December 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 004 - Article 014

What are Miracles?
Are miracles real or are they matrix oriented?
Both, time to learn!

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

The objective of the Father intervening is to prove we do not have to be subjected by a false realm that the Father can intervene in our human lives. But I think the confusion comes in is the Father is truly real and not memorex, but he uses the matrix often to perform what we may call miracles in this false realm.

He does not need the matrix, for his power is real, and the matrix is artificial. However, the Father even uses us to perform many deeds, but he also does not need us, but he uses us as part of the matrix because we are inside the matrix. Like when Moses came before the Pharaoh and Aaron threw the staff on the ground and it turned into a snake.

Then the Pharaoh's two compadres I think they were named, Jannes and Jambrees, threw their staff on the ground and their staff's turned into snakes. However, Moses snake devoured their snakes, repesenting a little more advanced matrix know-how... But remember the snakes nor anything else in this realm are real they are also part of the illusion.

The Father doesn't need the matrix, but he uses the same matrix like walking on water. The illusion is that water is even really there, therefore walking on water is coming into an agreement with the illusion, yet at the same time defying three dimensional science using fourth dimensional matrix technology.

One of the reasons the Father does not do many physical apparition miracles because our faith should not be because we see something happen in the fake world, we must believe without seeing. Like Christ said to Thomas, Thomas, you now believe because you saw me, but greater are they which believe and see me not. Even though this was referencing witnessing Christ in the Flesh it is the same thing, a belief in something beyond the tangible.

John 20/29 "Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believe"

What we call miracles are kids games to the Father, in the greatest sense, they are not really miracles they are just technological interventions using the programmed matrix, and thus the Father doesn't want us to rely on matrix technology as a sign of some pseudo spiritual divination. If it was truly valid the Father would use the Matrix daily in our lives to show us things. However, he does not want us seeking the matrix for our true spiritual needs.

A real miracle of spirit is changing the heart, bringing forth fruits of the spirit, it is anything that works within the true spirit not around it. So when we expect a miracle we are saying we are not hindered by the matrix because we know the Father is not limited by what we are limited by, and often it is simple ignorance.

However, if all the Father does is show matrix miracles, then we become more trusting in the illusion the opposite way as some have done by trusting the matrix to perform their own defiant works of magic; thinking they have real power. Do you all understand? The Father is much more than the matrix, but the matrix is what he so often uses when it comes to defying physical applied science, because 'we' are also of the matrix, in our fall.

So when we say we expect a Miracle we are saying the Father has our backs no matter what we are inclined to witness before us using our limited matrix five senses. I hope this helps... But the Father doesn't want us trusting in the act, he wants us trusting in him, in faith!

Look at it this way, not even the matrix can bring us home. Now that is when a true real spiritual miracle occurs, when we change in the twinkling of an eye from flesh to true divine spirit, not even the matrix can accomplish that feat. When the Father defies the matrix technology then we have truly seen a miracle. Otherwise, it is just the Father using the Matrix on our behalf due to our limitations.

I have also revealed the Father is not really doing anything in the external, he lives and works in the internal of our hearts & minds in spirit. Usually when anything is done in the flesh it is his angels, which do operate externally that perform the events using the matrix. When the Father personally uses his glory, it is 'within' not without, but the angels work the external if the Father commands it on our behalf.

Anything of the matrix, we can see with our eyes is not real it is an artificial spirit, a fake or copy, possibly a shadow of the true, but that which is of the true divine Holy spirit cannot be seen with our human eyes because it is real, unless it is made manifest within.

The Father works within our spirit. Everything else is illusion. Illusion is not necessarily evil, even though it is not real, we do learn from the illusion like a pilot training to fly a jet using simulation.

In closing, everything the Father does accomplish even if it is matrix oriented, it is real, because the act created a stronger reality in belief. And Faith is a power of belief and it is truly real and it is not of the matrix nor does it need to depend on the matrix.

By: John V Panella

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