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The Covenants and the Sacrifice!
The true spiritual teaching of
Why Christ died for our sins

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

The following article I have written a little on this prior, but the Father wanted me to bring it forward again so that his children will awaken to the great lie before it is too late.

One of the most misunderstood beliefs in Christianity is why did Christ have to die to sacrifice for our sins? Why was their a blood offering for forgiveness when the blood ritual was created by the fallen gods? What does any of this have to do with Eternal life and our ability to enter into the Father’s Kingdom?

I am not here to make light of Jesus death, to the contrary I am here to expand its meaning. The reason I have come today is to reveal what his death actually meant, and it is not what many have been taught. Most Christians today have little knowledge about the Old Covenant and how it plays a role in our spiritual ecclesiastical realm.

Most have been taught only about the New Covenant or the Old Covenant but not both. And I have revealed how the Old was a shadow of the New. It was not the new, it was just an incomplete copy, because it lacked a fundamental.

Yet few ask themselves, why was their a need for an upgrade. Why did the old need to become the new. So many ignore the foundation while forgetting that foundation is what brought all of us here to this point. If we destroy the foundation, we then have no building at all.

Jesus said I have come not to destroy the law but to fulfill it. Why would he say this? Why didn’t Jesus just rebuild a new foundation and start again as so many believe? Why did he keep the old foundation and then reveal something else altogether.

My friends, the Old Covenant cannot be removed for the new. And this is why so many are ignorant of the laws. In a sense it is tantamount to saying the 3rd dimension was changed into the 4th dimension. It does not work like that.

The Old Covenant is based on three dimensional human existence with embedded rules for societal interaction. It is a code book to guide and lead humanity. I have taught that the old law is the law of the flesh and blood. It has to do with blessings and cursing and death.

The old law cannot and was not designed to give eternal life. Read that statement again and again. The old law was not given to access eternal life. It was given to have a good life while being alive in the fallen realm, and then after death, it could offer nothing.

Even if you fulfilled the old in its entirety as was revealed unto the young wealthy man, where he said he had followed the old law all his life but Jesus revealed, it was still not good enough, what did he lack? He lacked spirit!

And although that perfect obeisance to that law was not even possible, you could still never be saved even if you obeyed it. Never!

Please think about that. The ancient law was a guide book for human interaction in the flesh while being alive, it had nothing to do with what happens after death. It had nothing at all to do with Life Eternal. Nothing in its commands, precepts, statutes, ordinances or laws could provide one with eternal life. Nothing!

When the gods of old desired animal sacrifice and bloodletting to forgive sins, it had nothing to do with spiritual iniquity. In fact it is not even in its design. When Christ came along in the avatar named Jesus, he became a sacrifice unto and for the old law, because the law proclaimed a ‘sacrifice’ must be given to forgive the sins of the people, personally and nationally.

So Jesus fulfilled the entirety of that law by being the Lamb slaughtered for the sins of the world. And that Lamb was killed as a representation to forgive our sins. But what sins? It was only the sins of the flesh.

As we move forward let’s examine this divine protocol deeper. When we get baptized the teaching revealed we are to be submerged into water. It represents a type of burial. Yes, it is not about sprinkling water over the initiate, it is about complete burial. It is called the Water Baptism, or water Submersion.

And it represents our death in Christ. It does not forgive spiritual sins, because the blood of bulls and goats or even humans cannot take away sin. Only a contrite heart and the willingness to allow for the adaptation of the Father’s will integrated into our life can forgive spiritual sins. The old was never designed to forgive spiritual sins, it was not even in the playbook.

So why did Jesus have to die for our sins when there was never any law about dying for anyone sins other than the old Covenant, which by the blood of the lambs, could only forgive human error, the breaching of the old law? Are you starting to get it?

Jesus could not remove spiritual sins by anything by testament under the old covenant law, only the Father can forgive us of our spiritual mind-iniquities. Then why did Jesus have to die to fulfill scripture of the Old Covenant? Why was any of this necessary?

Be prepared, I am now taking you into a whole new level of spiritual truth and wisdom.

Many know about the Water baptism as I revealed above, but few know that the water baptism does not bring about salvation from the flesh back into the spirit. What it does is bring us into the death of Christ. As Jesus died that day as a human, we also die the moment we are baptized into the water from all if our physical and carnal iniquities.

Remember, Christ never died, his counterpart of the flesh, Jesus did.

Water baptism is a symbolic ritual that reveals, we no longer walk in death unto death. We now live in Christ unto life. Now before you shout, yes Indeed, the Lord saved me. Stop, think about what I am trying to reveal.

The forgotten baptism is not the water baptism, but the spirit baptism, the true cleansing via the spirit. The water baptism represents death and rebirth. However, it never removed us from the flesh and blood world nor can it.

