November 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - World News in Prophecy #2

America in Prophecy
The Trumpet Warning!

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

I wanted to address something very important and that is why America is given the chance to change and repent. Why wasn’t America allowed to be destroyed from within as it nearly had been? Most do not realize how close America came to absolute destruction. And if it wasn’t for the Watchers placing Donald Trump in power, I would not even be able to reveal these truths unto you.

Be ready to learn, and understand, you will not hear this anywhere else in this way.

There is a barometer that reveals the mental, physical and spiritual health of a specific nation. That barometer is its morality. If that nation accepts immorality as a way of life, that nation will be cursed. Many believe a nations vital condition is based on how wealthy it is.

Sadly, this is a false interpretation. Yes wealth is a sign of good health, but it is not the key factor. Today I ask the question, why is the United States of America being cursed? You might ask, how do you determine this? The answer is simple, our farmlands, our ability to produce food is suffering horribly.

This past few year millions of acres of food will not be produced due to severe weather in America's heartland. This means a great lack of food for the country. It is typical that weather anomalies always bring in famine, which is a central curse of the gods due to immorality. But why famine?

Because the nation's pulse reveals it is in direct rebellion to the laws of nature, both physical and spiritual, which reveals as a result of accepted faulty behavior along the lines of morality. This has always been the curse. If a nation is seeking anything including wealth without morality, it will be cursed.

The land will dry up, food will not grow. Famine will enter and finally death & destruction. During the most pivotal time in America when the nation is being given an opportunity to return to its Foundation, why is this being allowed to occur?

As I have stated, Donald Trump was chosen for these last days, to finish the house, to lay the capstone as it stated in some prophecies. And his job goes deep into the heart of this nation and its foundational setting. Donald Trump was chosen to save America and save the people.

Zachariah 4, 6-9 “Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This is the word of the Lord unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.

Who art thou, O great mountain? before Zerubbabel thou shalt become a plain: and he shall bring forth the headstone thereof with shoutings, crying, Grace, grace unto it.

Moreover the word of the Lord came unto me, saying,

The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this house; his hands shall also finish it; and thou shalt know that the Lord of hosts hath sent me unto you.”

This is a direct prophecy as I explained in my books dealing with the duality of Joshua and Zerubbabel, and what he was supposed to do was astounding. It goes right into the prophecy of Cyrus, and Elijah. A man will arise in the last days to reset Israel back on the right track He is given only a short time to allow for the people of Israel to Repent.

I have instructed that America is the House of Israel in the last days, I have proven this without a doubt in my work. This was hidden due to nefarious dark agents of damnation who did not want this truth out. America was to be given a final Opportunity to change. George Washington laid the foundation of this Temple, his hands laid it, and it states HIS hands shall finish it.

Thus Donald J Trump is not only the redeemer in the last days to pull America out of sure hell, he is in fact George Washington reincarnated.

I do not care whether you like him or hate him, he is trying to save your life by sacrificing his. If you truly understood the evil intentions of those that want him removed you would kiss the ground he stood on. They want you dead. Do you even have a clue why Trump is so hated. because the people that hate him are immoral and hate righteouness and goodness and they fear Trump will take that away from them because the people love perversion and immorality.

This is why he miraculously came out as a victor on Nov of 2016 election. It was not Russia, it was the Gods of the ancient law over Israel that chose him to bring down the mountain of the New World Order to remove America out of the clutches of sure damnation.

Prophecies dealing with Zerubabbel and even Cyrus were revealed of this man coming in and literally destroying the world government from all the wicked powers of the earth who serve Satan. Notice the scripture in Isaiah.

Isaiah 45/1 “Thus saith the Lord to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I have holden, to subdue nations before him; and I will loose the loins of kings, to open before him the two leaved gates; and the gates shall not be shut;”

President Trump is the 45th President, it is a marker to prove he is the chosen Cyrus. I revealed in my work when it stated to Cyrus, my anointed. That he is given the power of the Gods, as in type like Christ, Notice the meaning of Anointed.

It is, “mashiyach” which means the savior Christ. I revealed how he is not Christ but he comes in as a form of Christ to save the Children of Israel. But according to the prophecy ultimately he fails because the people are perverse in their ways, and will not repent of their sins. However, as always they are given a chance to repent so they can never claim they were defrauded.

