no real power here, so the only option is to surrender to the Father once we've overcome the illusions of fear pushing us to control everything.

John from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for helping me internalize the power of faith which you've known about for decades. It took a rough experience for me to finally understand what you've been trying to share, but now I feel truly free and protected on my way to the Kingdom. And this feeling of losing my fears is worth far more than all the riches in the world. My relationship with the Father, Mother, and Christ has strengthened to a whole new level. I understand a level of peace and trust which I've never known previously.

Nothing would make me happier than for others to understand the freedom of having real faith in the Father, and that's why I'm sharing this testimony today. If my story can help even one soul in their journey, it was all worth it.

This article by John written in spirit played a major role in me hopping off the fence and going all in with a deeper conversion unto the Father and Mother via Christ. Although it took a sufferable life experience for me to finally internalize it, I still hope the spiritual gold within it may serve others the way it has served me. Truly the divine power of faith can never be underemphasized.

Christian Casselli Brick, New Jersey

For many years I was seeking truth. I was raised Roman Catholic and was active in the church until I realized something was not right. I could not understand why god

was jealous. Why would he tell his people to slaughter others. Why would he let Satan torment Job. I could not find the answers.

I happened to click on a video and a person started talking about John V. Panella and his books The Divine Secret Garden. I didn't even finish watching the video.

I did a search and found the books. I began reading them and I felt troubled. This can't be so but yet something deep within me knew it was. I continued to read and the more I read the more I wanted to learn. The connection I began to feel to Father Mother via Christ was so deep and pure. It was as if something within burst open.

I had a new understanding and a new relationship with my Divine Parents and Elder Brother. My life was changed forever. I have read the books so many times and yet each time they are read I discover something new.

John has given so freely this priceless gift that continues to give. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

ADDENDUM:Recently I had a stroke that left part of my face paralyzed. I wanted to tell you I received a miracle today. Trusting the Father along with the prayers from those within our spiritual family.

I wanted to thank my spiritual family for those prayers. I woke up this morning and my mouth is not crooked. The pulling of my face to one side is gone. I was healed. Thank you Father in Christ's name.

Dottie Kay. Western PA. USA

I became aware of the Divine Secret Garden Series books back in 2017 or 2018, after an online personality that had discovered these books raved about how they offered such amazing insight into the spiritual world.

Before I read the Divine Secret Garden Series books I thought I had some spiritual insight into the deeper side of life and reality, but John Panella's work took me so much more deeper into the truth.

Coming from a non-Christian background it took me some time to understand the importance of Christ and to get a truer perspective of who Christ is. John teaches who Christ and his Father really are. Christ is not some external person and nor is the heavenly Father. The children of the Father who live on this Earth are part of this divine family.

If you read John's books and they resonate with you, you are taking a big step towards returning home and re-connecting with your true divine family and divine parents. John teaches that the truth is within. It is not to be found in external philosophies or religions.

He teaches we have the choice to follow a failed fallen philosophy that will keep us trapped in this Earth realm via continued reincarnations, or to find our way back to our true home by following the example and lead of Christ and learning to know and follow the will of our Divine parents.

John teaches that the world we now live in is not our true home. It is a shadow world, a copy of our real world. The Gods that manipulate what happens in this world are hiding behind the scenes. These entities are fallen beings that once were angels of the light but are now pretending to be the heavenly Father and his angels, when in reality they are not true gods or angels of light but rather beings of deception and darkness.

Before reading and assimilating the spiritual content of John's books I did not have a consistent personal connection to the Father of Creation. I would wander away from the knowledge of the Father and get caught up in the world and then I would wander back to the Father. I had my feet in two camps.

After reading John's books over a period of time I learned how to more consistently be in tune with the Father through Christ and to take on the goal to walk the narrow road back to eternal life, free from this fallen shadow world. Because of John and his work I have faith that no matter what happens in this world of change, I will never be abandoned by our divine parents.

John has taught me how to recognize and pursue the good and true and how to recognize and reject the evil and false in the outside world and within. I am anything but perfect but am now willing to be shaped and conformed by the Spirit of life and, with the eternal Spirits patient guidance, to change those non harmonious aspects of myself that need changing.

