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(1)The Conversion Process
(2)Parable of Ten Virgins
(3)Will you Pass the Test 1
(4)Will you Pass the Test 2
(5)Conversion Litmus Test
(6)Church Doctrines - Why?
(7)False Teachers
(8)The Frequency of Sin
(9)Great Transformation
(10)Faith or Fear
(11)Spiritual Atunement
(12)Poor in Spirit
(13)At Present
(14)Correct Love Pt 1
(15)Correct Love Pt 2
(16)Prayer of Restoration
(17)Prayer & Supplicaton
(18)Father's Reply
(19)WORD vs word
(21)The Fallen
(22)This is Your Time
(23)To Be or Not to Be
(24)A Miracle is happening
(25)Lying to your Child
(26)Judge Yourself
(27)Team Player
(28)Dead Man's Bones
(30)Become a Child Again
(31)Sharpening Stone
(32)The Watchman
(33)Battle of the Ages
(34)Appreciate the Gift
(35)Sleeping Soul
(36)Gentile vs Israelite
(37)The Invisible Path
(38)The False Gospel
(39)Kingdom of Heaven
(40)Loving Detachment
(41)The Greatest Conspiracy
(42)Love thy Enemy?
(43)Sheep to the Slaughter
(44)Busy Signal
(45)Tempting the Father
(46)Does Jesus Possess
(47)You aint no Prophet
(48)Death-bed Repentance
(49)Awakening From Death
(50)What is Reality?
(51)The Father
(53)Learn the Code
(54)Requiem of Time Traveler
(56)Surrendering Paradox
(57)Are You In Control?
(58)Defining oneself
(59)Who has your Six?
(60)Covenants & the Sacrfice
(61)Use Your Humanity
(63)Our Internal Reckoning
(64)The Undulation
(66)Who Are We?
(67)Spiritual Eye
(68)What are Miracles?
(69)A Child's Imagination
(70)Pumping the Ego
(71)The Voice Within
(72)Spiritual Protection

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