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Requiem of a Time Traveler
If you could go back in time what advice
would you deliver to your loved ones.

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

Ye Old Religion - the Requiem of a Time Traveler.I have often meditated about traveling back in time to speak to those of my deceased family, I have pondered what would I say? Just what would I tell my dad and mom if I had a chance to travel back letís say 45-years ago.

I have thought about this, I have deeply meditated upon the idea that if I had the opportunity what one thing would I most want to share my experiences with my parents who were very strong inside a religious organization as well as my dad was a minister.

Just what would I tell them?

There is one thing over all these years I have learned by witnessing the results of an ideology that completely failed. A belief of many back long ago that resulted in such a negative fulfillment. Yet I still thought, how could I breach this falsity when it was so ingrained in thought?

How would I go about to instruct two people who would ironically be much younger than even I am at present? Just how would I go about breaking this brick-wall; which if understood could lead to a much greater horizon, but if rejected would only bring the same torment and sorrow.

In my life I have often thought about how we exist yet being so deceived, only with time and age the answers usually come forward, but it is at a point, a zenith or apex if you will, when the body and mind are both too old and there is no real desire to change. Even though you may recognize that you were living a basic lie, it is to late now to garner a change.

You figure it has been this long, what good can change offer now? And there is obvious reasons why few would change when they are older. It is difficult, it is to late, and what grand impact would it help create anyway?

So we live our lives often in ignorance and when we do finally recognize there was a fracture in our belief system, often it is too late to even want to deal with it. Therefore, I surmised, as I go before the Father I ask, are we so limited that we must remain ignorant due to deception and fabrications that even when we do recognize the proverbial light it becomes too late to make revisions?

I ask, Father why is it the dead know not anything? Why do we live out our lives being forced to remain ignorant due to societal and environmental concepts that drag us through the mud until we realize this is not the place we want to be; nor is it a provident direction, but there seems to be no use in changing now?

I have often wondered, if we could simply breach time and go back and teach the fundamentals that which only age seems to be able to remedy, would this not solve all problems? But once 'time itself' allocates understanding there is nothing left within desire to implement said Gnosis. I ponder; are we to remain ignorant simply because time is a hidden mystic?

45-years go I was a young man, full of vim and vinegar/vigor as we would say. I had energy, desire and longing. Yet today, I simply wait for the bell to ring to end the lifetime of bondage and to finally end the bout of this long fight. And yet I scream within, I cry, I behold the daunting experience we call life and cringe at the fact we canít seem to break through this cyclical irony, which leads to tyranny of the soul.

I ask myself, if I could return back to an earlier time, and age, how would those of that period allow for such a volatile attack on their accepted norms, via times revelation?

And would those of the past accept this breach of normalcy in understanding that time is our illusory friend? What one thing could be said to bring back in time a testament as a witness to the peril of the future, based in the ignorance of the past.

What could I or anyone say or do that would deliver souls, which simply hadnít been given the time yet to ascertain the iniquity of life due to a secret invisible veil that covers even the most ardent and desiring?

My parents were deeply spiritual, engaged within a religious environment, and to them lifeís logic was simple back then, you follow the rigid paradigms of the past and you do not rock the boat. You must remain faithful to your beliefs, never wavering, never allowing doubt to enter, and most of all do the will of the church.

However, what if these tenants of faith are what has kept the mind and body in prison, and what if age finally absolved the sin of ignorance however, life steered us in another direcion, and it was too late to apply change where a cyclical retrograde of everything inevitably and invariably creates the bondage of starting all over again; and this was our constant punishment?

What would offer change in such a rigid climate? How could one rupture this barrier that has so protected the mind, yet it was a deluge of deception? How could anyone return back and restore that which is possibly unrestorable?

How can I reverse time and at the same moment bring the elements of timeís apprenticeship backwards? Must we live in ignorance until proven guilty sending us back again into the depth of emptiness or the cycles of ignorance, when it was so available to simply reach forward and pluck from the future that which would activate a veracity unto the past?

Are we truly this captive that we cannot restore providence to those who simply lacked the observation of time? Father, must we remain trapped by the evolution of ignorance? Often, I have called out to the Father to discuss this with deep emotion by simply asking, canít we be arbiters of experience without having to repay for events that never seem to change due to our lack of foreknowledge?

As I ponder this mental equation I begin to ask the inevitable. And that is, if I could reach beyond the barrier of time what would I reveal? What possibly could I exchange as a peace offering to extend the conscious awareness back through the ages?

What rule could I pass on? What logic might I extend? What possibly could enable a greater and wider intellect to move past the denseness of ignominy and enter the high beam of awareness? Do I even have such knowledge to pass on? Is there anything I could say that could rectify the irreversible damage in the future that will indeed come from the iniquity of history?

I have pondered this equation often, I have sent myself multiple times on this dreaded journey of the mind to initiate contact with one gift in hand, one item to transfer, one hope to deliver. I asked the Father, if there was one enlightenment I could pass on to deliver souls that are trapped, what would it be? And the answer wrote itself.

