December 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 004 - Article 003

Are you in Control?
Use your weapon wisely

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

Often being a warrior in battle you must be trained. You must understand how to use the weapon that you carry. You must have detailed knowledge and experience how to handle enemy attack. And often you need to know how to fight one on one so that you are not removed from battle…

Today I am not here to instruct how to fight a war in the flesh, but how to fight in spirit. We must be trained, we must be ready, and we must know exactly how to use our weapons… I want to discuss today about our most powerful weapon that is often misused.

I wonder how many can figure out what our most powerful spiritual weapon is, we all have it, and use it daily. And often we use it without even a grain of thought. It is there, and we operate this weapon like a drive by shooting.

The weapon we all have is that which comes out of our mouth, which could also be our pen or keyboard. It is words. Just as Christ is the Word of Life and Truth we also brandish the weapon of words. Recently, I began to understand in my position just how powerful words really are.

Do we speak our mind like emptying a Gatling gun into a crowd? Do we fire at will, and take no thought to the damage that we might be causing? One thing I have learned as a helper and teacher is I must be in control of my weapon at all times, whether auditory or in writing.

We all have our own personalities, and our way of doing things and often we become set in our ways and we don’t consider that what we are speaking might be harming others. What is in a man’s heart comes out via his words. Like if we are negative about something, should we just start emptying our gun into the air without first considering who might be in harms way.

It is also like faith, how do we show faith when we are spewing doubt bullets everywhere? If someone angers us, do we just start shooting off the mouth or do we consider what we are saying before we speak.

Today, I want to discuss control, I want to discuss proper weapons management. Have you ever heard the slogan, sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me? I find it ironic that this statement is opposite of the truth.

Words are more dangerous than even physical weapons. Words can demoralize, crush and destroy. I speak often about how we must digest the WORD of truth, eat it and allow it to nourish us. But what happens when we take something within that is dangerous or poison? It can destroy one internally and spiritually.

Each day I have grown to learn to be careful with what I say especially in a group setting or even one on one. I must go to the Father each time before I used my weapon, to ask for help in saying the right thing. I must learn not only what to say, but how to say it. I must become proficient with this weapon.

Understand, if the spirit is not leading and directing the word in you, then that is like shooting into a crowd of people having no concern how it might be harming them. We must learn to control our spirit. We must keep the sword in the sheath, and not just wildly swing it around. We must become trained and apt soldiers with our weapons.

I cannot repeat enough how important it is to control our words when we speak or write. So often when someone buys a gun, they are often trained how to use it and they learn to keep it in a protected area often without being loaded, so a child doesn’t find it and then harm themselves.

My friends, we must unload our guns also. We must unload the weapon of words. Just because the bullet is there in the mind doesn’t give you the right to use it. Throughout my entire life I have had to be careful how and what I say to other people.

If something irritates you, then if you speak those words, do you not understand it will irritate others also. Is our job to create friends of destruction or friends of goodness? If you are mad, learn to contain it, and switch it to something productive and positive.

This does not mean you cannot feel a certain way, it means we must become proficient in our use of this weapon. Just because you feel a certain way doesn’t mean you have to reveal it to others. Sometimes swearing or cursing is used to impress deeply on a specific point, however, if all one does is swear, it reveals a lack of intellect.

People who swear all the time are revealing themselves to be illiterate unable to communicate properly. And it makes them look weak, and dangerous. My friends, ignorance is dangerous. Proper communication is a skill that needs to be honed and learned.

It is so important that we simply do not speak what is in our minds that we first wash it, filter it, and anoint it with oil. Meaning take it to the Father. It is called temperance. If we can avoid using our weapon of words recklessly, we can help others. But if all we do is spout out what is in the mind without filtering it, then great damage is done.

Remember, we are programmed to defy and go against the spirit of the Father, so often those internal words/thoughts we feel deeply and then we use them are not to be spoken, that weapon should be holstered. We must learn control. We must educate ourselves in the use in our demeanor to help one another not harm them.

What good is it to speak randomly about things that have no gift of blessing, but rather a dogma of hate. When someone does you wrong, do you want to destroy them or offer a solution of help? Sometimes the solution is correction out of love, but it is done with wise council and directives from the Father.

So often we do not think things through before we start unloading our gun. This is not wise or prudent. It shows a depth of spiritual weakness and it also shows a lack of being poor in spirit, also known as humility.

As the old saying goes, you can please some people some of the time, and some people all the time, but you can never please all people all the time. Therefore, we must also understand that nothing we say or do will ever be good enough for everyone. However, our job is to control our weapon, not to try to placate everyone.

Placating is also a sin, it also shows weakness. In battle and war there are still times one must use the weapon, and in our case that weapon is our words. I am not saying to never speak, I am saying, to control what you say. Don’t just fire off the weapon because you have it. Learn to control.

We are in a spiritual war, and we must become smarter. We must become trained and proficient in using our weapon of speech. In this lesson, learn to speak words that are beneficial to help one another. We all know the enemy and we do not need to be reminded about them all the time. It is our job to restore peace not to drown ourselves in a pity party.

In everything we do, we must turn it over to the Father. Seek his will and spirit. Learn to speak his thoughts and words. Become proficient like Christ. When you say something, ask yourself, would the Father or Christ speak those words.

The objectivity of this lesson is learn to become like Christ, think Christ before you speak anything. Realize that his entire mission on earth was to please the Father. When he spoke he spoke of and for the Father.

Just like being an Emissary or Ambassador, when we speak we speak for the Father. If you keep this in your mind you will begin to recognize how important it is that you use your weapon wisely. As an example, you may write something down and then send it to others either verbally or textually. Look at what you just wrote, and ask, is this something Christ would say on behalf of the Father.

Often you will recognize that you made a fool of yourself because you were spreading bullets randomly into the crowd without thinking. It is time as Ambassadors of Christ we must be in control, and not shooting from the hip haphazardly.

By: John V Panella

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