By Stephen Winder, New Zealand.

Just before I found this groundbreaking work, I had fallen into a state of hopelessness. I said to myself, if this is all there is, I just cannot do this anymore. I was completely broken. The internal fire and desire to experience and participate in the world had gone out. Life was dark, lonely, harsh, unfulfilling and I had no idea how I was going to manage the rest of my life feeling this way.

I began searching for more understanding: what does it all mean, why are we even here, what is the point to all of this non sense. It wasn't long after this that I heard a voice in my mind very clearly state, "it's all a lie". I said out loud, WHAT is the lie-lol.

Then a fire was lit inside, a seemingly unquenchable thirst for truth. I spent hours, days, months listening, reading, searching. I had the feeling that I was being led on a journey, only I had no idea where I was going. And because I could perceive this veiled aspect of a guiding hand, I just decided to trust and follow. I now can see it was the Father, preparing me. Setting a foundational understanding so that the mind could accept what was to come next.

I had never heard of John V. Panella or The Divine Secret Garden series before. I learned of them from a truth seeker on you tube. Internally I always felt that people are greedy and selfish and that a true giving Spirit was difficult to find. The truth should be free to everyone who wants it. So, when I discovered that John's work was free, I felt a deep respect and appreciation.

I knew immediately as I began to read through book 1 that it was unlike anything I had ever read before. He hit on so many inconsistencies in religion and general questions that I had. I was internally shell shocked and glued to it.

It was like drinking a tall glass of water when you've been walking in the heat and emptiness of the desert. I was literally so joyful, smiling as I read it, sometimes even shouting out YES/I KNOW / HOLY COW! I was just LIT ON FIRE! All my burning questions had been answered and I could FEEL inside, without a doubt, that it was true. I can say that I have NEVER felt anything like this ever before.

The [great search] for the truth was over, though the journey was just beginning. What came next was a slow process of growing/changing. I continued to listen to the books, and I joined the online Forum. There, I was able to read through others experiences and realized the process is quite similar for most of us.

It was at this point the real understanding of what was happening hit me. We are being prepared to return home. When I look back at what I was a year ago, I hardly recognize myself. I've grown so much thanks to the Father, Mother, Christ, along with John and my other Spirit brothers and sisters.

Each time I have read or listened to these books, I noticed that I internalized something new or understood at a deeper level. It is a process of shedding the old and rebuilding into the new. My whole outlook on everything has changed, and I feel like I am a different person.

I had no idea just how far away I was from what is righteous and true. The hole and pain in my heart has been healed. And despite the world burning around us, internally I feel genuinely happy and grateful because my Father comforts me and I feel the love of our Divine Family.

This understanding is truly the greatest gift that anyone could ever receive. I just can not say enough wonderful things about it. These books answer the existential questions of who you are, why you are here, what this place is!

And put it all together in a manner that is easy to understand. There really isn't anything like it because this information comes from Spirit. All other information is from the Matrix, and therefore is mixed with error, and will lead you away from what is genuinely real.

So do not hesitate - time is short, dive in with your whole heart, and don't look back.

Stephanie Marts RI, USA

The way the newsletter and the books have changed my life and the experience it is now being able to understand what the truth is and how it can effect a persons life. The change started a good while ago when I first had an Out of Body experience and hd believed it was all a some religious experience.

After that I needed to get to the bottom of all of this and why it happen to me. I searched and searched until I came across a church I got involved with, I thought they had all the truth and what they taught was totally different than when I was raise as a catholic. After some years I spent in tis new church I realized something was missing and I just couldn't put my finger on it, but something was missing.

And then I met John Panella in person in the sme church I had joined, and then many things began to awaken my mind that maybe that this what John was talking about wasn't just idle conersation. However many in the same church were mocking him and belittling him in what he was revealing. Yet as for myself I kept a ear open to see what he had to say. And let me tell you, what he was talking about really opened my mind.

There were also many books out there that I both read, and it was slowly revealed that maybe John was on to something bigger than one might first imagine, so I continue searching and then bam. John was inspired to write thee incredible 8 books of the Divine Secret Garden, and then everything began to make sense.

