November 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 003 - Article 006

Love Your Enemy?
It sounds nice but are these words heavily mistranslated
for a purpose beyond what you have understood?

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

The other day I happened to be going online and discovered there are forums out there discussing my work, both pro and con. I decided to read some of the thoughts being addressed.

One of the problems people have with my work is that I teach not to love your enemies. This is a sore point with many. Some of the individuals basically said, well I would not have anything to do with this person since he believes this way.

Well that is sort of counter-effective to their beliefs is it not? Since they are told to love their enemies, but if someone says donít love your enemies, then stay away from them and have nothing to do with them.

I realize that my saying this goes against some of the biblical narratives that said we should love our enemies and do good to them that despite-fully use us. etc... The problem is, when something doesnít make sense we have to ask why?

Just like in Romans 13, the entire chapter states that we are to submit and obey those who rule above us, because God placed them there. It states, they are there to teach us between good and evil, and that if we do evil we should be punished. Really?

Did the author ever live in this world? When Christ was murdered by the Roman Government, were they doing this under the guiding hand of God? And think about where that verse was introduced- to the Church at Rome. Do you think maybe someone was trying to protect themselves and their teachings under the rule of a tyrannical government?

To even think the rulers and governments of this world have our best interest at heart is not only naÔve, it is plain stupidity.

It states in Romans 13 that God placed these people there and we must obey them and do what they tell us. And also, in Matthew 5 where it speaks of the beatitudes, it says we are to love our enemies, and then it seals it with this statement, which should make my readers ask the big question.

That ye may be the children of your Father, which is in heaven: for he makes his ďSUNĒ to rise on the evil and on the good and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. Major clues here folks.

Christ said, love your neighbor as yourself, and love the Father with all your heart might and soul. He said this fulfills the entire law and the prophets. Where does it say, love your enemies?

In Matthew 5 it separates neighbor from enemy, the use of the word neighbor is a friend, and companion, someone you know and care for or someone likened unto you. They are not strangers, and definitely not enemies.

My friends the true definition of enemy is Satan, he is our adversary. He is our enemy! So, does that mean we are to love Satan? We are told we cannot serve two master, either we serve the Father or Satan. When Jesus was being attacked, mocked and accused, I didnít ever see him treat these enemies with love and compassion.

He rebuked them, and said, get behind me Satan. When he was being crucified, he made the statement, Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. Do you really believe Christ's true murderers were acting in ignorance?

He understood many who were part of the act were simply naÔve and didnít understand. As they clamored, Crucify him, for they were deceived by the government rulers and of the Scribes and Pharisees of their day.

Therefore, Christ says, forgive them Father for they know not what they do. He was not talking about those who set this all up. He was not talking about the enemies of Good, who planned the entire crucifixion. They knew exactly what they were doing.

In fact, Pontius Pilate washed his hands of all of this because he knew it was all planned. When Christ said to forgive them, He was speaking of those who were there that didnít understand what they were involved with.

And what did Christ do? He asked the Father to forgive them, which is the true act of goodness. Not the spilling of blood or blood sacrifice which the false gods created, it all comes down to forgiveness for those who are the true seeds that had fallen long ago.

Going back to Romans 13, where it basically says we must obey and follow the government as if they are Godís rulers on earth. As a child whenever I heard this I knew instinctively that this was not right. I knew the Father is not of this world, nor does he support and back the rulers of this world.

Satan is the god of this world, and he places his rulers under his authority. So which God is this referring to? Read it: Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God....

OH REALLY? Whosoever therefore resists the power, resists the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation. For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? Do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same:

Almost everything in these verses is totally misrepresented. But the key point is, where it states, for rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Are you kidding me? Throughout the entirety of this planet and all its functions, most of the rulers are and have been satanic to the core.

They do evil, they practice evil and they assert their evil upon others and force their ďungodlinessĒ on everyone else. I have stated so often that you must discern what is right from what is wrong and choose right.

Just because it is the Bible doesnít mean it is correct. We see two interesting keys, one is that a God placed the rulers over this world and he demands we obey them, Read Book (3) of The Divine Secret Garden to understand the real Truth.

And secondly, we see that the SUN is referenced once again as a key element. When we see God and SUN tied together at the hip we should realize that God is Lucifer/Satan. So, what is wrong with loving your enemy. Shouldnít we love our enemies? Well let me ask, if someone came in and brutally attacked your family, raped them and killed them. Well how much love is in your heart for them?

I am sorry, if you said I would still love them, then my friend you are a wacko and demented. In the Bible it states also, that we must repent when we do wrong, and not only repent we must bring forth fruits of repentance to prove we are being honest about our change.

It states that if you do not repent, the Father will not forgive you. He will not allow us to return home. Wait, where is all the love. Why canít he just love us? It is important that you understand. A true child of the Father can always repent and change, and they will be accepted by the Father. However, if you are living a life in opposition to the Fatherís will he is not going to accept that, he doesnít love that even if he loves you.

I have stated all through that the Father and Mother love us, even knowing we are sinners, now I seem to be saying that is not true. My friends there is a huge difference between sinning in error and sinning willfully.

The true children sin out of weakness and error, like the people that all of one mind screamed out crucify him. However, Satan and his clan sin willfully, knowing exactly what they are doing. I know for a fact history has proven that most rulers of this world sin willfully as obedient children of Satan, it is not weakness, it is not an accident of fate.

They are evil to the core and they operate under that clause. There is no way anyone can tell me the Father places one that is evil over his people to teach them right from wrong, when they are only teaching evil.

