November 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 003 - Article 017

Learn the Code - Internalize!
Having knowledge of the spirit does not mean
that you understand the spirit!

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

Out of everyone that was among some sadly left us, and every single one of them believed they were right with "GOD" and I/We are wrong. Every one of them!

Why do you think that is? Because saving face works best when you can blame others for what one is unable to accept. It is a tendency of humans to blame everyone else rather than themselves.

When people do not understand the gift that is being given to them, it is tantamount to throwing pearls before swine, they just trample all over it.

Think about Noah and the Ark, the people mocked him, they told jokes about the idiot in the desert building the boat. In fact the jokes write themselves. Do you think they did this because they believed Noah was right and they were wrong?

Of course not, everyone of them that died in the flood believed they were the ones that were right and the team of eight idiots building the giant boat in the desert were morons.

What is the lesson here? The lesson is, it is the few who are different than the rest which are usually on the right track, it is the majority that is usually always wrong. The majority tend to group like sheep and bah, bah back and forth to one another to gain credible consensus, but they never internalize the data.

The fact is, no one abandons the rest unless they first reject the rest or they falsely label everyone as unintelligent enough to see their own so called righteousness. And as always they end up drowning in the flood. But today I want to give you a foolproof remedy to cure this malevolence. If you can understand and grasp it, then it will save your spiritual life. And when offenses come you wonít throw out the baby with the dirty bathwater.

Jesus had many followers, and at times up to 5000 or more, and because the people were offended by some of his teachings, many of them abandoned Christ, John 6:66, except for the disciples and their families. The disciples understood one truth, there was no other place to go.

If you have not learned that yet and you still feel there are good people in this world and you want to be with them, then you will be in the flood, because that is where the world is heading. Because there is none good but one, and our job is to find the ONE and where he sets his seal, and stick with it, not separately, but together.

It doesnít matter what you believe. When the floods come and the doors to the Ark are closed, your beliefs are now useless idol nonsense. And when you are scratching at the doors, begging, screaming, swearing, and crying to be allowed inside, all you will have left are filled lungs of deception.

This article will discuss these issues as to why do people think they are so right but when truth is revealed they cannot accept it. They regurgitate it and throw it up. Why? Because unless you can handle the meat you will only be able to drink milk.

Let me explain, milk is when you need someone to teach you and guide you in spirit, the meat is when you understand and you can choose wisely on your own to be guided by that spirit unless you do not know or understand how spirit functions. Part of knowing how the spirit works is knowing it does not pull one away from the others of that spirit to learn on their own, it brings like minds together as a body of one. One body, one mind, one spirit. It is like everyone all speaking the same language, it is simple and easy to understand.

Let me emphasize, trees branches are nurtured from the tree itself. You can not be nurtured or fed by another tree outside your tree. If you seek another way the branches are pruned and they die. The reason the Father pulls his children together in mind and spirit is because there is no other way to access the energy of the Father.

He works through Christ as the trunk of the tree and the branches all come out of the truck. If you leave the tree/body, you die. There is no other way. The Father may lead you separately to guide you to the tree, but after you are in the tree there is no turning away.

There is a key, one key that the many never understood, in all that was revealed, they failed to use this one key. I don't care who you are, unless you use this one key you will not remain with the Father on the same tree. In fact others will come to fill in the gaps, which the departed left open.

I canít give people this key, it must be learned, and that is why it is so powerful, it only functions if one understands how it works. If one wonít use it properly, they will never understand. I call it wading in the shallow part of the pool, it doesn't matter whether you can swim, you can stand there all day long without issue, representing the milk of the word. However, when one enters into the deep waters, representing the meat of the Word and Body. And then all bets are off. If you can't swim you die.

In our time and day we donít have to get together in groups inside a building anymore. As Christ said, greater works shall you do than even I. We can now expand the body all over the world via computers and still be one body.

Let us begin to learn. You may be an excellent driver of an automobile but unless you are also the Mechanical engineer, then you really donít know that much about the vehicle... We live in a world where many could drive a spiritual bus, but have no clue how it really operates and before long they will crash and burn.

The moral of this story is, people do not understand certain keys because they have not learned to understand what it is they are doing from the innermost parts of the operation. They have been in follow mode their entire life, and during this time all sorts of false indoctrination's and programming arise, it is embedded and programmed into the mind.

And when something happens that goes against this controlled inner mechanism, they vomit it out. They cannot handle the truth.

The other day my wife was trying to close the bathroom door, we have had a problem with that door due to improper alignment of the latch and door-well. It doesn't seem to want to stay shut when closed.

