November 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 003 - Article 016

Are you Contrite in Heart,
or do you have a dark secret?

Christian Casselli
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
Christian Casselli

What does it mean to have a contrite heart? Many Christians in the world don't understand the true significance of becoming humbled to the point of absolute contrition. Until we are broken down to our bare bones of possessing a remorseful perspective, we will still be proud in varying ways and won't have a contrite heart.

I've seen the false fruit of pride disguise itself in infinite ways within the hearts of most Christians. They parade around like they are saints. Sure, they may deny this and use the excuse, "I'm a sinner and I know I'm a sinner." But deep down, they do not actually believe their own words. They use the sinner statement as a get-out-of-jail-free card to cover up their proud spirit.

You can recognize this type of spirit through their actions. These are the folks who place blame outside of themselves. Only when it's convenient for them to do so will they recognize their own error. But for the most part, their actions prove their love and glory is reserved for themselves. It is in essence hidden selfishness. They assume the role of the victim to project their spiritual flaws onto others to avoid repentance. They may even get angry at others to cover their own iniquity.

Understand my friends, we are here in this fallen world because of the mistakes WE made ourselves. We cannot blame anyone other than ourselves for having swallowed the bait of spiritual wickedness. Until we truly see that, we will not receive Christ. Yet it is from our experiences in life that drive us to the point of realizing we have been wicked. We must be broken down completely through the trials of life in order to see it. This requires an ego death.

Our spiritual wickedness in this lifetime was not necessarilly killing and raping people, but it might as well have been when we recognize how ugly we've been. We ignorantly expressed a more subtle wickedness that can only be observed from the spiritual perspective of the Father via Christ.

It is pride and selfishness that played a major role in causing us to fall. This is clearly understood by viewing the mindlessness of Satan. Understand that pride is unrecognizable to the one who expresses pride. This is why Satan couldn't recognize his own spiritual iniquity. From his perspective, he always acted rightly. Mindlessness is so dangerous because it is not seen by the one who is expressing it.

It's similar to how we cannot see our own eyeballs. Yes, we see out of our eyes, but we cannot see the instrument of our eyes while we use them. Unless we look in a mirror, we are blind to the very tool that lets us observe the world. In the same way, we are blind to the pride and selfishness we express, UNLESS we are given a spiritual mirror to view ourselves. The spiritual mirror never existed until Christ showed up on the scene to give us perspective to see our own filth.

Yet there is a catch 22 with the spiritual mirror. We ourselves must be willing to look at the truth of who we are in this world. In this realm of illusion, it is much easier to believe the lie than it is to believe the truth.

We are programmed with the very same spirit of pride and selfishness that exists within Satan/Lucifer and the fallen angels. It is the ego that cannot recognize itself as being mindless. Consequently, most of the people in the world are blind to their mindlessness. They cannot be shaken from their delusions unless they have an experience which allows them to accept the reflection shown in the objective spiritual mirror.

Remember, we are living in a shadow realm per se. This is not the true world or the true light that exists in this realm. We are in essence, shadows of light, shadows of truth, shadows of goodness, and shadowed fragments of our true self that is spirit.

The shadows give birth to the deadly spiritual fruit of jealousy. When one sees that there is someone or something greater than itself, it becomes jealous of its greatness. Satan and the fallen angels are bitterly jealous of the Father/Mother and Christ. Satan is jealous, because Satan is envious of the one who contains the true light.

In the same way, when we step unto Christ, the world will become jealous of us. Think about it, if you were secretly scared and void of truth, and you came across someone who ACTUALLY knew the truth about this world, you would hate that person for knowing what you don't.

Consequently, you will create any and every excuse in the book as to why that individual is wrong or bad. Subconsciously, you are jealous of the individual who has the light of truth within, because you are filled with the lie. But on the surface, you will consciously project flaws onto the person because you do not want to accept the truth. Ironically, these flaws you project are not within the person of truth, but within yourself.

