December 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 004 - Article 013
Spiritual Eye
The Father's ultimate gift to the awakened!

Christian Casselli
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
Christian Casselli

I like the term - spiritual eye. And when you look upon this world with the spiritual eye, itís plain as day that what we see is not real. Itís not like having a hunch about something. Itís an actual Knowing with 100% certainty. You quite literally see through the spell of the illusion.

And you can say with absolute certainty, ďwow this world is completely alien yet no one sees it.Ē Furthermore, this world is very very small compared to what really exists outside of this place. Itís childís play compared to the vast glory of the Kingdom.

Not only have we fallen, but weíre incomplete fragments of ourselves. Weíve been broken down into little pieces from our true spirit-self. Weíre alienated and isolated from the totality of the spirit. Since we are fragmented and isolated while in this world, we need faith and trust in the Father to be our eyes and ears.

Hence, his will be done... because he can see from the perspective of totality. His will is then perfected, while ours is fallen and matrix bound.

Amazingly, when you see with absolute certainty that this world is nothing but an illusion, worldly common sense goes out the window. Yes, we operate here according to the 3D laws of this artificial construct.

However, faith and trust in the Father transcends all laws governing this realm. We donít need to think or conduct ourselves like everyday people do, because they are still hypnotized by matrix thinking. This type of thinking is literally a hypnotic spell to keep us locked away from the truth so we subconsciously move out of fear because we think this world is real and powerful.

Yet this world has no real power compared to the Father. Lucifer is like a little child compared to the Father, and Satan is Lucufer inept rebellious child that is mindless and hell-bent on mind-boggling spiritual and physical destruction.

When you Know with absolute certainty that the Father is really working within us via Christ, we connect to the true power of his limitlessness. The spirit is alive right now, and thinks and moves. There is nothing it cannot accomplish.

Meanwhile, this magnificent power loves us and wants to lead us back via the steps of faith. We cannot see the Father or Christ, but their spirit is alive and operating within his children and beyond this realm. And the Father is so much more magnificent than any aspect of this lower operation.

This place is like a tiny droplet of water likened unto the massiveness of the entirety of all oceans combined. And even that comparison is not even close to our divine heritage, which is the true reality and eternal limitless, everlasting life.

When Jesus performed a miracle, he wasnít hoping he would be able to do it. He knew with absolute certainty that it could be done, because the Father was the power in him. There is a major difference between thinking you can and knowing you can.

I believe thatís the deepening of faith we are ultimately acquiring, leading to the great miracle of our redemption from this illusory world.

Do you think Jesus accepted what he saw with his eyes as he moved through this world matrix? Did he see a loaf of bread, and say, yep thatís one loaf of bread, nothing more to it. Or did he know that the bread was an illusion of the matrix, so much so that he knew it could be transformed into thousands of loaves because the Father granted him the knowing, to accomplish this feat and to help wake others up.

Every miracle he performed was an act to teach us and separate us from the illusory spell of the world. Jesus knew this world was nothing but a fraudulent seduction mystically deceiving the mind, and oftentimes he performed miracles to teach us this awakening truth, while also revealing how the Father operates from the selfless fruits of the spirit.

Jesus had the spiritual eye to see through the illusion and connect to the Father with absolute certainty. It was faith perfected. He could not see the Father, but he knew he was there and always contained the real power of life and reality.

And we must also know the Father is there for us to ultimately fulfill his will in these end-days to help all the true seeds. Our trust in him must become perfected as this worldly script continues to play out, while ever-trusting in his will, which must be as perfect as the Father is.

In a simplistic analogy on miracles for us to grasp from our worldly mindset, do you wonder if you can raise your arm or do you know can? Obviously, you know you can, and there is no doubt about it. This is the perfection of faith in a simple act of moving your arm up and down at will.

In the same manner, did Jesus think he could turn water into wine or did he know he could? Obviously he knew he could. It wasnít a shock that it happened for him, just as itís not a shock you can raise your arm when you desire. So it is with miracles.

The spiritual eye we are all attaining is the same thing. We are perfecting our faith to a point of Knowing. Knowing without a doubt that this world is illusory because we can see right through it. And Knowing without a doubt that the Father is real and working within us, because we can feel him through Christ to the point of Knowing with absolute steadfastness.

I believe when the time comes, the miracles we witness in this world will be an accepted power within that we must believe knowing the Father controls the power through us. It wouldnít even surprise me to see someone walk on water, because this world is an artificial construct and the Father is limitless in what he can perform.

Especially in a fallen minuscule realm such as this one. You must comprehend that this world is artificial, therefore why is walking on water such a mind boggling stretch? Because our minds were hypnotized into believing in the false power of this programmed illusion.

As our faith deepens when Christ becomes crystallized within us, weíll reach a point of ultimate faith where it transforms into Knowing. This is the goal that Jesus was trying to teach us about faith and trust.

We will be led by the Holy Spirit to the promised land, and we will see many miracles along the way because miracles are standard procedure and common practice when it comes to the limitlessness power of the Father.

We think raising our arm is no great feat because weíve been hoodwinked by the illusion, but in reality what is truly taking place in the mechanics of this movement to lift an arm or a leg or a finger? It is a fired up synapses that invisibly sends a thought signal to the electronic core of the matrix avatar mind.

It sends signals into the invisible construct of this electrical engineered force, which subsequently returns those signals back to the limb to enable movement. It truly seems quite divine, yet it is all an illusory trick of the program, which we take now for granted, but it is a mracle in some form based on this world's illusory mechanism.

Soon weíll understand that raising a mountain is just as easy and as Knowable, because this world is nothing but a programmed illusion, and the Father has the only true power in this grand hierarchy. Lucifer and Satan have only programmed tricks of the trade, which are an illusory spell, penetrating our awareness, creating a matrix soul trap.

Discerning spirits also come from this state of Knowing. Just as you can see a driver inside a car and know that it is being driven. You can also penetrate that driver operating the vehicle and see their spirit, and know that spirit with absolute certainty.

Itís not a hunch, but an actual vision with the spiritual eye that reveals the truth about the spirit within, as to whether it is the Fatherís spirit or the spirit of the programmed human.

Most people are driven by lower spirits void of Christ, called the spirit in man. And when you see this, you donít have to fall for their gimmicks, because you know theyíre hypnotized by the matrix. Our power derives from Knowing the truth. The Fatherís spirit is reality, everything else is artificial.

So humbling and exciting to be a part of this mission with all of you that choose this path. Itís truly an honor that words cannot express. Iím just so grateful. And how beautiful and perfect this process is as the Fatherís glory is being revealed within us. It is the ultimate treasure.

BY: Christian Casselli

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