December 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 004 - Article 009

Our Internal Reckoning
Which seed are your nourisning within?

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

As time moves along in this fallen world there is one issue we all must reconcile. And that is what is it about ourselves that we nurture? I ask this question because of an internal mystery of the depth of our true selves in this fallen realm.

The bible reveals, no sinner will enter the Father’s kingdom. It also reveals anyone that says they are not a sinner is a liar and truth is not in them. Those are heavy words indeed to have to reconcile become they seem to contradict one another. It is sort of a damned if you do and damned if you don’t moment.

A sinner cannot move forward into the realm of glory, and yet if anyone says they do not have sin, they are a liar. How do we reconcile this enigma? The sad fact is, each and everyone of us is a sinner. The very nature of sin is programmed into our internal processor. We as humans were created in corruption. Meaning we are indeed corrupt.

Corruption is the opposite of perfection. It reveals we deteriorate, we expire, we die. If our bodies were eternal they could never die. However, our bodies are indeed a biological machine that operates very closely to the workings of a computer.

I have written all about the Garden and the mystery of the knowledge of Good and Evil. I revealed how that the Earth is in type a garden, and we as humans were planted here along with something else that is foreign to this world... our soul projection from Spirit.

Both good and evil were planted in the same Garden. This is revealed in the Wheat and Tares parable. When the good seed was planted in the Garden, the enemy known as Satan planted the evil seed right next to it, and both were allowed to grow together until the end, where the evil seed which has now grown into a large inferior plant must be separated.

The Parable revealed that removing the tares/weeds too early might also remove the good plant, as the wheat. Therefore both grow together side by side until the Harvest where the evil plant is removed and destroyed in the fire, and then the good plant is taken into the Barn of Christ for protection.

This is done because the field, is going to be reprocessed for another planting cycle. So everything is destroyed. The earth is destroyed to bring on another earth garden, and then the good seeds which failed to be harvested are planted again side by side with the bad seeds for another go around to purify the good seed.

However, this process although seemingly external is also very internal. Do you understand, we are also the Garden, Each person is a garden that has planted within the seed of both good and evil. This article today is not about removing the tares from within you, remember until the Harvest both must dwell together. We cannot exist in this realm without both. We are experiencing both good and evil in the realm of Good and Evil.

This article is not to condemn you for the evil within you, For we know we are all sinners, remember, anyone that says they sin not, or that sin is not in them is a liar. It is a fact of reality, if we are here, we have sinned, and are of sin via this body and matrix.

But does this mean we are damned? Within all of us are two seeds that are planted, one seed is good and the other seed is evil, this is a fact! However, my question to you is, which seed are you nurturing? Each of us, has a dark seed embedded within us. Each of us must fight the war between our own internal members, as the Bible revealed. We have a war going on inside of us.

Romans 7-23

"But I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members (BODY)."

Do we protect and defend that which is evil within? Do we make exceptions for those things that we do wrong? Do we placate with our own sins? Do we excuse them and make excuses for them? The question is simple, what part of us do we protect? What part of us do we nurture.

Do you understand, our job is not to condemn ourselves for having evil within, it is to nurture the good of Christ. The good seed can only come from the Father via Christ. We are not good, but the seed within was planted from goodness and holiness. The problem is we are in a battle, and until the Harvest, that ugly dual aspect of ourselves must remain with us.

This is our internal friction to make right what is wrong. We must nurture the good of Christ within. But we must starve out the seedling of evil within. We must not water the wrong plant. In a garden when one recognizes a tare or WEED next to the plant, we do not spend our time giving that weed food and water.

We have no desire to keep the weed healthy. We do not want the weed to grow, because it can cause harm and even kill the wheat or good plant. So we cherish the seedling of the wheat, we water it, we give it food and we must give it sunlight or it will die, and by all means we must protect it from the Weed.

