January 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 005 - Article 001

The Voice Within
Our Divine Connection

Kenneth Cole
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
Kenneth Cole

I’ve needed some quality time with the Father, Mother and our Brother these last 48 hours after watching the satanic ritual yesterday of the inauguration, it made me physically sick. In the meantime I wrote down my thoughts.

Recently I revealed a tidbit about the Spirit within, and how I have continued in deep thought and prayer piecing this together over the past few days, focusing on the voice of thought in our minds ear, we all know the voice, it is very real when we are connected to the Father, Mother and Christ within us.

Throughout our time in this world we have all heard of those who say they hear a voice. One may have little to no understanding of the experience until one does experience it for themselves. But how do we know the voice is real and not just talking or thinking to ourselves?

How many times have any of you received an answer before finishing a question? How many times have you received that inner voice that can not be heard with the outer ear, yet knowing it is not of your immediate intention or intellect? Yet it might be better described like a voice of inspirational thought or vision coming from deep within. The examples are countless, but only if they are recognized through experience and time with the deepest desire, seeking the Spirit of our Divine Family.

I remember the most powerful and clear experience of this I’ve ever had, as though it was yesterday, when I asked our Divine Brother Christ Jesus, whether I should be reading John Panella’s books when I first came upon them, and then soon thereafter I realized I was truly directed and miraculously shown this work thru no outside direction or contact.

I heard the voice of our Divine Brother in my thoughts within say “Yes, and begin now”, it was unmistakable. Reading them changed everything for me as it did for many of you, but the voice within gave me the initial direction.

How many times has this happened to each of us here? Before we were unable to recognize it, now we know it doesn’t come from without as in from our brain matter but truly within the spirit in us to the neurons that create awareness, the precursor to consciousness and thought.

It is truly the divine voice of the Father/Mother and Christ within when we are connected to them and aware, this is so important! It is truly a matter of life and death on the spiritual level giving us the eyes and ears and even translating them into the physical illusion.

This inner guidance or knowing we have within to know right from wrong, truth from error, called instinct and intuition is one way the spirit of the Father operates within the seeded soul. It is only interrupted by the input from the world we’re in and that which we have accepted as truth. This is where discernment in the spirit of the Father must occur or one will be deceived. We must never forget we are still in enemy territory.

The enemy Satan is always waiting for a pause or break in this connection to our communication and to sneak in and enter with the poison of doubt, and it always comes from a different direction, that being without or in other words from the outside in.

The motion picture we are watching has been playing in the theaters of our minds, eyes and ears from the beginning from the foundations of this world. The movie is filled with stories of all genres, with thousands of episodes, each unique and yet so similar, with a change in the actors by name playing familiar roles, but the same playwright behind the curtain.

Some episodes lasting for centuries or years to some lasting only minutes, but one thing is certain tomorrow is a new act or scene and anything is possible. I’m reminded again that if possible even the elect could be deceived, only Faith keeps us still and resolute as observers, we are protected and know how it all ends. We Win!

In a metaphor, Imagine yourself in a very strong wind, the wind itself cannot harm us, but if you face it, it is difficult to breathe so we simply turn our back to it, and into the calm by looking the other direction spiritually within that is towards the Spirit of the Father.

We all know the foundational teaching of Christ as Jesus was in parables and there are many, however in this one direct statement, Isn’t this what our Divine Brother was saying when he said “Get behind me satan” as our example to follow? Simply the turning of our backs to winds of the false spirit.

Satan's winds are blowing ferociously now and it is has been pointed directly in our face for a long time, In this fallen realm it surrounds us. We know and understand and can recognize this false spirit, by that which is antithetical to all that is of our Father.

With all we have experienced in the face of adversity, sorrow, pain and regret, the greatest revelation of all while the winds of evil are blowing at our backs, these stormy winds are pushing us closer and closer in the direction of the Father/Mother and Christ the concentrated focus of our attention.

We know this voice within our thoughts by the Fruits of the Spirit and by this we know who it is, our Divine progenerators living within us.

As repentant true children are found with the true spirit within, the foundation of our transformation into the light is complete, the doors finally open to exit this illusion.

Imagine with me the immeasurable, unquantifiable and ineffable Love, Joy and Peace to come when we are all home again!

Thank you John Panella for all you’ve done and continue to do, bringing us on this journey upon the narrow path we’re all on together.

Thank you all for your thoughts you share, it truly fills our lamps with the essential oil to light our way.

Love to you all

By: Kenneth Cole
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