November 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 003 - Article 010

Does Jesus Possess You
Have some been taken over by Jesus or has
the Biblical WORD been missundestood?

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

I was reading a statement someone sent out that there is an individual claiming that you do not want to bring in Jesus into your heart for it is a type of possession. To be honest if one was going to be possessed I would rather be possessed by Jesus than Satan, which makes me ask the logical question.

Is this person indirectly putting the thought into people’s hearts that Jesus is a demon? This is how Satan works his craftiness into people’s hearts. One must be careful with ideologies that may at first appear innocent but deeper insight reveals a nefarious intention.

My message is not about Jesus possessing someone, it is all about the same spirit that was in Jesus must also be in us. And the way that spirit is revealed in us comes via the Father. John 6:44 "No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him:"

How does the Father draw his children, by placing in us his Holy spirit that connects us as family which identifies those who are the true seed. We then upon this internal spirit develop as we are being brought closer to him in character and thought, so that the spirit of Christ is being formed in us.

Jesus created the blue print throughout his life to allow that spirit of Christ to also guide and direct within us. Christ is the Spirit of Son-ship, or of the Child of the Divine magistrate as the first fruit or first born among many. When that same spirit is in us that which was within Jesus, it identifies us as also the true offspring of the Father and Mother.

When that spirit is within us, we then act accordingly, based on the Will of the Father and Mother. We then are being formed with the spirit of Christ within us. Jesus was a separate entity who gave us the blue print back to the Father and Mother as the human incarnation of the first born son or child.

It is not Jesus that is within us, it is the spirit of Christ, as was in Jesus that is within us. Christ is the spirit of connection to the Father, likened as the 'seed entering' the human mother from the human father and creating a newborn child within. Whether you be Jesus, John, Mary, Rebekah, it doesn't matter.

That same Christ/SEED/spirit is recognized; if the Christ has been seeded within. That same spirit of son-ship, or the spirit of the divine child, that seed, the fruit of the will of the Father is now within the children of the Aeons...Therefore, Christ is our connected singularity back to the Father.

Once we are connected, we then become equal to Christ as also heirs to the Father, and equal to one another as brothers & sisters. We are now being transformed by the renewing of our mind and doing that which is acceptable to the Father. This is why many fail to understand a simple truth. Christ and Jesus are two separate qualities.

Jesus was the counterpart of Christ as the human, who became the Christ via the Christ spirit within. We are also all counterparts to this same spirit of Son-Ship, if we were the chosen in Christ before the foundations of this universe.

We are the seed of the Father via Christ. It is that power that is forming change into our cocoon so that we may transform back into spirit from the flesh as that glorious butterfly, as one born again.

So, no, Jesus is not possessing anyone as if to imply we are taken over against our will, the spirit that was in Jesus is now being formed within us, so that we can be born again unto spirit, but this time unto eternal perfection.

By: John V Panella

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