December 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 004 - Article 005

Who has your Six?
The foxhole of illusion

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

In military jargon the most important person is the one that has your six, which means they have your back. This individual is the difference between life and death. You have probably heard how if one was in a foxhole you would not want to be in there with someone you could not trust. Because your life depends on them recognizing and protecting you from the enemy that you cannot see behind you, the invisible.

To be stuck all alone with no one to help you is the hardest to overcome, because without that helper or helpers you are an open target. Today my friends, I am here to reveal, that each of us need that soldier in the foxhole with us, to help defend, protect and guide.

We desperately need that help when we are in battle during war. The worst thing that there can be is to be alone having to defend yourself. The greatest help anyone can have is that other soldier along side of you who is willing to lay down their life to help protect you.

We are not in a literal war, but we are in a symbolic war that is more deadly than any war humans have ever fought in. Our war is against an unseen enemy of the spiritual realms.

Ephesians 6-12

ďFor we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.Ē

We are under constant attack by dark rulers, demonic forces, and wickedness we cannot even begin to perceive. Being in a foxhole alone is the worst situation a soldier could find themselves in, especially in these circumstances.

Ironically, when speaking spiritually, those who are awakened enough to realize they are in a battle, end up searching, they look high and low, it is all about seeking for something. It never occurs to them what they are really seeking for, but deep down they know.

My entire work reveals what it is everyone is searching for. It gives a perspective that blows away all competition. And that is, what we are truly searching for is who has our six in this fox hole called life?

Who is it that even cares enough about us to sacrifice themselves to protect each of us individually? This is what everyone is truly seeking for, and they are searching for spiritual answers until they discover the true soldier that has their six. And until then they will and shall remain lost and alone.

I have witnessed so many people who begin to awaken and they search everywhere for answers. They read every book they can get their hands on. They climb every mountain, and ford every stream as the song reveals. They seek for that one thing that has kept them in darkness. They are searching for that one who has their six.

Sure they may not realize this, they may not fully understand this, and most never really truly grasp what it is that they are seeking for until found, which leaves them helpless and yearning for more and more and yet the answer seems to be ever elusive.

The last thing the soul wants to hear when involved in this search is to have someone tell them you must make your own way, you are a power unto yourself. You just will it and attract good things, wherewith you can defeat the enemy all by your lonesome. This is not what they were ever really looking for, they are already know they are alone; they are looking for help.

Do you know why that so many that travel down this road they are never satisfied? Because the idea we are self-sufficient, and self empowering is the greatest lie ever told. You know it and I know it, at least deep down. No one wants to be all alone in battle. At least no sane person.

But we create illusions in the attempt to satisfy our horror all around us, and we bewitch ourselves into believing we can do this all alone. During a time when I went through a dark night of the soul, I was also taken into the realm of believing, I can do this alone. This was the secret I thought I needed to know that I have the power within to defeat all enemies.

Oh dear Lord, as the saying goes. What a futile and hopeless journey, and what a lie. Deep down I was miserable and so is everyone who travels along this path. They may claim there are self-sufficient, and able to defeat the enemy.

But deep inside their soul they are the loneliest creature on this planet. So they seek after others who are deceived like them, to pontificate their so-called hidden abilities.

Yes indeed they put on a good show talking about releasing fear and taking love into their heart, but deep down they are filled with dead menís bones, I will explain this later. In one area I learned in my work, which I expose the truth of all ages, what attracts people at first is when I reveal who really and truly has their six.

Oh this is music to the ears, and is desired more than anything else in this world. And yet ironically, so many walk away from the very thing that attracted them deep down, and they are led astray to follow after an ideology that one can create their own reality, and believe they can win this battle and ascend to a higher plateau.

This is the loneliest perspective anyone could ever dare to accept as a thesis. Do you realize the great enigma in life is trying to figure out who we are and where did we come from and why we are here? The truth reigns in the perspective that deep down we are all very lonely. We are all lost in a foreign world unable to figure out who we are.

