November 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 003 - Article 004

Loving Detachment
Allow for the growth in others, this is perfect love!

Stephanie Marts
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
Stephanie Marts

Loving detachment is something we all must learn as we navigate the path of awakening. It is a lesson that unfolds as part of the journey but takes time, reflection, and degrees of failure before it can be understood properly. Through this effort there is great reward though, as this lesson will bring forth wisdom and many fruits.

When we begin to internalize the truth, we want to share it with everyone. The problem is, 9 times out of 10 no one can hear, and if they listen, you’ll likely be relegated to the crazy or conspiracy bin. It’s a frustrating and painful process integrating the understanding of why others cannot hear.

Even though we may have been told the reason, it’s still hard to break free from the emotional pull of wanting to wake others. We know what is at stake. There will be great suffering ahead for those who continue to be refined in the cycles of time.

And so, we push forward, hoping for a different outcome. Trying to find a work-a-round for the obstacles…forcing our will upon others. Until one day we finally look behind us and realize the seeds aren’t really growing. We feel the drain upon us and know it’s just not going to happen this time around.

This is where learning begins. And so, we pull back our emotions, disentangle them from others, and let go. Letting go doesn’t mean becoming aloof, closed off or indifferent. It means compassionately stepping aside to allow the ones we love to fail, while still being available to offer guidance whenever needed. Through failure, wisdom is born.

Each soul is on a path and their path is perfect for them. There are no shortcuts and for good reason. We are building perfect character so that none of us will EVER choose to experience evil again. It has taken us many lifetimes to become ready for this harvest.

A readiness born out of fire that we feel deep in our bones. And so, the same will be for others. We must step aside and allow for this process to be. The children must grow and become, and no one can do that for anyone else.

We can apply this same learning to those of us on the narrow road. We understand what it takes to return to the kingdom: full conversion, faith of a child, and surrendering our will to the Father. Nothing else will do.

In our love, we tend to want to protect each other from making mistakes by hovering, reminding, and reinforcing. But sometimes the child NEEDS to touch the stove to understand the stove is hot. In this way the soul is truly learning and advancing in understanding. Learning through failure is what creates lasting change and that is what we ultimately seek.

So, speak the truth, lead by example, and assist others, but if that’s not accepted then we must recognize it and not force our will upon them. We need to learn how to offer love and guidance without becoming attached to someone else’s journey.

We are loved beyond human comprehension. And in this love is a perfect plan for each of us to return home. ALL is known and ALL is accounted for and each will be ready at their own appointed time. So have faith, surrender, and remember the omnipotent creator of all is our Father.

BY: Stephanie Marts

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