Christ: Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven!

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Faith, Gentleness, Kindness, Meekness, Temperance. These are the fruits of the spirit. These are also qualities that each parent strives to teach their children as they grow. The greatest gift we can give to our children is the knowledge of the Father and Mother through Christ. We can teach them about emotions and how to handle them through fruits of the spirit and by talking through them with the Father.

Children of all ages have deep emotions that are sometimes hard to cope with from an adult perspective, from crying over spilled juice to throwing a tantrum because mom or dad said no. Bringing in the fruits of the spirit is a way that we can turn these negative emotions into positive and at the same time introducing the Father to our children.

Teaching them that when they feel love, that is of the Father, when we feel peace, that is of the Father also, and so on. However, teaching them to turn their negative emotions around can be a task and keeping ourselves positive while dealing with this is not always easy either.

Leading by example is huge with children, showing them how to implement the fruits of the spirit. As we have learned through the DSG series is that Satan will try to attack at the moment he feels there is a way in, and I have found that sometimes arguments between children and parents can be a very easy way for him to enter the mind.

But if we show our children how to implement good fruits in our lives, they will look up to us and try to do the same. It's okay to get angry and frustrated, but it is also so important to acknowledge that feeling and turn it into good fruits. Look inside, deep within, turn to the Father and ask out loud for forgiveness for allowing yourself to get angry and ask for love, joy and peace.

Although this takes practice, our children will see how we turn to the Father when we are upset, just as our children turn to us when they are upset. Teaching them how to turn to the Father as well can greatly help them in learning how to talk with the Father and will help them learn how to start discerning their thoughts. "Are my thoughts coming from Satan or the Father? Do I feel anger or do I feel love?"

The Father is our best friend. We can tell the Father anything, he always has our back. As children get older, they don't always want to come to us with their problems, so teaching them about the Father can help them. Teaching them that if they are feeling low, they can turn to the Father and ask for peace. Teaching them that it's okay to get emotional, it's okay to cry, the Father does not judge us. We can share our deepest secrets with the Father.

If we as parents talk with the Father out loud around our children, they will learn to talk to the Father too. They will learn to turn their negative emotions into fruits of the spirit. It may take time, but if we practice patience and lead by example, our children will follow.

We cannot force a tree to grow fruit, we can plant the seed and water it, prune it and allow it to bear fruit when it is its time. The same is with children, we nurture them, we help them and if we keep planting our seeds they will bear fruit. When we lead by example, we show them the way of the Father.

We show them how to talk to the Father, we show them how to discern their thoughts, we show them how to turn negative emotions around into fruits of the spirit. We show them the way to the Kingdom.

Kimberly Oulton