What we are searching for are answers to our personal dilemma. We are seeking for that help mate, that other existence, anyone that understands our plight and is willing to sacrifice in the attempt to protect one another, against all enemies in this foreign realm. We know we do not belong, but we do not understand why we are here.

We are seeking for commonality, we are seeking for that which we lost, we are seeking for our lost brothers and sisters who are also stranded here. We are seeking for our family, our divine heritage.

You cannot live in a foreign realm all alone anymore than a soldier can exist in a foxhole by themselves and hope to survive. The idea we create our own reality is foolishness. Just like a one man army going against a massive arsenal. And to even believe it is possible, and even if at times you can defeat the enemy in a battle, you will never win the war. You will never be able to overcome one problem.

That deep knowing that you are alone. That feeling, you are still climbing an uphill battle with no end in sight. You are missing that other soldier that has your six. But there is one thing I have failed to reveal in this powerful insight. Do you understand that as much as you need that helper to have your six, they need you just as much to make sure that you have theirs?

In a real sense, both parties need help and both are alone. And this leads me to the next most powerful equation. As stated earlier, I have heard so many try to say it is all attitude, it is all about releasing the fear. They say the opposite of fear is love.

My friends, do not be swayed by this cunning use of deception. The opposite of fear is FAITH. And this is one thing you hardly ever hear from these so called independent spiritualists. They can talk about love all day long, but they fail to speak of FAITH.

Of course, why need faith, when one is trusting in themselves.

As I have revealed, without faith it is impossible to please the Father. And this now comes down full swing as to what this article is revealing. If you have faith in the Father then HE becomes your guardian of your six. He has your back!

But it is not just that He has your back, this is not just some soldier who you may live and work with temporarily in wartime. This is your Father, your Divine Parent. With him is also your Mother, and our elder Brother, their son and all the true angels.

This is our divine family and heritage, this is our lost citizenship. Do you understand? Without the Father and Mother and our Christ, we are always alone. We have no one to truly to watch our back.

In war, your partner in the foxhole is only as good as they can be while they are still alive. If perhaps and by chance they meet their fate and die, you are still alone. And this is the principle no one wants to address and that is, in this world we are all already dead.

It is our Father who can play in the invisible world against invisible enemies, that can never fail or die. He is the one that has your six. And to access this glory, we must have faith.

What is faith? It is the Substance of things hoped for, but the evidence of things not seen.

The opposite of fear is faith. It implies we must trust someone else with our lives. And this is where so many fall short. They reject and ignore the only one who can spare them during battle, because they allowed a false idea that they can somehow save themselves by creating a great template other than the one they are experiencing.

I have explained so often the template is fake, it is a virtual reality experience. And it operates via the Matrix, or matrical Birthing fallen creation of this lower realm that was created by a fallen entity that claims they are god.

You cannot change anything other than what the matrix allows. Those who believe they can tap into a higher power but reject the true guardians of Faith, are simply tapping into the matrix that allows for free will interactive choice.

The matrix was designed to allow an interactive co-existence. If you can figure out how to tap into it, it allows for a wide variety of free will choices. But it is not now nor has ever been true spiritual energy, it is all smoke and mirrors and magic from the great magician in the Garden, who deceived the true children in the first place.

Why did we fall? Why did we allow the Serpent to beguile us in the Garden? Because he told us we are gods, and we can do amazing things once you figure out that you can tap into the energy matrix all by yourself.

What he failed to tell everyone but was written on the lower dotted line, is the gods are the great OZ (Matrix Operators) behind the curtain. And certainly once you gather the magic tricks using the illusory art of deception, sure you can also do these spectacular magic feats.

But what the Serpent failed to reveal was that, if you continue to play the game simply because you move up the ladder in a higher field of energy, you can still never escape.

Why? because the Matrix will never let you go. Just like playing a virtual game, you are stuck inside the game parameters; you cant just leap from one game to another. You can only move according to the game parameters within the one.