Jesus death was the fulfillment of the law where blood must cover over sins of the flesh. My friends, it is now ‘Christ’s life’ that overcame this world of sin and it brings us unto the path, or the WAY unto life eternal.

So why were there two aspects? The one cleanses us in the flesh, and even allows for physical miraculous healing if we believe in faith, as it was written, “By his Stripes we are healed.”

This allows us more time, more grace to do what? To live a life in the ‘Life’ not death of Christ; representing him as we must walk the path he did, and fulfill the will of the Father. We must be about our Father’s business to do His will now, not the will of the old covenant. It is not in the cross of death that gives us life, but it is in the Life that gives us life.

However, as long as we are in the flesh we are part of the old covenant law and must do its bidding. Jesus died to free us from the penality of the law of bondage so that we could fulfill the law of liberty while seeking and doing the Father’s will.

It gave us Grace-time, and as long as we live in the will of the Father it gives us eternal life potential. When we are buried symbolically unto the death of Christ, the water baptism, we fulfill the old covenant and are no longer held captive under its bondage.

When we rise back out of the water symbolically coming away from or resurrecting from death, we are not saved spiritually, we are saved physically, forgiven of our human carnal sins, and now we can do His will by proving the every good and acceptable will of the Father, by our fruits in this world.

We live to prove our Covenant decree by our life style. If we live after the flesh then we come under the old covenant of death. If we live after the spirit, we then come under the new Covenant of life.

The old Covenant is the tree of both good and evil. The new Covenant is the Tree of Life. Christ did not die as a tribute to the Tree of Life, obviously the two do not combine. He died to fulfill the tree of death so that we could then walk in the ways of the Tree of Life.

You will never hear anything as powerful as this anywhere until one understands the sacrifice of Jesus, and what it really meant. His blood does not cover spiritual sins, his life and our walking on the true path does.

However, his death did cover our physical sins under the old covenant. Thus we are no longer trapped in death eternally condemned by law, we have been given the ticket to freedom, if we follow in the footsteps of Christ, while doing what he did to fulfill the Father’s will.

Christianity has been lulled into error thinking they will be granted eternal life because they spoke the name Jesus and said they believe. But believing is far more than just saying one believes, they must now follow the same path he walked. Christ said FOLLOW ME. He never said, ‘stand idle and let me get this done for you.’

If a Master told you that walking 25 miles will grant you a blessing of great stature, you don’t just stand there and say, I believe Master, and then expect to be granted the blessing. You must believe what the Master stated, and then walk the 25 miles. Satan has a done a grand job in deceiving the Children of inheritance.

Too many have been led down the primrose path thinking all they have to do is believe and then lazily they live their lives indifferent to what Christ taught or what the Father’s will may be.

Christ died so that we may have human life beyond the judgment of error, to grant us time to develop a spiritual discipline. We were afforded more time to live in Christ to develop Christ within. His sacrifice gave us access to healing of all physical maladies, many of which were passed down by our human biological parents.

Under the old Covenant, sins brought about ill health. And often were passed down from three to four generations. Often we are cursed in life because of what our biological parents and their parents and their parents, parents did while living their life in error.

Sometimes those curses can be used to develop a stronger spiritual aptitude, but over all Christ gave us a free healing card if we believe, meaning have real true faith. His death removed all sins that caused the error we are experiencing as biological infirmity.

Under the old law sins can be passed down from one generation to another simply because it is only a carnal biological law, that passes down via the matrix law. However, under the spiritual law, it is only your personal sins you must deal with.

Jeremiah 31-29,30,31

“29 In those days they shall say no more, The fathers have eaten a sour grape, and the children's teeth are set on edge.

30 But every one shall die for his own iniquity: every man that eateth the sour grape, his teeth shall be set on edge.

31 Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah:”

And those sins of the mind that lead in to faulty action have now become spiritual sins, and no death of anything or anyone can remove a spiritual sin. Only you can seek forgiveness, and begin to live a more proper spiritual life and with the Father’s simple forgiveness, we can move forward and the sin will be removed.

Physical sins are cauterized by death, spiritual sins are removed by LIFE.

It is called grace with added time. It doesn’t mean you can sin and be forgiven, it just means if you do sin, you can seek for forgiveness and with fruits to the contrary of the sin, can be released from its grip.

Those that believe Jesus died for their sins and now can live a haphazard lifestyle are sadly mistaken and will be rejected at the harvest.

Therefore, the old covenant condemned us physically, for generation after generation for ever and ever. However, Jesus sacrificed himself to remove that condemnation of the flesh the tree of death, so that we could have the opportunity to walk spiritually and be resolved of all debt to the old law by allowing or affording us more time to walk in the new law, the TREE OF LIFE.

By: John V Panella

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