I have worked on that door many times, and because of it I know how it is aligned, I understand how the latch functions down to the smallest attributes. So when I shut the door it stays shut, but when my wife shuts it, the door will not latch, it continues to reopen.

I have no problem with the door, but it has become a perplexing dilemma for my wife. And then I began to wonder, why is it I have no problems with the door but my wife battles this thing like it is a war-zone.

It is almost an enigma, a disjointed puzzle where the pieces to do not fit together. I then began to think about this, as to why I was not having any trouble with the door, but my wife has been taken prisoner by this complex and strange issue.

I have explained to her exactly how to shut the door but for some reason it is not being understood, and then I realized the problem. And it began to help me to understand deeper issues concerning the spiritual. Most problems in life whether physical or spiritual are based on our lack of in-depth knowledge of how things operate.

As with anything in life when we get to the bottom of a problem we begin to understand how things function. As with me, I had been working on the internals of the door latch, I understand why it was having issues, how it is aligned, and why the door refuses to latchÖ

I understood the functionality of the door, to the very details of the operation. Whereas my wife has not seen nor had to deal with the internals, all she knows is the process of opening and closing the door, and for some reason it is not functioning like most doors. So it is baffling to her.

And even though I try to explain, how to hold the door, what pressure to use when closing the door, where to place the hands on the door. It does not make sense unless you are aware of key inner elements. It just becomes frustrating. Like most things in life when they fail to operate as they are designed, we become frustrated.

However, when we dig into the inner most sanctum of the operation and figure out how it works from an internal level and why at this moment in time it is failing to function properly. We then learn exactly why things are not functioning as they are supposed to and we can either fix the problem or access some parts to alleviate this problematic issue.

And that is when I began to contemplate about spiritual realities. Why is it so many do not understand the spiritual applications in most things in life? Ever since I was a young child, I dug deeply into how things worked so I would learn how they operated and why.

This was no different when discovering the spiritual things. I didnít just open and close spiritual doors like everyone else was taught. I had to know the internals, I learned how the door functioned spiritually. I dug into it to understand why things functioned the way they did.

This stayed with me my entire life. And when it came to basic teachings and doctrines, I didnít just accept things as they appeared, I had to understand why, and if it didnít add up I would then dig deeply into the spirit of the operation until I did understand. I didn't try to change the spirit I just wanted to learn how it functioned, so I could use it properly.

I would use the application of asking myself questions and then I forced myself to give answers and if the answers didnít pass the test, I would continue until they did. I would break it down to the utmost aspect of the details until I understood exactly how to resolve that or any issueÖ

Over the years I was able to answer many questions about the spirit, and how it functions, because I learned how it operates, however, this could only help so much. I began to learn, that most people can accept outer details but not understand how it functions.

So when a problem arose like not being able to clasp the door shut, frustration set in, and it led one to deeper misunderstanding and distrust, instead of them applying labor and work to learn how it all functions.

Again, unless a person delves deeply into the root of the belief, they will eventually be trapped in their own enigma. You must be able to understand how and why the spirit functions much deeper than just because someone told you how it works.

When a problem arises and you are unable to fix it, then you are stuck. Like driving down the road in a dark area and your tire goes flat. If you are unable to change your own tire you must rely on someone else. And sometimes there is nobody around to help you, leaving you in a problematic situation.

Just like the spirit, if the spirit goes flat, and you do not understand how to fix it, you will be stuck and often will have to reply on someone else to do the job for you, or you just trash the spirit. And isnít this what many have done with religion, they have allowed others to tell them exactly how the spirit operates and you just trust that they know what they are doing? And when it fails one usually gives up.

Many have been led astray, because if they do not completely understand than they can be taken for a long ride into the dark night and get a flat tire. My friends, when dealing with spiritual things the Father expects us to understand why we believe in what we believe in, not just to blindly follow.

Yes, it takes faith when we are dealing with beyond the three dimensional appearances. But you must understand, Faith is not blind faith. Faith is not dead faith. To have perfect faith you must know how faith operates within spirit.

You must understand that the application of faith works as a part in the engine of the spiritual. I have used this example many times. When you plug an appliance into the wall, you know you are accessing the electricity to give energy to the appliance to function. This is a knowing. If you did not understand that the appliance needs to be plugged into an outlet in the wall, the appliance will not function.

Faith is the same, if you do not understand that faith takes the energy of spirit to function, you will never know what faith really is. Faith is not just hope, it is a knowing how spirit functions. Without Faith spirit cannot function.