Yes we are subject to laws of the flesh, and we must adhere to them, but when the laws supersede the Fatherís teachings we are no longer under those commands.

What if a leader was telling you that doing good was evil but doing evil was good. Should you obey? Should you follow them? Can you imagine going to the Father and Mother and saying, well that leader you gave us told us to do these evil things, so we followed because we knew you placed them over us.

That simply wont work. Just like in Nuremberg when the Nazis were on trial, they said they were only following orders. Well according to Romans 13, then what they did what was correct. The problem is, it was not correct, and they all were hanged.

The excuse just doesnít fly for gods or humans. We must know the difference between good and evil and choose good no matter what anyone is telling us to the contrary, I donít care what position they have.

Here is an example based on prophecy in Revelation. What if the Government commanded that we take the Mark of the Beast, a symbolic worship of Satan? Would you do it? According to Romans 13, we would have to because God placed them over us and if we donít we bring damnation on ourselves.

Now what about loving your enemy? I have thought long and hard about this and I do not believe Christ taught this in this fashion. Why?

Well it also says to pray for them, pray for your enemy. That is tantamount to praying for Satan. Do you really think the Father is going to hear those prayers? Our Father which art in heaven hollowed be thy nameÖ Father I love Satan, and I am praying for him because I love my enemy. Please Father help Satan, work with Satan, and bring him along in your ways.

Sounds ridiculous doesnít it? When someone is weak, like a neighbor or friend, or companion, we must absolutely pray for them, help them, seek what is good for them and love them even if they are doing wrong. We must be able to discern between ignorance and willfulness

However, when someone is evil, who hates good, and has no desire for anything that is good, praying for them is an oxymoron. When Christ gave his last prayer on earth, he said, Father I pray for all those you have given me, but I do not pray for those you have not given me.

That is a strange example for a final prayer, if Christ intended that we pray for our enemies then why he is not doing it. My friends, the Bible is a book that is mixed with good and evil, truth and error, right and wrong, bad seed, good seed.

We are to know via discernment of the spirit which is valid, and which is not. The Bible even says, Prove, all things hold fast to that which is good. Remember when Christ said not until the end will it be where we are able to detect the evil seed among the good seed. He said let both dwell together until the end. He said this so we would know the difference.

Why would we have to prove anything, if it is all true? Remember also, it stated, Study to shew thyself approved unto the Father, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Why would you be ashamed, well if you were following a lie because you failed to divide the true WORD from the false implanted word, you shall be ashamed, because you would be in error. Remember my writings, If you drink the entire cocktail believing it is all good, even though it is laced with a tiny bit of arsenic, then you will be compromised and become poisoned.

Once you come to prove within your heart that this world nor the things in this world, belong to the Father, Mother, or Christ you will begin to see the separation and understand the big picture. The Father does not place rulers in this world, this is not his world.

I still cannot understand why religions continue to teach that the rulers of this world, the workers of iniquity, were placed thereby the Father who has nothing to do with this world. So many issues and problems could be solved if they simply understood this one truth.

Now of course you will always get those who decide to be funny, saying, well if the Bible is not wholly true, then how do we know it was true when it said the Father is not of this world. Maybe that is the lie, maybe he is of the world.

And then we get into semantics. Yet the answer is simple. Look at the world, and all of its historical applications, and then ask yourself, do you really believe the Father was involved with this world? Your answer will reveal everything.

My friends we should love one another, those of the true children, they are everywhere, all over the planet whether friend or by deception & ignornce even our enemy at this time. Those who are not the true children, who belong to another, this is their world, and their function.

When you recognize how they operate which is opposite of everything the Father and Mother stand for, how do you love this? As Christ said, I pray for all the true children, all those that belong to the Father, those that do not belong, I do not pray for them.

Then why should we pray for them, they are not of the Father, therefore nothing we do is going to change that. How do we know though? What if they are simply weak and really do belong to the Father and Mother via Christ.

It is called discernment, you shall know them by their fruits. Remember, when Christ use to hang out at the bars, the pubs of his day, he would sit in there and talk with the ďSINNERSĒ. Oh, this caused the Pharisees, which were tantamount to the religious power of the day, to become incensed, they asked Christ, how can you dine and drink with sinners. This is blasphemy is it not?

Christís answer was classic and we should never forget it. He simply looked at the Pharisees, the high and mighty of his day who thought they were so righteous. Christ said, the difference is, these people I dine and drink with, they know they are sinners.

This is the key to all keys.

There you go, this is the litmus test. This is how you can love those who are weak versus those who are enemies. A sinner knows they are sinners, they are not trying to fool anyone, they know they are weak. An enemy as the Pharisees were, never saw anything wrong within themselves.

They were the true hypocrites of their day, they would lie, cheat, steal and kill and not think twice about it. That is why Christ said, these people I spend time with know they are sinners, what is your excuse?

And when Christ addressed the Pharisees later, he called them all the children of Satan, for they did not belong to the Father or Mother via Christ. He never said, Oh I love you so much, you who have tormented me, called me names and attacked me, I give you my fullness of my love and I pray to the Father for you.

No, he said, stand behind me Satan you workers of iniquity.

Therefore, we must understand and learn, that things were added to the Bible by Satan, the God of this world to keep control and power over us. To confuse the truth with error. It may sound good and have the ring of truth in it, but we must divide the word of truth, so we are not ashamed by following after things that will reveal our nakedness.

By: John V Panella

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