December 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 004 - Article 002
Surrendering Paradox
Letting go grants more Divine Flow

Christian Casselli
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
Christian Casselli

There is a profound realization that comes with understanding how the flow of the Spirit operates. This flow breathes in a very beautiful manner, not from desperate gasping grasps but from letting go.

All our lives we were taught different methods of exerting our energy to shape the world to our liking through force. If we want something, we are told we must find the inner desire to bring it into being. You'll hear motivational speakers talk like this, "Dream big and push yourself. No one will do it for you. Word hard, have faith, and the world is yours." Unfortunately there is a hidden drawback to this line of thinking.

This fallen thought process creates the "on-guard" mentality which has left us feeling subconsciously tense and wound-up from years of desperate striving. We may not notice it, but oftentimes our bodies are not relaxed. We are in a state of inner tension that leaves our muscles subtly flexed like we're ready to spring into action. It is the beginning stage of fight or flight mode. Remember, it is not the body but the mind that is tensed up, which then manifests in the body being tense.

Sure we can tell ourselves to relax, and this may help for a brief moment where we feel at ease. But moments later we subconsciously revert back to inner tension because we are leaving out the key ingredient. Even when we relax on the couch, we are not at ease. Our minds are running through different "what-if" scenarios.

Why is this happening? Why can't we seem to control our thoughts enough to remain in a state of peace so we're not always tense. Well my friends the answer of course is simple. It's so simple that we have trouble comprehending its foundation. We are not at peace because we are not in-tune with the Father. How do we get in-tune? Simply speaking, SURRENDER. Let go. This key has been revealed many times by John Panella.

The art of letting go can only be accomplished when we take the time to go within ourselves to speak with the Father. Anytime we go on auto-pilot, we let our imaginations run wild with different "what-if" scenarios. There is an infinite number of illusion type scenarios that we may ponder. We can spend our entire lives imagining these Phantom-sies.

Understand, the only way to totally surrender to the Father is by actively engaging with Him in our minds. Oftentimes we don't notice that we're drifting away from the Father because our minds are consumed with random thoughts of delusion. It is built into our program functioning system for the mind to drift back asleep into mindlessness. We won't always know our thoughts were delusional until we replug into the Father's frequency for a proper perspective. Until we do so, we are blindlessly mindless.

The beauty of plugging into the Father's frequency is that it's not accomplished by desperate grasping. If we seek the Father out of desperation, we will actually push the Spirit away. Why? Because desperation is not a fruit of the Spirit. Desperation is a false fruit that stems from fear. This is the big trick. It is like the Chinese finger trap. When you pull away, the vice tightens. Only when you relax your fingers are then freed from the trap.

Our desperate grasping for the Father is what keeps us locked out in that moment. There is a paradox in seeking the Spirit, which is this... if we are seeking peace for example, it implies we are not at peace. But if you are not at peace, how can you acquire peace without seeking it? You are stuck in limbo because your seeking drives it away, yet you must seek it to find it.

We are entering the subtle realm of spiritual meat for those who are truly seeking full conversion. Previously, we learned about the Father/Mother and Christ through John Panella's books, The Divine Secret Garden. Now we are expressing refinement of the spiritual teachings for those who wish to go all the way.

We are here learning to flow with the Spirit. But in order to flow with the Spirit, we must already be flowing. Is this another paradox? Not when you grasp what I am saying. Understand, it takes conscious effort to surrender to the Father. We ourselves must go within to speak with the Father.

This is the first step. We choose to put in the daily effort to connect to Him. This is called consuming the Word. In order to stay alive, one must eat daily. It is the same concept to stay alive spiritually. We must eat the Living Word of Christ regularly or we will fall back asleep and die. In this world of death, the only means of staying alive spiritually is by staying connected to that which is Life.

The Father is now our "go-to" for everything. When we understand how amazing the Father truly is, we may surrender enough to enter a state of spiritual flow and knowing. We are then plugged into the proper spiritual frequency to consume the living Word throughout the day because our thoughts remain connected to Life.

This is also what it means to keep your oil filled as described in the parable of the 5 wise and 5 foolish virgins, revealed in the Book of Matthew. The 5 wise virgins had enough oil saved in their lamps because they were consuming the Word of Christ. This oil cannot be shared because it is up to the individual to maintain their inner connection via Faith, which is only found internally.

Like I said, we should now be going within to the Father for everything, during both good and bad times. Indeed we should express our doubts and fears to the Father so He can remedy them. Anytime we fail or lose focus it is necessary to look within and speak with the Father on the matter.

However, we are also called to feed Christ's sheep. This implies, if we are constantly battling our doubts, there is no time left to feed others spiritually. No, we shouldn't ignore our failures. But that doesn't mean we must always be sulking over our hangups. We provide a better service by getting back on the horse after falling down instead of brooding over the failure.

Now the goal here is for all of our brothers and sisters to attain the famous saying by Christ, "I and my Father are one." We all want to be one with the Father via Christ, it is our destination in the Kingdom. But this goal won't be realized through desperation.

Only when we learn how to let go can we grow into the mind of Christ. That's the seemingly paradoxical nature to this which can only be reconciled by the Spirit. When we understand that the Spirit nurtures us and helps us grow in a perfect manner, we can trust the process. We may let go. We don't have to fight or claw our way to the Father. The world operates with that forceful spirit, but not the Father.

If you understand the limitlessness of the Father's Glory, you realize there is plenty enough to go around. Likewise if you understand that the Father is all-powerful and perfect, you realize that everything will be taken care of for you.

