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The Kingdom of Heaven
A Misunderstood Topic.

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

Who really is the King of Earth from above that rules this planet from heaven.

The Bible both in the Old and New Testments speaks of a time where Christ will rule this earth... It states that Christ will rule with a rod of Iron for one-thousand-years. Other scriptures speak of the Kingdom rule as almost tyranny like.

It speaks of everyone bowing before Christ, if not you and or your nation will be cursed. It speaks of commanded attendance to Feasts days, and regulatory events that if you do not appear or do not obey you will be punished.

It implies forced obedience, or severe hardships will be imposed, Many have accepted this as a proper scenario. My friends if forced obedience actually worked, we would have all been placed into this scanario long ago... Just force us into the Kingdom.

The Father does not want worship, he wants our love likened as we would love our own father and mother in the flesh. As we would love our own family. We do not worhsip our parents, we honor and respect them, we obey them out of love and courtesy, but we do not worship them.

I have taught these things in my books. What does it mean to rule with a rod of iron? What do you think that rod is used for? Christ would have a shepherds Staff to lead, not a rod of iron to beat. A rod of iron is a weapon to not just punish the wayward foe, but to beat them senseless with great pain and damage to the body. Think of the pain of someone swinging a rod of iron upon your back...

I don't know about you, but can you even imagine Christ or the Father being this way? I can't becaue I know who they really are. They have never been this way, but for some reason lo and behold they become this way, come on, be spiritually intelligent. Yes, correction is good, direction is positive. Leading is important, but the objective here is to allow for choice.

Why is this is so important? The Father doesn't want our love because you are so scared to death of breaking his laws and being beaten. He wants our love because you love him, and you know he loves you and you want to return that love as a recipricol offering.

When parents beat and abuse their children to force them to comply, yes indeed they may comply, but they are not doing it out of love, but out of fear. The Father does not want a bunch of Star Wars Storm-troopers that act like robots just doing a job out of fear of not obeying.

If force truly worked to create obedience, then it would be the way of the Father. However the only one that has ever tried to use force to create obedience is Lucifer and her creation, Satan. This is the fruit of their works. It is the fruit of death.

Remember the fruits of the spirit, do you recogonize a rod of iron in them? No! But the fruits of death has a rod of iron, known as forced law compliance.

Those that obey them obey out of fear. There is no love, no righteousness. There is only the power by fear, which is not the spirit of the Father...

2 Timothy 1-7 "For the Father hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

I have stated the term used of Christ ruling with a rod of Iron represents the Roman Empire, they were defined as the Empire of Iron as the 4th deadly beast in the Bible, and they ruled via the false church with a rod of iron, and they demanded allegiance, complete obedience, or you were tortured and killed.

This has been the world we have been living in for the past one-thousand plus years. It was the time when the False Church ruled visciously until around the 20th century, and then things changed, but not for the better. Satan was loosed freely upon the world and then the great world wars began.

America was built on people fleeing Europe and England because they couldnt stand the Iron rule of the King of England, which was acting as an offshoot of the power of the Roman Empire as I explained in my books.

And even when the people fled to the New World, America, it soon also became an offshoot of the Roman Empire, but it was hidden. The people were led by deception instead of direct rule.

These are not the ways of the Father and or Christ. People must learn by their mistakes to choose the right way, if they are forced they never are able to learn, and it causes a form of rebellion that always lasts. And strangely enough it is why it is being done.

I have tried to reveal, we follow the law of love. We honor the precepts of truth. There is no need to force anyone to comply because this is not the way of the Father. If you do not understand, then the world will beat you down, life will beat you down. Your soul will be burdened until you do understand. And then and only then you shall choose to honor the life, truth and the way.

This idea of Christ coming here and acting like a gastapo agent and a jack booted thug, is not the way of the Father. And this is another reason why the Kingdom of the Father will not be part of this fallen world.

"Do unto others as youl would have them do unto you!" It does not say, force others to comply and submit to you. We live by example, not dominance. And here is another point. We have all heard about the Kingdom, but not everyone can enter the kingdom unless they have repented and have proven to love the truth.

Explain to me, how there would be nations in the kingdom that will not obey as some scriptures imply? Where do these people come from that deny Christ and his Kingdom. Well they are people of the world who happened to be at the right place at the right time, based on this formula.

Now think about this, any ole joe could be in the kingdom even if they were the worst of sinners, but others are cast out, unable to be there because they were denied. Does this make sense? So basically what it is saying, if you are lucky enough to be alive when Christ returns, then you are in, but if you die and do not have the proper resume you are cast out.

Do you not understand yet? The Kingdom of the Father is a realm of total perfection, you are not going to be there unless you qualify. Therefore there can be nothing impure in the Father's kingdom. There would be no such thing as rebellious people, or people who fail to honor and do what is asked of them willingly. If there were such people they would not be there.

And most assuredly, after a 1000-years of this Christ would never turn the Father's Kingdom back over to Satan to allow him to deceive the entire world again. Are you grasping this? or are you stuck in neutral because you were never taught this?

Thus we must conclude there is another answer to this enigma, and in my books I gave the answer. Revelation reveals about a Christ Coming to the Earth and ruling with a Rod of Iron, but is this the real Christ or are we being fooled as usual? Why do I ask such a question.

I have been teaching about the two seeds, as the dual word or word vs WORD. There is truth, but it is also mixed with the lie, the false words were planted by Satan. It is all in the same Garden, same book, same Bible. We must learn to filter out the false from the true.

How do we do that unless we understand spiritual truths? meaning the living truth from within. Does it sound right or feel right, or even seem spiritually valid for Christ to rule with a rod of Iron in a Kingdom where sin is not even allowed to enter, and where there should be no sin in the first place to need to even correct?

What we are experiencing in this world is what is used to correct us of our sins, we do not enter the Kingdom for that correction, or else we won't be there yet. Christ does not rule by force to extract obedience. He leads by love those who willingly serve him. Notice the difference.

And if you can't serve with him then you won't be there. There is no need for force. So then am I sugeesting this is not the true Christ? Of course I am, I am not just suggesting but saying it direct.

In my books if you remember I stated that, there were markers left behind to validate or deny certain topics, scriptures or contextual ideas. The markers were often spirtual markers understood deep within. But there were also physical markers. Let's check one out...

In the very last book of the Bible when it is seemingly taking about the recreating of Eden or Paradise on earth, Jesus Christ leaves a Marker. But what Jesus was it, the real and true Christ or a false Christ.

Revelation 22-16 "I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star."

Do you see the marker, the true Christ is not validated by a bloodline of earth, but by the spirit of the Father as we all are. If it was via flesh and blood which cannot even please the Father, then that leaves most of us out. And the true Christ is not the Bright and Morning star. But this is how it was signed, a marker!

Just who is the Bright and Morning Star? The Bright and Morning Star is the signature of Lucifer, not the true Christ.

Are you understanding yet?

Thus the 1000 year cycle is ruled by Lucifer as she gives power to the false church. She is the God in Heaven with her watcher angels, and then she looses Satan upon the world... until the beginning when the 1000-year cycle loops again. And then the world loops back to the Middle Ages when it was the Roman empire ruling with the rod of Iron.

And we all get to do it all over again until we change.

Doesn't the scriptures also speak of a world of greatness and glory and animals will live in peace with humans? Is this wrong? No, Lucifer simply took parts of the Father's kingdom and included it as her own, remember filter good from evil. But her offer never occurs because of the law of bondage that cannot give life it only gives death, it is like the proverbial carrot before the racing rabbit always being offered but never given. Only the Father's Kingdom will produce the real glory.

By: John V Panella

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