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The Undulation
Time's secrets going round in round.

Christian Casselli
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
Christian Casselli

Let's discuss a slippery little phenomena that goes unnoticed by many in the world. It is an occurrence that is failed to be seen unless one's eyes are opened to the cyclical structure of this universe. I am talking about the matrix's Rule of Undulation. Undulation is a fancy word that describes the act of rising and falling in a steady manner.

Just as the sun rises and sets, or the waves on the shoreline crash and recede, so do we humans act in a similar manner.


Since we are stuck within the confines of time, we are forced to adhere to the rule of undulation. Remember, time is simply a unit of measurement. But what does it measure? Change. Time is change.

Thus, we humans are also constantly changing because we're experiencing movement through time. More accurately, the soul-mind projected from Spirit is constantly changing as it runs through the matrix construct while the program executes the predefined sequence of instructions.

From our vantage point, we can only move in one direction through time- Forward. Whether you like it or not, without aid, we cannot move backwards to a moment that previously transpired. Although we can think about the past, it's always occurring in the present moment.

Many people like to cling to the nostalgia and security of the past. But for us being the soldiers of Christ, our journey is on the narrow path forward. If we stall or stand still, clinging to the present or past, we'll get tumbled by the forward motion of time. We must learn to ride the wave of the present moment, so to speak. Like a surfer.

This all sounds quite simple right? What's so significant about the progression of time? It's obvious that we move forward. Well let's take this concept a little deeper to reveal the mystery...

We are moving forward through time, but there is an additional caveat that we are also experiencing with this forward motion. We are also moving up and down. What do I mean by up and down?

We are experiencing emotional highs and lows in a cyclical nature. You've heard it said what goes up must come down in this world? Well the same is true emotionally. We will rise and fall and go through peaks and troughs.

This is the big catch that people fail to see. We are on a roller coaster of sorts which is out of our control. In this world, we can't stay high forever. Even when we experience emotional joy or accomplishment, the moment will pass and we will begin to fall back down to a baseline level of emotional grounding. The laughs and glee will quell till we're no longer laughing. The moment has passed.

This is why so many people get addicted to drugs. They're hooked on the high, and can't deal with the come-down of experiencing the fall. In an effort to cling to their high emotional state, they continuously take more drugs to avoid the big crash that ultimately awaits them. Fear of the fall pushes them to continually chase the dragon. It's a ruthless cyclical trap that leaves one enslaved by the cruel force of undulation.

All of us in this world must go through both the peaks and troughs of the wave in a cyclical fashion. We cannot avoid the lows, although many people try to. They may fool themselves into thinking, "Well once I get rich I'll be happy for good! Or once I get married and have kids, I'll feel accomplished."

Nevertheless, they are sadly mistaken. Nothing we strive for in this world can allow us to defeat the dullness of the troughs within undulation. Not even the comfort of past memories can keep us sustained for very long.

However, there is a very important reason why we are forced to experience these cyclical troughs in life. You see, the Father allows us to go through the emotional lows because that is the precise moment where we must call on Faith if we are true soldiers of Christ.

It is in the bad times, where our faith is proven to be genuine or not. When there is no sign of hope, or when everything appears to be going wrong, that is the time when we must call on the Father.

Some may wonder why the Father would allow us to suffer, or apparently not answer our prayers when we need Him most. Why would He not use His power to reveal His presence when we need Him most?

Well it's because the Father is allowing us to build our character. This happens on an individual level when we're experiencing the loneliness of separation. The Father knows exactly what we are enduring. Just as Jesus suffered and endured within this lonely world, we are called to do the same. But Jesus never lost faith when things appeared dreadful. In fact, it was in the troughs of the wave where Christ Jesus proved his faith. This is the aim for all of us.

Understand, it would be easy for the Father to override any occurrence happening to us. He can change anything on a dime, including our emotional or physical state. And sometimes He will make changes to protect us or ease our trials.

Even sometimes we are allowed to endure extra suffering because it is the suffering that refines us into developing greater character. Look throughout history at all the great men and women who went through especially longer periods of difficulty, which molded their unbreakable character of leadership.

It is when we're cut off from aid that we can prove ourselves as being true soldiers of Christ. It's not that we are ever truly cut off from help, but it appears that way to allow the soul to grow spiritually.

Knowing that although there is no external sign of aid, we may proclaim we are still being cared for. The beginning of our journey on this narrow path was easy. The Father called us and gave us a push to get us moving in the right direction. But how will you act down the road when you are left to move forward on your own two feet?

This isn't done out of cruelty. It's done as an act of love because the Father is teaching us to walk on our own. Sure He can carry us along so that we cross the finish line quite easily. But what will we have learned?

We are acquiring eternal spiritual character by staying strong with faithful resolve as we walk through hellfire to reach the Kingdom. We are given freedom to walk across the finish line on our own, and there is tremendous beauty in that act when viewed from the grand scheme of the Father's Will.