When you are flying a jet you must understand how the jet functions, it must have lifts, and wind speed and other dynamics to allow this massively heavy object to leave the ground. If you do not understand, you will crash. But even so, there still must be a certain modicum of faith to believe that the Jet will leave the ground.

If for some reason something goes awry internally, then you better know how to operate the jet back to safety by understanding what may be wrong internally and operating on the basis of countering the problem with a solution, or else you will crash and burn.

In my life I have witnessed many crash and burn spiritually because they do not understand how to use faith to operate the spirit. They might have had the basics of the operation, but they lacked internals. Just like plugging in an appliance, you may know it needs to be plugged into the wall. But what if the breaker went out? What if the energy supply is not flowing to produce the electricity?

Then unless you understand how to repair the breaker switch when it pops or switch it back on in the box, then there wonít be any electricity flow. Many people do not understand there are other applications in spirit, likened unto the breaker box that keeps the continuous flow of energy unless it pops.

But what could be the breaker box in spirit? It is living a right and true life in a proper lifestyle. If one is living in sin, the breaker malfunctions. And it wonít matter if you try to have faith and operate the spiritual, it will not work for you. Just like putting the plug into the wall with a faulty breaker.

Sometimes a breaker switch pops, and the flow of energy stops. You will either need to reset the breaker, (remove the sin), or you may even need to replace the breaker with a new switch, (change your lifestyle.) When someone is living in sin the breaker snaps and the magic of faith stops working.

You canít keep an energy flow in spirit if there is a disconnect. And you cannot understand what a disconnect is or how it functions unless you understand the internals of the operation. So often many use excuses for why things do not operate as they should spiritually, but they never go to the internals to grasp, why it failed.

You cannot have a connected faith if you disbelieve. You cannot have a connected faith if you doubt. You cannot have connected faith if you are sinning. These are also spiritual breaker switch issues. We are connected to the Father via faith by living properly. This is our connection. It is an internal operation of the spirit. You cannot expect faithís internal applications to function properly when you reject how and why spirit functions.

They are not magic acts, just like plugging in an appliance, it is not a miracle that the appliance operates correctly, it all had to do with connecting the source energy to the operation. Sure if you didnít understand why or how it functions, yes indeed, it may appear as a miracle.

When we have faith, we are using the spiritual energy to operate its power. If you do not believe, or understand or even know how the internal functions then it is a magic trick for you, but for others it was simply expected, like plugging in the toaster.

This is why it is so important to know how the spirit works, the spirit is the Fatherís energy, and when we have faith we connect to the Father, if we do not have faith, we do not connect. It is like talking into a phone that is not connected to its source.

You can talk on that phone all day long, but there is no one on the other end to listen. No one is hearing you. Do you understand? The Father is not being belligerent, he is not being selfish, or unable to be moved. He simply cannot hear you. He is simply not aware of you. You are not connected to him.

You first need to fix the spiritual breaker box, and then plug in the line of faith and voila, it is that simple. You now have a connection. When you read the scripture that says, it is impossible to please the Father without faith, it means it is impossible for the Father to hear you without the connection. You are talking into dead air.

Just like when it says, flesh and blood has no inheritance for eternal life. Why? Well our inheritance is based on the spirit, which is eternal, because the Father is spirit & eternal. Flesh and blood is not spirit, thus not eternal. So you cannot inherit what does not belong to you. Death cannot inherit eternal life

The things of the flesh do not please the Father. He doesnít seek for those things because they are foreign to him, and they have no internal or eternal life within. But if you have his spirit, then you are of his very nature as proof of being an offspring. But if all you are is flesh and blood, then there is no connection.

Therefore, our connection is via the spirit. And we connect by faith, and if the breaker box is functioning properly, and you are living a pleasing lifestyle, you shall remain connected. However, if any of the internals are malfunctioning you lose the flow of energy.

Just knowing how to drive the spiritual bus, or opening and closing spiritual doors is fine, but if you do not understand how it functions internally, then when something goes wrong even the first time it breaks down, may be your swan song, and the energy may be broken and unable to be repaired.

Unless you understand the internal operation of spirit, it is fleeting at best, like driving a car that breaks down, without being a mechanical engineer. You now have to rely on others that may not have your best interest at heart.

Therefore, one must stick to the spiritual operation, and part of that operation is recognizing where the Father has set the path among them that also follow. And then we follow in faith, and if something goes wrong, you check the internals wherewith they will prove that the breaker switch popped and now you will understand.

By: John V Panella

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