I came to learn from the books that the Father is not nor ever has been like what any church taught me about god. While in the church they said god loved us but when you start searching for yourself you realized very fast they really didn't approve of personal research as if we might find something that they didnt agree with.

They seemed to only want your money that was to be sent to the church, and then maybe God would be happy with you, but if you didnt send it, then woe be unto you. It was a continued war to discover the truth about this god until, I read book one, the Forbidden Knowledge and everything began to clear up.

It started to click and it was making total sense out of all the confusion that the church offered. Why? Because the church taught we are to go through hardship and suffering because of a sin in our past before we even entered the church and that was the reason they told us why things were going wrong in our lives, but when the Father inspired John to write these books, I realized it was much different than that.

It taught me that the Father really loves us and doesn't harm any of his children versus that compared to what the church taught about this god that says he loves us but actually caused us to suffer. I realized suffering was necessary but it doesnt come from the Father.

You learn in the first book who the Word is, for in the world they say the word is the Bible because it is the written word of god inspired unto men to write these scriptures. But when you really study it you come to find out that jealousy, hatred, evil, emanates from this god, not the Father. And the Word is Christ, not a book.

In first it reveals that a seed was installed in the true children and when the time was right that seed started to grow and teh seed learned who they were and why they are here and where they are going. The seed along with the Word are the True Children of the Father.

When you read these books you will gain the trust and knowledge that we were to be rewarded and given a crown of righteousness as we are to be rewarded for our good works after we receive the free gift of eternal everlasting life.

There were four books in all for the Divine Secret Garden, and the 5th book was a historical recreation of the Bible from a unique point of you. And then finally the the last three books was a science fiction thriller trilogy on the truth for those who have a hard time dealing with religious or spirtual truths. These books could still do the same job but will not appear the same.

After all of this reading and studying I have come out feeling more at peace with the Father than with this so call being who wants to be called god. I learned that the Father does not want us bowing down and worshiping him and living in fear of what happen if we miss the mark. For the Father is a loving Father who cares and loves his children very much, and he forgives our many failings and sins when we repent.

We do not have to live in fear, because as we learned about the true love of the Father, we desire then to do better in our lives. It all works out together. However, if you are in constant fear of doing wrong because you believe God will destroy you, then how can children truly be children thinking their own god would even contemplate to destroy them for error. And this is the secret John revealed to the world that no one else has ever revealed.

The Father allows for Grace, and grace is not what the churches teacch. Grace is an extended period of time to make right what has gone wrong even if takes lifetimes. John then revealed, the Father has no plan to lose or destroy anyone of the true WORD. All will be saved in their own order. And to really understand that secret, read the books.

I learn that the shadow of everything is all a set up to a fake worship just as the world is worshiping a false god who doesn't care a hill of beans for anyone... And the newsletter that was inspired to put out information that will keep the oil filled in the lamps so they can burn brightly and be the example to others who come in contact with anyone of the true seed, so they can share and help others who are also th true seed but at this time are sleeping in death.

Also as the Father inspired John and others to write these articles so mamy have a chance to get back home and learn that the Father is not a tyrant but a loving Father. I highly recommend that anyone that comes to johns website to read and even listen to the books because it will change your heart and help many to turn to the Father for repentance and grow and learn the truth.

We all our truly blessed to be able to have in our hands these books and articles for they are the pearls of richness that no one can give you other than the Father via Christ, these books and articles are the bread of life for each and everyone of us. It has forever changed my life to recognize the truth and help spread the truth to others.

What I have come to learn since being out of a religious organization is beyond anything that a church or a minster can teach people, these books are the true gift of life to anyone that wants to learn and believe, it has changed my life for the better in understanding and love for our Father Mother and Christ to be with us forever and to become like our brother Jesus to be like him and hear the words from our Father, well done my child, you have done well, enter into the joy of the family of the Father as his gift to us all, as life forever.

So I hope all read the books and articles I hope it makes a person think and have a change of heart to become a better human being than to live in the shadow of a god who doesn't give a hoot about anyone but only that people worship this god and bow down...

Mike Ciconte. Kensington, Ohio

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