It is in our struggles, more so than the fortunes where we stand strong and proclaim glory and thanks to Our Father, that pleases Him most. This proves we are not fair-weather fans, but wish to serve His Will in both good and bad times.

Another key to remember is that the Father tempts no one. It is not in His spirit to tempt anyone, that is Satan's ruse. Satan tempts us to serve vices. But the father cannot tempt us to be virtuous. We are given freedom to either serve the Father via Christ out of our own choosing, or to relapse into sin.

This makes it more difficult on the soul because when we're experiencing a low, it's up to us to choose to remain virtuous and not succumb to temptation. This is how Satan can take advantage of our periods of darkness, by getting us to sin when we're feeling downtrodden.

On the other hand, the difficulties are also how the Father allows us to grow into the type of being He wants us to become. Choosing to stay strong throughout the conflict leads us to our eternal reward of Life.

Yet no matter how grave the situation appears, the battle will not last forever. Just as summer rolls around each year, the harsh winter will pass away for a time and a season. If you're experiencing tremendous hardship at the moment, rest assured that your current trial will fade away like smoke dissolving into air.

Take joy in knowing that we will not be beaten up permanently, it's only a transitory moment meant to teach us a lesson. And conversely, if things are going exceedingly well at the moment, it won't stay that way forever.

That statement is not meant to sadden the soul, but to wake us up to the fact that we are experiencing the rule of undulation and we can view it with proper eyes of understanding.

The the lows of darkness do not need to be feared or avoided. Many are afraid of bad times or feeling drained, but we do not need to be. We can have peace of mind knowing HOW and WHY we are experiencing this seemingly random arrangement of life’s conditions.

This world is a big 'ole loop. The wheel spins around as the stars revolve in the night sky. And the sun rises and sets. It all happens in perfect precision like gears turning within a clock.

Yet the sleeping souls never realize that the same thing happens to them. We are stuck in a spiritual wheel that spins continuously as we rise and fall. We get shudders of fear and shudders of delight. Moments of joy and moments of sadness. If only one can zoom out to witness what's taking place, they won't get burned by the wheel in motion.

When viewed more deeply, this rule of undulation within the matrix is so ingrained within everything, we can actually begin to see layered levels within these cyclical loops. There are very short undulations, like breathing in and out. Then there are slightly longer undulations, like having energy for a few hours followed by being tired.

Then it zooms out even further to allow for greater variations of heights and valleys, like being healthy for many months followed by getting sick, even once in a blue moon. The physical undulations are easy to spot, however the seemingly invisible undulations are not often noticed because it has to do with spirit and psyche. These are the undulations that leaves a sleeping soul frustrated and unsatisfied by their inability to defeat the trials of time.

Have you ever had a bad week? You know the saying, when it rains it pours? That week where everything seems to go wrong. Work is exceedingly hard and your family makes it even tougher at home.

Then someone gets sick and you have to go out of your way to take care of them while having no physical energy to get anything done. And the list goes on. One bad thing after another. Well we know Satan's hidden hand is in these attacks against us, but at the same time we are experiencing a trough within the wave of undulation.

This is the point in the wheel where we hit the big low. Everything perfectly coincides to the point that we get ragged on especially hard by Satan. His high is our low as the stars align to shove our faces in the dirt.

But fret not my friends! Remember the lesson we discussed and know exactly what's happening to you so that you don't jump off the narrow path altogether. Your current suffering is only a transitory moment within the wheel of experiences.

There's no need to feel bitter or jealous or to play the victim. You have not been forsaken or forgotten. This is the time to call on the Father and thank Him for everything good you have.

This is the time to stay closer to Him than ever before, and prove everything you've learned, because the blows of hardship will not cause us to permanently stumble or renounce our faith.

Only when we learn to stand tall amid adversity can we grow to be spiritually strong and doubtless. It is the act of being comforted by the warmth of the Mother and Father even though we're cold and in pain, so that we may continue to selflessly serve our brothers and sisters virtuously.

These undulating loops will vary in size. Take note of them and begin to recognize this matrix rule in effect. Some days will go well and some days will be tougher. Some months and years will be easy, and others will be more trying, especially when the death of loved ones is involved. Fear not! It's all part of the process of learning to acquire the virtues of faith and fortitude while experiencing separation.

All of us here who have become converted went through the dark night of the soul before stepping into the renewing light of Christ. While in the dark, you may think you will be there forever. But the train is always moving forward, and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Sure another unknown tunnel may be up ahead, even so if you understand the process of how we're moving through time with highs and lows, you will have nothing to fear. Peace of mind and Faith may be maintained in knowing that the Father always has our backs.

Editors note: The above is also a testament to those who are suicidal and believe where they are now in life’s experiences will always remain the same. This is the inherent fault and curse of lacking wisdom, which is only granted by giving yourself more time. Nothing ever remains the same to those that wait to witness it. Thank you, Christian.

BY: Christian Casselli

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