The Prayer of Redemption!

I stand before your glory, corrupted, withered, and lost. Most gracious, Eternal Father in Spirit, we humble ourselves before your throne of mercy asking in bitter sadness as we stand before you in sackcloth and ashes, asking for your holy most omniscient spirit to bathe our souls in purity. For we have become corrupted, perverse and disingenuous.

My Father, we have been corrupted, our souls have been polluted and compromised. We stand before your glory and perfection diseased and filled with sickness, asking for purification and a whole cleansing of the body, mind and soul.

Father we were led astray, and we have become perverse in our thoughts, we have devised horrible imaginings as we have left your guardianship and have strayed in another realm where we are cut off and separated in confusion.

We ask that you restore our soul to remember your spirit and to guide us to turn away from the darkness and evil of this world. We ask for you to cleanse our hearts, and wash our souls in your spirit of truth.

Father we search but we are still found wanting. We seek but we still fail to access. We pray but often we do not take heed to your awareness. Father we have fallen, we seek your mercy, and the Motherís tenderness and nurturing spirit.

We ask that you bestow upon us the mind of Christ, as it was in Jesus, that we be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of our minds with your spirit.

Father, I am so sorry that we have been brought into a foreign land, one that does not know you, one that does not live by your soundness and worthiness. We struggle because we are not clean. We are fearful because we are not bound by wisdom and truth but lies and deceptions.

I know this is not your world, neither is it ours. But we allow the sickness and disease to manifest in our being and we become unclean. Our minds have been twisted with perversions. Our hearts have been led astray by faulty reasoning.

Dearest Father and Mother we seek and beseech you for your mercy and forgiveness. That you rest our heads upon your bosom, and that you remove our garments of disgust and replace it with white robes and a crown of righteousness.

My Brother Christ in Jesus, thank-you for setting the wayward mark and path to lead and guide us back home. However, we must ask that you perform the miracle of an awakening so that we may see how unclean we have become.

Tears fill our eyes, and our hearts sinks because we have separated from holiness and entered a dysfunctional mind that has been removed from your glory. Father and Mother and brother, we of ourselves are nothing nor can we do anything.

We do not possess power, we do not possess strength. We are empty because we have failed to align our souls with your divine spirit. We know that unless you work the good works in us we are deceiving ourselves and are left bitterly wanting.

That without you we are nothing. We cannot even assimilate the simplest aspect of your divine nature when we think of ourselves as anything but broken. Dearest Father and Mother we ask for your forgiveness so that your spirit may enter the depths of our fallen souls, so that we may be lifted up and to rise in your glory, to manifest what is within you to become within us.

There is no longer any pretense, we fell because we fought against you. We were severed, because we allowed deception to overcome truth. I, Father, know and understand that we removed our white garments of glory and dressed in nakedness and shame.

And now we ask for your perfection to graze in our hearts, mind and soul, so that we can be restored back to glory. Father, Mother, Christ, we are lost here, we are confined to loneliness and emptiness.

We need our path restored, we need you!

I humbly stand before you pleading to be removed from filthiness and uncleaness, and brought back to divine rightousness