December 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - World News in Prophecy #3

America in Prophecy 2
The election that never was!
The Greatest Military sting operation ever upon any nation

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

I have become more and more aware of why Q posted a few times that this is not just another [4] year election. On the surface this makes no sense, and I believed it was revealing the truth of the plan they created.

What we just experience was an election, and yes President Trump won by a massive landslide, but since this was never about an election, we must now begin to comprehend what really occurred.

There is no way to state this is not another [4] year election unless what is being stated is, that this was not ever really an election, meaning a legal one. For many months prior to the election President Trump continued to reveal to the American people if they had ears to hear that the ‘hidden enemy’ was going to steal this election.

He kept telling us, this will be the most fraudulent election ever. Why make these type of statements without clarifying, that he intended to stop the fraud from happening? I mean it is only logical if you know something is about to happen like a thief at your door, you would want to prepare.

Unless, It is because the President never had any intention to stop the fraud, the plan was to allow them to steal the election and then bring down fire and brimstone upon the enemy, aka the virus, in the form of a vaccination. Keep reading!

It is obvious even now I think about it, looking back, as I questioned POTUS during this period as to why make these kind of statements unless you are going to allow it to happen? Think about it logically, how do you prove an election was the most fraudulent ever as well as saying that the enemy is going to steal this election? Why say an event is going to happen, unless you are going to allow it to happen, or else you would be proven wrong and appear as a doddering fool?

Now logically, why allow the election to be stolen unless you have a plan? You don't allow the enemy back in power via theft, and then walk away and just ignore they stole the election, even after it was admitted that this very event would occur. You must prove what occurred to the sleepy people. Therefore, why allow the enemy back in the front door?

To advertise to the entire country and world as everyone would be watching closely, what was being planned by the enemy, and it was not just the Democratic party, as many Republicans were involved with the assistance of foreign heads of state.

If it would have been allowed to be revealed that President Trump had won on election day, which he did, then how would we ever know the election was a fraud and it was stolen in a cyber-war coup d’etat? They had to allow them to steal it!

Obviously, why contest it if you had won? This is because the election was never an election, it was a military sting operation to reveal the HIDDEN 'enemy' WITHIN to everyone. It was a real military trap. We are at war, and unbeknownst to the majority of the American people; we have long been at war against a hidden enemy within.

Therefore, we are not in an election, and this was not another [4] year election, it is the final battle of being at war against a hidden enemy...Thus, the election process was ALLOWED to be subverted by foreign and domestic actors, which is called treason… to verify the real war at hand to everyone else who was unaware.

My take on the military talking about a vaccine, is code for 'truth'. Vaccine means, in type, a revelation. It represents inoculating the masses with the truth of what has been going on as the hidden enemy is not a disease per say, it is the infiltration of a dangerous humanoid virus.

The time frame of 24 hours, which has been revealed recently, as to say all Americans will be vaccinated within this small time frame, is revealing the truth will come fast and furious, in one day the entire nation of 350 million people will be vaccinated, injected with a virus killer, meaning an awakening of the masses.

This is not possible unless they are speaking in code. You cannot physically vaccinate 350 million people in a span of a day unless it is representing something else.

We are in a cyber-warfare and propaganda war, of the which has never been seen before, a war between good and evil, and it has been invisible to the many, but soon made to become visible to everyone in 24 hours, including the world, as all are watching.

This is why Q stated, that the enemy will be allowed to walk through the front door, not just to allow them their play, but to reveal to everyone who the real enemy is, because it is not a single party that is going down, it is the entire Temple, the whole house is being brought down on top of the infiltrators and conspirators.

It will be Biblical…

And as I have revealed for many years, President Trump was chosen to reestablish the foundation, the KEYSTONE, which began with George Washington upon the building of this house. America is being given one last chance to awaken to her folly, as while she slept the thief entered.

And it is for the people now to prepare and make ready their lives as the spiritual judgment has come upon the house of Israel, there is little time left, as Trump is holding the plumb-line to measure the Temple, after the enemy is removed.

There is no other way for a fair judgment until the enemy is extricated and dissolved.

Addendum 11-28-20: I also been realizing that part of the plan will be revealed, if the military takes over, then their first job is to remove the MSM and place their own people to awaken the populace.

Could this be the 24 hour awakening vaccinated moment. Is the military finally going to take over the media to reveal to the people what has been going on... This is part of Martial law and I always expected it...

Remember, this is war, and we are being attacked from foreign and domestic enemies. Those who do not understand why the need for Martial law, it is because they are sleeping while bombs are dropping everywhere.

After all of this is over I would expect a national re-vote to be granted for a true election process!

By: John V Panella

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