In our own lives, we must feed the good plant with the Word of Christ, the bread and wine. We must give it the Sunlight of Christ. If we do not do these things in our own life, we inadvertently harm the good plant, or we bring in the false sunlight of Lucifer which cannot spiritually feed the good plant. And as the scriptures reveal we cannot serve two masters. If we are not nurturing the good within is, then we are nurturing the evil.

When we do wrong, do we excuse it? Do we attempt to protect it? Do we find all sorts of reasons to keep the wrong seed strong and healthy? Or do we try to starve it once we recognize it. Do we try to suffocate it, keep Christ off of it, and definitely do not feed it.

This is something we must all reconcile with. Sadly too many want to hold on to that forbidden seed that is growing rapidly within. The tare within is beginning to form into a large plant and it is blocking and covering the real plant of goodness.

Often very little is shown of the good plant because it is being starved out while we protect that evil seed. Every time we fall short or sin and we then fail to repent, but instead find excuses to keep that little devil growing within, we are watering the wrong seed.

Repentance is a form of starving out the evil seed. Excuses are feeding the evil seed and trying to give it life. Sometimes we become so deeply lacking in this fallen state that we inadvertantly make the sin a lifestyle and then go about speaking if it as if it is good and acceptable. We find every excuse we can do qualify the evil seed growing within us, because we fail to nurture the good seed, but instead we nurture that which is evil within.

Once we get into a state where we desire to feed the wickedness within, and then try to call it good. The good seed must be aborted. The evil seed has no life within, if we nurture that seed, both the good and evil must perish no matter what.

When the harvest comes, the evil plant is destroyed, no matter how great it has become in your mind. However, if there is no good plant remaining or viable, or it has not grown fully and matured, then the good seed is also recycled with the evil seed, because it failed to become what its purpose was. The land becomes barren and burned in the fire again until the next planting season.

That branch which began on the Tree of Life which did not produce fruit, must be removed until that same branch can grow back at another time on a different part of the tree. It must be pruned. If it is not pruned it can negatively effect the entire tree.

My friends, all the true children have the evil seed growing within them right next to the good seed, but it is what we are doing with these seeds that matters. If you are not a true child of the Father via Christ, then there is no good seed within.

The question remains, which seed are we nourishing, feeding and protecting? Do we protect the good seed as if our life depends on it, or are we protecting the evil within, that dark nature side of us that is part of the fallen realm?

We must realize how serious all of this is. There is a one and only truth, during the harvest the evil seed is separated from the good seed and destroyed. However, if the separation process occurs and we have not been feeding from the Tree of of life, then there will not be anything left of the good to save once the evil is removed. Thus when the body/garden is destroyed in the fire there will be nothing left to save from the garden, everything perishes.

It is not our job to act as woe unto me, I have evil within. This is a fact of this illusory world, our job is to make sure we are not feeding the evil within. That good seedling within us, is Christ, the good seed is Christ planted by the Father and Mother, and it is within our very spirit that Christ created long before this world was ever brought into existence. And that same spirit is now projecting its soul to learn between good and evil and choosing wisely.

We are to become like Christ. Christ must be formed in us. If we are not nurturing the Christ seed within, then we are nurturing the demon seed. They both exist together in the same garden.

Galatians 4-19

“My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you...”

One aspect of this scripture is the author above is revealing he is travailing birth again to help Christ to be formed within others. Another proof of reicnarantion, which reveals many planting seasons. My friends, there are many true Harvest, nevertheless, it is the same Harvest for everyone, except in this world we have what is called time separation.

So it appears as many Harvests. But once we enter the Harvest, as in, everyone in their own order, 'ALL' who have harvested returns to glory at the same moment in time. A great mystery. It is called a 'GRACE' PERIOD!

Christ must be formed in us, and the only way that can happen is we nurture the seed of Christ within. We must be feeding it, allowing its natural sunlight to cover it like clothing. We must protect it with our life.

When we see the evil extend its filthy presence into our life from within us, we must protect the good seed of Christ with everything we have and do not feed the evil seed.

It is our Great internal Reckoning.

Who is it that we truly serve within?


By: John V Panella

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