Zachariah 4-7 “Who art thou, O great mountain? (Great Mountain = World Government) before Zerubbabel thou shalt become a plain: and he shall bring forth the headstone thereof with shoutings, crying, Grace, grace unto it.”

If Trump fails to bring repentance, the outcome will become obvious and you might be asking, what can I possibly mean? I am seeing a trend occur, that will lead to America's ultimate destruction, it is the same trend that has occurred countless times throughout the ages when concerning Israel.

And that is when one ignores the morality problem, the gods of both good and evil bring curses on the nation unless there is a national repentance. If a leader fails to reconcile the condition of the nation based on moral terms, then that leader and the nation will be removed and cursed. My friends, famine is the key to reveal where a nation is heading.

Has America/Israel reneged on the responsibility that to heal a nation one must address its immorality. If one is only seeking for riches and wealth, the nation will be doubly cursed. Famine, riots, destruction will lay waste to the nation’s infrastructure simply because the most vital key to a nation’s health is being ignored or rejected.

Many may not like what is being said here, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks or feels. If we reject truth for ones fancy and lust, rest assured the nation will be rejected. There is no mercy when it comes to the law of Israel. It has been said, Israel never repented, the people are stiff-necked, hard in the heart and rebellious, and they always refuse to repent. And in every case they were always destroyed.

However, in every case before destruction, a prophet, one is raised among the people to seek for their change and repent, and then be blessed. But instead they hate the prophets and they killed them. Israel killed their own prophets who came to save them. How devious and ironic. Because they refuse to change. They love their sins.

There is much I have not revealed. The reason being is, one must learn these key points directly from the Father. You must understand there is a major difference between the Father and the Gods. We live in a time where truth has become error, and error has become truth. The gods have always laid waste to nations who take it upon themselves as to how they will live without regard to law and order.

Once lawlessness enters, there is no redemption or cure for what will indeed occur without national repentance. However, if the leader who sits in the temple fails to address these issues, then the leader and the people will be cursed.

My friends, the time has come to reveal, America will be brought under a curse if she doesn’t repent for her immorality. No amount of wealth, jobs or anything else we see as importance will matter. Once the nation has been led into famine, it is over.

When the gods begin to curse the land, causing great damage to its food supply, there is very little left that can be done to rectify the problem.

Many will try to blame the problem on everything like Global Warming etc... other than the real issue. Understand, the gods gave us rules to live by if we deny or reject these rules, then it is not just simply rebellion it is flat out stupidity. Because these rules were given to enhance the living environment of the human with other humans.

And when human’s sin and immoral lust gets out of control then it becomes impossible to change their heart, that land and the earth is not only cursed it is destroyed with unimaginable weapons. Weapons that have been used on humanity many times prior. If one studies into the ancient Sanskrit writings you would learn about these weapons that are used upon a sin-filled nature of humans.

You can complain, and argue your point all day long until you are blue in the face. But once these rules are broken, it not only destroys the living environment, but it also destroys the mind, leaving humans mentally and emotionally gravely ill.

I have written for a very long time that America’s destiny is not life but death due to her failing immoral health. The plan was always set in motion to destroy the greatest nation on earth, as it has been destroyed many times prior for the same reasons.

It is given unto the prophets to at least warn the people about there destiny if they do not repent and change. However, if the leader of the people and or prophets ignore the warning, and do not teach about morality, it is over. Nothing will spare the people, in general. If you take the time to read Revelation18 it will reveal the ultimate curse on America.

However, it is not new, it is not some strange anomaly, this has always occurred to Israel time and time again. America is ISRAEL! If you read Deuteronomy of the Old Testament, there are vital warnings of how Israel in the last days is entering the time of their curse due to rampant rebellion of the people. Items such as the foreigner comes into the land bringing with them their their fallen idols of false gods which they worship.

It says the foreigner will come in and then overcome and take over the land and even one who is not of this nation will rise and sit in the highest seat of the land bringing in false gods, and false teachings and the people will follow unto their destruction.

Everyone of you you need to ask the Father just what is the Abomination that makes Desolate. It was a warning for the last days of America. It speaks of one who enters and sits in the very seat or the temple of god, the WHITE HOUSE, who begins to show himself that he is god, by changing laws that were given by the gods to either bring blessings if obeyed, or cursing if not obeyed.

It is all in the prophecies, but then there was an inset when one would regain back the Temple of God that was heading for sure destruction from the hands of the enemy within, to resist the evil ones, and to change the false ways that many had accepted, but he would be hated and despised above all who love the error and not the truth.