The childlike belief in the Father's greatness is all that is needed to step into the flow of the spirit. It's a joyous flow of Trust and Knowing. It's so simple, but most cannot receive the Spirit because their desperation pushes it away. They want enlightenment now, but don't have patience to see the process of how one grows perfectly in time when they surrender to the flow of events. To receive the Spirit, one must be patient to flow with the process of growth via experience. The Father knows what experiences are needed to aid our growth.

We are His dearly loved children. That means we are in very good hands. Why worry? Why struggle or force outcomes? Why cling? The Father has our backs. Be at peace with this realization and understand His power.

Now you are seeing the resolution to the paradox riddle. You acquire peace of mind simply by being at peace from connecting to the Father via Christ through surrendering. It is the inner Knowing that everything is happening according to the Father's perfect Will that allows us to tap into His good spirit. Then we stop clinging, and move with the flow.

Belief in His perfection, like that of a child trusting in his or her parents, is all that is needed to unlock the mystery of the Spirit. Then we shall see the wisdom of totally surrendering on all levels. Not because we are foolish or have given up, but because we consciously understand the power of Faith in Him. We have walked down enough painful roads to realize that trust in the Father is the final key our worried hearts were longing for.

We know this world is 100% illusory. Even most New Age gurus teach this axiom. But what does it really imply? It means we cannot trust in the external illusions we see with our eyes and ears. That's all part of the deception.

No matter what we see, we must adhere to the core truth. The Father has our backs, even in difficult times. Believe it! It takes Faith to say, "I don't care how bad this situation looks. I won't cave to operate out of fear because I KNOW the Father is with me." This narrow path requires faith to endure all the way to the Harvest.

The motivational speaker tells us these same simple concepts in a different manner. "Believe! Have faith! You can accomplish anything!" However, the motivational speaker reveals these lessons from a carnal or worldly standpoint. They do not understand HOW or WHY the program functions in this manner of faith. They do not truly know the Father or Christ, or what this world really is.

Even though these motivational speakers tell us to have faith, when the chips are down, I guarantee you they are terrified and faithless. They are like a boat being tossed about on the ocean. They are spiritually directionless and never really grasping the true spiritual nature behind all these observable illusions.

They are like hamsters on a wheel, running around in looping circles of mindlessness, trying to fill the void in their heart by accomplishing worldly feats because they do not know themselves or their spiritual Parents. Anytime you hide from the truth, you will get burned eventually.

Being able to let go is the key marker for someone who is ready to step into deeper faith to allow the Father to work through them. Remember, only when we engage with the Father can we access the fruits of the Spirit. Consequently, when we are feeling the fruits of the Spirit, we are now able to feed Christ's sheep with clear eyes.

Our faithful engagement into these feelings of peace and love keep us plugged in. Our fear keeps us disengaged. It is up to us as individuals to put in conscious effort to remain faithful.

It takes faith to operate from the Spirit because it is an invisible feeling. We cannot see the Father, but we feel the power of the Spirit to know we are operating unto his desire. Even more, when we make a mistake when engaged in faith from the Spirit, we will receive the correction with grace and humility to learn from it.

If we are not plugged in, we will not accept the corrective lesson but will place the blame elsewhere to avoid learning from our error. The Father blesses the one who receives the corrections with humility, while the other gains no deeper insights due to their wall of pride.

In our present state, we know we have more growing ahead of us to be a better reflection of Christ. However, that doesn't mean we can't be at peace right now. It is paramount to maintain the fruits of the Spirit so we remain in a proper mindset to both teach and learn. Being plugged into the Father's frequency allows us to expedite the flow of the living Spirit to best serve others, while also keeping us humble to learn new lessons when we make mistakes. It's a win win!

We know this world is hell. It is so hellish that it has left practically everyone in mental and physical repetitive tension. Most people are subconsciously looking over their shoulder to fend off all the things that may go wrong. However, we do not have to be like this anymore because we know the Father is taking care of everything for us.

This does not mean we should ignore evil or iniquity. To do so would be foolish. It simply means that we should remain faithful to the Father no matter what the situation looks like. Recall, we are sheep sent out among wolves and we are to be wise as serpents. So we can't ignore error or we will stumble in the world until we learn how to discern properly.

Not only are we divinely protected when we surrender our fate to the Father and serve His Will, we are receiving the exact situations needed to hasten our growth. Yes trials will arise, but this doesn't mean we have to be afraid of them or avoid them.

To do so would be fighting the flow of events that the Father is allowing us to endure. This is a form of interfering with the Father's Will because we are reverting back to forcing our personal will into the script of events.

If we can simply let go to allow the world to move in its own direction, the Father's Will always prevails for the true seeds receiving exactly what is needed. Surrender and watch the magic in action for both ourselves and others!

No longer do we need to control the world with force. We now understand a new, more powerful Force. It is the invisible spiritual force of the Father. Only those who surrender to the Father's Will can see this Force in action.

Just like how a bird trusts its wings, we must trust the Force enough to surrender our lives to flow with the Father's Will. Any grasping for desperate control over the world is a form of interference proving that we do not truly believe in the Father enough to fully let go.

If you wish to feel the profound peace of the Father's Spirit, then by all means look within and feel it. We desire for everyone to feel and know the Father's touch. But individually you must have enough faith to let go, as this is the only way to truly maintain the connection.

This is the paradox of actively surrendering. To operate with faith is to consciously know everything is working in our favor, so much so that we can be at peace knowing we can't deviate from the Father's Will when we do our best to serve Him.

Then we are actively plugged-in to the Father's Spirit to be a tool of service via faith. In a very real sense, the Spirit is felt and known as we consciously engage with the Father to feel His presence to operate from that state of total Trust. To operate from that state is what we like to call the Living Flow of the Spirit. And when you are flowing with the Father's touch, you know it through and through!

BY: Christian Casselli

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