A Child's Fear

Children have the most amazing imagination, it is a beautiful thing to watch, but sometimes this imagination can lead to something not so beautiful, it can lead to fear. The fear in a child is something that needs to be acknowledged, even when this fear seems to be a little bit silly to us. I find this to be one of the best ways to bring the Father and Mother through Christ into a child’s life.

I remember the first time, after reading ‘The Divine Secret Garden’ Series, that my daughter called me into her room at night because there was a monster in her room and she was afraid. My first reaction was to say, “there are no monsters, go to sleep.” But, instead I decided to go in a different direction.

Instead I said “Do you remember how we talked about the Mother and Father?” she replied with a nod of confirmation. I went on, “I’m going to tell you a little secret. The Mother and Father are always within you and they will never leave you, and they will always protect you.

No monster would ever stand a chance against the Mother and Father, so if that monster tries to scare you, just call on the Mother and Father and they will make it go away.” It worked! Now, anytime there is a monster in her room, if she calls me, I say, “who protects you?” and she will say “The Mother and Father” and just like that she will go to sleep.

Although this imagination can bring on fear, it can also make it easy for them to imagine a dome of protection via the Father and Mother through Christ. Sometimes we don’t believe our children if they see a monster or anything else that we do not believe to exist.

But children can be very sensitive to other dimensions, and therefore, these entities may be very real even though they cannot be seen through our adult eyes.

My daughter and I were sitting on the couch one night and all of a sudden she clung to me in some of the deepest fear I have ever seen with her. I really thought someone broke into the house and I glanced over to where she was looking.

I tried to get up to go over and figure out what she was seeing but she wouldn’t let me, she just clung to me with a grip that was almost hurting me. I said, “whatever it is, we need to make it go away, don’t you think?” she nodded. So we got up, but she would not move closer to the area so I spoke in a loud voice “In the Name of the Father and Christ, you need to GO AWAY.”

I repeated this a couple of times and all of a sudden I felt her grip release and she was at ease and allowed me to walk over to where she was looking. Even though we may not see these beings, they may see them, and we cannot just fluff off their fears as silly or unrealistic.

Instead, we need to call on the Father for protection. As our children grow, they will learn to always call on the Father to ease their fears no matter what they may be.

Teaching our children about our dome of protection is so important, teaching them that if they put their whole heart into the Father and Mother through Christ, to hand over all of their fear and know that they are protected will greatly improve their connection and relationship with the Father and in turn will give them true Faith.

They will learn that even if we, their parents are not there, their Divine Parents and Elder Brother will always be there, watching and protecting.

However, because their imagination runs so deep, we need to be careful with how we teach them about this protection. We still need to teach them of the dangers of this world. They still need to know not to run onto a busy street or jump from a high structure thinking that they are invincible.

They still need to know that although we are protected, we are also human here on this earth. We will be protected against things that are not in our control but we still must not put ourselves in the way of danger on purpose believing that nothing can happen to us that could harm us.

We need to teach them how to walk in the way of the Father through Christ. Satan will try to enter our minds to veer us off our path. He does not want us to have Faith in the Father, he wants us to stay on this earth, under his rule.

So teaching our children to discern their thoughts will greatly help them in knowing where those thoughts are coming from. For example, Satan may enter the mind to tell you to do a dangerous act and if the Father does not protect you then you really do not have that protection, as if we need a sign of something external to prove that the Father is there.

This can easily happen with children because their minds are easily swayed. This is where we come in, to help them discern. The Father would never put a thought into your mind to put yourself in danger, as the Father only speaks with love and will never want us to be in harms way.

He does not need to prove to us that he is within us, that is where Faith comes in and Faith is what we need to instill within our children, to just know without needing external proof.

Children already know how to have Faith because they have Faith in us as their parents. We are the ones that they rely on to feed them when they are hungry, to soothe them when they can’t sleep, to catch them if they fall, to take care of them when they are sick and so much more.

By explaining to them about the Father, and using our love for them to explain the love of the Father is very helpful. I like to explain to my daughter by asking her if she knows how much I love her and that I would do anything for her and that I would protect her from absolutely anything.

But then I like to explain that the Mother and Father through Christ within are much more powerful than me, I also tell her that the Mother and Father love her even more than I do. In this programmed earth its hard for parents to say that someone loves our children more than we do, but this is so true with the Mother and Father, their love is incredibly intense and if you have felt it, you will know what I am talking about.

Their love is like nothing you will find here on this earth, it Is unconditional and can overwhelm you to tears.

As parents, we need to nurture our child’s imagination, even when that imagination leads to fear, we need to turn that imagination over to Faith in the Father and Mother through Christ within, imagining that dome of protection.

Instilling within our children complete Faith and the amazing love and peace that is provided when we offer our complete surrender. By doing this, we show them how to have Faith, we show them how to call on the Father and Mother through Christ, to feel their love and protection, we show them the way to the Kingdom.

Kimberly Oulton