It even reveals those who love the error will be given strong delusion and they will easily accept the lie because they don’t love the truth and they shall be damned. The people at this point that were already lead into rebellion, who accepted the son of perdition that sat in the Temple before the one who is to restore, will continue to fight for the ways of Balaam, Ba’al & Molock and hate all that is righteousness.

These are the gods of blood letting, sexual perversion and pedophilia. The resistors job was to take back the Temple from the evil ones, to restore the moral laws that had been nullified by the Son of Perdition. However, if he fails to restore repentance in the land, he must also be removed and the people will be lead into famine, disease and utter destruction.

I can’t express this warning enough, if the prophets, or the leaders, or any of the people tell you we can be saved without issuing decrees of morality, they are lying to you and will also be destroyed. When America was great, when it was strong, it was also strong morally.

No nation on this earth has existed very long after the morals were deteriorated, It just will never happen. The people can cry and scream and want their lusts and pleasures, but they shall surely die. Nothing can save them without repentance. I was never called to be a prophet. But I feel I must assume part of the responsibility that is being ignored. And it is being ignored.

The knowledge of this truth must be told, even if the masses will never hear it. I cannot in good conscience continue to watch what I have been revealed and to let this knowledge fade away without saying anything. The people must know and understand why the curse is coming. Acceptance of immorality as a way of life will bring death upon all that fail to repent.

As I revealed in my books. Sin is within all, we are all sinners. No one should judge another of their sins lest their sin be brought into judgment. However, never think because one is not to judge that this frees the sinner to continue to sin. Do you know what the greatest of all sins is?

How many of you could answer this question? I would say maybe one in a million. The greatest sin there is that cannot be forgiven is, the sin of acceptance of sin. We all sin, we all fall short, but our job is to get back up and continue to fight the good fight in faith to improve, to become stronger and overcome.

Once one concludes that their sins are acceptable in the sight of the gods and the Father and they allow it as a way of life, then there is no forgiveness left in this lifetime and they shall all surely perish.

There is no pardon left. There is no redemption left in this life. Christ spoke with sinners, he was around them, and helped them. He said it was because they knew they were sinners and that is why they could be helped and forgiven.

However, Christ gave the greatest rebuke to the religious powers of his day, saying, they sinned but accepted it as righteousness. And that type person cannot be helped. So my friends, never get into a spirit that this is about judgment and damnation which lacks love, simply because one reveals that sin is existing and must be repented of.

We live in a time where Satan is working over time to convince everyone that whatever you desire to do is a choice and no one has the power to tell you otherwise. Satan knows once you accept your sin as a choice, you are damned in this life and possibly many more to come.

My friends, the choice was always there in this fallen world, I set before you two trees, Life and Death choose. Do you get it? You do what they tell you and you live, you don’t, you die. There is not a part three to the equation. Once a nation accepts sin as a choice, then they are doomed.

It is only a matter of time when the famine begins as the starting point to a type of desolation. Now some may ask, what sins are you talking about? If someone has to tell you what is sin, then you are on dangerous ground. Sin is anything that perverts the biological and spiritual body and mind.

Nature has a way of revealing what sin is. But the spiritual has a way to reveal what is deeply inside the soul. A true child of the Father and Mother are coded within to reveal who they are. When you sin, you know you are sinning. No one has to tell you. It is that shame, that guilt that is built within to reveal one is in error. Guilt and shame is not bad as Satan would like you to believe,, it is our internal spiritual teacher.

When you stumble and fall, you must get back up and work harder. Guilt and shame is that which reveals you are offtrack and need to change your path and get on the straight and narrow. So do not be coy as if you do not know. If you truly do not know then you are simply not of the Father and Mother.

It is time to awaken, for we are in the last days. If you desire to enter the Harvest you must reconcile these issues now. Do not accept the lie. Be strong in Father via Christ and stand tall for the truth. At this time nothing else will be acceptable.

President Trump is not through, he will be given one last term to awaken the people, yes changes will occur, and peace will be restored, but if the people fail to repent, then there will be no more chances. Now please understand, if you are truly a seed of the Father you can still repent even if the nation does not. And you shall be rewarded greatly for it.

Do not expect everyone else to change around you to cause you to change, you must change in spite of what anyone else does and then the Father will reconnect your soul to the divine Spirit of glory.

By: John V Panella

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