November 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 003 - Article 012

Death Bed Repentence - The False Loop Hole.
Can you Spend your Life in Sin and then
Repent at the End and Expect Salvation

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

The understanding that one can spend their life doing abhorred things and then right at the end they can repent & somehow miraculously they will be escorted out by loving angels and into the hands of their divine Father & Mother, is absurd.

Repentance means change, and it must come with fruits to prove their sincerity. This misunderstanding is based on the one-life theory, that we all have one life-time, one chance to get it right or kaboom!

It doesn't matter what our individual experiences are, or what environment we are born into in life, too bad, so sad. This is a total lack of understanding of what grace really is. This is our judgment ground, and what we do with it proves our fruits or the lack thereof.

If one is truly a child of the Father & Mother, they will be given every opportunity in the book under every possible condition to commit to change and then all of their combined fruits from life-times will be gathered from, where moth and rust do not exist.THese are our heavenly fruits.

Otherwise, return trip tickets will be printed and that soul will be on the next available train back to Hell/Earth. Once again, the true definition of 'hell' is the constant repetition within time and space, recycling continually without finding an exit; living within the depths of darkness.

The difference between Grace and the death penalty is Grace is unmerited pardon allowing for more time to reform, it doesn't automatically render salvation. Under the death penalty it is do it now or never. We must stop thinking linear and start thinking cyclical.

If one is 'a' true child of the Divine Parents, they shall never fail, it is impossible for them to fail. This is the true love of a Parent that has all power and especially all-time. They will never be forsaken, or rejected.

All the true children will be given all the time needed to reform and become that diamond from the coal, each one at their own level and process of growth. The true love of a Parent never gives up, it is always unconditional and forever patient waiting for our change.

However, an impersonal love, one that comes from an external deity (god) and where divine inheritance is not even possible like it is from our real divine internal Parents, is never patient, and it is not really unconditional love. It is a Lord over Serf relationship.

It is ownership of slaves for worshiping purposes, and demands what can never truly give, because it is impossible. When time is in a cyclical pattern, it takes nothing away from eternity.

If you continue to cycle until you are removed from the cycle, you had simply never moved forward in the first place until you broke free. However, when one is removed then one is eternal again. Therefore, cyclical judgment is not forever or eternal it just appears that way in a constant loop, until one can be freed from the illusory chains of darkness wrapped around the soul are removed.

By: John V Panella

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