And this is the great deception many have been plagued with because they began to think they found the elixir, or magic lamp that will bring them powers of glory. But instead they just found an old set of magic tricks left by the gods of the ancients, which operates our virtual reality.

Not even they can escape the power of the matrix of this 9th realm. They are as stuck as we all are, but the only difference is, they have the magic book where as most of us do not. So they appear as gods in a very limited world.

I have tried to share the real truth about how we left our Fatherís realm and came here and are now captured for eternity unless we can discover the Father from within our spirit projected soul, which had been encoded long ago with the True WORD.

If we could leave on our own, why do you think it is not happening? I mean it is possible we have been lost for billions of years according to time, and do you really think only now someone wanted to escape? We cannot escape! We cannot leave a mind realm trap, due to the fact, it has no exits in the system.

Our only hope is to be-reunited with our true family in mind and spirit, and that can only occur within the soul projected spirit. And this is the key to all codes. My friends, only the Father can have your six. Without him you are trapped and living eternally in death. Or did you really believe this was life we are experiencing here?

No matter what you believe, we are a bag of dead menís bones wrapped in a worrm infested garment of decay, that has no eternal reality beyond the connection to spirit, which belongs to and operates via the Father. Those little gifts we can obtain in the matrix have no lasting power to do anything other than what the Matrix allows.

I donít care how much you talk about love and goodness, if you are not connected to the Father wherewith he is the one guiding and directing your life, then you are stuck inside the Tree of BOTH good and evil.

Just because you may have found goodness, unless you have found the Father, then the goodness is of the fallen tree, albeit the good side, and you are trapped eternally, and deep down you know it.

And this is why in every case those who search for the truth know deep down what they are missing. They lack the Father, the very one they ditched long ago when they bartered spiritual reality for a fake illusory magic act.

We all dishonored and rebelled and walked away from the Father because we no longer believed we needed him, and we thought we could produce the magic to be just like him without needing his assistance. And boy, were we dead wrong.

And even today many are still beguiled with the ideology, we have the power and all we have to do is become that sorcerer. And then we can leave at will and do whatever we want, which ironically is the very sin of Lucifer from the very beginning.

We are all in that foxhole called human life, which in reality is death via the illusory tree of Good and Evil or God and Devil. This is our domain here that we experience through our minds. You can go back and forth between good and evil and you shall still never find the Tree of Life.

For that Tree of Life is our Father, which has our six. But if we are lost in the Tree of death, then we already lost the war, whether we know it or not. We are the dead, believing we are awakened because we are aware. It is the greatest illusory deception there is.

Being aware is not being awake. And thus we are trapped in the most unholy fox hole of them all. A place that is dead center in the realm of the enemy. We have no place to go, you can go up or down, left or right, because all around us is the enemy.

Even if you win a battle or two, eventually we still lose the war, because death is the enemy that exists all around us, and none of us escape death unless we have the Tree of Life.

Do you accept the Father in your life and allow him to direct, guide and lead, or do you foolishly think you can do it all by yourself. If you believe the latter, then you are the most miserable soul alive even under the pretense of illusory power of a misguided pseudo-love.

As I stated, many have searched for the exit, they have searched high and low for help. And when they came to my work they said, there it is, this is what I have searched for my entire life.

But something went wrong. They didnít really want the Father, and instead many of them went back to eat of the matrix power as a dog going back to eat its own vomit, thinking they had the power unto themselves, when it was all a trick.

My friends, this work was never my work, it was the Fatherís bell ringing for his children to return home. I just happened to be the one led to discover the bell ringing in my life so that I could share it with the other Children who were seeking but for some reason could not quite grasp it. I then simplified and amplified it for them.

But instead and sadly many walked away because they never escaped the mindset that entrapped them here in the first place, and that was, I can do this all by myself; which happened to be the very last thing they were ever desiring, in fact it is what has kept them lost in the first place.

Therefore, without the Father having your six, you will remain dead and forever lost inside this pseudo mind-realm.

By: John V Panella

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