The answer was simple. It is called, bypassing the prerequisite of fundamental knowledge by moving beyond those who are our teachers of ignorance and apply a new law called, deliverance. I know, I know, you may be saying, WHAT? Give me something I can use. This is just rhetoric.

OH, not so, mon ami. I just laid out the perennial problem of all ages. And that is, if we keep learning from those who are deceived, we will forever continue to follow in the wrong direction until a time that we do awaken, yet following this variable of darkness; it is often too late and the damage will already have been done.

In simple laymanís language, the greatest error that we must go beyond is the error of accepting truth from those who pretend to be our benefactors. Our religions, our scientists, our governments and yes even our families. In my own parents case, they had a strong belief, they followed and obeyed rigidly. They offered their life as a deposit unto that which they had hoped for. There was only one problem.

There was one aspect to this deposit that never occurs to very many. And that is one cannot serve faithfully the Father and or Christ by using an intercessor, a go between, someone who becomes your arbitrator of all hope.

And this is the key I would desire to pass on; a very valuable treasure to my dearly beloved. And that is, the future will prove that you must not follow anyone at the expense of spiritual salvation that you must not only create a credible relationship with the Father and Christ, but you must teach others to actuate this powerful connection also.

Do you understand mom and dad? If your teachers go astray then inevitably you will follow, because you allowed them to be your impetus of desire and knowledge to lead you where they didn't even understand themselves. This is what I came to realize what went wrong and what has always been the formula in continuing the illusion and not being able to break free. We live in a land of confusion, filled with error at every crossing. Our freedom cannot come from the other slaves.

We cannot allow anyone or anything whether a fallen god, angel or teacher to remove us from the central element that we must have our own relationship with our divine family if we ever hope to maneuver past the ignominy of tyranny and injustice of the ignorant.

I would tell my parents, listen, the idea of following others is not unique it is as long as the story of humanity itself, but the eventuality is, everyone falls into the ditch, the blind lead the blind. Understand, the future is filled with ditch diggers who bury the dead, and who follow in the way of error. You cannot trust anyone now or later to uphold divine precepts, you must go to them that hold your candle of light, called soul, that is within their hands, to lead and guide you.

You must go to the Ďsourceí if you expect to ever be delivered from the Ďsorcerers.í

I would look deeply into my parents eyes and say, those who you follow today will tomorrow fall into the ditch. My parents will be saddened, they will feel like they have failed. I would then bring even more daunting news, in that those who followed you will also fall into the same ditch of compromise, because it is all they knew.

They will tremble in heart, they will feel uneasy and foolish, and then they will say, why did we let this happen? I will tell them, because you never taught them to directly follow the Father and Christ you told them to follow you and those like you. They had no chance, the people were trained to be followers and when the group went into the wrong direction, the people faithfully followed to their own demise. An engine of a Train, which goes off track and over the cliff, where do you think the other parts of the train will inevitably go?

So you see, being faithful is good if your real trust is in the Father and Christ, but being faithful to anyone else is an error that can never be rectified. Not only do you lose yourself you bring many others with you in the time heralded grave called ignorance.

I would then cap it off and say, the future is ugly, it is inherently evil and many that would never dream of allowing such horrible immoral things during your time, will eventually be lead to accept the ways of false indoctrination in the future.

The Future evealed that the majority that walks the wide path allowed in their lives things they would never have dream of in your time, and they will follow the way of the false gods. This was the iniquity of old when those of history followed after temptation and ignorance, which simply laid the groundwork for those of the future to follow after darkness.

Nothing ever changes because we fail to understand a guarded axiom that each soul must construct their own relationship with the Father, Mother and Christ. Therewith nothing can breach this companionship. Nothing can devour their soul no matter what changes around them in the future; they will not follow.

This is what you must teach, this is what all must take heed unto. For instead of falling into error, you will always grow into truth. It doesnít matter if you are ignorant today. If you follow the correct precepts you will always be guided unto sound doctrine, wherewith no one can steal it away from you, even if you have to make changes from ignorance unto wisdom.

So the unsealing of the epitaph of ignorance would be to return back in time and restore 'one' truth that only age can grant. And that is become you therefore like a little child again, as they follow and obey their Parents. However, our Parents, are our divine Father and Mother, and with the spirit of Christ we can overcome the whiles of the devil who continues to trap us in ignorance. Sure we must follow, but follow those who have our real future in their possession, OUR DIVINE PARENTS.If we truly do this, no one can lead us astray.

Therefore, do not teach the doctrine of the church being your Mother, teach the doctrine that the church is simply the individuals who serve the true Father and Mother above and within, and not below. For in time all things human and physical will perish in ignorance unless time itself has mercy upon your soul and decides to offer you the Requiem of a time-traveler.

My friends, we have all been granted that time-traveler, they have returned to open our eyes. That time traveler is YOU! It is called, transmigration of the Soul. One way or the other we will learn, no one fails, we will all eventually understand, but it is what we do with that knowledge that counts.

Seek Ye First the Kingdom of the Father and all his righteouness, and everything else shall be added unto you.!

By: John V Panella

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