November 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 003 - Article 013

Awakening From Death
The choice is before us, awaken unto life,
or remain asleep in death!

Misty Oulton
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
Misty Oulton

When we venture through our journeys here, it is very imperative that we learn the truths of this world and the truths of our real world, our home. This is important so that the true children can decide if they want to attain Eternal Life or remain here in Eternal Death. I am certain that most would opt for Eternal Life, but how is this really accomplished.

Now most have been indoctrinated to believe that we just need to believe in Jesus Christ and our sins will be forgiven and we will receive Eternal Life. This belief will keep one snared in this well designed nefarious death trap. I would love to share a few things with you about this cunning trap.

I was thinking that if some of you are a bit new to these truths that have been presented through The Divine Secret Garden Series and the treasures written within this Spiritual News Letter, one may have difficulty wrapping their mind around this very substantial information, what I am about to share is going to be a large red pill moment.

This world that we are currently trapped in is not real, thatís right, itís an illusion, a false reality, a matrix. Boy do I know that this can be difficult to come to terms with if you are new to this concept because it all seems so real to us, but that is a huge part of the trap that keeps us from going within, through the Fatherís door, unto Life Eternal.

We remain snagged and entangled in the various lies because the truth goes against the very fabric of this matrix, with all of its false teachings and indoctrination and it also goes against our programmed minds. Most people reject the truth because they are programmed to do so.

I would love to share a little story with all of you about my first experience with this same information. When I was 18, which was many years ago, I met a man that shared this information with me; he told me that this world was not real; we were living in an illusion; things here are not really how they appear, that the table I was sitting at was not solid; itís all part of the illusion.

Believe me, I was not ready to accept this as a new profound belief. I actually had a little chuckle to myself. To be truthful, I thought this messenger was a bit off of his rocker, a brick short of a load if you know what I mean. Boy oh Boy was I wrong and if I met with him today, I would thank him from the bottom of my heart.

As I reminisce about this memory from the distant past, there is nothing outside of that conversation that I can recall about what this messenger revealed, with the exception of the current realization that he planted those seeds that eventually led me to know these truths, that this world is an illusion based on a foundation of lies.

Most interact with the outside world instead of the inner one so that the outer appears real to us because we are experiencing it through all of our senses, along with the many distractions that present themselves at every opportunity to keep the cover operating.

If all of our senses were removed, taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight, we wouldnít have any tangible evidence to have a structure for a perceived reality. We would only have our thoughts!!!

Your thoughts are the real you!

Your soul along with all the true children here, disobeyed our Father and came to this simulation to play these virtual reality games and became entrapped in this prison dream world. Our soul had fallen asleep.

Please for your sake, donít be quick to dismiss this vital information, allow yourself to have an open mind. Expand it like an elastic band and allow it to stretch beyond the limits of this program. This world was designed brilliantly to capture our attention, to always lead us in the wrong direction so that we would never learn to find our way home.

As Morpheus told Neo in the Matrix Movie, ďitís the world thatís been pulled over your eyes!Ē

Now I would like to explain to you that the technology of a Full Flight Simulator provides the pilot with the Perfect Illusion. Thatís right - The Perfect Illusion - It replicates the sensations of a REAL flight in every way. This is fact. If this world can provide us with simulators and virtual reality games that feel real to us when in fact they are not, then itís not so far fetched to know and understand that this world provides us similar experiences.

This world that we operate in does not belong to the Father or Mother, they want no part of it. They want to bring their children home, awaken them from their deep sleep. If this world belonged to the Father or Mother do you think Christ would have said the following?

KJV. 1 John 2:15

ďLove not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.Ē

Christ always spoke the truth. He would not have said this about the world if it indeed belonged to the Father. He was telling us hey, this is not your Fatherís world, so do not love or even desire it!

Christ came to bring us the good news of our previously forgotten relationship with the Father, to awaken our sleeping souls from this world of death and to show us the way home to our Eternal reality.

For those who think they are awake, can you please answer these questions

1 - Who were you really before the foundations of this world?

2 - Where had you been before you were born?

3 - Where are you going when you leave here?

The sleeping soul cannot provide the answers to those questions. We cannot even give directions to locate our true home, we are unable to accomplish this great feat. In order to be brought out of this world of death and back in to the world of life, we need to rely solely on our loving Father and Mother through Christ, there is no other way! It is they who awaken us!

They are the Power and the Glory, they hold the Mystery of ALL the Universes and the Secrets and Keys to All, including our Eternal Life.

Now Christ did leave instructions for us to know how to enter the Father's Kingdom.

KJV. Matthew 18:3

ďAnd said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.Ē

In this scripture, we are instructed to become as a little child. What does this mean exactly? It means we are to go within unto the Father's Kingdom, surrender our will to the Father and Mother through Christ so that thy Fatherís WILL be done and to have complete Love, Faith and Trust in the outcome.

To Believe and to Know that they will bring us home! They sent Christ to reveal these secrets through the man Jesus, to those that are chosen to return home that have ears to hear. We need to look up to them and rely completely on them with the heart and love of a child. We need to literally depend on them for everything like our young children depend on us to take care of their needs. This is the only way!

When you go within to seek the Father and Mother through Christ and make the connection with them, you will FEEL them and become filled with their Love and let me tell you there is nothing in this world that can compare to it. It is the most amazing uplifting feeling I have ever experienced.

Now in the very first paragraph, I laid before you two choices that we have and please choose wisely as time is short in this cycle!

1 - Eternal Life -

The only way to attain Eternal Life is described above in more detail, please reread.. We need to go within and connect to our Father and Mother through Christ and surrender our will to them...this is the only way home to Eternal Life.

2 - Eternal Death -

Remain entangled in this death trap to continually enter the reincarnation cycles through the ongoing Time Loops. To repeat this Eternal Death over and over again until the soul becomes so sickened by this place that it eventually seeks the road that will lead to Eternal Life.

The choice is ours to make as our Father and Mother through Christ remain patient and allow ALL their children the required time needed to make their choice. You see they have Pure Unconditional Love for each child and Love us like no other!

We are very happy you have arrived here! This is your time, You are being called! The Choice is yours to make!

By: Misty Oulton

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