December 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 004 - Article 015

A Child's Imagination!
Sometimes we forget we are all just little Children that one day we decided to play a game and now we are here.
Read it to your child, or become that child again!

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

Once upon a time long long ago, we lived in a world of Imagination. In this world lived all our family and friends, but we were not like we are today, we were all children living in happiness and joy. And yes even Jesus was living in this glorious world of imagination and he was like a daddy to us all, but also our older brother.

There was nothing good we could not do, but as children sometimes tend to do, we wondered what it was like to do bad things. So some of us got together and decided to create a game. But since nothing bad could happen where we were, we had to take a long journey and leave the rest of our family to go to another place so we could invent games where both good and bad could be part of the game.

We had never experienced anything bad, so we wanted to find out what it was like to play this forbidden game. Where we lived we could never be harmed, or never be hurt in any way, nor could we ever die in the world we came from. For our world was an everlasting life, full of goodness, wonder & imagination.

However, some of the children decided to make a game that allows even the bad things, yes, even very bad things. We just wanted to see what it was like. We never had any intention to harm anyone, we just wanted to play a game.

We ended up making a deal with one of our guardians and protectors, we will call her name, Lucy. And Lucy told us, to be able to play this game we will need to take a long journey into another place, a forbidden place, where we would be allowed to do things that we must not do here.

The children all gathered around Lucy and asked, why can't we do some these things here? We wondered, why is it that we can do anything we desire but we must not do bad things? Lucy told us, that our Father and Mother were very strict and they were afraid we would get hurt if we played these games.

Lucy told us, but think about it, how can anyone of us ever be hurt, we are perfect, limitless beings that can live forever, and nothing can ever harm us, we can just imagine anything bad away, RIGHT?

It made sense to us, we thought our Daddy and Mommy were just a little to over-protective, and that a harmless little game would not be that bad. And this is where we deceived ourselves in that we wanted to play a game where things could be bad, and yet we talked ourselves into believing, that it was not really bad. This was our first deception.

We should have listened to mommy and daddy, but we thought it would be fun to at least try. So we came together with Lucy and she set the game up and together we went on this long journey and left our home behind as well as left all of our other brothers and sisters, so that we could go and play this game.

But Lucy tricked us, she imagined another child to enter our game, and this child was very bad, this child never knew good, or anything that was ever right, proper and true. Lucy thought if we were going to play a real game of both good and bad, then we needed an adversary in the game to test us and make fun of us.

This new player would get us to do bad things and even terrible and harmful things all the time. This new player whom we never knew from our world that we left behind, was so bad, he was known as the Snake. And the snake was very bad, in fact; the snake never knew anything that was ever good. And the snake made things even harder by making his own children to also play the game, and they were just like the snake, and they were called, the Serpents.

Yet we had once thought in our minds, how could anything really harm us? Like Lucy told us we could do anything, anything we imagined we could do. So we thought that if something goes wrong, we could just stop playing the game and go home. Oh, but that wasn't to be, Lucy tricked us and the snake kept us trapped and all the serpents made things harder and harder for us to imagine our perfect world that we had left.

Lucy never told us that in this other world we would not be able to do all the things we once were able to do. If the game was going to be real like, we had to really believe it.

For in this new game world it would become a trick of illusion instead of imagination, and thus we could get trapped and stranded in the game and never realize it because we forgot who we were. And yes, we could die and live and die again inside the game, never realizing we are stuck inside the good and bad game, because no one ever truly dies, we just keep repeating what we did and we do it again and again, because we forget. This waa not a good game, because we decided to play with bad, too.

And that is what happened. We went into the game, and we became lost inside our own dreamlike minds, because we lost our abilities and we lost our imagination. For the game controls everything. And then, once upon a time, Jesus, knowing we were lost in another world talked it over with mom and dad on how it would be best for Jesus to come into the dream-game and to remind us who we were so we could all be freed from the trap and go home.

Jesus then entered the dream, because it has always been a dream. Jesus began to remind us of the true world we left behind as well as remind us of our Mom and Dad that we had forgotten all about, the ones who love us more than any other. Jesus reminded us how to remember again. But this game was so hard and the bad things were so bad, it kept us in a mind trap so that we would continue to forget.

Yet Jesus tried really hard to remind us of an ability we all once had and that we never lost one gift, we just forgot what we were able to do when we were home. We have always had the gift of imagination, because as long as we can think we can imagine. Jesus had to remind us to become like that little child again as we were before we left to play the game.

And when we began to use this gift we realized that this game cannot stop any us from remembering who we were, we just have to try really hard to believe. If we continue to imagine we then slowly remember our world that we left behind, for our true world cannot be remembered unless we imagine it.

However, for Jesus to really show us how to leave the game, he had to come and live in the game with us for a very short time, he instructed us to stop being bad, and to only be good, we must become as we once were so we could return back to where we existed. And then he like others in the game, died, because that is all part of the game we wanted to play.

Jesus did not really die, but the body that Jesus came into to play this game as has happened with all of us, was only part of the game and his body died, but not the spirit, for in our real world we have our own bodies of imagination, we could be anything we wanted, but here our bodies are not real, they are part of the game.

Jesus did this to prove that we should never be scared, never worry when we play this fake game, but we must use our imagination again like Jesus reminded us, then we can eventually return home, because we don't really die, death is not real, it never has been real, but we just forgot that we are playing a game. It is only part of the dream-game that we made up.

Jesus also reminded us, that if we are good to ourselves and one another the Snakes and Serpents would not be allowed to harm us, so there is nothing to fear. He also told us, that when he left that he would always be with us and he would never forsake us or leave us, as long as we were good and true to one another. Jesus would live within us, and his angels would protect us from the Snake and Serpents.

One day Jesus is going to return to gather us up once we learn to stop playing bad with each other, he will then return us back home in the blink of an eye, and we will remember and become that little child again and awaken in our real true home back with our true family.

The moral to this story is, our world that we came from is truly the real world, and this place that we entered is make believe. It is what happenes when we allow our imagination to do bad things. Now we know forever more why our mommy and daddy didn't want us to imagine bad things in their home.

They were not being too strict, they were loving us even more. For the one thing our mommy and daddy always told us was, never use your imagination to do bad things, we only harm ourselves and the ones we love the most.

And once we learn this lesson we will all return home and leave the dream-game behind, and we will never play the game of good and bad ever again. From here on out any game we play will only be for good things, so that we never lose our imagination.

By: John V Panella

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