Think of how much Christ was hated in this world for knowing the truth. They tortured and crucified him! And to top it off, we as children of the Father and Mother are called to also have the Spirit of Christ formed within us so that we may be redeemed.

So think how much we will be hated by those who do not know the one true Spirit. They will project everything imaginable onto us. They will say we are elitists, or that we are a secret club who believe ourselves to be better than everyone else.

Excuse me? They said the same thing about Jesus. "Oh Jesus is not a good man. He works with a private group and isn't open to new ideas. He won't join the rest of us or listen to others. He thinks he knows everything and he's too into himself and his father. Therefore, I do not agree with him."

Do you see the problem here? These folks were projecting their own pride and mindlessness onto Jesus. They clung to their proud spirit and wouldn't admit their spiritual flaws to themselves. It's the same old song and dance that's happening today with folks who can't comprehend their mindlessness.

Only a broken down, contrite heart can become moldable and teachable to be renewed by the Spirit of Christ. That is when the learning begins like a student in a classroom. I ask you to look at your past objectively. Even with all the good you've done, you are still a bad person. Yes, that's right I said it. We may sugar coat ourselves as being good and selfless, but at the end of the day we've all been proud and selfish compared to the goodness of the Father/Mother and Christ.

This is the great mystery pertaining to the grace and love of the Father/Mother. None of us are worthy of redemption! If everyone was honest with themselves, they'd see this fact plain as day. Understand the mystery...

Those who are truly worthy of redemption are those who realize they are not worthy and will do whatever they have to do to be saved. They will seek to atone for their lifelong iniquity by changing into serving a more selfless lifestyle.

When we see how rotten we've been, we feel guilty and realize we don't deserve the glory that the Father/Mother wants to share with us. Spiritually speaking, we've been bad to the bone. However, we are worthy through Christ. It is Christ that is worthy of redemption as the beloved Son. Christ is the Spirit of the Good Son who came here to help us become redeemable.

Now, see the inner perspective being flipped from that of selfishness to selflessness. Christ wants us to be equal to him. Likewise, we should desire for all of our brothers and sisters to be equally great and lovely.

If we do not want the absolute best for our brothers and sisters, then we are still filled with jealousy which stems from the false spirit. Here comes the ego death. Have you realized that Christ is all about providing selfless spiritual service to others so that they become equals? That's the whole reason he came here.

If you are seeking glory or admiration for yourself and your works, then you are still filled with egotistical pride. Our efforts are for others, not for ourselves. Christ told us three times, if you love me, then feed my sheep. This act of selflessly feeding Christ's sheep encompasses the spirit of service.

Christ passes the ball so that others can make the game winning shot. That is what pleases the Father/Mother. The unsung hero becomes the hero in the Kingdom. It is the servant who receives no glory that encompasses the essence of the selfless Spirit. We've been so programmed with pride to make ourselves look great, we've never understood the beauty of helping others shine.

Now we can look back at our past and realize why we're so unworthy of the Father's help. We've lived proudly to elevate ourselves, and this is the great trick of the world that seduced us into believing we are good people. This realization leads us unto genuine contrition. The true student of Christ doesn't see him or herself as being great. They know they're no good. And that's the beauty of this modest process.

When you realize you've lived so badly, you then flip the desired perspective into wanting to be good. Good as in selfless. It is like a mother smiling at her child learning a new skill. The good mother is not jealous of the child for being skillful. The mother rejoices at seeing the child excel. Can you imagine a mother being jealous of her little child? That would be absolutely repulsive. But sadly, that is how the false spirit operates.

If we carry a selfless attitude into everything we do, we'll become humble and repentful for genuine contrition. We won't see ourselves as great, and we won't try to hoard the glory for ourselves. We'll always seek repentance for having missed the mark, and continue to be better because we genuinely wish to help others grow and shine.

We should always be asking the Father if the choices we made were correct because we are truly seeking repentance to fix our mistakes to become more selfless. Pass the ball my friends. This is the type of heart that pleases the Father/Mother and is compatible with Christ.

BY: Christian Casselli

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