November 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 003 - Article 007

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What to do When you Feel a Disconnect with the Father

Stephen Winder
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
Stephen Winder

The importance of having faith in the Father and Mother and of submitting to the will of our divine parents through Christ cannot be overstated.

What if you feel a strong connection to your divine Parents and then one day all sense of connection feels lost or muddled? What happened? Well chances are you strayed from the narrow path of the spirit to the wide path of the world. And now you sense you are lost.

You remember the Father and Mother but yet you donít feel you are a part of them any more. You are all alone in an alien world. You seek faith yet, something is wrong, it does not seem strong or real. The Father and Mother donít seem to be listening.

In some Christian traditions the sense of separation fromĒ GodĒ is known as the dark night of the soul. This dark night is the lowest point in the spiritual experience of the truly devout. And I would argue this so called dark night can occur more than one time in a personís life.

If faced with such a sense of loss of spiritual meaning what can you do? Well in these circumstances even having a little faith which seems to be going no where is a start. And also if you temporarily canít feel the Fatherís presence, imagine yourself as you are in the Fatherís eyes; that lost and confused little child in spirit.

Then hold on as hard as you can to the Fatherís coat tails and donít let go. How exactly do you do that you might ask? Look within to a primary quality of the Father that you also share. In this example it is goodness. Now focus on the good in everything that you do and think.

Deny anything harmful to the good. That is deny anything from the spirit of the flesh that will weaken or dampen your connection to that which is good, proper and right. Make this your goal for the day as you go about your everyday life, at home and at work.

Focus on the good and ask the Father to take charge of your life. And suffer the sense of helplessness of the lost little child within. Imagine that little child being gently guided and uplifted by his or her divine Parents.

What is the good you might ask. The good is anything that is affirming the spirit of the Father. It is the practice of love, peace and kindness in thought and action. It is the pursuit of what is right and the denial of that which is wrong. We know right from wrong.

The Father gave us a conscience for a reason. To deny that which is not of the good is something that we must constantly practice throughout our lives. Even if we suffer ridicule from others or have to battle our lower nature.

It is the constant commitment and practice of pursuing the good and denying the evil that is within and without that will shape our character and help to produce a true faithful child of the spirit.

Donít beat yourself up; if you seemingly lose the connection to the Father, Mother and Christ. The fact that you realize this means you can reconnect. But you will first have to purge yourself of the error of thinking or the error of action that you were wrongly invested in before you can properly reconnect.

Let go of the error and the pain of feeling lost and abandoned. Rejoice when you have reconnected in spirit with the inner truth. And become stronger in faith and commitment as you continue to peel back the layers of the false identity that you have created in this fallen world to reconnect with your authentic True self of the Higher Kingdom.

BY: Stephen Winder

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